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Return To Bliss Of Body And Mind Q & A Forward To The Simplified Chinese Version Of The Book

2011 Jul-Sep

Chiu-Nan Lai, Ph.D.

Forty years ago, when the incidence of cancer was rising in the U.S., people generally had a sense of fear and resignation towards cancer. Because of this, I was inspired to search for ways to prevent and cure cancer. Anthroposophy founder, Dr. Rudolf Steiner, believed that the problem facing us is our mission. The search for an answer to cancer gradually led me to a holistic approach to health. During this process, I acquired knowledge of which I had not previously encountered: natural diet, qigong, emotional healing, psycho-neuro-immunology, healing, prenatal psychology, and generational healing. I truely believe in the following: “If you ask, you will receive an answer”. If you don’t ask and only accept the current reality, accept what is said by your parents, teachers, doctors, and the authorities, etc., you have lost the opportunity to learn and grow. If you maintain an open mind and let go of preconceptions, you will naturally discover a path you have not traversed before.

Since young, I have been fond of asking questions … all sorts of questions: Why are people born? When the branch moves in the wind, did the wind move the branch, or did the branch move first resulting in the wind? I would think of many questions, and asked my father whenever I did not have the answer. When he did not have the answers he would usually say: “You will know when you grow up.” After I grew up, I continue to have many questions of my own, along with many others from the readers. These questions no longer revolve around cancer, but include a myriad of topics. Furthermore, these readers come from different countries, areas and cultural backgrounds. These questions are the motivating force that drives me to continue to investigate and learn. I also learn a lot from these questions. Questions that are similar also enable me to observe certain patterns. I see how changes in our modern living environment, the agricultural industry and our diet can lead to illnesses. These observations provide a direction for my research.

The answers I offer are merely suggestions that provide a general direction but do not constitute definitive solutions. Everyone would have to make adaptations based on their personal backgrounds and histories. I am still continuing to learn, and there are many things that I don’t know.

I encourage every reader to develop the spirit of scientific research. When you face problems, know how to find the answer. Training your own observational power is a good starting point. If we don’t feel well physically, we can observe the changes within us during the day and also on a daily basis. Under what circumstances does it worsen or improve? If our digestive system is not feeling well, start noticing our bodily reaction to things we eat. How is the food produced? Is this processed food and are additives included? What is the ambience of the surroundings where we take our food, and how is our mood then? What is the mood of the person preparing and cooking the food? In addition, there are other factors unrelated to food such as discomfort to the digestive system from eating microwaved food. If we meticulously observe, we will find the cause.

How are the things that we use and live are produced, and what principles are they based on? How do these influence ourselves and nature? Many years ago, when I was on my Asian tour, I would often hear people coughing in the airport and on the plane. However, I rarely heard people cough in the U.S. airports and planes. Over ten years ago when the use of cell phones became popular in the U.S., I started hearing this type of phlegm cough more and more often. Recently, I heard that when people traveled to high-radiation densely populated cities, they often develop severe persistent coughs and have to eventually resort to antibiotic treatment.

From these observations and my many years of reading research reports on microwave radiation, I understand that these phenomena are caused by qi damage arising from wireless radiation. The latter damages our nervous and immune systems. The basic prevention and cure is to avoid harm from electromagnetic and microwave radiation, and heal the damaged Chi body.

In my book “Return to the Bliss of The Body”, I discussed some methods to protect ourselves against electromagnetic and microwave radiation. In addition, color visualization is also helpful. Dr. Mitchell May, who is a miraculous medical survivor, shared some of the light and color visualizations he had used during his recuperation. He indicated that visualizing our body filled with light is a good way to nourish our body. During his own healing from an automobile accident that broke his legs into 40 parts, he visualized that he had eighteen arms that stretched out to absorb sunlight from the sun. After that, he would massage his legs with the eighteen arms. He also visualized himself lying on the beach, letting the turquoise seawater wash away his pain, infection and fear.

Another teacher, Jim Goure, also taught the use of light to heal. He indicated that when scientists brought people to a room beneath the earth that were devoid of light, they could see light from the eyes and different hues around the body. This light originated from the solar plexus area. He suggested visualizing a sun in the area above the navel, and let the light shine from there to the entire body from head to toe.
Different color lights have their own unique functions. Green is for general healing, while gold has the ability to increase our immune system. One doctor recently shared a color visualization for people to protect themselves from electromagnetic radiation harm: visualize the body filled with blue (with a little violet) light. Do this for one or two minutes.

Nowadays, we have many sources of information, some of which conflict with each other. Without a foundation in many areas of knowledge, it will be difficult to ascertain the accuracy of such information. In such instances, we can quieten our minds and ask ourselves. Release the question and quietly wait for an answer within. The best time to do this is when we first wake up in the morning. The answer that comes from within is not from thinking, but from a sense of knowing.

To receive the answer from within ourselves, we have to put aside our views, and maintain a child-like innocence and freshness.

When we face difficult situations it is because what we know from before cannot solve the current problem. Hence, the answer is definitely not something we have heard or known before.

I have been able to receive new knowledge and information over the past forty years because I have always maintained an open mind. When I hear new things or information, I do not jump to conclusions immediately. I use a scientific attitude to observe and experiment. If there are useful insights, I will share with people around me and readers. Problems and difficulties are opportunities for us to break out of our limitations and to develop further. It is because of problems that our wisdom grows. I encourage everyone to continue to ask questions, and to listen for the answers within.