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Say “No” To Electromagnetic Fields And Microwaves

Stay Away from Electromagnetic Fields and Protect Your Life Force

Rachel Tseng

Do you know that using a hair dryer could cause cancer in your children? You probably realise that living close to an area with high power line is detrimental to your health. But do you know that during the peak period, a primary distribution line may have the same level of electromagnetic field as that of a high-power line? You probably use the mobile phone everyday, but may be oblivious to the fact that a two-hour exposure to the radiation from a mobile phone is strong enough to break the DNA of laboratory rats (a sign to getting cancer). Living in this modern society, we need to be equipped with lots of knowledge in order to be protected and to survive the various environmental pollutions in cities. Warning – the Electricity Around You may be Hazardous to Your Health: How to Protect Yourself from Electromagnetic Fields (2nd ed) is a very practical book and can be one of your backups. If you are suffering from cancer or are pregnant, please make a special effort to read this book because electromagnetic fields can accelerate the growth of cancer cells as well as increase the risk of a miscarriage.

In fact, each of us living in this modern society should read this book and understand the possible harm of electromagnetic fields on you and your family’s health. Almost none of us can get by without using electrical appliances, and all of us are exposed to the atmosphere that is filled with all types of man-made microwave radiation. The author, Ellen Sugarman, has collected extensive information related to electromagnetic fields. As a reporter, she has uncovered many untold information. This information not only provides us with a thorough understanding of the electromagnetic fields, but also enables us to realise the severity of their interferences. Also, the author has provided some practical guidelines for us to avoid potential sources of high electromagnetic fields.

While I was translating this book, I was in the midst of learning about electromagnetic fields. However, my real understanding of, and benefit from this knowledge did not arise until a friend of mine brought a gauss meter. I was then able to incorporate the information from the book into practice. I realised there are many dangers in our environment that we cannot even imagine. Just from measuring the magnetic fields in my home and in my husband’s office, my husband and I have made many changes. For example, we removed the baby toilet trainer from the bathroom because we detected an area of high magnetic field on the central bathroom floor. Under my husband’s office desk, there was a spot with an electromagnetic field as high as 13 milligauss, constantly exposing his seat to magnetic fields of higher than 3 milligauss. Hence, we changed his seat to a low magnetic field area and let him wear an electromagnetic shield. We have just moved to a newly renovated dormitory. I refuse to use the fluorescent light and the kitchen range hood installed for the new dormitory. Due to the installation of a central air conditioning, the ceiling is much lower and hence the fluorescent light is too close to our head. Our remedy is to change to a lighting facility that uses light bulbs. The newly installed range hood uses over 500 milligauss of magnetic fields. Luckily my diet is mainly raw food, and I rarely need to use the range hood.

Although these are all small changes in our lifestyle, we have avoided a lot of invisible harms. Even after we have installed an electrilizer at the fuse box to eliminate the interferences of electromagnetic fields from household electronic appliances, adhering to the principles of children education, we still constantly remind our daughter to be alert, to stay away from the refrigerator when it is buzzing, and so on. Even though she is only 3 years old, she is more vigilant than most people. It is not that electricity is bad, it is whether we make good use of it.

Through this book, you will gain certain concepts on electromagnetic fields and will be alert to the potential exposure to high sources of electromagnetic fields in your daily life. Having a gauss meter can be very helpful; the readings will urge you to make appropriate changes. One point that I must emphasize is that understanding the information in the book is only the first step, the key is to actually pay attention to our daily living. I had once discovered in the house of an electrical engineer with a Ph.D. that the position of his bed was separated from the refrigerator by only a wall. The electromagnetic fields right behind a refrigerator can be as high as 300 milligauss. The engineer knew about the potential harm of electromagnetic fields, but he was just unaware of it.

Understanding the problem is one matter, but how to solve the problem is yet another issue. This book provides some examples and methods and advises you how to face the problems you may encounter. In the process of translating this book, with Dr Lai’s help, I was quite often very excited in discovering many excellent methods in dealing with electromagnetic field interferences. Among the methods, the effects of magnets, peat moss and copper wires were especially amazing. Although some of these methods are not entirely for countering electromagnetic field interferences, please do not belittle them. After trying them out, some of my friends have experienced amazing results; these methods have incredible effects in restoring our body and mind.

We have been introducing these methods to readers through the Lapis Lazuli Light magazine. We were especially fortunate to have found Donna Eden’s book right before the Chinese version of Warning – the Electricity Around You may be Hazardous to Your Health: How to Protect Yourself from Electromagnetic Fields was published. Donna Eden had been seriously affected by electromagnetic fields. She later managed to heal herself using the methods presented in her book. We have included all these great methods in the appendices at the back of the newly published [Chinese version] Warning – the Electricity Around You may be Hazardous to Your Health: How to Protect Yourself from Electromagnetic Fields, in the hope to benefit more people. The methods from Donna Eden’s book are presented below.

Test and Eliminate the Excess Negative Energy Accumulated in Your Body

Different people absorb different amount of energy from the environment. Donna Eden provides an energy testing method – first, energy test yourself (please refer to the energy measuring method at the end of this passage), then use a small, round magnet with a small hole in the centre, thread a string or dental floss (about 2 inches long, like a pendulum) through the small hole and tie a knot. Have someone help you by standing at an arm-length distance in front of you, holding the string using his or her thumb and index finger (either hand is fine) and swirl the magnet clockwise while moving the magnet toward your chest, then energy test. Next, have your assistant swirl the magnet counter-clockwise and move away from you until an arm-length distance in front of you. Then energy test again.

Swirling the magnet clockwise brings energy into your body. If your energy is tested to have increased at this time, that indicates your health is fine. Swirling the magnet counter-clockwise is to draw energy out from your body. If the testing result shows that your energy increases, it means your body needed energy removed and you could be suffering from excess electromagnetic energy.

To get rid of the excess negative energy in your body, use the same magnet to work on your 7 chakras (Picture 1) or where you feel needed, for example, your hands or legs, etc. Have the magnet swirl counter-clockwise and move away from your body. Do this once or twice for each chakra.

Utilise Magnet to Protect Your Body and Eliminate Discomfort

Our bodies absorb energy mainly through our hands and legs; hence, they need the most protections. Donna Eden recommended using 4 small and weak magnets or those plastic magnets that stick to refrigerators (with a diameter not more than ¼ of an inch), stick the north pole side of the magnets (please refer to the appendix at the end of this passage on how to differentiate the north and south poles) onto the soft part of your palm, between your thumb and index finger, of both hands, and onto the Yongquan acupoint of your feet (Picture 2). This will help you build yourself a protective magnetic field and block the entry of other energies. Sticking magnets on your body is harmless. At nighttime, the magnets will shift your energies. If you experience discomfort, simply remove the magnets. Do not wear them all day; take them off for a few-hour break. If the prexisting symptom is not completely relieved by sticking magnets on these four points of your hands and feet, Donna Eden suggests that you experiment by adding magnets to other parts of your body, according to your intuition. She has known people who had headaches and instinctively placed magnets on the hairline at the back of the neck and the headaches were relieved. Another variation is to tape the north pole of the magnet against your skin on one side of your hand, foot, wrist or ankle, and tape the south pole of the magnet on the other side.

Magnetized water

Fill a glass container with drinking water and place it on a big magnet with the north pole facing upward for 10 minutes to 24 hours. This will change the structure of the molecules and have the effects of preventing deposition of cholesterol on the inner walls of blood vessels, strengthening the digestive system, and enhancing the blood supply and nutrients to all organs. Another simple and easy method is to directly tape two magnets on both sides of a glass such that the north and south poles face each other, pour in drinking water, and it is ready for consumption in five minutes. Donna Eden believes that drinking magnetized water can protect us from the surrounding electromagnetic field interferences.

Appendix 1: Energy Measurements

  • Measuring Energy Using a Metal Chain (please refer to page 85 of Return to the Bliss by Dr Chiu-Nan Lai).

To measure a person’s energy, make a fist, dowse with a metal chain above the fist, between the thumb and the index finger.

  • Muscle Testing (Picture 3)

I never have problems in using metal chain to measure energy, but some of my friends have encountered difficulties, either that the chain does not move or that it move to the left and right in a disorderly manner. Hence, an alternative method of measurement is presented here for those who have problems using a metal chain or those who have doubts. I usually convince them through this method.

  • Extend one arm, let it be parallel to the floor and 45 degree to your body, with your palm facing downward.
  • Have someone place his/her fingers on top of your wrist. Both of you take a few deep breaths and clear your thoughts. While trying to hold your arm still, your assistant will slowly press it downward for two seconds, just to see how much pressure is needed to press the arm which then bounces back. Both of you will feel the magnitude of the pressure that is your energy level.
  • If you are testing on food, hold the food with one hand and place it in front of your navel, extend your other arm to be energy tested. Compare if different food changes your energy level.

Interestingly, when I was sharing this muscle testing method with my Tai Chi teacher, he simply put the food in front of his navel, and then said, “I can tell.” Navel is the centre storage of energy; my teacher was very clear with the movement of his qi. According to him, if the food settles your energy, the food is good for you, whereas if your qi floats upward, then the food does not suit you. This analysis shows the effectiveness of the muscle testing method.

Another fun usage of this method is to test if someone is lying. When you are lying, your energy drops. If you say, “I am so and so,” when you state the false name, your energy is lower than when you tell the truth. This method is probably more effective in teaching people not to lie than loads of moral teachings.

Whether measuring a person or food’s energy, you will experience freedom once you have learned how to measure energy. At least you no longer need to consult with an expert in what you should eat for you can test it yourself. When I go grocery shopping with my children, I never worry about them wanting to buy all sorts of dazzling array of food. All I need is to test on the food; I will only buy if the food suits her. Nevertheless, you will find that most of the processed food in the market are either not good for consumption or do not provide any energy, and you are not better off after eating them. It is best not to eat the food you tested that drew your energy down.

Appendix 2:

Differentiating the North and South Poles of A Magnet

  • Checking through a compass. The side that the compass needle points toward is the north pole.
  • First, test your energy. Then tape the magnet on your head above your ear, test your energy again. If the energy level drops, then that side is the north pole of the magnet. If the energy level rises, then it is the south pole of a magnet. This is because the north pole of a magnet has a contracting effect, whereas the south pole has an expanding effect.

Information source: Donna Eden, with David Feinstein, Energy Medicine, (Jeremy P. Tarcher/Putnam, 1999).
Translated by Yih Pin Tang

My Household Necessities

Rachel Tseng

I am frequently asked of the treasures I have at home. After coming into contact with Dr Lai and the Lapis Lazuli Light Magazine, certain products have been added to my household and have become the family necessities. Not only our family living has improved, but friends around us have also been influenced. Whenever I use these products, I am always grateful to the inventors and promoters who have benefited us tremendously.

I would like to share with you the experiences of using these treasures.


Effective Microorganism (EM) was discovered by a horticulture professor in Ryukyu, Japan. He collected 80 cultures that were beneficial to human body and attempted to test their impact on cultivation. After the results on each of the cultures showed no significant difference in their impact, he poured all the cultures together onto a lawn and accidentally discovered to his surprise that the mixture of these human-benefiting cultures highly benefited plant growth. The investigation revealed that the mixture of the cultures could quickly dissolve toxic chemical substance. Adding the cultures to septic tanks causes the water to become clear. This product was later used for purifying polluted rivers.

Although manufacturers state that the product can only be used for agriculture purpose (dilute 100 times, spray along pathway but not directly on the roots of plants), Dr Lai suggested after her experiments that this product can be used in many areas. For example, drinking water that contains EM (one teaspoon to a cup of water) helps dissolve the toxin in the body; adding a small amount of EM into the water used for washing non-organic fruits and vegetables will also help remove some pesticides. Dr Lai has also discovered that EM can elevate overall energy. For instance, adding a small amount of EM into the water for cooking rice, the cooked rice will have a much higher energy; using diluted EM to wipe tables and floors or spray into the air will also increase the energy in the house while having the air cleaning effect; adding EM into bath water (at least one to two tablespoons; you can soak your head as well) helps removing the pollutants accumulated in your body throughout the day.

The first time my husband and I (normal body constitution) drank water with EM, we soon ran to the toilet. From then on I frequently add some EM into drinking water to conveniently detoxify. I even heard from friends (mostly very ill) who drank EM in large amount (half a bowl of non-diluted EM) for detoxification and received good effects. Some friends mix EM with molasses for their children and the children love it. For oral in-take of EM, please pay special attention to the effective date and whether the product smells bad. Make sure the quality of EM is good before drinking. Because of the serious pollution in the environment, we must carefully check if there is any mutation in the culture.

You can also cultivate your own EM. Pour three capfuls of EM into a light-proof container, add same amount of molasses, then dilute with 1000cc of water. Keep the mixture in room temperature for 3 days and it will be ready for use. This home-cultivated EM can be used as a spray for the surrounding environment or sprayed on leftover or waste from kitchen or on compost (this prevents the compost from becoming smelly and speeds up the decomposition). However, home-cultivated EM is not recommended to be used as a culture to make new EM and it is not suitable for oral intake.

The baby of a friend tends to drink bath water while taking bath. I suggested that my friend be a little flexible and add a small amount of EM into the bath water (note: we do not use soap on babies); unexpectedly she found the baby’s prickly heat gone without any medication. She also put EM that has been diluted 1000 times next to the toilet. One capful of the diluted EM is poured into the toilet after passing urine, this way it does not smell even if the toilet is not flushed (what a super saving). You probably think that this is too much trouble. However, if you know that the amount of water used from flushing toilet is ? of a household’s annual water consumption, you would understand why environmental protectionists are making such effort.

My other experience was on insect-infected roots of the lawn at a friend’s home. More and more parts of the lawn had withered, but there were concerns that if pest control company was hired to spray pesticide, the kids would not get to play on the lawn. Thus, my friend asked for my opinion. I reckoned that for plants to have attracted insects, the cause could be an unbalanced soil nutrients; perhaps increasing the richness of the soil will improve the soil condition. So I gave her some organic compound such as rock powder and suggested that she also spray some EM. It turned out that she only sprayed the EM twice (two weeks apart) without doing any thing else, and the withered lawn began to return to shining green. Not only that this method incurred a much lower cost than hiring a pest control company, it also gives consideration to environmental protection.

Mr. You, an old man who had cancer, was suffering from festering pus in both legs, and had trouble healing the wound. Later, whenever his son had free time, he would use EM as hydrogen peroxide solution or iodine tincture to clean the father’s wound, then a thick mixture of friendly bacteria (acidophilus and bulgaricus) is applied. When the application dried up, he soaked the legs in EM to wash off the friendly bacteria. Consequently, both legs recovered completely after repeated treatments.

Given that EM can be used to clean rivers, if every household uses EM, we are not only benefiting ourselves but also helping with the recovery of the earth since EM used will be flushed through the drainage into nature. Thus, whenever people ask if I know of any good staff, my first suggestion is always to buy a bottle of EM for use.

Qi REGULATOR (Pendulum)
This special tube that many people call energy tester is made of copper. It is frequently used to test energy and many are unaware that the tube also has the function of regulating qi.

Using the qi regulator to dowse the energy of food or a person is quite effective because copper is very sensitive to subtle energy and thus moves easily. Besides, copper is heavier than other metals, that makes it easier when it comes to counting the number of rotations. Other than dowsing for the quality of food and whether certain food combination is good or bad, I also use the qi regulator to test and measure the energy of people, the environment (feng shui) or ask questions, but this requires repeated practice (please refer to Dr Chiu-Nan Lai’s book Return to the Bliss of Body)

Recently, I am experimenting the number combinations (discovered by a Japanese, Dong Fang Xingqi [东方兴起]) that Dr Lai told me for preventing microwaves and electromagnetic waves. Simply use a green-ink pen to write down these combinations (microwaves prevention: #95*59#; electromagnetic waves prevention: #535000*5*#) on papers and stick them on mobile phones or electronic equipments; this will lower the interferences of microwaves and electromagnetic waves. The discoverer, Mr. Dong Fang Xingqi also recommends keying in the combination of #535000*5*# into computer, telephone or fax machine once a day to lower the vibrating energy. Whereas for mobile phones, dial the combination of #95*59# at least three times daily. Also, I have followed Dr Lai by pasting papers written with these combinations on windows or keeping them in my pockets. I realized an immediate change in my energy and the house energy. Why don’t you give it a try?

Concerning qi regulating, I remember a story Dr Lai told us during her workshop on regulating qi using a qi regulator. She said when she was in India, she helped someone regulating qi. The person experienced immediate effect after being sick for a long time. So an offer was made to Dr Lai to buy her qi regulator at a high price. The qi regulating process is actually quite simple. Simply hold the qi regulator above the painful or sick area and let the regulator move on its own. If it moves clockwise, it means qi is lacking and it brings in good qi; if it moves counter-clockwise, it means there is bad qi and it is releasing the bad qi. The regulator will keep moving left and right. You may stop when it almost comes to a halt. You can repeat regulating qi at your free time; the frequency depends on your individual need. You may find it difficult to hold the regulator above certain parts of your body. You can ask others to help regulate your qi or you can do it yourself by placing one palm on the part that needs attention to connect the qi while the other hand holding the qi regulator and let it swirl on its own. This is another level of qi regulating, you can even use a drawn human-figure, tell yourself that he figure represents you, then regulate your qi by dowsing on the figure. However, this is a very high level of qi regulating.

In the process of qi regulating, try to visualize sending negative qi into soil as compost. A friend commented that if the visualization is not done with full concentration, sometimes the bad qi would stay around. One method to purify the energy field is: add about 300cc of 60-80% alcohol into a steel cup filled with half a pound of Epsom salts or sea salt. Burn the mixture and walk one round across the room. You will notice that as you pass through areas with more negative qi, the fire becomes fiercer.

When my child is not feeling well, I help her regulate qi so that she recovers faster. But my qi -regulating aid goes mostly to friends. A friend of mine was suffering from stomach ulcer; I happened to have a qi regulator with me, so I helped regulate her qi. Although she did not feel anything special and she could not get the regulator to actually move, she still borrowed it home with some doubt in mind. One day, when she was in a lying position trying to regulate her qi, the qi regulator was making such big circles that it kept hitting her elbow. Only then that she believed the qi regulator moved on its own and not because her hand was shaking.

A friend had a ringing sensation on her left ear, as if she was hearing her own heart beat. Her numerous consultations with doctors told her there was nothing wrong but her own imagination. From her description, I felt that it sounded like qi blockage. So I offered to help her regulate qi. During the regulating process, she could clearly feel a burst of warm energy rushing out. People who are sensitive to qi generally feel warmth, numbness or flow of qi during a qi-regulating process. However, most people may not have these feelings.

Once, I lent my qi regulator to my Tai Chi teacher who was very sensitive to qi. He played with it for two days and told me that even just holding the regulator in the hand, there was a qi-regulating effect. He had once fallen and hurt his back and his qi had not been flowing smoothly around the area. When he held the regulator in his hand during his sleep, the regulator continuously regulated his qi.

Once, a Mrs Ke had a sudden gastric attack and was very anxious. After I helped her regulating her qi, she felt much better and borrowed the regulator from me. But only after two days she returned it because the regulator would not move when she tried it herself. I thought of what my Tai Chi teacher said and explained to her that by holding the regulator in her sleep would also help regulating her qi. I recommended that she try it. Later, she was very happy to share with me the surprising effect that since she has been sleeping with the qi regulator (Mrs Ke cleverly slips the regulator underneath her bra, which means that she has been placing the regulator above her stomach), she can easily sleep for up to five full hours and when she wakes up, her stomach feels soft and comfortable. This is very different from the past as she had frequent micturition; she usually slept for less than three hours and had to get up to go to toilet and then had difficulty falling asleep again, and whenever she woke up, the stomach was very hard.

There was a period of time she slept without the regulator, the frequent micturition problem returned. When she resumed the usage of qi regulator, she unexpectedly experienced walking difficulty after she woke up and went to toilet. Therefore, she returned to bed, and again, smartly moved the qi regulator to her bottom. Twenty minutes later, she got up and was able to walk as usual (my guess was that her qi was blocked between her bottom and the thighs). Over six months later, I visited Mrs Ke again. She told me that the qi regulator has been useful all along. Her daughter said the qi regulator was one of the treasures of the mother.

Another friend shared with me that if one regulates qi right after getting a bump or being scalded, the skin is less likely to get bruises or blisters.

We generally tend to our physical body when we are sick. According to Rudolf Steiner, a human being has four bodies: ego body, astral body, etheric body and physical body. Since it is so, wouldn’t it be faster to directly work on our etheric body when we are sick? This is also why qi regulating is useful. However, if the pain or illness is due to emotional distress, merely regulating qi without thought transformation can only temporarily relieve pain.

The qi regulator I use is a traditional copper tube made of spiral copper wire. The design accommodates faster qi regulating. Actually, in case of urgent need, anything you can conveniently grab, even a string, can be used to regulate qi; it is just that metals transmit qi at a faster speed. For individual qi-regulating conditions, you will need to learn through practice.

White Charcoal is an activated carbon produced from the process of firing wood at the temperature of 1000 degree C. While it is still burning, the wood is removed from the kiln and coated with cooling powder made from ash and soil, and then set aside to cool off. The white charcoal is durable and is hard as metal. Since the countless tiny holes in a piece of white charcoal can absorb contaminants, release infrared, produce ions, induce growth of friendly microorganisms and has a preventive effect against electromagnetic waves, white charcoal can also be used for cleaning air, purifying water, cooking, improving blood circulation and sleep, warming up the body system, getting rid of chill, and strengthening the yang energy. White Charcoal is a very good health product.

I frequently use white charcoal to purify my drinking water and bath water. I was asked how I treat my household drinking water. Firstly, I installed a water filter at the water faucet. Secondly, I store the filtered water in a transparent plastic container and boost the energy of water using a water crystal energizer set invented by Dr Lai’s father (I have experimented it myself: repeatedly charging the water crystal energizer set on water or food; their energy keeps rising. So I usually charge for a few more seconds while chanting mantra and dedicating the merit to the inventors, promoters and water source), and then pour the water into a big jug which has white charcoal and wheat rice stone that further purify water and release minerals into water. Sometimes I also add a tiny bit of EM to increase friendly bacteria in the water.

Of these things, the water filter is replaced once a year, with the cost of about US$50. The small bag of wheat rice stone only shrinks a little after three years of usage, whereas the water crystal energizer set and white charcoal can be used “indefinitely”. With such low costs, I get satisfactorily extra high quality water for the household!

White Charcoal can be used in many ways. There are books on white charcoal available at bookshops. My friend’s mother who had sleep problem placed charcoal next to her pillow to help with her sleep. Friends who use white charcoal for bath (one to two pounds; the effect is even more obvious is chlorine is filtered from the water) all agree that they feel especially light and comfortable. A friend who had lower back pain followed my suggestion of bathing with white charcoal; since then this has become her favourite. She even bought many white charcoal for her friends and relatives. Another friend attempted to wrap white charcoal around a cellular phone antenna and found the interference turned into positive energy. I also heard from Dr Lai that she once had a cough due to EMF interference. She followed her instinct by placing white charcoal on her navel; it turned out that white charcoal even has cough relieving effect.

I feel that besides its numerous wonderful uses, it is most appreciated that white charcoal can be continuously renewed by having it cooked in boiling water for 15 minutes every one to two months (exposing it to hut sun after cooking will better restore its energy). This product is not only healthy but also environmental friendly.

Swishing with organic sunflower oil has always been my favourite way of detoxifying because most detoxification methods more or less involve some reactions, but by swishing with sunflower oil (upon rising or at a set time everyday, swish for 15 minutes, then spit out), toxin from the body is directly extracted through the mouth and hence there is no commonly seen detoxifying reactions. The colour of the oil spit out indicates the level of toxin being extracted. If the oil is white in colour, that means the body has accumulated a lot of toxin, if the colour is close to the colour of oil, it means the body is less polluted.

Before both of my pregnancies, my husband and I were diligent in swishing sunflower oil everyday. We did it until the colour of the spit-out oil was the same as the colour of oil. So I did not get morning sickness during my pregnancy and the babies were born very healthy. Besides, whenever I get sick and have heavy phlegm, I would swish with sunflower oil to get rid of the phlegm. Some friends told me they spit out the oil within 5 minutes of swishing because their mouths were full of phlegm.

My friend, a teacher, used to get lots of phlegm every morning after rising. When she got to school, she always had to clear her throat before she could start talking. She received very good results from swishing sunflower oil and she felt unusually refreshed. Since then this has become her regular morning homework.

Dr Lai said as long as the oil is cold-pressed, it can be used for swishing. The reason for using organic cold-pressed oil is because organic oil has higher energy and yields better detoxification results. There was a short period of time my friend was not able to get sunflower oil, so she replaced it with cold-pressed olive oil. But according to her, the result was not quite the same; her mouth felt very clean but the effect of getting rid of phlegm was not as good as that of sunflower oil.

A young friend who grew up in the US read the magazine article that introduced the sunflower-oil swishing method. Because his Chinese was not very good, he did not fully understand the article. He went home and simply used the vegetable oil that was normally used for stir frying; he just kept the oil in his mouth (but not swishing) for 15 minutes and then spit out. But he told me that it was very effective because a large portion of the pimples on his face was gone.

Another friend has poor lungs since she was little. She said it took her half-a-year to realise the effect. For the first half-a-year, she only spit out white-coloured oil, but after that, bits and bits of solid sputum started to come out. This shows that oil-swishing takes time, patience and persistence. My own experience is that the longer the swishing time, the more toxins are extracted. If I swish for only 15 minutes, the oil spit out probably has its original colour, but if I continue and swish for a total of ? hour, the oil spit out will be white in colour. If I eat out, the oil I spit out the next day is usually whiter.

Additionally, I also use sunflower oil for oil bath (please refer to Return to the Bliss of Body by Dr Lai for details) especially when my qi is weak or when I catch a cold. This is because oil bath has the effect of warming the body and getting rid of chills. Taking oil bath is also very good for the health of a pregnant woman and the foetus.

It seems that I have an endless list of home treasures such as peat moss, electrilizer, qi regulator, water crystal energizer set, friendly bacteria and so on, but you need to try them yourself to actually realise their benefits. I believe there are many Lapis Lazuli members who have great experience with these products. You are welcome to share with us your experience in using them!

Extracted from Lapis Lazuli Light Magazine 2003 May Issue
Translated by Yih Pin Tang