The School of Inner Work offers an intensive 3-year program for greater self-knowledge, self-understanding and self-awareness. This unique pathway of healing integrates both psychological and spiritual methods to catalyze individual transformation.

The training is very useful for learning skills to resolve painful issues and difficulties in life. The highest purpose of the School is to facilitate the manifestation of our Creative Potential in the world: our inner courage, love and wisdom.


The 3 year program is:

Intellectually vigorous……..

There are formal lectures, required reading materials,
assigned homework as well as group discussions.

Psychologically challenging ………

We use ourselves as living laboratories of learning though
many experiential exercises, group processes, inner
journey sessions, emotional release work, and
self-designed assignments.

Spiritually demanding …….

We strengthen our spiritual practice of embodying deep
levels of self-honesty, oceans of compassion, endless
patience and tremendous faith as we orientate our lives
from the self-interest of the little ego to the authentic
path of our Spirit.


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Inner Work -
An interview with Tan Hwee-Meng, Director of the School [Read]

Personal growth is essentially an individual journey. However, one of the best environments for self-discovery and self-acceptance is to be surrounded and supported by like-minded people. In the sacred space of light and laughter created by a community of loving hearts, our deepest wounds are healed and lifelong friendships are often created.


Committing to your own personal evolution is to enter into a profoundly sacred relationship with yourself: feeling your own feelings, thinking your own thoughts and sensing your own unique gifts and talents. The rewards of dedicating yourself to concentrated inner work are tremendous. You are awed by the wonder of yourself as your deeper and truer nature begins to emerge. Your experience of life becomes richer and takes on greater depth and meaning.


The School of Inner Work honours and embraces 3 directions of human growth --
* Developing a healthy ego
* Deepening our soul into the world
* Cultivating a strong relationship to spirit

Different methods are employed to facilitate development in each area. Each year develops participants to a particular level of inner work, and while some may choose to complete all 3 years of education, others find the first or second year sufficient for their purposes.

A basic outline of the curriculum is adapted to the needs of each group: Year One | Year Two | Year Three


New class commences on 6 December 2016.
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