Pure Synergy Superfood 270 Capsules

The Original Organic Green Superfood — Since 1977

Pure Synergy’s special blend of organic green superfoods, fruits and tonic herbs is an extraordinary source of phytonutrients. Phytonutrients are powerful agents of rejuvenation that cannot be replicated by synthesized chemical “nutrients”. They are essential in guarding all the cells in our bodies from damage while nourishing our cellular repair mechanisms.


  • Provides sustained, vibrant energy
  • Fosters mental clarity and focus
  • Provides essential support for healthy aging
  • Assists in purifying detoxification and cleansing
  • Bridges nutritional gaps in diet
  • Supports a healthy immune response
  • Improves tolerance to stress
  • Boosts athletic endurance and recovery


纯净超能量保健品的特别成分包含60多种独特的有机绿色超级食物、水果及滋补草药,是植物营养素的超凡来源。植物营养素是恢复活力的重要原动力,不能被化学合成“营养素” 所复制。它们能保护我们体内的细胞不受破坏,同时滋养细胞修复的机能。

  • 提供可持续性的活跃能量
  • 促进头脑清晰与专注
  • 给予正常老化所需的辅助
  • 帮助排毒净化
  • 补充营养不足
  • 加强免疫功能
  • 提高抗压能力
  • 提升运动员的持久力与复原能力


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