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Our Philosophy

A healthy spirit, mind and body are essentials
for a peaceful and joyous self.

A healthy Mother Earth is essential
for the healthy living of all her inhabitants.

We believe inner joy and peace come from
our commitment to planetary and personal healing and transformation.

Our Prayer

May Mother Earth be whole

May mankind be at peace

May all life be filled with love

Welcome To
Lapis Lazuli Light Singapore

The Singapore Lapis Lazuli Light was established in 1994. It is one of the many information centres established around the world by Lapis Lazuli Light. Our objective is to promote Dr. Lai’s “Body, Mind and Spirit” Total Health concept to all levels of society. Our activities include organizing talks, courses, seminars and providing educational materials. We also provide organics food, organic vegetable and fruits, health foods, health supplements and energy healing tools.

Latest Activities

Inner Work Changing The World By Changing Myself First An Interview With Tan Hwee-Meng, Director Of The School Of Inner Work What is Inner Work? In the broadest sense of the word, Inner Work can be applied to any transformational work that we do to express our highest qualities such as love, power, strength, will, understanding, peace and patience. I remember one of my teachers’ remarking that if a wise sage were to tell him that doing headstands whilst singing the national anthem for a year would make him wise, he would gladly do it. Well, if that process were to transform me into a wise person, I would consider it to be a form of inner work! Inner Work is the inner growth from being a childish egocentric personality…...