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Clearing Remnants of Anesthesia and X-rays

Rechel Tseng
Translated by D.Light

Few years ago, I attended a workshop conducted by Dr. Lai on the removal of remnants of anesthesia. I tried the method immediately when I reached home and found it to be very useful. I shall hereforth share it with everyone.

The use of medical anesthesia will cause a split between our energy body and physical body. Our energy body governs the physical body, thus when a surgeon is operating on the physical body, one does not feel pain due to the split. When the effects of anesthesia wear off, and the energy body returns to find a mismatched physical body, one experiences the common post-operation symptoms.

The method of removing anesthesia is simple: One needs to prepare a pail or a basin of salt water (one pound of salt to half a pail of water) and a big towel. The patient is lying down, and using one’s hand, pull away (clockwise or anti-clockwise direction) the anesthesia from the patient and throw it into the saltwater. Slightly rinse one’s hand with the saltwater, dry it with the towel, and repeat the procedure of pulling away and throwing, allowing the saltwater to dissolve the negative energy of the anesthesia.

Anesthesia accumulates around the abdomen, so the whole stretch from stomach to womb can be the area for removing anesthesia. With right palm facing down, approximately 20-30cm away from the patient’s body, briefly touch the energy field of the patient like the way you may touch a water’s surface. Your palm may feel anesthetic or a tingling pain. Pull it and throw into the pail of saltwater. The removal of anesthesia is done on the level of energy body, so one does not need to touch the physical body. The rationale for using our right hand is that energy body enters from left and exits from right. One must consciously remove the anesthesia (with intention) so that the energy of the illness does not stay on one’s hand. Monitor the energy level of the saltwater from time to time, and once it has fully absorbed negative energy, pour it down the drains, and replace with new saltwater. The higher the energy level of saltwater, the more absorbent it is of negative energy.

According to Dr. Lai’s instruction, before commencing on removing anesthesia, both parties (patient and the one treating) are advised to do the breathing exercise (refer to November 2000 issue of Lapis magazine, or page 55 of “Dr. Lai’s Health Tips’). This is done for the purpose of increasing energy level of both parties to achieve a greater effect of removing anesthesia. If the patient is an elderly or a young child who is not able to do the breathing exercise, one can try to use the method of dowsing to open the seven charkas. In my view, using Magnetized Water Enhancer to increase one’s energy level can be another alternative.

When you consciously place your hand near the energy field of someone, at the area where there is illness or discomfort, your hand will feel a tingling feeling of numbness. There was once I experienced a reflex withdrawal of my hand the moment I touched the energy field of a patient, and my hand hurt. Another time, I touched the energy near the ears of a hearing-impaired friend, and I felt painful sensation on my own ears. Many would think that it takes a highly sensitive person to feel an energy field. I beg to differ. Very often, when I ask people to try detect the sensation with their hands (on more severe cases of illnesses), nearly half would be able to feel it. This is an opportunity to train our hands to be sensitive, especially on young children who are inarticulate about their discomfort.

I recalled an incident that happened many years ago where a child was running a high fever of over 40 degree Celsius. My knowledge was limited then and I could not think of other alternatives. I threw away the thermometer and started to grasp and hurl the fever away from the child’s head. His fever subsided the following day.

What I was doing then was to use action and intention (visualization)to grasp the ill energy away, but I could know better that the negative energy should not be misplaced carelessly as it can accumulate on the spot where it is thrown. One can also visualize the negative energy being absorbed into the ground.

If the anesthetic injection is recent, one can more easily grasp the anesthesia as it is still on the surface. However if the injection takes place in distant past, the anesthesia seems to be more deeply embedded. It will still gradually surface with your hands’ throwing movement. Lately I was helping a friend to remove his anesthesia. He has gone through full-body anesthesia thrice. When it felt like a reduction after some throws, more tingling and numbing sensation re-surfaced around his abdominal area; this cycle repeated a second time. It was almost like the remnants of anesthesia on his body surfacing itself in staggered layers.

It does not matter even if one is not able to detect the numbing sensation just continue to draw and pull, like the way you pull a rubber, from the abdominal area of the patient and throw into the pail of saltwater. My father-in-law once went through operation and was given two injections of anesthesia, resulting in overdose. His legs did not really recover from numbness even a week after the operation. Following that, he also felt a strange feeling whenever he stood up or sat down. Away in the States, I called upon my sister to help remove the anesthesia for him. She confided that she was not able to feel the anesthetic-affected areas, and could only pray to Kwan-Yin Bodhisattva in her heart, and blindly grasped at the negative energy. Eventually she did finish throwing away the anesthesia, as when my father-in-law stood up, the strange feeling previously felt was gone.

Many of the patients being treated also experience energetic movements in abdominal area or feeling energy being pulled out; these two being the more common experience. There are some who feel something being purged out from their crown or soles, or numbness. At this workshop, a participant shared with me her first experience of helping someone (who had undergone three major operations) remove anesthesia. When she washed her hand in the saltwater, it was likened to immersing her hand in rice wine, full of alcoholic favour.  She also helped a 60-year-old friend who has been suffering from insomnia to remove anesthesia, and this friend subsequently sleeps better.

When is it considered a clean removal? If our hands can still detect numbing areas, we should continue to grasp until we cannot detect anymore. It is then considered clean removal. For those who went through multiple major operations or women who went through caesarian section, removal of anesthesia can be done over a few sessions. If hands can’t detect, we can use the method of assessing energy level of saltwater (ie. Assess if every fresh replacement of saltwater is lowering in its energy level.) Use this to determine whether saltwater is absorbing negative energy from the anesthesia. We can also compare the level of openness of patient’s first and second charka before and after removal proceeding.

I remembered once I was helping a relative who has just gone through a major operation, and incidentally, there was not enough salt in the house. While I was helping to remove anesthesia, I was feeling a gradual increase of numbness in my hand, spreading upwards to whole arm. I decided to stop the process and insist on buying more salt before continuing. I think this is one big concern among people: whether there is transference of ill-energy from patient to the helper. There was a volunteer who demonstrated this removal procedure without salt, but she visualized a blazing fire below her right arm that burnt away all the negative energies she threw. Notably one may need to have strong visualization ability. Another method is to do “Zipping” before commencing the removal procedure to help protect ourselves. (Please refer to book, Energy Medicine, page 63). We can also visualize a protective shield of light emitting from our third eye. (Please refer to book, Captain Jutta’s Remarkable Journey, page 149). At the workshop, Dr. Lai taught on using “Om” sound to purify energy field; that night, without preparing salt, an experienced student helped 4 or 5 other students to remove anesthesia by reciting “Om” (3 times) at each grasp. At that, the numbness on her hand actually disappeared.

I also liked the reply by Dr. Mitchell May at students’ doubt about being affected by patient’s ill-energy. He said, though he is always in contact with patients, he never worries. He knows he is safe. When we align with Oneness, healing does not come from us; it comes from the original source – Oneness. If you have anxiety or fear, then you need protection instead. He suggested that prior to any healing work, we invoke the most complete energy healing source in the universe – according to our own belief (be it in Buddha, Christ, Mother Mary, etc.) – to help us. In this way, we also heal ourselves in the process.

During demonstration at this workshop, I was delighted to hear from a student that she saw a white lump of something being pulled out and thrown to saltwater when I helped her. I believe this will help more people to be convinced that it is not an empty exercise of pure imagination.

Compared to removing anesthesia, the process of removing x-ray interference is simpler. We only need one or half pound of salt in cotton or paper bag. Brush this bag of salt across the energy field of the person (lying down) who went through x-ray. Brush it from head to toes, or in an anti-clockwise direction circulating out of the energy field. The salt helps to dissolve the negative energies.

One’s energy field can be very far from physical body. The accumulation of negative energy from x-ray could reside on the surface and distant edge of energy field for those who went through x-ray a long time ago. In this case, the one being treated lies on the bed, and the helper may stand on a chair to brush the energy field of this person near the ceiling. It is nearer for those who just had a recent x-ray done. Dr. Lai sensed that the energy field of one who goes through x-ray tends to be sticky and numbing. Yet it is fine if one could not feel anything; we can monitor the energy level of the salt. The decrease in energy level of salt means the clearing is not complete and brushing needs to continue.

Whether it is anesthesia or x-ray, the sooner we do this clearing or removal, the easier it gets. However it requires other person to help us, we can’t do the removal on our own. People in modern world highly rely on advanced medical equipment; learning this skill enables us to help those in need. I hope this skill can better prepare us for an unknown future.