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Strengthening Our Immunity Through Our Body, Mind and Soup In The Wake of The SARS Crisis

Shen Xin

Nobody has expected the end of the US-Iraq war would be followed by a greater war against virus.

Recently in Taiwan, healthcare workers from two hospitals contracted SARS virus and the hospitals were closed as a result. With the virus mutating rapidly and its actual cause yet to be traced, the unknown future has caused anxiety among many people. They begin to wonder: “Would I be the next SARS victim?”

In this time of fear, other than wearing mask to reduce the risk of being infected in public places, is there anything else that we can do?

US medical institutes mentioned that SARS virus could not kill all the immunity cells in a healthy person. The stronger the immunity, the lower is the chance of being infected. Hence, by increasing one’s immunity and strengthening the relevant organs, we can lower the risk of being infected. To boost immunity, one has to start from the body, mind and soul.


  • Drink a cup (250cc to 300cc) of high-energy soup or fresh fruits and vegetables juice every morning. Eating food rich in vitamin C will help to activate cells.
  • Soak 10 slices of Fenguang Shen (粉光参) in hot water for more than 30 minutes and drink it. This is good for our windpipe.
  • Replenish our bodies with friendly bacteria to enable our colon, small intestines and digestive tract fight viruses and produce natural antibiotics, lactic acid and acetic acid.
  • To strengthen our lungs, mix one big spoon (about 30g) of Huangxing powder (黄杏粉) must be 100% pure, in 200cc of boiled water and drink it.
  • Wash clean and dry the skin of carrots, shred it, place it in a glass container and soak it in molasses. Drink it after two days. This is good for our lungs.
  • Drink vegetables Wuxing soup (五行汤)(organic, frozen and dehydrated) daily to replenish microorganism, minerals and natural vitamins, etc.
  • Eat more of brown rice, fresh vegetables and fruits, kelp and miso.
  • The consumption of quality chloroplasma is good for our lungs. It is a good source of chlorophyll which will strengthen our immunity.
  • Boil loquat leaves in water and drink it to strengthen the lungs.
  • Crush one comfrey leaf and add it to the high-energy soup, or use dried comfrey to make tea, this is good for our airways.


  • Take deep breaths in the forest.
  • Walk barefooted in the forest to discharge static electricity.
  • Gently hit the upper portion of our chest, the center part where the bones protrude, a hundred times. Do it a few times every day.
  • Wutai Mountain Qigong: warming of feet and massaging of Yongquan acupuncture point.

Warming of feet: Use hot water to warm the feet every night before going to sleep. In the beginning, when the water is too hot, slowly touch the water with your feet. When the feet are used to the temperature, soak the whole feet in the water. Move your feet out of the water when the water is about to turn cold. Air-dry your feet instead of drying them with towel.

Massaging of Yongquan: Yongquan refers to the acupuncture point at the center of the sole of your foot. After warming your feet and have them air-dried, sit upright on a chair, bed or stool that is as high as your knees. Relax the whole body, lift up your left leg (right leg for ladies), place your left calf on your right thigh, your foot should face outside and the toes facing the front. Use your left hand to support the left ankle, then use your right palm to massage the center of the sole on your left foot. Rub 1,500 times (approximately 15 minutes). After you have finished rubbing, put down your left leg. Repeat the procedure with your right foot. It will take 30 minutes for both feet. Go to sleep after this. Dr. Stainler stressed that our lungs and our kidneys are closely related, breathing problems arise from our kidneys. We can strengthen the function of our kidneys by warming and massaging our feet.


Sleep at 10pm every day, for the period from 11pm to 1am is the best time when our cells start their repairing work. Even if you are suffering from insomnia, you should lie on the bed and relax your body.


  • Remedy for pneumonia: Crush one large clove of garlic until paste-like, add in coconut oil or Vaselin. Apply cooking oil on the soles of your feet, spread the garlic paste on your feet, put on your socks and leave them on throughout the night.
  • Rinse your mouth with Effective Microorganism (EM): Add 10cc of EM to 200cc of clean water, rinse your mouth with it and then spit it out. This would help get rid of the unwanted substances in our lungs.
  • Before going to public places, spray Wild May Tea Tree Oil onto hair and face. Tea tree essence oil (water) of this quality is the best natural anti-bacterial liquid. Australian natives and army treat it as a remedy for all diseases and carry it with them wherever they go.
  • Spray tea tree water in your house occasionally.
  • Every night, put five to six drops of tea tree essence oil in the bathtub half-filled with water and soak in it.
  • Take four pieces of small and weak magnets or rubber magnetic strips which can adhere to the surface of the fridge door (diameter not more than a quarter inch), find out the north point of the magnet using a compass. With the north side facing downward, stick the magnets on the soft parts in between our thumbs and index fingers, and also on the Yongquan points under our feet. You can then create a safe electromagnetism boundary for yourself, without letting in other energies. Do not leave the magnets on for one whole day, remove them after 12 hours and take a few hours break.


Nowadays, people would more or less feel nervous and frightened. Nervousness and anxiety will cause the antibacterial substance in our saliva to decrease greatly. Our saliva is one of the barriers that prevent viruses from entering our airways and into our bodies. Hence, we have to turn our negative attitudes and emotions into positive ones. This is one important way of boosting our immunity.

The following methods can help strengthen our energy:

  • Praying
  • Pray to God, Bodhisattvas, Heaven that this crisis will be over soon.
  • Pray that SARS virus will mutate into a kind of bacteria that is useful to human.
  • Reciting sutras/mantras: Buddhists can recite mantras; Christians can sing hymns and Catholics recite the rosary.
  • Practicing the “Joyful Thought”: Try to recall people, happenings or things which have brought you great happiness, so that you can immerse in the feelings of happiness. Even if you cannot recall, you can pretend to smile and that you are thinking of happy things. Eventually you will laugh naturally and become lighthearted.
  • Being thankful all the time: Use a magnifying glass to look at the good points of the people, happenings and things around you. Look at the bad points through a blurred glass. Replace anger with thankfulness.
  • To assist instead of criticizing: Instead of cursing the darkness, lend a helping hand to light a lamp in the darkness.
  • Reviving the good feelings of our five senses: Look blessedly at a grass, a tree, a person, a cloud. Listen to the sound of wind, chirping of birds, smell the flowers and enjoy the gentle breeze.
  • Endless love is the best immunity: Use any suitable method to show love for others, be it donating money, volunteering your time and effort or even a warm and caring look.