Dear Member,

2017 marks Lapis Lazuli Light’s 23rd anniversary in Singapore and I particularly thank you for your continued support of our work. Moving ahead, LLL has reviewed ongoing efforts to maintain environmental stewardship as well as improve customer service efficiency. This will be carried out in two ways:

Paperless system
As part of efforts to protect the environment, LLL has embarked on a paperless system. You may now access online health articles, product promotions and notification of classes via LLL’s website, *facebook and
e-mailing list. Hardcopy quarterly magazine mails will cease.


For this reason, please email your updated personal details below to

If you wish to opt out of our e-mailing list, please indicate so in your email to us.
Currently, members enjoy membership benefits on two LLL cards - the Wholefood & the Readership cards. To align our efforts so we can better serve you, membership will be streamlined – the Readership card membership will be merged into the Wholefood card membership by the end of 2017. Thus, all Readership card members will be automatically converted to the Wholefood card membership on 1 January 2018.

If the expiry date of your Readership card is beyond 2017, the pro-rated balance fee will be refunded to you. If your Readership card has expired/is expiring before 31 Dec 2017, you may renew your card at the pro-rated amount till Dec 2017 (i.e. Jun - Dec = $25, Oct - Dec = $12.50).

Upon expiry, you may renew your current readership by coming to our place or email us at

Thank you for your lasting support in the journey to protect our environment. I look forward to seeing you at Lapis Lazuli Light soon.