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Eye Protector 60 Capsules

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Millions of people are affected by age-related eye problems each year.

Eye Protector genuinely supports our eye health.  We depend on our eyes for so much; why wouldn’t we give them everything they could possibly need to be healthy now and into the future? Clinical studies have identified a full spectrum of important phytonutrients that have a positive effect on our vision and eyes. We’ve included them all — SuperPure and Super Potent!


  • Nourishes and protects healthy vision & eyes
  • Supports healthy aging of eyes & retina
  • Supports healthy visual acuity (focus)
  • Supports healthy eye energy
  • Supports healthy night vision
  • Supports healthy eye pressure & blood flow
  • Provides the researched quantities and forms of phytonutrients to support a healthy retina
  • Bonus protection for healthy, radiant skin 

Suggested Use: 2 capsules daily with food. 





  • 滋养保护眼睛与健全视力
  • 维持健康的眼睛老化与视网膜
  • 维持健康的视觉敏锐度
  • 维持健康的眼睛力度
  • 维持健康的夜间视力
  • 维持眼压与血液循环
  • 提供大量已研发的植物营养素保养健康的视网膜
  • 额外的好处是保养皮肤更健康有光泽



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