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Perfect Long Life- 125 Years Of You And Me


Zhu Lan

Thirty three years ago, there were about 130,000 doctors in Japan. At that time 136,000 people died from cancer every year. Today, the number of doctors in Japan has increased to 280,000 and death by cancer has risen rapidly to 320,000 yearly. Cancer is “crowned” the Number 1 killer in Japan. The annual medical fee has risen to an astronomical 32 trillion Yen.

Meanwhile, from 1950 to 2004, for about 50 years meat consumption in Japan has increased by nine times; the consumption of rice was reduced by more than half. The consumption of potatoes and taro varieties are respectively 40% and as low as 7% compared to 50 years ago. Remarkably, milk and dairy product consumption has increased by 25 times and eggs by 6.5 times.

This corresponds to the dramatic increase of cerebral infarction, myocardial infarction, diabetes, gout and other previously rare cases. The type of cancer has also changed accordingly. The previously more common gastric cancer and uterine cancer cases have decreased while breast cancer, colorectal cancer, lung cancer, prostatic cancer, ovarian cancer and spleen cancer cases have surged. In the Japanese medical profession, people of insight sighed over the fact that since World War II, they have “completed” the following process:


Diet is Euro-Americanised sickness is Euro-Americanised cancer is Euro-Americanised

Facing so many cancer patients, the medical profession in Japan follows the allopathic medicine principle of the three cancer treatments: anti-cancer drugs, radiation and surgery. Not only were the treatments of little effect, the processes were extremely painful.

A recently published book reported a survey targeting Japanese doctors: If the doctors themselves had cancer, would they accept the so-called “three great treatments of cancer?” Ninety-nine point nine per cent of the doctors answered “No!”

Japan’s most famous immunologist, a medical Professor Dr Abo Toru clearly stated that cancer is not incurable and as long as you regulate your body and mind, cancer can be cured.

World renowned Japanese immunologist, Dr. Abo Toru, well known for his major shocking discoveries such as “LEU-7”, “extrathymic differentiation of T-cells”, “autonomic nervous system being responsible for the equilibrium of leukocytes (white blood cells)” in his medical researches, wrote many books to remind us that to avoid getting cancer we must first overcome the fear of cancer and we do not need to do all kinds of physical examination frequently.

The examination process and waiting for the result usually creates anxiety, uneasiness, worry, fear and could even trigger the illness. Previous studies have shown that the more frequent physical examinations for cancer, the higher the probability of getting cancer. He pointed out that the so-called “perfect health of body” does not exist – as long as our immune system is balanced and in good condition, the body will naturally make various adjustments to maintain our health.

In fact, the human body will generate one million cancer genes everyday, but under normal circumstances this will not cause cancer. However, the following situations often lead to cancer:

  1. physical and mental stress
  2. continually overworked
  3. often staying up all night
  4. long-term medication
  5. feeling very troubled
  6. improper diet

Using physical and mental pressure as an example, our autonomic nervous system includes the sympathetic nerve that is in charge when we are stressed and we are relaxed, the parasympathetic nerve that is in charge slows the heart rate down, dilate blood vessels so that blood flows smoothly.

Under a long period of pressure, the sympathetic nervous system will be overworked, the blood vessels will continue to shrink, the blood flow becomes stagnant and thus cannot effectively transport oxygen and nutrients to the body. The out-of-balance autonomic nervous system will decrease the functions of excretion and secretion as well as weaken the immune system. This interconnection will eventually lead to various diseases, even cancer.

Improper diet is also a great pressure to the body. Human beings are closer to herbivorous mammals. Of the 32 teeth, there are 20 molars which are used for grinding grains, 8 front teeth for eating fruits and vegetables and only 4 canines for eating meat and fish.

Experiments comparing the Africans and the British showed that faeces remain in the intestines of the Africans for about 14 hours and for the British 89 hours. There is a lower incidence of colorectal cancer among Africans who have high intake of dietary fibre compared to the British who are on meat-based diet.

Experiments show that overeating will lead to disease. In 1985, a Medical Professor in a New York University used the same amount of radiation exposure to two groups of mice. The group which were fully fed has a cancer incidence rate of 100 %, whereas the other group which were half-full had a cancer rate of only 0.7%.

In Japan, in transporting fishes for breeding, from Kagoshima to Tokyo, if the fishes were fed on the way, more than half of the fishes died. If they stop feeding the fishes two days before delivery, all the fishes survived the journey to Tokyo.

In 1996, the birth of gene-transplanted cloned sheep that has lead to bio-technology, bioethics and other areas of great controversy in the United Kingdom, has left a significant legacy in immunology. In order to maximize the life force contained in the cells, the ewes were put on a fast for a period of time before the genes were extracted for cloning. All these examples have demonstrated that eating less and appropriate fasting allows the body’s incredible healing power and vitality to the be manifested to the fullest.

Cancer appears to remind us that the body’s organs need purification and balancing, eating habits need to be changed and restructured and the pace of life needs to be adjusted and rearranged. De-stress and relax both physically and psychologically. When you truly understand that cancer is an assistant committed to “enduring” the toxins in the body and is a messenger delivering the message about our body’s condition, you will no longer feel afraid or despair of the pain caused by cancer. You will no longer doubt the possibility that cancer can be cured nor hesitate about the treatment program.

Recovery from cancer is not a so-called miracle. When you change to the correct diet and let go, give up greed, be filled with gratitude, the body’s ability to self-heal is then activated. The need for the presence of cancer cells is naturally gone. Dr Toru emphasised that:

  1. Do not accept or immediately give up any treatment that harms the immune system.
  2. Do not rely solely on doctors. Collect a variety of information and find a treatment that suits you. Whether it is through food therapy, exercise therapy, acupuncture or application of other natural therapies, the first consideration should be to “balance the autonomic nervous system”.
  3. Pay attention to diet. At least, avoid meat, processed foods and frozen foods. Mainly take brown rice, vegetables, seaweed and mushroom as the main sources of food. Take high-quality protein.
  4. Bring your body and mind to harmony with the attitude of appreciation and “living everyday as it is”. Let go the feelings of fear or struggling, change your habits and thinking patterns that created stress to your body and mind. Find the real root of your disease and treat it accordingly.
  5. Invigorate the parasympathetic nerve activity with a joyous heart. Cancer-fighting lymphocytes contained in the white blood cells will also increase as well and the immune system will continue to strengthen. Cancer cells will gradually normalize and cancer will naturally disappear.
  6. American geneticists have proved that if lung fibroblasts are taken from the foetus for cultivation, the number of cell division is almost 50 times. It takes two and a half years for human cells to divide once; to divide 50 times it will take 125 years.

French experts used the general lifespan of animals with five times growth phase as a basis for proof. For example a dog’s growth phase is two years, so its lifespan is about ten years. Cattle’s growth phase is five years, so its lifespan is about 25 years. The human growth phase is generally 20 to 25 years, so life expectancy should be 100 to 125 years old.

World-renowned gerontologist also pointed out another interesting phenomenon: when a human reaches 120 years old, the blood type will be converted to type ‘O’, returning to the ancestors’ blood type.

Perfect long life, maybe it is not what you and I really want. But no matter when this period of life will end, a full and healthy life should be what every one of us yearns for. When we truly understand the origins of health and happiness, 125 years is no longer the biggest key factor. Along the way when we help others and ourselves, every section of our life is a perfect long life!

The original Chinese article is published in the Nov 2008 issue of Lapis magazine