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Organic Cell Protector 120 Capsules

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Your Ultimate Insurance for Healthy Cells

In our increasingly stressful, polluted, and toxic world, Cell Protector is our dedicated solution to our customers’ many requests for a comprehensive and protective cellular and DNA support formula of the highest caliber. Ten years in the making, this unprecedented advancement in cellular/DNA health features 18+ of the planet’s most powerful, organic cellular protectors, detoxifiers, and antioxidants. Give yourself daily peace of mind — with Cell Protector.


  • Everyone 18 years and older (we are all prone to DNA changes)
  • Those who wish to support their healthy aging process
  • Those concerned with day to day exposure to environmental pollutants
  • Those with health conditions and/or family history of such
  • Those with a history of or current high exposure to toxins and chemicals
  • Those with chemical sensitivities


  • Supports and protects healthy cells & DNA
  • Reinforces healthy cellular detoxification
  • Nourishes and protects healthy liver function
  • Supports glutathione regeneration — our bodies’ master antioxidant
  • More complete, balanced and tested than typical “detox” and antioxidant formulas 

Suggested Use: 2 capsules daily with food. 







  • 18岁以上的人都需要它(病变的DNA影响健康)
  • 希望健健康康老去的人
  • 不想被环境污染的人
  • 本身或家族的健康出现问题的人
  • 曾经或现在须要大量暴露在毒素和化学品环境的人
  • 对化学品过敏的人


  • 保护与维持健康的细胞与DNA
  • 加强健康细胞的排毒
  • 滋养强化健康的肝功能
  • 促进自给自足的再生麸胱甘肽——我们体内抗氧化剂的来源
  • 比典型的排毒与抗氧化剂更全面更平衡 



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