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Cancer – The Awakening Call

For those meeting Dixie Keithly for the first time, it is very difficult to associate her with cancer, or to envisage that she is actually sixty-nine years old. This humorous, care-free and energetic lady contracted breast cancer 13 years ago, but has regained her health through natural therapy. In recent years, at her own expense, she has been producing broadcasts in Silicon Valley (California) to disseminate information on natural therapy for the benefit of cancer patients and other interested parties. She promotes the use of natural therapy by talking about her own personal experiences, interviewing cancer patients who have recovered through the use of natural therapy, and interviewing doctors and experts in natural therapy. Dixie’s recovery story serves as an inspiring reminder of the power of natural therapy in cancer treatment.

Dixie believes that all along, her diet has been healthier than that of most people. Yet in 1987, she discovered that she had abnormal bleeding from her uterus. She was 56 years then and had stopped menstruation. Believing that her bleeding arose from hormonal imbalance, her doctor prescribed hormones for her. Three days after consuming the hormones, she started bleeding again. However, her doctor instructed her to complete the entire hormone prescription for that month, and then wait for another month before contacting him. Five days before she was scheduled to contact her doctor, she felt a depression on her breast that felt like loose pieces of eraser shavings. She was later diagnosed as having breast cancer.

Her doctor advised that the affected breast be surgically removed and warned that the type of cancer she had could spread from one breast to the other. If she were to keep the other breast, she would have to undergo a breast scan every six weeks. A pragmatist, Dixie suggested that both her breasts be removed, and she did not want to live in constant fear of having this nightmare repeated every six weeks. That will certainly drive her crazy!

Before her surgery, Dixie explored the use of natural therapy. Unfortunately, she was unable to obtain any leads because all the people she initially spoke to had undergone surgery or chemotherapy. She later fortuitously came across a library book that described natural therapy methods involving diet, chiropractic, and acupuncture. This increased her understanding and confidence in natural therapy. Later, she contacted cancer patients who had recovered from cancer by adopting natural therapy methods and made up her mind to go to Mexico to discover more.

Like most people who decided to adopt natural therapy, Dixie encountered objections from concerned friends and relatives. Despite these objections, she set off alone for Mexico to seek treatment. Dixie has a strong will to survive – this was her life, and she had to make the best choice for herself.

While undergoing natural therapy in Mexico, she went through a programme of detoxification and diet control. She also took medication to strengthen her immune system, drank mineral water, and underwent a seven-day fruit juice fast every three months. Her doctor emphasized the importance of detoxification, and the need to replenish the body with clean food after detoxification. According to her doctor, the body would know how to regulate itself, and return to normal. This natural healing ability of the body has been observed since time immemorial.

Dixie was very lucky to find a doctor she trusted. Over the next ten years, she regularly followed up on her treatments, and took better tonics over time. She adopted a natural vegetarian diet, complementing it with regular fasts and exercises. These are the secrets to her triumph over cancer. According to Dixie, the costs of her travelling expenses, food, lodging, and medical expenses for her yearly trip to Mexico were even lower than her expenditure on annual check-ups in California. This low financial cost of natural therapy treatment was one reason why she could preserve with her treatment for ten years. Even though her doctor told her three years ago (1997) that she need not return to Mexico for treatment, she decided to continue her regular check-up because her doctor is like a teacher and a friend to her.

Till this day, Dixie continues to be filled with energy and a zest for life. She emphasizes the importance of a diet balanced in acidity and alkalinity that nourishes the body and advocates regular fasts to detoxify the body. She suggests the need to communicate with our own body, to treat ourselves well, and to bring happiness to others. Her friends always say that her programmes are not only informative, but also entertaining as well. Her humour brings laughter, and her enthusiasm touches the hearts of many.

Shortly after contracting cancer, Dixie had taken a vacation in Africa, and she seemed to have a new lease of life after seeing the wild African animals. This spiritual awakening that she experienced changed her perspective of life – she was motivated to treat her body well, to develop her spiritual life, and to become a happy and healthy example to others.

To Dixie, cancer is just an awakening call, not a death call. If a person can still live happily after contracting cancer, if a person nearing seventy can still be vivacious, what is there to be fearful of?


  • Vitamin C Ascorbic Acid crystals: Dissolve 1 teaspoon (about 4 grams) of natural Vitamin C crystals into half a glass of warm water. Add fruit juice for taste. During Dixie’s period treatment, she would take 20 grams of natural Vitamin C crystals only.
  • Flax seed oil (containing Omega 3&6) and digestive enzymes (mega chelated).
  • Plant-based vitamins and minerals. On a daily basis, take at least 40,000 I.U. of Vitamin A, and 800 I.U. of Vitamin E (breast cancer patients should not take Vitamin E supplements).
  • Sodium selenite (fights tumours).
  • If the body is not too weak, fasting is a very good therapy method. Please read “Fasting can Save Your Life” by Shelton.
  • On a daily basis, consume 8 glasses of carrot juice with 4 teaspoons of barley-green powder, or 8 glasses of dark green vegetable juice with carrot juice.
  • Refrain from all animal-based products (pork, beef, chicken, fish, milk, eggs, cheese, yogurt, etc.)
  • Do not take processed white flour but take brown rice and 100% wholemeal bread.
  • Do not drink liquor or smoke cigarettes.
  • Do not take salt (use Bragg liquid aminos instead)
  • Do not take sugar or sugar substitutes (cancer cells love sugar)
  • Drink diluted fruit juice or herbal tea.
  • Replace vinegar with fresh lemon juice.
  • Eat large quantities of leeks (raw and fresh ones are even better). Leek capsule (Kyolic) is a good substitute.
  • Drink distilled water not bottled water.
  • Consume mainly raw food, and wherever possible, choose organic vegetables & fruits, especially dark green vegetables.
  • Do not eat fried foods.
  • Drink 10 glasses of water daily (avoid drinking large amounts of water half an hour before meals and one hour after meals)


  • Remove metal fillings in the teeth, and avoid all phosphorus products (for instance, toothpaste with added phosphorus and chemical cleaning agents).
  • Do at least 20 minutes of outdoor exercise daily to reduce cholesterol and to stabilize one’s mood.
  • Expose the body to sunlight but avoid the sun at noontime.
  • Have sufficient rest.
  • Maintain a positive attitude towards life (negative attitude is also a toxicant)
  • Practice deep breathing of fresh air (cancer cells do not like oxygen).
  • Helping others is a source of happiness and will alter one’s bodily chemical reaction.
  • Illness is the body’s way of calling out for help, and you have to modify your behaviour and lifestyle if you wish to live. Communicate with your body to achieve balance and harmony.
  • Develop spiritually; it will be a meaningful experience.