Raymon Grace's CDs, DVDs and his book "The Future Is Yours"
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Medicine Place CD
Would you like to be able to take a journey into the spirit world with a drumbeat, and while there accomplish the following?
  • Learn to relax and visualize clearly.
  • Plant positive ideas into your mind to empower yourself.
  • Meet your spirit guides.
  • Improve existing life situations.
  • Receive healing work for yourself from your spirit guides.
  • Help those you care about with having any physical contact and at any     distance.
  • Raymon has combined all these techniques in one cd to the voice of a powerful drum. It's one of a kind and was recorded live at Skye Island in one of his classes by Faye Henry.
    Connected Or Disconnected - The Choice Is Yours CD
    Would you like to be able to get information to help you make better decisions, eliminate allergies by changing the energy of food, determine if someone is being truthful with you, shop more efficiently and get answers to more questions? Raymon demonstrates how you can do this and more on this DVD.
    Explaining the Dowsing Chart DVD
    In 2007 Raymon spoke at the Coptic Conference in Johnson City, TN on the topic of Connected or Disconnected, the choice is yours. If you missed the conference, you missed a real treat, be sure to come next year. Peggy Fitzgerald, the driving force behind the conference, chose the topic for Raymon. Raymon did a great job of putting it together so anyone can understand. Hear the live talk as it happened.
    Energizing Water DVD
    You simply put a container of water in front of the TV. Then play the DVD, to use the energy of the DVD to energize the water. Then you put your intention into the water for whatever purpose you desire.

    The intent of the DVD was to inform people how to energize water for themselves. However, we have reports of this water removing algae from a spring & pool, and removing bad odor & taste from a well as well as people using it for correcting physical problems with people and animals.

    We make no claims about what the DVD actually does, only state what our intention when creating it was. Read what people who have purchased the DVD are saying.
    Energizing Your Life DVD
    This DVD is to inform people how to clear the negative energy from homes, offices & schools. Again, feedback indicates that playing the DVD has changed the energy in the home where it is played and the people have projected the energy of the DVD to another location.

    If this works as well as it appears, we now have a method of clearing the energy in schools everywhere and a good possibility of decreasing the abuse on women & children.
    Choosing Prosperity and Freedom DVD
    Are you being blocked from prosperity and don't know what to do about it? Raymon has a new DVD that explains how he helped his friends remove blockages and achieve prosperity. Just finished, this is the latest DVD Raymon has created.
    Healthy Body & Mind DVD
    Have you ever felt that a part of you was missing?

    Have you wondered why your life was a struggle?

    Maybe it is due to a 'Fragmented Soul" or that you got off to a bad start when you were born and things went down hill from there. This DVD address the fragmented soul and the all too common condition of babies being born not feeling wanted. It also addresses the self - sabatoge mentality. Raymon filled this DVD with information to help people turn their lives around.
    Programming Your Brain DVD
    Do you know how to think at the most powerful state of mind? Are you still limited by something you were told as a child? You know better now but perhaps it is still holding you back from success. Did you know that you can plant positive suggestions in your mind to affect your belief system, thereby drawing more positive circumstances to you? Raymon shows how you can change your life by changing your thinking.