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What the Hummingbird and the Flowers tell us – on Energy Massage

Robin Pan

Scott Taylor, a professional Energy Massage Therapist, possesses a unique ability to see the energy field surrounding the human body. As such, he is able to massage an individual according to his needs.

Scott’s introduction to energy massage at the Lapis Lazuli Light Total Health Workshop in U.S.A. made us realize that every kind of work has its own significance and meanings. The crux of it lies in whether and how we can find or create that special meaning in our daily. He also encouraged us not to be afraid of changes. When we feel that we should not be continuing with our present job, or that we no longer like our job, we should perhaps take a break and consider. This may be the time to set new goals for ourselves and for everybody else; the time to create a better future.

Let us first take a look at Scott’s theory on how the human body heals itself. Physical substances as well as energy flows throughout the human body. When either of these is obstructed in the body, pain, aches or other illness surface. Every organ in our body requires space to function properly. Whenever necessary, they make use of  this space to self-heal. Obstruction in the flow of energy causes the organs to tighten and contract, thereby affecting the mobility of the physical substances in the body. For example, if our brain shrinks in size, there will not be sufficient space for it to function properly. In turn, it cannot exert control on other body organs to ensure their normal functioning. Excitement, mental pressure and anger are all factors that block this flow of energy. Whenever energy or other substance in the body flow too slowly or too quickly, it affects the condition of the body. Whereever these substances gather and concentrate, there will be pain.

If a person met with an accident when under stress or in anger, these negative energy freeze on the bones or other parts of the body. To “unfreeze” these situations, the therapist has to understand the energy space and mentality of the patient at the time of the accident. With this, he can proceed with more effective treatment.

Next is the role energy massage plays in helping the body to heal. When energy contacts body tissues, human consciousness usually rises above normal. Let’s call it the paranormal conscious state of mind. (Author thinks that this is identical to the “equipoise state of mind during meditation”) While in this paranormal state of consciousness, the body starts its process of self-healing. In similarity to the body needing space to heal, any change or adjustment in the physical substance requires space. The job of the therapist is to gain effective contact with the human body, and in turn dispense the energy cramped negatively in parts of the body, and to promote a balanced flow of energy to all parts of the body. This allows the body tissue to contact with the energy and hence propel one into the paranormal state of consciousness. Under this state of mind, a “para-space” is created. This is equivalent to having created a huge receptacle (of space), allowing energy to flow freely. Having the space to move, the confined and concentrated particles in the body re-starts their activity and returns the body structure to normal. In turn, mental and physical pain lessen and disappear eventually.

Of course, energy massage is not the only way to allow one to enter the paranormal state of consciousness. Music and meditation have a similar effect. Eating right, being healthy and regular meditation can lead one toward this paranormal state of consciousness.

Scott says that treatment by energy massage cannot be expressed by words alone. The difference between energy massage and traditional Chinese treatment is that in energy massage, it is the patient who treats himself, and not the therapist. Scott said that everyone can do energy massage. The crux of it is to stay calm and relaxed while massaging someone. The massager has to be conscious of the massagee’s reaction to the therapy. By and by, both therapist and patient will start to feel the flow of energy between them.

What the therapist contact are normally muscles and bones. Bones are the most dense or concentrated parts of the body, and energy flows fastest in them. At the same time, the bones themselves carry memories that stretches beyond our present lives. In the process of treatment, para-space is created, and the patient enters into a state of paranormal consciousness, his memory will not remain at a fixed point. Perhaps scenes from his childhood will flash through his mind.

Energy massage is different from traditional massage in that, instead of applying pressure on the body, the therapist tries to raise or stretch the patient’s energy level, which promotes better flow. On different people, this will have different healing effects. For individuals who are seriously injured, they will need to undergo therapy early. Delay will cause the injury to fixate itself in the body.

Scott says that one accumulates vast physiological and psychological hurt in his life. One session of therapy can perhaps only get rid of the tip of an iceberg, or it can propel the iceberg to emerge from the water slightly, which may result in pain. As such, one session may not be able to bring about the desired effect. We can draw a comparison at the inability to really taste water until we have drunk plenty. In addition, complementing a positive level of energy with other forms of therapy such as eating healthy, regularly exercising can reap high rewards i.e., speedy healing and recovery.

The query that may arise is, why then, can’t we treat ourselves, and have to rely on someone else to help us? Scott explains that the human body is structured in such a way that “mutual reliance” is required in the healing process. In this fast-paced society, where tension is everywhere and in everyone, a professional therapist can do wonders in the healing of our bodies. However, it is important to note that in energy massage, the therapist does not transfer energy to the patient. He is also not to pursue a one-minded track of seeking positive result. The original purpose of energy massage is to help one activate the healing potential within oneself. Scott says that he cares for people, and not for the events that happen to people. He releases anything that comes to him, be it mental or physical, after he is done with the therapy, and takes break whenever he feels tired. The crux is not to force himself to exceed what he can achieve for one patient. It took him five years to realize this, and he will not hesitate to advise others to slow down and step back when they are tired.

To Scott, it is important to maintain a satisfactory level of energy level, as energy is food for the body. When having a high level of energy, the body is able to attract positive forces, just like a full-bloom flower is able to draw a beautiful Hummingbird. We are better able to create our own future, to fulfil our wishes and accomplish what we want to. This is similar in concept to the spiritual way of living of the aborigines described in the book ‘Mutual Message Down Under’.

According to Scott, ideally, everyone should have a taste of such unhurried and spiritual life at least once in his lifetime. He explains that pain is not to be feared too, as it can be a force propelling one towards never-before realization.

Scott encourages us to affect and think of other people positively. This attitude lends a good hand in the creation of our own future. For example, if we think that someone cannot help in alleviating our pain and heal us, then he most certainly will not be able to, as whatever he attempts will not be able to shake that earlier mindset. Trust, love and support are the forces behind Scott’s ability to help others heal. Therefore, we should make use of activated energy to affect the people around us positively.

We can increase our energy field through massage, meditation and healthy eating, and one day we may find ourselves able to help others to heal too. Of course, our energy field may be different from that of Scott’s, as he explains that everyone is unique in the universe. Increasing our energy field allows us to open our eyes and see the mission we are to accomplish in this life.