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Freedom from Glasses A Natural Vision Improvement Approach

Meir Schneider PhD, L.M.T.

Vision is a gift from nature. As many people experience visual deterioration, they accept it as a natural part of life; just like getting wrinkles, white hair, or becoming bald (if you are a Jewish man in his sixties like me). I invite you to challenge this assumption. Why have we evolved into a people who are so advanced, but cannot see as well as our ancestors? What has happened? Just imagine if our prehistoric cavemen ancestors needed glasses. As you read, I hope to unveil the truth about vision and what’s going on behind the lenses of the 75% of our adult population that wears them.

Today, people over a certain age are simply expected not to see well closeup. Oftentimes, when someone over the age of forty has their vision tested, the doctor will say, “What do you expect? You’re not twenty; your close vision is deteriorating.” They are then diagnosed with farsightedness, or presbyopia. When vision begins to worsen, reading glasses are immediately prescribed, leading to a stronger prescription year after year. Thinking nothing of it, they accept their fate and move on, until the next annual appointment; however, it does not have to be so.

Denise, a 72-year-old woman, has been doing my natural vision improvement eye exercises for many years. When she was asked by her eye doctor to read a test sheet, she could read the smallest print! He did not seem happy for her, but rather frustrated, stating, “How can a 72-year-old not need glasses?” Isn’t she the “right age to have them?” Aren’t people supposed to have arthritis because they are 50? Back pain because they are 25? Heart problems at 60? In the therapeutic massage world, we argue against this. We believe that people may tend to become stiff in their forties, but both arthritis and back pain can be prevented through movement, stretches, and massage. Unfortunately, the majority of people believe that the eyes and vision can never improve and only get worse with age. Why is it that we are so quick to assume farsightedness is inevitable?

Why Vision Declines

There are many reasons why vision may decline, from constant use of smartphones to restricted blood flow to the eyes as a result of tight neck muscles. Muscles have a tendency to become weaker around the age of forty; that is why it is important to exercise when we are younger, so that they will be fit later in life. In my sixties, I can testify that I am as fit as a twentyyear-old because of the exercises I have done. I can swim in a cold ocean and run for miles. If I had reached my age having sat in a chair my whole life, I would probably be arthritic. The same holds true for the eyes. In particular, presbyopia comes from stiffness of the lens and weakness of the muscles surrounding it (the ciliary muscles). These muscles allow us to view objects at varying distances. Just like other muscles in our body, exercising the eye muscles when we’re young can help preserve their strength over time.

I do not believe our vision declines due to the inherent fact of aging. Our modern lifestyles are drastically different than those of our ancestors and this leads to many vision problems. Today, we constantly look at things up close while reading, writing, and looking at computers. Consequently, we are putting our visual systems under assault. When we look up close, our ciliary muscles become convex so that our lens can function as a magnifying glass. When we look into the distance, they are stretched and the lens becomes flat, held by the suspensory ligament. Humans used to spend a lot of time looking far away; our existence depended on it. Farmers needed to look at cloud patterns to predict rain or drought, and hunters needed to look far to track game; as a result, their ciliary muscles were stretched often. When we do not look into the distance, we keep the ciliary muscles contracted, leading to continual stress and eventual weakness.

Secondly, we rarely engage our peripheral vision; we have little reason to. In the past, if we walked through the jungle and ignored our periphery, animals would eat us. Today, we can afford to ignore it. When looking at the computer, you look straight ahead without engaging your periphery. As long as there is no threat of a saber-toothed tiger, why bother? But, neglecting our peripheral vision leads to stress on our central vision, leading to eye weakness and farsightedness over time.

Our central peripheral vision is also very important. This is the part of our vision that helps us locate objects in a vast area before narrowing our focus on a visual target. For example, when you look through a telescope, you must first locate the object with your free eye in the broader sky before focusing the telescope on a smaller field. Or, when you read words on a page, you easily track them and the spaces between them. In doing so, you are using your central periphery. A strong central periphery helps to gain visual strength and clarity.

How Can “Natural Vision Improvement” Help?

Glasses may be used to cover the symptoms of strained vision and weak eye muscles, but that does not change the process of visual weakening; it only enables it, just as using a wheelchair will not make your legs stronger. As massage therapists know, when muscles are overworked, they can become weak. For modern people, there is no muscle more exhausted or overexerted than the ciliary muscles. Thus, to preserve our vision and prevent the onset of farsightedness as we age, we must find ways to stretch and relax these muscles. Natural Vision Improvement Therapy can help us do just that. With a few exercises, we can prevent the deterioration of vision. You can learn more about my natural vision improvement exercises later in this issue where I will explain a few to try at home.

A great way to relax the eyes and stretch the lens is to make it a point to look into the distance. When you stare at the computer for long periods of time, take breaks every twenty minutes to look at something far away. It takes a nearsighted eye about a minute and a half to adjust, and a farsighted eye about a minute, so if you look into the distance for 4 minutes, it will guarantee that your muscles are stretched and relaxed. In addition, when you are looking into the distance, wave your hands to the side of your head so they are only visible in your peripheral vision. Stimulating your periphery reduces strain on your central vision.

Make sure that when you are looking at your computer, do so with a soft gaze, and blinking gently and frequently. Also, enlarge the font so that you can see it without your glasses. For example, if it’s hard for you to read letters in font size 10, but you can read them comfortably in size 12, enlarge them so that you can read comfortably until you do more eye exercises and your vision becomes sharper.

There are also several lifestyle modifications that can be made to reduce dependence on reading glasses. If your close vision is just beginning to change, try to postpone wearing reading glasses as long as you can. If you already use them, try to wear them as little as possible. One way to do this is to read in the strong light of the sun. When we read in bright light, our pupils contract, and this helps to compensate for the weakness of the ciliary muscles. Using your pupillary strength, rather than your ciliary muscles, should help you read with less fatigue.

When you go to restaurants or other places that insist on using dim lighting for the sake of romance—which I’ve never understood since I prefer to see the face of the person I’m speaking with—try shining a small light on your menu so you can read it without your glasses. You can also have your date read it to you.

So, if you already wear reading glasses, I will not tell you to get rid of them abruptly. I realize that if you ask people to do what they don’t want to do, they might not listen to you. I would encourage you to read in the sunlight without glasses as much as possible, or read larger print independently of your glasses, so your prescription does not continue to increase.


Start Your Journey Now…

I have provided a few tools with which you can reduce or eliminate the need for glasses, but, ultimately, the work is yours. I overcame childhood blindness resulting from cataracts at birth and unsuccessful surgery. You can definitely overcome farsightedness. Through the practice of natural vision improvement exercises, you can help combat the myth that your vision will only get worse. Moreover, you can also help prevent cataracts, which I strongly believe results from the stiffness of the lens throughout the years. So why not take the time to relax your eyes? Why not preserve your vision? You can revolutionize your life if you do!


Meir Schneider, PhD, L.M.T. (www.self-healing.org), developed a holistic approach for prevention and rehabilitation of degenerative health conditions. He is the founder of the non-profit, School For Self-Healing in San Francisco and author of “Vision For Life: 10 Steps To Natural Vision Improvement”.

Crystal Singing Bowl

Zhaorui Lian

In August 2012, I took part in activities conducted by Dr Lai in Crestone. She invited Leigh Ann, a sound healer, to teach us and I experienced her ingenious use of crystal singing bowl acoustics that resonate with our deep memories. Many students were amazed by this wonderful journey.

Leigh Ann Phillips was interviewed by KASA TV (Fox) – New Mexico Style Show. She is a sound-healing practitioner, an award-winning singer and songwriter. She believes that music is not only an art but it can also bring health, peace and hope.

Through her work in sound healing, she travelled globally. She runs a sound healing retreat centre and is also responsible for The Shimmering Sounds Foundation, a nonprofit organisation, dedicated to bringing sound healing to the masses.

Ann has developed a method, using different singing bowls, to shift and slow the brain states. This lets people relax and also release emotional blocks causing diseases in the body. She incorporates singing bowls, tuning forks, harps, herbal medicine, piano and her voice for healing. Her singing bowls allow sound vibrations to go deeper. Through these healing methods, she hopes to help people lead more fulfilling lives in healthier bodies.

I live in Silicon Valley, USA, and nearly all my friends are high-tech professionals who usually work under high pressure. So, I invited Leigh Ann to Silicon Valley to give a sound healing workshop. During the workshop, Leigh Ann said that life, in fact, does not have to be planned very clearly and carefully. By doing so, it forces the constant use of the left brain, preventing relaxation.

Vibration of the singing bowl connects to our deep consciousness and allows emotional release of trauma. The special sonic frequency resonate with the cells in our body and healing occurs. During classes, Leigh Ann sometimes dances, accompanied by her wonderful songs. Once, many students had a very special magical experience and almost all of them were very joyful and relaxed at the end of class – as if they just had a massage without skin contact. It was a really wonderful journey of soul massage.

I observed that students with total trust, without haughtiness and without many specific expectations had a deeper and indescribable experience.

I hope that everyone will have the opportunity to have a blessed journey with Leigh Ann’s Singing Bowls.

NOTE: Interview of Leigh Ann Phillip can be view at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0WkIRskYHP8.

The original Chinese article is published in the Nov 2012 issue of Lapis magazine and is accessible online at:

Brain States and Consciousness

Leigh Ann Phillips

The brain is a great mystery. The number of neurons or brain cells in the human brain outnumbers the number of stars in the known universe. That statement conjures up a compelling and complex number of possibilities.

Music and sound have been proven scientifically to shift the consciousness of the brain. It has taken me years of doing music to really understand how music affects people. It is very easy to come to this understanding when you are standing up in front of an audience and playing music for the sole purpose of moving an audience.

Even Johann Sebastian Bach in his heyday was using music to help people relax and shift consciousness. He was hired by the Russian envoy Count Kaiserling to write music that would help his insomnia.

Bach composed the Goldberg Variations, named after Kaiserling’s harpsichordist, Johann Gottleib Goldberg. Years later it would be proven that largo musical movements (very slow movements) increase alpha activity in the brain. Alpha brain waves bring a relaxed state of awareness to the body. Alpha waves are very important, for if someone cannot bring their body to an alpha state, they cannot get to the deeper and slower brain wave levels in the body where rest and rejuvenation can occur.

Sound and Science

Within the scope of sound research, another science was born. Psychoneuroimmunology is the study of how consciousness and emotions affect the immune system. There have been many scientists who have done significant research on sound, and many of these people will be listed in the resource section of my website (under construction). Because of this research, doctors, hospitals, therapists and laypersons are using the technology of psychoacoustics all over the world. I feel that understanding the brain states is significant to understanding this science. Research shows that sound can positively affect our emotions, can increase intelligence, decrease stress, enhance problem solving and increase wellness. All of this is very possible. If we can open our perceptual box and begin to perceive the world in ways our mind has not been able to do before, our world shifts dramatically. Opportunities that could not have been seen, are seen. Ideas are born. Emotional blockages are released, and happiness and gratitude become more accessible.

Brain state is based on a cycle per second, or hertz system. Just imagine being on a pier by the ocean and seeing the waves come in and out. If you look at the top of one wave to the top of the next wave, that would be one cycle. We could then count how many waves there would be in one minute. But when you are dealing with electromagnetic pulsations, they happen so quickly that we have to deal in cycles per second instead of minutes.

Neurons and the Flow of Information

The brain cell itself has three parts to it: the dendrite, the soma body, and the axon. The dendrite receives incoming information from other brain cells (neurons) and passes it on to the soma body. The soma body takes in the information and integrates it, and then sends it on to the axon. The axon then sends it across the synapse to the dendrite of the next neuron. That process of receiving information and then sending it on creates an electromagnetic field that pulses. If you have ever been in a house and experienced a power surge and seen a light bulb get brighter and then dimmer when the power surge is over, this is a similar experience to what happens to the electromagnetic field in the brain. EEGs measure these fields of electromagnetic fields of groups of neurons or brain cells. This is what really allows us to look at different brain states.

The language of brain states is deciphered by a kind of measurement called an EEG, or electroencephalogram. This measures the electromagnetic fields produced by the neocortex, that surface area of the brain that is right underneath the skull. These electromagnetic wave fields pulse at different rates. Some pulse slowly, some medium, some fast and some super fast.

Levels of Consciousness

The slowest level of activity in the brain is called Delta. It is associated with sleep, ranging from .5 to 4 cycles per second. There is a lack of conscious awareness. People that are in a coma are usually registered at less than .5 hertz.

The next level is Theta. This is a very interesting state, being the state of visions and dreams. When someone is in theta, they have no awareness of the external world. What is lucidly real is your internal experience. This is a very important state in terms of developing brain potential. The range of theta is from 4 to 8 cycles per second.

The next brain state is the threshold between being aware of the external and internal worlds. This is called Alpha, ranging from 8 to 13 or 14 cycles per second. This is a significant state because one is relaxed but still is aware of the external world. This is an important state in stress management and also athletic performance. Professional athletes sometimes call this “the zone”, where they can watch themselves from a place of deep relaxation.

Alpha and Theta are very, very significant for someone doing sound healing or music therapy because pure sound without language can stimulate trance-like states of body and mind. Tom Kenyon refers to these brain states as the “magic window” because inner transformations can happen during these states, where self-healing and/or a psychological breakthrough can happen.

EEG readings above 14 HZ are in the Beta range. This includes K-complex, Gamma, Super-high and Ultra-high Beta. There is a high state of awareness of the external environment in Beta, ranging up to 150 HZ.

Perception and Perspective

It is important to remember we are never in just one brain state. Different EEG patterns can occur simultaneously in different parts of the brain.

These different brain states serve very different functions, and give us very different perspectives of perception.

Neurologically, science has shown us that you can have ten people in the same room, but those ten people will have ten completely different perceptions of what is taking place. There are a number of different reasons why people may have such varying perceptions, but we know that both the number of neurological networks that are in the brain and the presence of emotional blockages can greatly affect perception. This is connected to the fact that humans have two very different brains.


Left Brain, Right Brain

The left brain coordinates the right side of the body, and the right brain coordinates the left side of the body. Science used to think that they were diametrically opposite, and that there was no interconnection, but now we know that the whole brain is involved with the act of perception. The left brain takes in sight and sound and allows us to understand language, and allows us to speak language. This hemisphere of the brain is logical, looks for sequence and is very analytical.

Fiery Dancers The right side of the brain does not speak. It has impressions. The right side tends to look for paradox, novelty and has more to do with the intuitive part of us that does not speak. Science has shown that this area of the brain becomes very enlivened when it hears sound and music. Research shows that when the right brain hears sound and music without language, it gets activated. In observing PET scans, which can be used to measure the glucose consumption of the brain, you can see a lot of activity when the right hemisphere hears sound. If we just exposed the brain to words, only the left side of the brain would light up. If we have music with lyrics, both sides of the brain become activated.

If someone were used to using only their left brain to perceive, they would be looking at the world through the screen of order, logic and sequence. If some event occurred that did not fall into one of these categories (because it leaned toward paradox or novelty), they might dismiss a potential opportunity because it did not fit into their expectations. Every day we make choices, and there could be opportunities we could be missing because either events do not have enough logic or order for us to recognize the potential of the situation, or we are not comfortable with something so perceptually “new” to recognize the possibilities within our grasp. When we use whole brain processing, our potential can become a reality.

There is a beautiful story of an inner-city teacher that had a class of students that not only all graduated from high school, but most of them went on to college and became successful, when most other students in that school did not have a high rate of success. The board of education was so impressed by this teacher, that they visited her to find out her “secret.” When they came to her classroom and asked about her special technique, all she said was, “I just loved them like they were my own.” When she opened a file and saw that there was divorce or drug addiction in the family, she did not add that to her perception of what the potential was for that student. And so those kids were able to meet the perceptual potential that she offered them. It is a wondrous example of how important our perception of other people (and of ourselves) is.

Bridging the Gap

How we biologically can build our perception has to do with the corpus collosum. This is the neural “highway” that literally connects the right and the left hemispheres of the brain. Research has shown no matter what your age or health is, you can build the neural networks in the corpus collosum. Building this band of neural fibers can allow for more creativity, better health, more intelligence and better problem solving. It is really the key.

Both the research and my personal experience indicate that working with pure sound is a joyful and effective way of reaching this goal. The crystal singing bowls are powerful tools for this because of the harmonics and overtones that are created. The incredible sounds emanating from the bowls allow your brain waves to slow down to the alpha, theta and sometimes delta levels where the body can rejuvenate and build those neurological networks AND allow emotional release to occur, so blockages can no longer hinder the person’s goals and dreams. Often people will “psychonavigate” in a sound healing session, visiting the past or future, and releasing old feelings that never had the opportunity to be felt.

The Power of Voice

The other vital sound healing tool is the human voice. I feel it is the medicine of the future. The human voice carries “essentic” waves, which are sound waves activated when we are touched or have an emotion. The voice can match feelings and allow them to be released from a practitioner to a client, and even more directly, any of us can use our own voice from the inside out to resonate with whatever needs movement and needs to be released. Some of the most powerful healing I have experienced was with one person singing and playing one crystal bowl. It is not always comfortable to release old blockages, but the long-term rewards are unquestionably worth it.

This is why I feel it is so important to understand the workings of the brain and mind so that we may expand our potential for growth and happiness. If there are more neurons in our brain than stars in the known universe, that allows for more possibility than we can probably imagine. The more we can imagine, the more we can expand our potential!


This article originally appeared on http://www.leighannphillips.com/sound-healing/the-science-of-sound/and is reprinted with permission from the author.

The author would like to acknowledge Tom Kenyon for his book Brain States and his CD series The Ultimate Brain, which are the sources for much of the information on the article.

Words to the Wise

Active, pain free living is a major concern for boomers and seniors today who want to get the most out of life. Many people in this age group have discovered that Therapeutic Massage can help them attain their health goals, and maintain their healthy living lifestyles. You may be wondering if a Massage Therapy session is right for you.

The popularity of massage has grown in a grassroots fashion. Massage has worked for a lot of people who then have recommended it to family and friends as a way to relieve pain and discomfort. Because it worked, people asked their medical providers and insurance companies for massage. The National Institute of Health funded the University of Miami to conduct studies on the effects of massage. As a result, Massage Therapy is enjoying a renaissance at this time.

The benefits of massage are currently the subject of numerous magazine articles and television programs, including the cover of Life last year and ABC News, Newsweek just this week. The results of scientific research being done conclude that massage is as important as diet and exercise and should be considered as an essential component to a healthy lifestyle. What a change from just 10 years ago when massage was still primarily disregarded by the medical and scientific communities.

People naturally and instinctively touch and rub areas of the body that are painful. Everyone knows that touching helps to relieve pain and tension in the muscles and many of the benefits of massage are received from the physical manipulation of these soft tissues. But the potential effect on your overall health is increased if massage is received regularly, like exercise.

Here Are Some Of The Results Of These Studies:

  • Massage improves overall circulation blood and flow of lymph. This benefit stems directly from the physical manipulation of the muscles. Blood supplies nutrients and oxygen and lymph carried away wastes and toxins. The oxygen carrying capability of the blood can increase 20%, while the accumulated waste products of inactivity or over exercise, can be dispersed
  • Massage helps injuries, especially strains and sprains heal faster and people recover from medical procedures like operations more quickly. It can be an essential component to rehabilitation.
  • Tight muscles can be loosened and weak flaccid muscles can gain strength faster. This creates better posture and promotes more efficient movement. Massage’s stretching effect on the body helps keep tissues more elastic and flexible. Massage can help free the connective tissue around joints and relieve stiffness.
  • Massage helps your body recover more quickly from athletic exercise and other types of physical stress like travel. It can help you do more activity safely and improve your overall conditioning. If you are out of shape, it can help you tune up your body. Scientists are also find Massage promotes many other positive changes:
  • The bodies secretions and excretions are increased. There are most gastric juices, saliva, and urine, suggesting digestion and metabolic rate are improved. Food absorption hormones, including insulin are increased.
  • Harmful stress hormones are reduced and mood elevating brain chemicals, like serotonin are increased. Relaxation is promoted while also increasing alertness. Lower levels of alpha and beta brain waves were recorded indicating a greater alertness. Indeed, people score consistently higher on tests with up to 50% fewer errors after a 15 minute massage.
  • Massage helps your skin look younger by improving elasticity, maintaining the pore structure and stimulating glandular secretions
  • Premature babies gain weight up to 47% faster, saving tens of thousands of dollars in hospital costs.
  • Abused, neglected, chronically ill, and handicapped people of all ages are receiving massage with positive results.

The list could go on, but the findings are conclusive and the deductions are being made. Massage is not just a luxury for the rich and famous but is now being regarded by the scientific community as an essential component to the maintenance of overall health. Named diseases like high blood pressure, colitis, sinusitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, insomnia, digestive disorders, headaches are all helped as well as minor aches and pains.

It is important to note that massage is not just a scientific practice, it is also a healing art. Findings the right style of massage treatment for you and a therapist that is well trained in the healing aspects of massage is also a consideration. A therapist should be sensitive and intuitive, as well as knowledgeable about the scientific application of touch. For help with this you might get a referral from a friend or a knowledgeable health professional. You can also contact the American Massage Therapy Association for more information.

What I Would Say to Osama Bin Laden

Interview of Thich Nhat Hanh. (friends call him “Thay”) by Anne Simpkinson. He is a Zen Buddhist Monk who worked tireless for Peace in Vietnam and helped rebuild destroyed villages. He is internationally known for his teaching and writing on mindfulness. He shares his thoughts on responding to the terrorist attacks. Here are some excerpts from this interview:

Question: If you could speak to Osama bin Laden, what would you say to him? Likewise, if you were to speak to the American people, what would you suggest we do at this point, individually and as a nation?

Answer: If I were given the opportunity to be face to face with Osama bin Laden, the first thing I would do is listen. I would try to understand why he had acted in that cruel way. I would try to understand all of the suffering that had led him to violence. It might not be easy to listen in that way, so I would have to remain calm and lucid. I would need several friends with me, who are strong in the practice of deep listening, listening without reacting, without judging and blaming. In this way, an atmosphere of support would be created for this person and those connected so that they could share completely, trust that they are really being heard.

After listening for some time, we might need to take a break to allow what has been said to enter into our consciousness. Only when we felt calm and lucid would we respond. We would respond point by point to what had been said. We would respond gently but firmly in such a way to help them to discover their own misunderstandings so that they will stop violent acts from their own will.

For the American people, I would suggest that we do everything we can to restore our calm and our lucidity before responding to the situation. To respond too quickly before we have much understanding of the situation may be very dangerous.

The first thing we can do is to cool the flames of anger and hatred that are so strong in us. As mentioned before, it is crucial to look at the way we feed the hatred and violence within us and to take immediate steps to cut off the nourishment for our hatred and violence.

When we react out of fear and hatred, we do not yet have a deep understanding of the situation. Our action will only be a very quick and superficial way of responding to the situation and not much true benefit and healing will occur. Yet if we wait and follow the process of calming our anger, looking deeply into the situation, and listening with great will to understand the roots of suffering that are the cause of the violent actions, only then will we have sufficient insight to respond in such a way that healing and reconciliation can be realized for everyone involved. In South Africa, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission has made attempts to realize this. All the parties involved in violence and injustice agreed to listen to each other in a calm and supportive environment, to look together deeply at the roots of violent acts and to find agreeable arrangements to respond to the situations. The presence of strong spiritual leaders is very helpful to support and maintain such an environment. We can look at this model for resolving conflicts that are arising right in the present moment; we do not have to wait many years to realize this.

America is burning with hatred. That is why we have to tell our Christian friends, “You are children of Christ. You have to return to yourselves and look deeply and find out why this violence happened.”

Why is there so much hatred? What lies under all this violence? Why do they hate so much that they would sacrifice their own lives and bring about so much suffering to other people? Why would these young people, full of vitality and strength, have chosen to lose their lives, to commit such violence? That is what we have to understand.

We have to find a way to stop violence, of course. If need be, we have to put the men responsible in prison. But the important thing is to look deeply and ask, “Why did that happen? What responsibility do we have in that happening?

Question: In your new book “Anger,” you give an example of “compassionate listening” as a tool to heal families. Can that tool be used at a national level, and if so, how would that work?

Answer: This past summer a group of Palestinians and Israelis came to Plum Village, the Practice Center where I live in southern France, to learn and practice the arts of deep listening and loving speech. (Around 1600 people come to Plum Village each summer from over a dozen countries to learn how to bring peace and understanding to their daily lives.) The group of Palestinians and Israelis participated in the daily schedule of walking meditation, sitting meditation, and silent meals, and they also received training on how to listen and speak to each other in such a way that more understanding and peace could be possible between them as individuals and as nations.With the guidance and support of the monks and nuns, they sat down and listened to each other. When one person spoke no one interrupted. Everyone practiced mindfulness of their breathing and listening in such a way that the other person felt heard and understood.

When people spoke, they refrained from using words of blame, hatred, and condemnation. They spoke in an atmosphere of trust and respect. Out of these dialogues the participating Palestinians and Israelis were very moved to realize that both sides suffer from fear. They appreciated the practice of deep listening and made arrangements to share what they had learned with others upon returning to their home countries.

We recommended that the Palestinians and Israeli talk about their suffering, fears, and despair in a public forum that all the world could hear. We could all listen without judging, without condemning in order to understand the experience of both sides. This would prepare the ground of understanding for peace talks to occur.

At the end of the two weeks practice, they gave us a wonderful, wonderful report. One lady said, “Thay, this is the first time in my life that I see that peace in the Middle East is possible.” Another young person said, “Thay, when I first arrived in Plum Village, I did not believe that Plum Village was something real because in the situation of my country, you live in constant fear and anger. When your children get onto the bus, you are not sure that they will be coming home. When you go to the market, you are not sure that you will survive to go home to your family. When you come to Plum Village, you see people looking at each other with loving kindness, talking with others kindly, walking peacefully, and doing everything mindfully. We did not believe that it was possible. It did not look real to me.”

But in the peaceful setting of Plum Village, they were able to be together, to live together, and to listen to each other, and finally understanding came. They promised that when they returned to the Middle East, they would continue the practice. They will organize a day of practice every week at the local level and a day of mindfulness at the national level. And they plan to come to Plum Village as a bigger group to continue the practice.

The same situation now exists between the American people and people of Islamic and Arabic nations. There is much misunderstanding and lack of the kind of communication that hinders our ability to resolve our difficulties peacefully.

I think that if nations like America can organize that kind of setting where people can come together and spend their time practicing peace, then they will be able to calm down their feelings, their fears, and peaceful negotiation will be much easier.

Question: Is it realistic to think people can feel true compassion now?

Answer: Without understanding, compassion is impossible. When you understand the suffering of others, you do not have to force yourself to feel compassion, the door of your heart will just naturally open. All of the hijackers were so young and yet they sacrificed their lives for what? Why did they do that? What kind of deep suffering is there? It will require deep listening and deep looking to understand that.
We can begin right now to practice calming our anger, looking deeply at the roots of the hatred and violence in our society and in our world, and listening with compassion in order to hear and understand what we have not yet had the capacity to hear and to understand. When the drop of compassion begins from in our hearts and minds, we begin to develop concrete responses to our situation. When we have listened and looked deeply, we may begin to develop the energy of brotherhood and sisterhood between all nations, which is the deepest spiritual heritage of all religious and cultural traditions. In this way the peace and understanding within the whole world is increased day by day.
To develop the drop of compassion in our own heart is the only effective spiritual response to hatred and violence. That drop of compassion will be the result of calming our anger, looking deeply at the roots of our violence, deep listening, and understanding the suffering of everyone involved in the acts of hatred and violence.

Extracted from www.peacepilgrim.org
Winter 2002 Newsletter

Review of Anatomy of the Spirit, by Caroline Myss, PhD.

Caroline Myss is a medical intuitive. She uses her intuitive ability to help people understand the emotional, psychological; and spiritual energy that lies at the root of their illness, disease or life crisis. She can sense the type of illness that has developed, often before the individual is even aware of having an illness at all. The people she works with, however, are usually that their lives are not in balance and that something is wrong.

This ability manifested itself quite suddenly. She had been working as a publisher of alternate health books but had no interest in pursuing alternative health practices, nor was she very interested in meeting any healers. She wasn’t even interested in organic gardening. She smoked and drank coffee by the gallon.

She first became aware of her intuitive healing when a friend happened to mention that another friend, unknown to Caroline Myss, didn’t feel well and Caroline was able to see what the cause of the problem was. It just popped into her head. And she was very accurate.

Her gift frightened her for quite a while. She worried that she would cause harm because of a misdiagnosis, among other worries, and she ended up with migraine headaches. She finally realized that she did in fact have a gift for intuitive healing, and that a power was working through her.

Caroline Myss says that being medically intuitive has helped her learn not only about the energy causes of disease but about the challenges people face in healing themselves. Of great significance to her was the realization that “healing” does not always mean that the physical body recovers from an illness. Healing can also mean that one’s spirit has released long-held fears and negative thoughts toward oneself or others. This kind of spiritual release and healing can occur even though one’s body may be dying physically.

Everything that is alive pulsates with energy and all of this energy contains information. The physical body is surrounded by an energy field that extends as far out as your outstretched arms and full length of your body.

Experiences that carry emotional energy in our energy systems include past and present relationships, both personal and professional, profound or traumatic experiences and memories, and belief patterns and attitudes. The emotions from these experiences become encoded in our biological systems and contribute to the formation of our cell tissue, which then generates a quality of energy that reflects those emotions. These energy impressions form an energy language which carries literal and symbolic information that a medical intuitive can read.

Neurobiologist Dr Candace Pert has proven that neuropeptides, the chemicals triggered by emotions, are thoughts converted into matter. Our emotions reside physically in our bodies and interact with our cells and tissues.

She says that most people who come to her for an evaluation have already intuited themselves that something is wrong, but they are hoping that she will give that feeling some other meaning, but it is important to tell people the truth, not what they want to hear. Dr Myss says that she often has to confirm the negative intuitive impressions of her patients, for their abilities are as accurate as hers: these people know they are ill, but since she does not share their fear, her intuition can interpret their data better than they themselves can.

There is no one formula by which you can develop your intuition. Some people develop it through meditation or as a result of mastering a certain talent or sport.

Intuitive ability is present in everyone because it is a survival skill, not a spiritual intention. Maintaining a reflective or meditative attitude facilitates your reception of intuitions.

Her impressions are neither auditory or visual; rather, they are like quick mental images that contain a very subtle electrical current. As she scans someone’s body she focuses on each energy center and waits for an image. After about five seconds the imagery process starts, and it continues to unfold until it stops on its own. The duration varies, reading some people requires almost an hour, while other takes less than ten minutes.

Dr Myss points out that in having a cure the patient is inclined to give his or her authority over to the physician and prescribed treatment instead of actively challenging the illness and reclaiming health whereas healing is an active and internal process that includes investigating one’s attitudes, memories and beliefs with the desire to release all negative patterns that prevent one’s full emotional and spiritual recovery. This internal review inevitably leads one to review external circumstances in an effort to recreate one’s life in a way that serves activation of will – the will to see and accept truths about one’s life and how one has used his/her energies and the will to begin to use energy for the creation of love, self-esteem and health.

Make yourself the subject of an intuitive evaluation. In the process, you will find yourself becoming more aware of the extraordinary world that lies behind your eyes. Ultimately, you will learn symbolic sight, the ability to use your intuition to interpret the power symbols in your life.

Dr Myss offers the following guidelines as a beginning point. When a person seeks to see more, healing is inevitable. But you need an internal method of absorbing this information to make it real for you.

First, focus your attention on learning to interpret your life’s challenges symbolically. Find a meaning in them. Think and feel how they connect to your health. Bring attention every day to the challenges you face and to how your mind and spirit respond to them. Observe that causes you to lose power and where you feel the loss. Evaluate the spiritual and biological activity that occurs as a consequence.

Second, think of yourself at all times as an energy being as well as a physical one. The energy part of yourself is the transmitter and recorder of all your thoughts and interactions. Keep in mind at all times that your biography becomes your biology. Develop the habit of evaluating the people, experiences and information you allow into your life. Developing symbolic sight begins with intention: consciously and regularly evaluate your interactions and their influence on your emotional and physical power. And remember that if you have a private agenda – that is, if you want to see things in a certain way – you will interfere with your reception of energy information.

Third, conduct energy self-evaluations on a daily basis. After you become skilled at it, self-scanning will take only a few moments. To practice, reflect on each symbolic power of the seven charkas. Reflect on each power center for a minute or two in a quiet, objective way. Don’t wait to become ill before you attend to the health of your energy system. Learn to sense the stress accumulating in your energy field, and take the steps to heal yourself at the energy level.

Please note that the issues and illnesses listed are to be understood as follows: negative extremes of any listed emotional issue can serve as a major influence in the development of any of the noted dysfunctions in each of the specified chakra descriptions.

What the Hummingbird and the Flowers tell us – On Energy Massage

Scott Taylor, a professional Energy Massage Therapist, possesses a unique ability to see the energy field surrounding the human body. As such, he is able to massage an individual according to his needs.

Scott’s introduction to energy massage at the Lapis Lazuli Light Total Health Workshop in U.S.A. made us realise that every kind of work has its own significance and meanings. The crux of it lies in whether and how we can find or create that special meaning in our daily. He also encouraged us not to be afraid of changes. When we feel that we should not be continuing with our present job, or that we no longer like our job, we should perhaps take a break and consider. This may be the time to set new goals for ourselves and for everybody else; the time to create a better future.

Let us first take a look at Scott’s theory on how the human body heals itself. Physical substances as well as energy flows throughout the human body. When either of these is obstructed in the body, pain, aches or other illness surface. Every organ in our body requires space to function properly. Whenever necessary, they make use of this space to self-heal. Obstruction in the flow of energy causes the organs to tighten and contract, thereby affecting the mobility of the physical substances in the body. For example, if our brain shrinks in size, there will not be sufficient space for it to function properly. In turn, it cannot exert control on other body organs to ensure their normal functioning. Excitement, mental pressure and anger are all factors that block this flow of energy. Whenever energy or other substance in the body flow too slowly or too quickly, it affects the condition of the body. Wherever these substances gather and concentrate, there will be pain.

If a person met with an accident when under stress or in anger, these negative energy freeze on the bones or other parts of the body. To “unfreeze” these situations, the therapist has to understand the energy space and mentality of the patient at the time of the accident. With this, he can proceed with more effective treatment.

Next is the role energy massage plays in helping the body to heal. When energy contacts body tissues, human consciousness usually rises above normal. Let’s call it the paranormal conscious state of mind. (Author thinks that this is identical to the “equipoise state of mind during meditation”) While in this paranormal state of consciousness, the body starts its process of self-healing. In similarity to the body needing space to heal, any change or adjustment in the physical substance requires space. The job of the therapist is to gain effective contact with the human body, and in turn dispense the energy cramped negatively in parts of the body, and to promote a balanced flow of energy to all parts of the body. This allows the body tissue to contact with the energy and hence propel one into the paranormal state of consciousness. Under this state of mind, a “para-space” is created. This is equivalent to having created a huge receptacle (of space), allowing energy to flow freely. Having the space to move, the confined and concentrated particles in the body re-starts their activity and returns the body structure to normal. In turn, mental and physical pain lessen and disappear eventually.

Of course, energy massage is not the only way to allow one to enter the paranormal state of consciousness. Music and meditation have a similar effect. Eating right, being healthy and regular meditation can lead one toward this paranormal state of consciousness. Scott says that treatment by energy massage cannot be expressed by words alone. The difference between energy massage and traditional Chinese treatment is that in energy massage, it is the patient who treats himself, and not the therapist.

Scott said that everyone can do energy massage. The crux of it is to stay calm and relaxed while massaging someone. The massager has to be conscious of the massagee’s reaction to the therapy. By and by, both therapist and patient will start to feel the flow of energy between them.

What the therapist contact are normally muscles ad bones. Bones are the most dense or concentrated parts of the body, and energy flows fastest in them. At the same time, the bones themselves carry memories that stretches beyond our present lives. In the process of treatment, para-space is created, and the patient enters into a state of paranormal consciousness, his memory will not remain at a fixed point. Perhaps scenes from his childhood will flash through his mind.

Energy massage is different from traditional massage in that, instead of applying pressure on the body, the therapist tries to raise or stretch the patient’s energy level, which promotes better flow. On different people, this will have different healing effects. For individuals who are seriously injured, they will need to undergo therapy early. Delay will cause the injury to fixate itself in the body.

Scott says that one accumulates vast physiological and psychological hurt in his life. One session of therapy can perhaps only get rid of the tip of an ice-berg, or it can propel the ice-berg to emerge from the water slightly, which may result in pain. As such, one session may not be bring about the desired effect. We can draw a comparison at the inability to really taste water until we have drunk plenty. In addition, complementing a positive level of energy with other forms of therapy such as eating healthy, regular exercising can reap high rewards i.e. speedy healing and recovery.

The query that may arise is, why then, can’t we treat ourselves, and have to rely on someone else to help us? Scott explains that the human body is structured in such a way that “mutual reliance” is required in the healing process. In this fast-paced society, where tension is everywhere and in everyone, a professional therapist can do wonders in the healing of our bodies. However, it is important to note that in energy massage, the therapist does not transfer energy to the patient. He is also not to pursue a one-minded track of seeking positive result. The original purpose of energy massage is to help one activate the healing potential within oneself. Scott says that he cares for people, and not for the events that happen to people. He releases anything that comes to him, be it mental or physical, after he is done with the therapy, and takes break whenever he feels tired. The crux is not to force himself to exceed what he can achieve for one patient. It took him five years to realise this, and he will not hesitate to advise others to slow down and step back when they are tired.

To Scott, it is important to maintain a satisfactory level of energy level, as energy is food for the body. When having a high level of energy, the body is able to attract positive forces, just like a full-bloom flower is able to draw beautiful Hummingbird. We are better able to create our own future, to fulfil our wishes and accomplish what we want to. This is similar in concept to the spiritual way of living of the aborigines described in the book ‘Mutant Message Down Under’.

According to Scott, ideally, everyone should have a taste of such unhurried and spiritual life at least once in his lifetime. He explains that pain is not to be feared too, as it can be a force propelling one towards never-before realisation.

Scott encourages us to affect and think of other people positively. This attitude lends a good hand in the creation of our own future. For example, if we think that someone cannot help in alleviating our pain and heal us, then he most certainly will not be able to, as whatever he attempts will not be able shake that earlier mindset. Trust, love and support are the forces behind Scott’s ability to help others heal. Therefore, we should make use of activated energy to affect the people around us positively.

We can increase our energy field through massage, meditation and healthy eating, and one day we may find ourselves able to help others to heal too. Of course, our energy field may be different from that of Scott’s, as he explains that everyone is unique in the universe. Increasing our energy field allows us to open our eyes and see the mission we are to accomplish in this life.

Extracted from Lapis Lazuli Light Magazine 97 Aug Issue
Translated by Singapore Lapis Lazuli Light

How an Accident Changed His Life – Takagi Yoshiyuki & ChikyuMura

(Earth Village)
Zhu Lan

Thirty years ago, an accident changed Dr. Mitchell May’s life, and led him to be a healer and establish the Synergy Company to help others. In Japan, Mr, Takagi Yoshiyuki had a similar experience, and used a different approach to awaken others around him.

Takagi Yoshiyuki was born in Osaka and worked in National Electronics after his college graduation.  On a fateful Sunday when he was 34 years old, he got in a debilitating accident while riding his motorcycle. He suffered extensive injuries to his neck, hip, four limbs and nerves, and there was no part of his body that did not suffer a broken bone or bruise. Because of the seriousness of his injury, the hospital in the vicinity of the accident location was unable to help and he was transferred to a university-linked hospital. The doctor in charge informed Takagi Yoshiyuki’s family that the patient could enter into a coma anytime, and that the extent of the injuries was so serious that it would be impossible for him to resume normal life and work.

As Takagi Yoshiyuki lay on the hospital bed, he felt like an Egyptian mummy because his body was extensively cast in plaster. He had all kinds of tubes inserted into his body, and periodically suffered excruciating pain. He felt that if his life were to continue like this, it would be like being sentenced to a life of suffering.

While he was experiencing this immense suffering and sense of hopelessness, he was also caught up in an unbelievable event—he was witnessing the entire course of the accident! He felt that he was looking into a television camera capturing various scenes: the accident, his admission to the hospital, the surgery, the dialogue between the doctors and nurses, and his wife sitting next to his bed in the hospital’s intensive care unit. He felt that his wife was sitting at his funeral wake. He thought that he must be dreaming … or dead.

In the next moment, his consciousness returned to his home village that he had left 30 years ago—Matsuyama City in Ehime-ken. From an altitude of two to three meters, he saw the place of his childhood, just that the scenery had completely changed. He was like a sparrow flying higher and higher, with the river, forest, mountains, and even Japan growing smaller and smaller. Finally, the entire earth appeared before him. The beauty and magnificence of the earth deeply moved him, and he felt a sense of satisfaction, fulfillment, and bliss. The questions “Who am I? Where did I come from? Where do I need to go?” that had troubled him since he was five or six years old were finally addressed as light enveloped him. The experience impacted him deeply at the spiritual level and moved him so much that he cried. He clearly sensed himself change and merge with the earth and universe to become one. He felt a sense of bliss and satisfaction that he had never encountered before. Slowly, he emerged from the dark universe and entered into a world of light. There was no material object in this world, but it contained the past, present and future. He saw his imminent recovery from the accident, and how he would embark on his journey to save the environment and promote world peace. He witnessed his last days on earth and the past, present and future of the earth, the sun, and the universe. He saw how life forms progressed (from inorganic lifeform to sentient life form), how the sentient life form progressed (from the astral level to an integration with the universal consciousness), how human civilization came to rise and pass, and the timelessness nature of the universe and the sentient life form.

When Takagi Yoshiyuki returned to his physical body in the intensive care unit, he was bewildered and confused by this strange “near-death” experience. He could not move his body, and began a dialogue within himself:

  1. What are our worries?
  2. What is the purpose of our existence?
  3. What aspects do we want to affirm?
  4. What do we want to do after retirement?
  5. Why wait till retirement to begin to do what we want to do?
  6. What do we generally disdain from doing?
  7. How much money do we really need?
  8. Why do we always want to be better than average?
  9. What is common sense?
  10. Is increasing our wealth a good thing?
  11. Why is there conflict?
  12. What is humankind doing?
  13. What is fulfillment?
  14. What kind of fixed views do we have?
  15. Why do we have these fixed views?
  16. What is the meaning of existence?

During this continual internal dialogue within himself, he felt many doors open within himself. Every piece of the jigsaw fitted together. He found answers to deeply-buried questions he had as a child. “Life is light. We came from the world of light, and will return to the world of light. All kinds of life forms are connected. My life, the lives of everyone, all mankind and all other life forms are all connected.  Thus, only when every life form encounters happiness will there be true happiness.”

Half a year after the accident, Takagi Yoshiyuki still could not move his body. But he had already made a resolution. When his body has recovered, he wanted to work on environmental issues, which currently loomed large. He would gather information and use hard facts to wake people up to the core reality. He resolved that if he couldn’t move as the doctors predicted, he would use his writings to communicate his message. If he could sit on a wheelchair, he would spread his message on a wheelchair. After he made this aspiration, his body began a miraculous recovery. A year later, he was able to leave the hospital with full usage of his limbs.  Takagi Yoshiyuki was filled with gratitude and hope as he re-entered the society to fulfill his responsibilities.

Takagi Yoshiyuki began spreading his message through his family, the orchestra he conducted, and the company he worked in. He continued to collect information and explored different ways of delivering his message to different types of audience. In 1991, he established Earth Village, He spoke not only about environmental issues, but also about the serious social problems of bullying and despising others that are deeply etched in the Japanese society. He also discussed problems relating to war and poverty. He wanted to awaken people and change their mentality so as to build a happy and harmonious society.

The Earth Village initiative single-handedly started by Takagi Yoshiyuki in 1991has now become the largest non-profit organization in Japan, with membership boasting over 100,000 people. It has also been awarded UNESCO status. During this period, Takagi Yoshiyuki experienced some low points and challenges in his personal life, including conflict of interest with his company (he left the company in 1997 after being with it for 28 years). Nevertheless, he never abandoned his mission. Over the past decade, he delivered over 20 talks each month, replied to over 10 mm thick of letters/faxes everyday, have several publications, as well as other types of activities. He persevered in letting people know the truth, hoping that they will, at the earliest possibility, abandon materialism (the endless craving for more material things). He wanted them to gain realization at this crucial point when the earth is facing a crisis. He hoped that everyone will use his/her own unique skills to accomplish his/her mission in life. In saving others, we save ourselves; in helping others, we help ourselves. He made the aspiration that he himself and others too will have the spirit of giving all that we have, and to never give up the cause even at the very end. He wished that this message will rapidly reach as many people as possible so that more people can realize the truth and join the ranks in fulfilling the mission of letting our next generation inherit a beautiful earth.

We do not know when this life will end. Thus, we have to cherish every day. We have to start with ourselves, and not think that there will always be someone else to do the task. We have to take up our own responsibilities, not find excuses for ourselves. We do not want a life where we just waste our time away, and we do not go after external objects (money, status, and material things) to seek our own happiness.  We want to value every day that we are alive, and make each day fulfilling, happy, and meaningful.

We all have our own goals, missions, and responsibilities. However, we are living in an increasingly unnatural social environment where endless competition, destruction, and conflict consume our energy. This has resulted in an increasingly number of deaths through exhaustion, illnesses or war. Do we need to wait till our life journey comes to an end before we begin to regret not waking up earlier? Although it is not possible to totally change another person, it is possible to change ourselves when we realize the truth and adopt a different perspective. What is more alarming than ozone destruction, global warming, famine, poverty and war? It is human consciousness. Man’s selfishness and tendency to care for immediate and short term gratification without concern about the future—this is the biggest issue. We are responsible for the state of our environment. “I oppose nuclear plants but I can’t live without electricity”, “I oppose the construction of a waste incinerator but I dispose of lots of rubbish everyday”, “I oppose building a crematorium but I occasionally have cremations to do”—these kinds of short term perspectives cannot fully address issues. Only by overcoming our ignorance, indifference, and apathy in life can we hope to solve the crises facing mankind and the earth from its core.

In the universe, the alarm bells for Mother Earth have already started ringing. How much longer do we want to party on?

Extracted from Lapis Lazuli Light Magazine May 2007 issue


Why Do You Go To Work Everyday?

The Dragon Tribe Of Long Island (The State That Needs No Money) Series
Zhu Lan

Walking along familiar streets, but the blue skies and sweet air have already revealed that this is a foreign land. Looking around, the whole street is covered with lush green trees and fresh flowers while images of buildings and transportation vehicles all feel very pleasing to the eyes. There is not the slightest tinge of luxurious extravagance. The integration of the entire environmental co-ordination is simple, succinct and natural. Passer bys are of different ethnicity and skin colors but they all seem so happy and delighted. One cannot help but smile upon seeing such overflowing joy and happiness. Though I am not clear where this place is but intuition tells me that this is a good and beautiful place.

As I walked on, I felt a little thirsty so I leisurely strolled into a coffee shop round the corner. After drinking a cup of thick, fragrant and delicious coffee, I left my seat, prepared to make my payment. The genial service personnel who seemed a little stunned, asked, “What is money?”

Even more stunned, I decided to first clarify exactly what country I am in. There is a bookstore not far away. I walked in quickly and went straight to the map section. I discovered that this is an enormous state but it does not match with any of the countries on Earth. Is it not on Earth??? But I have never heard of any findings on human habitation in other planets.

I returned to the streets, totally confused. I took a deep breath of fresh air, reorganized my thoughts and arrived at a supermarket. The first thing I did upon entry was to check if there are any cashier counters. I saw many customers carrying their goods waiting in queue near the exit. This familiar scene greatly set my mind at ease. I conveniently picked a few daily items and went to queue at the end of a waiting line. When my turn was near, I noticed a strange phenomenon. The working staff only focused on organizing and packing the customers’ items swiftly and did not have any cash register operations. My mind felt blank. I put my items down and left the supermarket quickly. Once again, I stood lost in the street.

Where is this place exactly?

How is it that all things here do not have a price?

How can a society possibly not have money?

Totally mystified, I could no longer think but only stood wherever I am. Suddenly I saw a smiling, well dressed gentleman walking towards me. He introduced himself as my guide and welcomed my arrival. Seeing the bewildered look on my face, he smiled even more deeply and inquired about my needs and what I would like to see, understand or experience.

Stabilizing myself, I sat down with my guide and started the multitude of my questions.

I asked, “Don’t you have something called money here?”
Guide asked, “Money? What is money?”

I took some notes and coins out from my wallet and placed them in the open. The gentleman guide took a look at them in detail for a while, then asked, “What is the use of these little dirty pieces of paper and small tinsels?”

How does one then explain money to another who lives in a country state, where money is not required? I really don’t know where to start, so I barely sorted out my ideas and answered, “In the country I live in, we do some work and we get paid in the form of money. Everything has a price, whether buying or eating, we have to pay through money. So without money, one cannot live.”

The gentleman asked, “So in your country, work is for money.”
I answered, “Yes. Ain’t work for the purpose of earning money?”

Gentleman answered, “We want to work for other people, for the society and also for making contributions of oneself while the things that we need in life, the society and people in it would cater back to us.”

I replied, “But with money, you can save them for future need. More savings can also bring about more luxurious lifestyle which many people in my country delights in.

Gentleman asked, “What is luxury?”
I answered, “One can buy and eat all that one desires.”

Gentleman replied, “We are also able to get all that we desire too.”
I said, “Obtaining your ordinary daily needs is not called luxury. Luxury refers to the possession of things that are very costly or having far more of what is required from our daily needs.”

Completely missing the point, the gentleman displayed an expression of disbelief. He asked, “What is the use of having more than what is required? Won’t the start of such pursuits bring about an endless cycle?”

I felt that the gentleman’s reasoning has been most logical but I could not concede defeat so easily so I answered, “However if one has savings, one would be able to feel more secure in old age or when one could no longer work, right?”

The guide who was becoming even more puzzled could only answer in question now. He queried, “Over here, we are happy to present gifts for the needs of the elderly and people who are unable to work. In your place, if such people have no money, they would get nothing?

Hearing this, I could no longer debate on my heaps of questions on systems such as annuity, so I changed the topic of discussion, “But how is a society to function without this money thing?

The gentleman replied, “Even in your country, no one eats or uses money directly right? Money is just a recognized common measurement tool for value by your people. Suppose money disappears totally from your country and everyone still continues to do what they are supposed to do, then how could a society not function?

Although I could share his logic, but I still did not think that realistically such a condition is feasible, “If money does not exist, then there would not be anybody working, our world would then collapse.”

Gentleman laughed, “The world collapses for these pieces of paper and small metal tinsels is indeed a very interesting view. However the possibility of immediate change in your country’s entire system is truly very small. What is most important and essential now is the spiritual growth of your people. You are the ones to fully decide how the future social system will look like. When you do not require money to obtain that which you want, would you be able to control your desires? Would you still go to work when you will not receive any direct remuneration from all your hard work and efforts?

I did not know how to reply the guide. He continued, “If the majority of the people in your state still hold the idea of working only for money, then there can be no real sense of consciousness progress. The purpose of work is to give, not to receive. If it is only for the reward, many problems would certainly arise. For example, no matter how much effort has made, one would always hope for the reward to be more, the better. Regardless of the work engaged is essential or not, one would never give it up in order to secure one’s interests and advantages. At the same time, the various professions, crises and problems derived from money would naturally cease to exist when there is no longer such a thing called money. As such, resources in the area of manpower, logistics and efforts restored to the society would be inconceivable.”

As our conversation continued, the picture of the money-less state is revealed even more clearly. Here, all is based on faith. The people are more concerned with how one can better serve the community and others, rather than the matters of oneself. One’s job lies in where one’s abilities are. There are absolutely no wastages, one takes only what is needed. Although the standard of living, culture and technology are highly developed, our so-called “luxury” does not exist in their world. Their wisdom is sufficient for them to realize what truly matters. They cherish resources, hence garbage is extremely minimal. There is no comparison of “what you have, I must also have.” Neither is there the competition of “I want to have more and better than what you do.” Neither is there the desire of “making one’s mark, to become outstanding.” Whether it is material or spiritual life, all possess a certain calmness and joy. We, who are lost in our endless pursuit of what is unimportant and unneeded, are a far cry in comparison to them.

Is such society created because there is no requirement for money? Or is it because such group of people exists in the society, hence making ‘monetary system’ totally unnecessary? Perhaps the most direct and important question that one wishes to ask is, “If money is not involved, would you still go to work tomorrow?”

Translated by D.D.
Original Chinese article was published in Lapis magazine (February 2009 issue);
Available online at: http://www.lapislazuli.org/TradCh/magazine/200902/20090206.html

Forks Over Knives

Movie Introduction And Heart-Sharing

Zeng Zijia / Yan Hui bead

The Truman Show, where Truman was arranged, watched and monitored by the age of 30, Truman was transformed from his desire to be true when his dead father reappeared. In recent years, there have been many black heart foods that are not the only safe guarantee even after being certified. People’s diet lives in anxiety. Today, after so many doomsday rumors, are we Truman too brave to break the long-awaited dietary lie and pursue real health, which will change the life of you and your family!

If you want to learn about a healthy diet, Forks Over Knives is a good place to start.

Do you remember? When I was young, I wrote the book of milk, egg and bean meats, rich in protein and calcium, which are necessary nutrients for growth. In particular, I must drink a bottle of milk every day to strengthen the bones and teeth. So far, Even continue to instill in our children’s body.

However, the contradiction is that in patients with osteoporosis, the milk has not been drunk, which is actually hidden what story? The face of high cancer throughout the world, targeted drugs continue to introduce new conditions did not improve. There is a common saying: medicine is not as good as tonic, Forks Over Knives This film provides inspiring hope and direction for therapeutic.

This documentary mainly records Dr. T. Colin Campbell, a famous American nutritionist born in the 1930s and Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, a surgeon of the Cleveland Clinic in the United States. The two Ph.D.’s amazing study, both of them grew up in the farm since childhood, respectively, engaged in dairy farming at home, and we eat the same, until Campbell went to college in Pennsylvania, while Isothin entered Yale University, after The study found that the general prevalence of the past diet created serious problems nowadays and proposed the diet regimen for how to achieve rehabilitation for most serious and civilized diseases such as cancer, heart disease, stroke and even depression and various chronic degenerative diseases.

Dr Campbell’s study in India at Cornell University found that high animal protein causes cancer, and based on his finding of liver cancer in children from wealthy families in the Philippines, the two are mutually reinforcing, and Dr Campbell continues to experiment with rats Found that feeding rats in the protein food if the total heat of 20% will become a cancer button, if the food protein in the total calories reduced to 5% can reduce the growth of cancer and even the original cancer disappeared, but also learned that animals Sexual proteins can cause liver cancer. In his public television interview, he also mentioned that even non-contaminated meat products are not recommended for consumption and are likely to cause many chronic and degenerative diseases.

Modern fast food culture, eating meat diet, is a variety of chronic diseases such as diabetes, liver cancer and other strongest triggers, the most impressive scene, the stomach has a number of detection agencies, let the brain know if we Already full, however animal protein calorie is high, but compared with vegetable protein is more difficult to have satiety, or even drink full of oil is also, so, the stomach will convey the message has not been fed to the brain, tell We must continue to eat, so continue to eat too much animal protein, the disease also will follow. The film also cited a number of examples to confirm that once drastic reduction of animal protein intake or vegan diet, will no longer have to rely on drugs and bear side effects, physical and psychological will be gradually fully restored to health.

Another colleague of Dr. Economist, a doctor at the Cleveland Clinic, is also suffering from heart disease when the cholesterol index is normal. Coronary arteries are also severely damaged after a heart attack. Finally, he also switched to a vegetarian diet Resumed health. Dr. Aososting found that genes, chemicals, substances and nutrition interact to promote the growth of cancer cells, that animal proteins cause rapid cancer growth, and that plant proteins can delay cancer growth. Only a few cancers are caused by pure genes. Dr. Aosostin launched a study on arterial coronary artery disease, recommending vegetarian treatment to those serious heart patients who could not receive further medical treatment. After several years of dietary therapy, they proved that they can not achieve the good condition of drugs and surgeries and can continue to survive after the heart disease improves Down for decades. Dr. Eustin has now cured more than 250 heart attacks with a vegetarian diet. Interestingly, it is also found in the long-ignored historical data that during the Second World War, the German army first confiscated Norwegian farm animals after the occupation of Norway, so at that time, the Norwegians had no choice but to change the vegetarian diet It is evident during this period that Norwegians’ cardiovascular disease data dropped immediately after the Nazi occupation and no longer required reductase inhibitors or bypass surgery, cardiac stenting, etc., and then dropped until the Germans left the data Again, this is a very valuable record in the history of human diseases.

One of the two PhDs came from Science One is clinical evidence from doctors combined with each other to further verify each other’s vegetarian diet concept. The two remained energetic until the 70s and worked with patients on vegetarian cooking. If in the diet often take non-natural high-calorie food is the cause of obesity, high caloric nutrition and high-sugar high-fat high-salt food, prone to high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke and other diseases in patients encountered all Vegetarian diet has been greatly improved, and gradually get rid of high drug and medical costs. Harvard University research report pointed out that the high rate of national consumption of dairy products is also high in osteoporosis, the United Nations and World Health Organization statistics indicate that the higher the amount of animal foods produced in the country the highest number of heart attacks and cancer deaths, if by Vegan diet does not use drugs, and finally be able to get rid of drugs, reduce the cancer stroke mortality, cancer spontaneous remission, physical strength has become better, to reduce weight, blood sugar, cholesterol, reduced the phenomenon of the United States found that 75% Of the medical expenses are spent on chronic diseases. After a 10-year study by Dr. Campbell and Chinese scholars in the 1970s, the Chinese study confirmed Dr. Campbell’s theory again and obtained large-scale live-action experiments.

Only 25% of the food that modern people eat is in life? Another 75% is to help doctors to make a living? How to eat healthy and longevity? Without any drug to achieve better results than vegetarian, vegetarian diet can reduce the 70-80% of medical expenses, to eat for living, rather than to eat and live!

This finally understand that the original book says, advertising in the goods are indoctrinated in our life, diet knowledge, has made us like living in the Truman Show. I believe many people have the experience of eating too much meat and starch at noon, resulting in a sluggish afternoon. Even if it is not a vegetarian, but also I want to eat healthy with myself and my family, I am happy to see this movie awakened us to stop eating myths and provide a nutrition, health and physical and mental health Helpful way.

There are already firefighters, marathon runners and iron athletes in the world who confirm that vegetarian food can be nutritionally enriched for better athletic performance and that there is no under-protein malnutrition. You know, the world’s cattle ate 8.7 billion people of cereals, With a total population of more than 1 billion people worldwide, malnutrition can feed some of the world’s hungry as part of the light-raised cattle. There are many TV shows today. There’s no shortage of inviting international chefs to show off their dishes. It’s a mouth-watering, appetizing dish. The ingredients and sauces used may be organic, but there are still plenty of animals such as milk and meat. If you are a meat-flirtatious gourmet, it is recommended to read the movie, you can also look at now has launched vegetarian food program books, there are many delicious vegetarian restaurant is Open your arms with health Welcome you and your family and friends to see how to use natural plant spices, fruits and vegetables to cook for the meat-vegetarians, the general public also index finger great food, take the real body-helpful nutritious food, Let the mind and body have vitality, happy life every day.