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Electricity: Source of Trouble!

Chiu-Nan Lai, Ph.D.

Twelve years ago, Dr Lai spent two years reading up on research findings about the harm caused to humans and nature by electromagnetic field and radiofrequency radiation. She subsequently published four articles (*) in Lapis Lazuli Light magazines highlighting the adverse impact of such radiation. During these 12 years, the harm caused by electromagnetic field and radiofrequency radiation has greatly increased, particularly related to harm inflicted on fetuses, infants, children the elderly and those who are sensitive. Here is a summarized extract of Dr Lai’s latest article urging people to take the necessary precautions.


Many new cell phone towers or base stations are constructed within schools, kindergartens, and child care centres in churches, causing children to be exposed to an electromagnetic and radiofrequency radiation-filled environment that is several thousand times greater than in the past.

In the United States, the number of cell phone towers has almost doubled from 130,000 to 260,000 in the past ten years, causing harm 24 hours a day. In 2006, there were two billion people using cell phones. By 2012, this number had increased to 60 billion. New computers only have wireless Internet services and many people no longer have landlines but instead have several cell phones. Some people have their cell phones turned on all the time because of work requirements. What is the result? More and more people are getting harmed.

Because the harm caused by such radiation exposure takes five to 10 years to surface, the damage we see now may have started 10 years ago. Nowadays, when people find out that they have cancer, they discover that it is of some rare form and one that grows rapidly. It is increasingly common to hear of people who lack appetite, feeling cold, or have constipation, no energy, insomnia, depression and restlessness. Some have their days and nights reversed.

Scientists who conduct research in this area have continuously warned people of the seriousness of the problem. Twenty-nine scientists from 10 countries published their report on this issue in 2007, and added a 1500-page supplement in 2012 with 1800 new research findings. The harm caused by electromagnetic field and radiofrequency radiation is an absolute truth substantiated by scientific research evidence. This harm is universal across all countries. It is essential that everyone reduce their use of wireless networks in order to protect each other and reduce the harm.

Scientific research makes the following conclusions about the impact of electromagnetic field and radiofrequency radiation:

  1. Abnormal genetic replication
  2. Harm to genes
  3. Creation of stress proteins
  4. Genes lose their ability to repair and heal themselves
  5. Impaired ability to remove ions and reduction of melatonin secretion
  6. Harm to nervous systems of humans and animals
  7. Carcinogenic to humans
  8. Serious interference to the sperms of humans and animals
  9. Impact on behavior of the next generation
  10. Fetuses of animals that are exposed to cell phone radiation have impaired brain functions and brain growth

New research related to cell phone towers shows that low signals (0.003 to 0.05 uw/cm2) can cause headaches, inability to concentrate and behavioral problems among children and youths. Hence, even the presence of such exposure within “safe” limits can cause physiological impact that is 1000 to 10,000 times greater than in its absence.

Modern-day children are harmed beginning with their father’s sperm. This harm continues in the fetus, infanthood and childhood. Sperms are harmed even with very low cell phone signals (0.00034 to 0.07 uw/cm2). The sperm’s genes do not have the ability to repair themselves. Low-signal cell phone exposure is akin to placing the cell phone in the trouser’s pockets or hanging the phone on the belt. Placing a wireless computer on the lap can also damage the sperm’s genes. This is why infertility is very common these days.

Research conducted on mice in 1997 found that when five generations of mice were exposed to what is equivalent to cell phone tower signals (less than 1 uw/cm2), the mice completely lost their abilities to reproduce and this was irreversible.

For humans, when mothers used the cell phone during pregnancy, their children have a greater incidence of behavioral problems at school age compared to those whose mothers did not use cell phones. Mothers who used cell phones during their pregnancies had children who had increased emotional problems by 25%, hyper-activity by 35%, behavioral problems by 49%, and problems socializing with others by 34%. Pregnant women should avoid computer, cell phone and other sources of electromagnetic field and radiofrequency radiation. Pregnant women who take MRI encounter interference with other electromagnetic radiation, and have children who are more likely to develop leukemia and asthma.

The places where children live, sleep or learn should be free of exposure to electromagnetic field or radiofrequency radiation. This is especially so for children who have neurological-related issues such as learning difficulties and autism. Classrooms should be strictly free of all wireless network services. Every child should have a learning environment that is devoid of all wireless interference. The physiological disturbances related to autism as well as physically handicapped conditions have very close similarity to symptoms of harm caused by radiofrequency radiation exposure.

Radiofrequency radiation can cause a break in the blood-brain barrier, the defense system between the blood and the brain functions. This break allows toxins to enter the brain. Merely by using the cell phone once for two hours can lead to this break. After 50 days, the damage to the nervous system becomes apparent. The cell phone signal necessary to cause this is 0.001 W/kg i.e. less than one arm’s length distance from a cell phone. Hence, merely having someone nearby use the cell phone can cause the the blood-brain barrier to be impaired. Other than this defense system, the defense system between the blood and eyes, blood and umbilical cord (for the protection of the fetus), blood and stomach, blood and testes will also be negatively affected by electromagnetic and radiofrequency radiation.

Melatonin secretion can be reduced through exposure to electromagnetic field and radiofrequency radiation. Other than weakening the immune system, it also increases the chances of Alzheimer’s disease among older people. Melatonin has protective functions. It decreases the Amyloid beta in the blood, which is directly related to Alzheimer’s disease. Melatonin reduction is also related to the incidence of breast cancer. The 2012 report (see www.bioinitiative.org) has very detailed discussions on this topic.

When we truly recognize and understand the harm caused by electromagnetic field and radiofrequency radiation, we would be determined to change our lifestyles. Some people are still skeptical or reluctant to give up conveniences. Some children have already been harmed by such radiation and have itchy skin. Their mothers want to help but their fathers will not cooperate and insist on using the wireless Internet services.

In general, the people harmed are the “second-hand” smokers. Many years ago when the cell phones started being used in the United States, a lady who lived in the distant mountains sought my help for her lung cancer. I asked her about her living environment and habits, and did not understand why she had lung cancer in such a good environment. Later, I found out that her husband worked at home and relied completely on the cell phone. Her bedroom was just next to her husband’s office. This may be a coincidence, but many years of research has proven that radiofrequency radiation can cause lung cancer. The few people with lung cancer that I know have worked in front of the computer for many years and sometimes have several computers in their bedrooms.

Drug addicts need to exert great effort to kick the habit. The cell phone can also make people addicted, and this is also shown by research.

The Chinese culture emphasizes filial piety and taking care of our body that came from our parents is a very important aspect. Furthermore, future parents need to protect their sperms and eggs of future generation to carry on the ancestral line. If we continue to be exposed to electromagnetic field and radiofrequency radiation, we may be infertile after five generations, just like the laboratory mice.

Every wireless device has an equivalent one that is wired. For instance, the telephone has landline versions, and the Internet has wired versions. In California, it is possible to elect not to have wireless electrical meters. I know several friends who became ill within three years of installing these meters. Some sensitive people develop insomnia right away and had to have the wireless meters removed immediately.

Open your eyes and observe the electromagnetic field and radiofrequency radiation exposure in your living environment. Remove those that can be removed and stop using those that are not necessary. Also, use the name of “Luminous Lightening King”, the “Flower of Life”, mantras, crystal formations, deep blue paper as protection. People or organizations in charge of meetings must insist that everyone not carry their cell phones into these venues. Even if they bring these in, they have to turn off these devices, and it would be better if they remove the batteries as well. Each of us has to start with ourselves, our family, workplace, factories, organizations and so on. We need to protect each other, starting with our homes and spreading out to our residential districts. Do not harm each other. Do this for ourselves, humankind, nature and our next generation.

* Publisher note: The four published articles are 1. Electricity: A Source of Trouble? (2001), 2. Back to Nature: Timely Rain & A Peaceful World (2002), 3. Wake up – For Your Sake and the Sake of the Next Generation (2006), 4. Water – The Source of Life, the Source of Illness (2007).

The original Chinese article is published in the Aug 2013 issue of Lapis magazine and is accessible online at: http://www.lapislazuli.org/tw/index.php?p=20130801.html