TITLE Author Classification
Dark Nights of the Soul Thomas Moore 830 MOO
Death - The Final Stage oF Growth Elisabeth Kubler-Ross 860 KUB
Diabetes Paula Brisco 415 BRI
Diet for A New America John Robbins 130 ROB
Diet for A New World John Robbins 130 ROB
Diet for A Small Planet Frances Moore Lappe 130 LAP
Do Not Harm Yoshitaka Ohno, M.D. 430 OHN
Dowsing Naomi Ozaniec 960 OZA
Dowsing for Beginner Richard Webste 960 WEB
Dr. Annes's Cancer Journal Robert Liyd Owen, PH.D. 290 OWE
Dr. Bursteln's Book on Children A. Joseph Bursteln, Dr. 305 BUR
Dr. Christopher's 3-Day Cleansing Program John R. Christopher, Dr, N.D. 140 CHR
Dr. Jensen's Favorite Exercise John R. Christopher, Dr, N.D. 270 JEN
Dr. Jensen's Guide to Better Bowel Care John R. Christopher, Dr, N.D. 140 JEN
Dr. Jensen's Guide to Diet and Detoxification John R. Christopher, Dr, N.D. 130 JEN
Dr. Jensen's Real Soup & Salad Book John R. Christopher, Dr, N.D. 105 JEN
Dr. Lai's Health Tips Chiu-Nan lai, Ph.D. 295 LAI
Dr. Moerman's Anti-Cancer Diet Ruth Jochems 105 JOC
Drama of The Gifted Child, The Alice Miller 810 MIL
Dream Dictionary Tony Crisp 850 CRI
Dynamic Laws of Prayer, The Catherine Ponder 880 PON
Dynamics of Nutrition, The Gerhard Schmidt 105 SCH
Earl Mindell's Food As Medicine Earl Mindell, Ph. D. 130 MIN
Earl Mindell's Herb Bible Earl Mindell, Ph. D. 125 MIN
Earl Mindell's Quick & Easy Guide to Better Health Earl Mindell, Ph. D. 410 MIN
Earl Mindell's Safe Eating Earl Mindell, Ph. D. 130 MIN
Earl Mindell's Soy Miracle Earl Mindell, Ph. D. 131 MIN
Earth Action Guide Youth for Env. Sanity 515 YES
Earth Medicine Earth Food Michael A. Weiner, Ph.D. 125 WEI
Easy Steps to Massage Rosalind Widdowson 150 WID
Easy Steps to Natural Healing Rosalind Widdowson 285 WID
Easy Steps to Relaxation and Meditation Rosalind Widdowson 265 WID
Eat More Weight Less Dean Ornish, M.D. 105 ORN
Eat Right Live Longer Neal Barnard, M.D. 410 BAR
ECO Pure 1997 EM Research Organization 520 EMO
ECO Pure 2003 EM Research Organization 520 EMO
ECO Pure 2004 EM Research Organization 520 EMO
Edgar Cayce's Story of the Origin and Destiny of Man Edgar Cayce 840 CAY
Edgar Cayce - Encyclopedia of Healing Hugh Lynn Cayce 840 CAY
Edgar Cayce on Atlantis Hugh Lynn Cayce 840 CAY
Education of The Child, The Rodolf Steiner 660 STE
Electrical Wiring residential Ray C. Mullin 515 MUL
Electrolytes The Spark of Life Gillian Martlew N.D. 150 MAR
Electromagnetic Fields B. Blake Levitt 505 LEV
Elements of The Chakras, The Naomi Ozaniec 260 OZA
Eliminating Stress, Finding Inner Peace Brian L. Weiss 710 WEI
Embraced by The Light Betty J. Eadie 860 EAD
Emmanual's Book Pat Rodegast & Judith Stanton 720 STA
Emotionally Abusive Relationship Beberly Engel 705 ENG
Empoerment Through Reiki Paula Horan 260 HOR
Empowerment - You Can Do, Be, and Have All Things! John Randolph Price 720 PRI
Empty Harvest Bernard Jensen & Mark Anderson 520 JEN
Encyclopaedia of Aromatherapy, Massage and Yoga Carole McGilvery, Jimi Reed 285 MCG
Encyclopaedia of Herbs and Herbalism, The Malcolm Stuart 125 STU
Encyclopaedia of Natural Medicine Michael Murray N.D. & Joseph Oizzorno 420 MUR
Energy Healing Jim Gilkeson 260 GIL
Energy Medicine Donna Eden 260 EDE
Enter the Zone Barry Sears, Ph.D. & Bill Lawren 415 SEA
Enzyme Nutrition Edward Howell 150 HOW
Enzymes & Enzyme Therapy Anthony J. Cichoke, D.C. 130 CIC
Esoteric Christianity Rudolf Steiner 680 STE
Essential of Nutrition, The Gerhard Schmidt 150 SCH
ESSIAC Report Richard Thomas 280 THO
Ethics for The New Millennium H.H. The Dalai Lama 880 DAL
Evalute Your Own Biochemical Individuality Jeffrey Bland, Ph. D. 150 BLA
Every Woman's Herbal John R. Christopher & Cathy Gileadi 315 CHR
Every Woman's Medical Handbook Miriam Stoppard, Dr. 315 STO
Everybody's Guide to Chiropractice Health Care Nathaniel Altman 280 ALT
Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming Stephen LaBerge, Ph. D. 850 LAB
Extending Practical Medicine Rudolf Steiner 685 STE
Eyes Have It, The Jim Jenks H. M.D. 230 JEN
Fabulous Beans Barb Bloomfield 105 BLO
Facefacts Alison Hayes 410 HAY
Facing The Wolf Theresa Sheppard Alexande 820 ALE
Facing Death and Finding Hope Christine Longaker 860 LON
Facts About Fats, The John Finnegan & Kathy Cituk 130 FIN
Fall of Freddie The Leaf, The Leo Buscaglia, Ph.D. 860 BUS
Family Guide to Alternative Health Care The Patrick Pietroni 320 PAT
Family Library Guide to Natural Therapies, The Nancy Beckham 320 BEC
Family, The John Bradshaw 320 BRA
Famous Vegetarians Rynn Berry 105 BER
Fasting Can Save Your Life Herbert M. Shelton 140 SHE
Fasting For Renewal of Life Herbert M. Shelton 140 SHE
Fasting for The Health of It Jean Oswald & Herbert Shelton 140 OSW
Fathering: Strengthening Connection with Your Children No Matter Where You Are Will Glennon 320 GLE
Fear NO Evil - The Pathwork Method of Transforming The Lower Self Eva Pierrakos, Donovan Theseng 820 PIE
Feel The Fear and Do It Anyway Susan Jeffrs, Ph. D. 720 JEF
Feng Shui for The Soul Denise Linn 260 LIN
Fields of Greens Annie Somerville 105 SOM
Fighting Infections with Herbs Linda Rector-Page, Ph.D. 415 PAG
Findhorn Garden, The Anonymous 745 ANO
Finding The Jewel in The Molasses Jack Schwarz 720 SCH
Fine Arts of Relaxation, Concentration & Meditation, The Foel & Mischelle Levey 705 LEV
First Aid Brian Ward 430 WAR
First Macrobiotic Cookbook, The George Ohsawa Macrobiotic Foundation 135 GEO
First Steps in Inner Development Rudolf Steiner 680 STE
Fit for Life Harvey & Marilyn Diamond 130 DIA
Fit for Life II: Living Health Harvey & Marilyn Diamond 130 DIA
Fitness Program for Spine Motion Paul Bragg & Patricia Bragg 280 BRA
Five Simple Steps to Emotional Healing Gloria Arenson M.S. MFT 710 ARE
Five things We Cannot Change, The David Richo 720 RIC
Flavours of France, The Jean Conil; Fay Franklin 105 CON
Folic Acid Sidney M. Baker, M.D. 150 BAK
Food Allegies Made Simple Phylis Austin 415 AUS
Food Combining and Digestion Steve Meyerowitz 130 MEY
Food Combining for Health Doris Grant 415 GRA
Food Combining for Vegetarians Jackie Le Tissier 130 TIS
Food Combining in 30 Days Kathryn Marsden 130 MAR
Food Combining Made Easy Herbert M. Shelton 130 SHE
Food Enzymes for Health Longevity Edward Howell, Dr. 130 HOW
Food Enzymes: The Missing Link to Radiant Health Humbart Smokey & Santillo, N.D. 130 SAN
Food for Life Neal Barnard, M.D. 130 BAR
Food Pharmacy, The Jean Carper 155 CAR
Food Revolution, The John Robbins 130 ROB
Foods for Healthy Kids Lendon Smith 305 SMI
Foods That Heal Bernard Jensen, D.C. Ph.D. 130 JEN
Four Aggrement, The Don Miguel Ruiz 720 RUI
Four Season Harvest Eilot Coleman 610 COL
Fresh Vegetable & Fruit Juices N.W. Walker, Dr. 110 WAL
Full Life with Diabetes A.S. Godbole, Dr. 415 GOD
Fundamentals of Artistic Theraphy Margarethe Hauschka 815 HAU
Future is Yours, The Raymon Grace 960 GRA
Games Children Play: How Games and Sport Help Children Develop
Kim Brooking-Payne
305 PAY
GEM & Crustals for Beginners
Kristyna Arcarti
255 ARC
Genetic Engineering - Dream or Nightmare
Mae-Wan Ho, M.D.
505 WAN
Genetic Engineering, Fod, and Our Environment
Luke Anderson
505 AND
Gentle Birth Choices
Barbara Harper, R.N.
310 HAR
Gentle Persuasion Cookbook,The
Brook Katz
105 KAT
Gentle Yoga
Lorna Bell, R.N. & Eudora Seyfe
275 SEV
Geopathic Stress
Jane Thurnell-Read
260 THU
Gerson Theraphy, The
Charlotte Gerson
280 GER
Gift of Love, The
Joel S. Goldsmith
710 GOL
Glimpse After Glimpse
Soyal Rinpoche
880 SOG
Going Within: A Guide for Inner Transformation
Shirley Maclaine
840 MAC
Good Food Today Great Kids Tomorrow
Jay Gordon, M.D.
305 GOR
Good Heart, The
H.H. The Dalai Lama
880 DAL
Good Morning Macrobiotic Breakfast Book, The
Avaline Kushi & Wendy Esko
135 KUS
Gourmet Uncook Book, The
Elizabeth Baker
105 BAK
Grace and Grit
Ken Wilber
860 WIL
Grain Power
Beatrice Trum Hunter
130 HUN
Grape Cure, The
Johanna Brandt
130 BRA
Greater Failure
Natalie Goldberg
720 GOL
Green Barley Essence
Yoshihide Hagiwara, M.D.
115 HAG
Green Cleaner, The
Barbara Lord
510 LOR
Green Consumer, The
John Elkington, Julia Hailes & Joel Mako
510 ELK
Green Future
Lorraine Johnson
515 JOH
Green Leaves of Barley
Mary Ruth Swope
115 SWO
Green Technology: House & Garden, The
Michael Harris Goodman
510 HAR
Guardian Angels
Rudolf Steiner
675 STE
Guardian Angels & Spirit Guides
Brad Steiger
840 STE
Guide To Diet & Salad
N.W. Walker, Dr.
130 WAL
Guide To The Exhibition on Tebetan Medicine & Astrology
430 MTK
Handbook of Ayurveda, The
Shantha Godagama
280 GOD
Handbook of Herbs
Margot Mcleod
125 MCL
Handbook of Higher Consciousness
Ken Keyes, Jr.
720 KEY
Handbook of Higher Consciousness: The Workbook
Ken Keyes, Jr.
720 KEY
Hands of Light
Barbara Ann Brennan
260 BRE
Hands-On Healing
John Feltman
220 FEL
Hands-On Healing: A Practical Guide to Channeling Your Healing Energies
Jack Angelo
305 ANG
Happiness is A Healthy Life
Lendon H. Smith, M.D.
720 SMI
Harmonics os Sound, Colour & Vibration, The
Elias Demohan
285 DEM
Harper Collins Illustrated Medical Dictionary, The
Ida G. Dox, Ph.D.
425 DOX
Heal Thyself
White Eagle
720 EAG
Heal Your Body A-Z
Louise Hay
290 HAY
Heal Your Life With Home Remedies and Herbs
Hanna Kroeger
420 KRO
Healing And The Mind
Bill Moyers
295 MOY
Healing Art of Herbs, The
125 ANO
Healing Arts, The
Richard Hetzel
285 HET
Healing At Home
Sandra Greenstone
420 GRE
Healing Building
Randolph Stone, D.O., D.C.
325 STO
Healing Communication: A Psychospiritual Approach
Rick Philips
830 PHI
Healing Continuum, The
Patricia Anne Randolph Flynn
295 FLY
Healing Diet, The
Artemis P. Simopoulos, M.D.
130 SIM
Healing Energies
Stephen Paul Shepard
410 SHE
Healing Energies of Music, The
Hal A. Lingerman
245 LIN
Healing Energy of Your Hands, The
Mischael Bradford
260 BRA
Healing Environments
Carol Venolia
515 VEN
Healing In Our Time
Elisabeth Kubler- Ross
290 KUB
Healing Into Life and Death
Stephen Levi
860 LEV
Healing Mind of Man, The
Bernard Jensen, D.C., Ph.D.
295 JEN
Healing of Emotion, The
Chris Griscom
720 GRI
Healing Planet Earth
Edward Esko
515 ESK
Healing Power of Chlorophyll From Plant Life, The
Bernard Jensen, D.C. Ph.D.
115 JEN
Healing Power of Color Zone Theraphy, The
Joseph Corvo & Lilian Verner-Bonds
280 COR
Healing Power of Color, The
Betty Wood
240 WOO
Healing Power of Essential Oils, The
Rodolphe Balz
215 BAL
Healing Power of Foods, The
Mischael T. Murray, N.D.
155 MUR
Healing Power of Mind, The
Tulku Thondup
870 THO
Healing Power Within, The
Ann Wigmore
298 WIG
Healing Process, The
Rudolf Steiner
680 STE
Healing Sounds
Jonathan Goldman
245 GOL
Healing The Shame That Binds You
John Bradshaw
820 BRA
Healing Through Nutrition
Melvyn R. Werbach
420 WER
Healing Visualization
Gerald Epstein, M.D.
280 EPS
Healing with Chakra Energy
LillaBek & Philippa Pullar
255 BEK
Healing with Color and Light
Theo Gimbel
240 GIM
Healing with Herbal Juices
Siegfried Gursche
110 GUR
Healing with Love
Leonard Laskow, M.D.
295 LAS
Healing with Water
Jeanne Keller
415 KEL
Healing with Whole Foods
Paul Pitchford
130 PIT
Healing Words
Lary Dossey, M.D.
295 DOS
Healing Yourself with Homeopathy
Martha M.Christy
205 CHR
Health and Healing
Andrew Weil, M.D.
295 WEI
Healthful Eating without Confusion
Paul Bragg & Patricia Bragg
130 BRA
Healthy Bones
Nancy Appleton
415 APP
Healthy Living in a Toxic World
Cynthia E. Fincher, Ph.D.
510 FIN
Heart Thoughts
Louise L. Hay
720 HAY
Heinerman's Encyclopedia of Healing Herbs & Spices
John Heinerman
125 HEI
Heinerman's Encyclopedia of Healing Juices
John Heinerman
110 HEI
Heinerman's Encyclopedia of Juices Teas & Tonics
John Heinerman
110 HEI
Heinerman's Encyclopedia of Nuts, Berries and Seeds
John Heinerman
155 HEI
Heinerman's New Encyclopedia of Fruits & Vegetables
John Heinerman
155 HEI
Help for the Hard Times - Getting Thought Loss
Earl Hipp
730 HIP
Help Your Child To Perfect Eyesight Without Glasses
Janet Goodrich
250 GOO
Hero with A Thousand Faces, The
Joseph Campbell
840 CAM
Hippocrates Diet and Health Program, The
Ann Wigmore
130 WIG
His Needs, Her Needs
Willard F. Harley, Jr.
705 HAR
Home Coming
John Bradshaw
810 BRA
How Can I Help?
Ram Dass & Paul Gorman
720 DAS
How I Conquered Cancer
Eydie Mae & Chris Loeffler
290 MAE
How To Be An Adult
David Richo
705 RIC
How To Be An Adult in Relationship
David Richo
705 RIC
How To Counteract Environmental Poisons
Hanna Kroeger
515 KRO
How To Keep Your Heart & Cardio-Vascular Healthy and Fit at Any Age
Paul Bragg & Patricia Bragg
410 BRA
How To Know Higher Worlds
Rudolf Steiner
680 STE
How To Master The Art of Personal Health
Jack Schwarz
260 SCH
How To Save Your Teeth
David Kennedy
410 KEN
Human Energy Systems
Jack Schwarz
260 SCH