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Immune Health Organic 60 Capsules


  • All season, year-round healthy immune support
  • Fortifies your body’s natural healthy defenses
  • Supports your body’s natural ability to adapt to stress factors
  • Helps maintain your body’s normal inflammatory response
  • Supports your body’s natural and protective antioxidant system
  • Encourages healthy aging, ongoing vitality, and long-term health
  • Balanced and safe for everyday use

Suggested Use: 2 capsules daily.


  • 全年全天候维护你的免疫力
  • 提高你原有的身体防御力
  • 促进更强的自我调适压力
  • 维持自我的抗炎能力
  • 促进自我的抗氧化功能
  • 促使健康老化,保持活力,延年益寿
  • 配方均衡与安全,可每日服用


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