2017   Author Issue
arrow 认识琉璃光的喜悦   陈萤蓁 Oct-Dec
arrow 了解营养补充   梅 • 博士 Oct-Dec
  2016   Author Issue
arrow Say Goodbye to Fear, Hatred and Sadness   Qiu Lihui Jan-Mar
arrow Shaking Off to Discharge Trauma   Li Lee Kim Jan-Mar
arrow 海洋矿物质对人体的重要   尼克[Nick]主讲
  2015   Author Issue
arrow Freedom from Glasses A Natural Vision Improvement Approach   Meir Schneider Jul-Sep
arrow Crystal Singing Bowl   Zhaorui Lian Jul-Sep
arrow Brain States and Consciousness   Leigh Ann Phillips Jul-Sep
  2013   Author Issue
arrow Perfect Long Life: 125 Years of You and Me   Zhu Lan Oct-Dec
arrow Discharging Gallstones Without Surgery   Liu Hui Ling Apr-Jun
arrow Natural Therapy for Flushing Gallstones   - Apr-Jun
arrow My Experience in Body-Mind-Spiritual Practice   Shen Xin Apr-Jun
  2012   Author Issue
arrow Visualisation - A Magical Therapy   Xie Qingfen Apr-Jun
  2010   Author Issue
arrow Seven Levels of Illness and Healing: A Modern Fable   Philip Incao, MD Apr-Jun
arrow Spiritual Medicine (Part II)   Philip Incao, MD Jan-Mar
arrow Healed Without Medicine   Zhu Lan Jan-Mar
  2009   Author Issue
arrow Daily Applications of Energy Medicine   Fan Jie Apr-Jun
arrow Spiritual Medicine (Part I)   Philip Incao, MD Oct-Dec
  2006   Author Issue
arrow Synergy and The Dance of Energy   Leslie Kenton Sep-Nov
arrow How to Choose Your Physician on Your Quest for Total Health   Glenn D.
Wollman, MD
  2004     Issue
arrow Ear Acupuncture Point Therapy     Oct-Dec
arrow Cancer - The Awakening Call     Oct-Dec
arrow Fever As A Remedy     Apr-Jun
  2002     Issue
arrow DIY Methods for Reducing the Harmful Effects of Electromagnetic Fields (EMF)     Oct-Dec
arrow Infinite Self Healing     Apr-Jun