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Rethinking Cancer
Rethinking Cancer is a provocative new educational documentary that presents a compelling look into the therapeutic and psychological journeys of five men and women who chose to use non-toxic, biological therapies to overcome serious illness. Four of the patients featured in this film had been diagnosed with cancer; two of these were designated terminal. The fifth used these methods to overcome a severe case of Lyme Disease, which was resistant to powerful antibiotics. All of the patients profiled have been disease-free from 15-37 years.
Public: $19.90    
Butterfly Touch Massage 蝴蝶式轻触按摩法
This powerful and pioneering massage therapy technique promotes nurturing and healing for all ages, including infants. The gentle, non-invasive techniques described in detail can be used by parent with easy to follow, step-by-step instructions. This breakthrough touch can help you bond with your newborn and improve the vitality of all children and adults in your household.
Public: $20.80