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Dr. Lai’s Mailbox


Chiu-Nan Lai, Ph.D

Question: I would like to ask you questions regarding early puberty. My daughter is in Primary One and her breasts have already started developing.   She is much taller and heavier than her classmates. I would like to know what causes this early development. She has a normal lifestyle and is not a picky eater. She lives in China on and off for about two years. Does it matter if she is eating non-genetically modified soy bean products like soy drink, bean curd or tofu?

She has difficulty falling asleep every night.

Answer: The early development condition in your daughter is an increasingly common phenomenon in the United States. Changes in the environment and changes in the way food is produced are the reasons why. Most of the farmed animals like cattle, pigs, chicken and fish are fed with genetically modified corn, soy beans, etc. To induce the animals to grow faster, growth hormone and antibiotic are added into their food. These foods are not natural. Even though the animal grows very quickly after eating these foods, it is actually “puffiness”. Sometimes when the chicken grows so quickly, their bones are unable to support their weight and as a result many of these chicken suffer from bone fractures. When humans eat these dead bodies, they are also consuming growth hormones and antibiotics. This is particularly injurious to children. On one hand, they cannot get the nutrition their bodies need, on the other hand they are being poisoned, resulting in endocrine disruption. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, genes are referred to as “essence”, genetically modified food changes the “essence” of the food. So when consumed, it also harms the “essence” of the consumers.

I suspect that in the growing process, your child must have eaten these unhealthy foods. Now, I can only suggest that to let the child eat only organic natural vegetarian food, avoid meat, chicken, fish etc which may contain growth hormone. Milk and soy bean products should also be avoided. Even if the soy bean is not genetically modified, you still have to be careful. If you eat a small quantity, make sure the beans are sprouted first. Food made from black soybeans, like black soybean milk, can be consumed. The variety of soybean grown in the United States is not the same as those eaten by our Chinese ancestors. The amino acid distribution of these beans is not balanced, but these beans can still be eaten if they have been sprouted.

Difficulty in falling asleep is associated with the electromagnetic waves in the environment. Take measures to reduce electromagnetic field exposure. Please refer to articles “From Founder” for the last few years, for example “Opening the Loving Heart, Welcoming 2012” Lapis Magazine May 2010 Issue [Chinese] Oct 2010 (English) or https://lapislazulilight.com/Founder/Index_Lapis_News_From_Founder_Article_54.html. 

You can also try using colour therapy to restore balance to the body, purple light and green light has the property of balance. The head is the control center of the endocrine, use green light to balance and magenta light on the chest and abdomen. Using violet light on the forehead before going to bed will help falling asleep. (Please refer to the book “Let There Be Light”)

 Also teach the child to harmonize her ‘qi´. Make sure that all the chakras are open. Take frequent walks and exercise in the forest and breathe in oxygen, absorbing the essence of nature. It is even better if there is perspiration. A lot of toxins can be discharged through perspiration. All the best to you.


Question: My niece’s daughter was diagnosed with diabetes when she was only two years old. Her glucose level has risen to over 10 points and needs 4 insulin injections every day. Her father disappeared before she was even born and I would like to know if that would have caused her any harm.

Answer: The mood of a pregnant woman affects the health of the fetus. If the father disappeared, the mother would definitely be very sad, anxious and think of him often. This yearning will affect the spleen (pancreas) meridian. Post-natal emotions of the mother would also affect the child. The energy (qi) of the child and the mother is one and if the mother uses the methods introduced to clear her longings and worries, it will be helpful to the health of the child.


Question: Why does a 12 years old boy still wet the bed? How can this be treated?

Answer: Bedwetting is related to the kidneys, and kidneys are connected to fear. If we protect the kidneys and get rid of fear and trauma, this problem may be solved. Also ensure that the bedroom has no computer, television, electrical appliances and the bed does not have coil springs (metal attracts microwaves easily). The bed must not be near any electrical switch. All these interfere with the kidneys.


Question: After birth, the baby suffers from severe jaundice. What can be done in an emergency and how to cope with it?

Answer: In the United States, hospitals use phototherapy (light treatment). The baby is placed under blue light which is directed on the body.   In an emergency, blue light bulb or blue colour filter film can be used to shine on the baby.


Question: After drinking milk, a five year old kid would cry from abdominal pain every morning, but after a while the pain is gone. What is the reason?

Answer: Oriental children generally lack the enzyme to digest lactose, because traditionally Chinese people did not drink milk, thus there may be reactions such as abdominal pain, diarrhea and even intestinal bleeding. Obviously milk is not suitable for your kid, stop giving your kid milk. (The milk that is available in the market is usually pasteurized which is even much harder to digest.)


Question: May I know how a two-year old child can be on a vegetarian diet healthily?

Answer: Lapis Lazuli Light Magazine has details introducing how to feed a small child in the May and August 2005 issues [Chinese] or April – June 2008 issue [English] of the Lapis Magazines or


As your present residence is in Malaysia, choose easily digestible grains, vegetables, fruits and melons, etc. which are locally grown and suitable for the climate. Children can draw energy from the atmosphere so they do not need to eat much. As long as the food is natural and not processed, let your child have more choices then decide according to the child’s response to the food he/she likes. Every time let the child try one type of food and observe the response. Do not use too many different ingredients each time. Normal adult’s sense of taste tends to be strong, so for the children, it may be too sweet, too salty or too spicy etc. The tongue of the child has not yet been numbed, so we must not choose according to the palate of an adult. In tropical areas, give more fresh fruits such as papaya, coconut milk, coconut water to the child. Grains such as barley, brown rice, red rice can be cooked into porridge or milk, melons such as winter-melons, spaghetti-melons, cucumbers, pumpkins, and sweet potatoes can be steamed and mashed. Avoid plants which have toxins such as eggplants, green capsicums, and potatoes. Fresh beans can also be cooked for the children, the amount must be little. Every place has its own special food; ask the older folks for their experience.


Question: After a baby is born, he/she will be vaccinated at different stages. Now, there is a six-in-one vaccination which is recommended by the pediatricians to the parents. Does this comprehensive vaccination harm the baby and have any side effects?

Answer: Before inoculation became popular, there was already a drastic decline in childhood diseases all over the world. As long as there is an increase in standard of education, improvements in public sanitation and living conditions, these diseases will disappear.   Contradictorily, inoculation itself causes many repercussions, especially in the case of poor health and malnutrition, inoculation may cause fever, autism, hyperactivity, disability, and even death. In the early years when Australia started to inoculate the children of the Aborigine, one in every two infants died. With the lack of Vitamin C in their diet, inoculation causes fever and infection. Deficiency in Vitamin C in the body is very dangerous, especially now with the three-in-one, or six-in-one inoculation, the harm to the infant will be more severe. In their natural growth, children do not at the same time come into contact with three or six kinds of childhood infectious diseases, especially in the first six months, the infant body cannot produce an antibody which is why inoculation has to be done repeatedly. Inoculation is directly related to why modern people are constitutionally weaker and also why chronic diseases are so common.

The original Chinese article published in the November 2010 issue of Lapis magazine