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Healing through Rainbow Colours

Liane Crawford

Because we are not our body, and that our body is the most visible, we have to take great care to distinguish it from the mind from which it is the image. The body sole entity sees the world and feels the world from its inner perception. Let it be that we are miserable and aching from a rough night, it will take a superior individual to believe that it is not the end of the world and that these pains are not what matters and to reflect on what really is. For what really is? What is the reality of it all?

Well, the reality is HOW one feels.

If the individual is fundamentally happy nothing will disturb his disposition. How does one become immune from trivialities, and how does one distinguish trivialities from the real feeling.

I can remember as if it were today how I felt when the world suddenly collapsed around me. I saw that my husband changed from day to day sometime imperceptibly, and at others drastically. I often mentioned: Let’s have a check-up but I was kept out of the truth. He was protecting us, and I felt impotent and shut out until I became powerless in our marriage. I searched night and day for a solution, none seem available until one day I got the answer, in a voice telling me. We are with you, just flow. That shock me up for no answer came when I asked: Who is speaking except I am your soul. This was in 1966.

During this time, I was in touch with a higher level of understanding who steadily guided me to keep my head above water. From time to time, I realized its presence when its vibrations were not moving me. I felt the emptiness, and started to feel a void, I had learned that its presence was beneficial, and I depended on it. I had to know more what how to have this comforting guidance back. I kept asking where can I learn more about my Soul? Soon after I was guided to learn about the energy of the Universe and the Healing Rays of the Sun. I learned to control myself instead of being controlled, I continued to feel a vibration pervading my whole body welcoming them instead of fearing them. And all the things ailing me disappeared. You heard me say: As soon as I learned to control myself, naturally it is understood that we hopefully grow and always will encounter different situations as we go along, testing our self and where we can show then a higher level of awareness to evolve the new situation with greater ease.

It is natural to be healthy and it is abnormal to be sick. However, an illness can be very beneficial after we learn what that blockage is teaching us. Actually, a pain is a friend warning us that we are erring, that we are committing an error that we need to rectify possibly with awareness. And this is the route I chose to take, for I was thinking my body is the temple of my soul and if it is bumping on the road of life then I must find harmony through Soul Energy. We never hurt anybody intentionally, and if I was hurting, I was doing it myself by some Heresy that I had to become conscious of.

Through the diaphragmatic breathing and the Rays of the Sun a new energy entered my being and started the transformation, giving me valuable inputs on the situation. We were now in 1972.

Energy is neutral, at the start it is neither good nor bad however it will magnify what it finds when it enters. It will accelerate what it finds present positive or negative, but will heal if it is designed to heal when coupled with corrected breathing.

Each colour Ray has its sound and together they represent a quality vibrating at a new velocity when used in conjunction with the breathing from the diaphragm.

To give full fling to the Soul we must achieve good health, and manifests whatever it is that you need. And know within yourself that it is natural to have everything, to be in the flow is harmony & harmonising.

These Rays penetrate deeply into you, the roots of your psyche and your glandular system called chakras. These vortexes of energy have their own colour panorama and frequency.

Our physical body is forever speaking to us, telling us what is wrong and what the pain means, it is the voice of the Soul, and what do we do with its prompting? We do not need to be panic stricken if we listen to it but going elsewhere before knowing what the pain means is dangerous. No one knows your body as well as yourself. When your soul knows that you are changing and wanting to cooperate with the soul it will work with you.

To be born, the soul has to come from the Great Beyond and go through the process of death again in reverse. As it chooses you as a body it also takes the responsibility for your life on Earth and will support you to evolve as needed, to achieve what it came to do, to fulfil its Plan on Earth. As long as we work with the project, it works with you. This is why when you go to the doctor without learning what the qualities in your character creating the symptoms, you are postponing your healing because it is through your attitude that your character personality is formed and your inability to adjust creates your physical problems.

You were born to fulfil your dream and whenever you are off the track you may feel extremely sad without knowing why, or sick on the physical level. Sing to it with the Sounds of the colours of the Rays of the Sun and it will respond. Ask questions and soon it will tell you and you may not know the WHY, but you will feel better. Questioning yourself is probably one very important movement not just WHY but ask to be explained, as you do your sounds. Doing yours sounds pleasingly (on Key, lovingly, joyously) permeates the Aura with Solargy?

We will work only for the time being with clear and sharp colours, the best fabrics are SILK, LINEN, COTTON, WOOL. No artificial blend will be used. Clear glass or crystal or even better precious gems, semi-precious stone.

7 COLOURS-RAYS (all clear and bright) RED, BLUE, YELLOW, GREEN (Emerald or clear Jade) ORANGE, PURPLE-VIOLET, INDIGO. The Sounds of the colour Rays are:

Red: E – Blue: O – Yellow: AH – Green: A – Orange: AE – Purple Violet: UU -Indigo: OM

Colour Qualities: Positive and Negative

RED: Male, Freedom, independence, feeling inspiration, determination, action independence, anger, lust, frustration, confusion, violence, destruction, impatience, impulsive, etc.

BLUE: Female: Love, wisdom, gentleness, trust, understanding, compassion, patience, forgiveness, possessiveness, self-pity, indifference, separateness, isolation, depression, passivity, insecurity.

YELLOW: Sun, joy, organization, evaluation, attention to detail, active intelligence, sincerity, criticism, lazy, over-indulgence, stubborn, constriction, selfish, cowardice, judgemental.

GREEN: Enthusiasm, flow, harmony, responsiveness, industrious efforts, expansion, gratitude, jealousy, regimentation, envy, stinginess, pessimism, disorder, resistance, greed.

ORANGE: Courage, victory, intellect, harvest, change, striving, creativity, illumination, uncooperativeness, sluggishness, ignorance, inferiority, superiority, cruelty, pompous.

PURPLE-VIOLET: Self-motivation, service, responsibility to self, devotion, loyalty, idealism, obsession, injustice, martyrdom, restriction, morose, intolerant, agitation, impotence.

INDIGO: Synthesis, inspiration, persuasion, implementation, creativity, unity, reminisce, calm pride, separateness, conceit, arrogance, contempt, resentment, irritability, remorse, regrets, totalitarianism.

Other Rays to be studied in a next possibility are many, including BLACK, WHITE, SILVER, GOLD.

With Solargy, when needed, it is highly welcomed to use herbs and acupuncture once in a great while those are amply enough to tell the soul that it is important to get results in the now. However, usually in my classes as a group we get great results doing the sounds and visualization of the Rays clear with Diaphragmatic Breathing.

Sound and Colour vibrations or Solargy is not a drug nor to be used instead of drugs. SOLARGY is an active meditation permeating and elevating you with vital and beneficial energy of the Solar System.

To be in Harmony with the Universe, one needs to be in a state of vibration to overcome some manifestation on the physical level.

Illness is a dead weight and to heal (IT) must move. Soon after starting using SOLARGY one notices subtle beneficiary changes, then more and more as it is practiced. The best is to practice the meditation without watching for results, having only an attitude knowingness that it is being taken care of and that good follows.

In 1971, as I was doing the meditation it dawned on me suddenly that so many of my complaints had disappeared. Once we touch the Infinite Principle of Being or the Source of Wellbeing you feel that the veil has gone, we feel more at one with the whole. This life that we are living now is just a preparation of what is to come. Live it without fear and only in anticipation of the best. Tomorrow has nothing to give except what you have given it in this now. Live in the NOW fully, joyously with your heart open so that you can receive all, this is for you to share with others and this will be carried into another life, for life has no end.

To be alive during this most incredible time on the planet is one of the greatest healing. Much is coming our way taking the greatest fear out of life. The fear of death. Amazing finding in the Bible this quote from 1 Cor, 15:26 “The last enemy to be destroyed is death”. Now that we come closer to the year 2000, we are more aware of what has troubled our civilization for so long. We carry the fear of death from the time we are born, creating much unwanted illness.

(Liane Crawford also gives classes, lectures and workshops on “Communication Beyond Boundaries”.)