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Energy Cleansing

There are two aspects to clearing anesthetics. The first is the residual effects of the drugs in the body. The other is trauma resulted from surgery and dental work. The after effects can cause back ache, pain, numbness or stiffnes

The steps of clearing anesthetics are:

  1. Both the patient and the assistant do the “qi” harmonizing exercise (please refer to “Chakra Harmonizing”).
  2. The patient then lies down facing up. The assistant places the right hand two to three feet above the naval chakra. Make the motion of pulling a few times to pull off the residual “qi”. One may feel prickly sensations in the palm.
  3. Throw the dirty “qi” into a bucket of salt water. Rinse the hand quickly in the salt water. If necessary, repeat the procedure a few times.
  4. The clearing is complete when one feels no more prickly sensations.