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A Tradition of Healing

Mitchell May Ph.D.

In 1972, on a raining road, my life was changed forever when a speeding car slammed into the vehicle in which I was a passenger. The collision was so catastrophic that it took 45 minutes to free me from the wreckage, and I was left with many critical injuries. I sustained over 40 fractures, in addition to severe organ, nerve and muscle damage. Doubtful that I would live, and due to excessive injuries to my legs, the doctors insisted that my only chance for survival lay in amputating my legs, but I refused the surgery. Consequently, over a period of three months, one organ system after another shut down as infection spread throughout my body – my eyesight and hearing deteriorated drastically, and I was in unrelenting pain from the crushed and severed tissues in my legs.

Desperate to save my life, the attending physicians were willing to consider alternatives. Fortunately, I had been medevaced to the ULCA Medical Centre, where extensive research on energetic healing was occurring in the parapsychology lab under the direction of Dr Thelma Moss, and Jack Gray, an energetic healer participating in Dr Moss’s research, agreed to work with me. After three days of continuous healing treatments from Jack, my pain began to subside, and the healing finally began.

As Jack’s work with me continued, the doctors became cautiously hopeful that I might survive but, due to the extensive damage, they insisted I would never walk again and that my immune system, lungs, eyes, ears and other organs would never again function properly. However, I was determined to restore my health and regain the use of my legs, so I began my own unconventional healing program. The results were astonishing. My recovery made medical history when my body regenerated nerve, bone, muscle and organ tissues, which doctors had said would be impossible. My healing was so remarkable that it was documented and studied by medical researchers and featured in periodicals and documentaries.

The natural healing energies available to all of us were instrumental in my recovery. During the many months that I lay in Intensive Care, Jack guided me into deep healing states of consciousness. While in these healing states, I experienced exquisite, intricately formed geometric, molecular patterns pulsating in my mind’s eye. As my condition improved, my curiosity was piqued by the vitality of these shapes. I began to wonder if these powerful patterns could be found in nature and, if so, whether ingesting them would promote my healing.

Jack, Dr Moss’s lab staff and I gathered algae, greens, sprouts, herbs, and mushrooms from around the world to test my hypothesis. Although we utilised numerous emergent energetic technologies to evaluate the botanicals, we discovered that the Telsa-coil 200-pulse Kirlian research camera allowed us to capture the electromagnetic imprint, or life force energy, of these substances on film. For the first time, it was possible to visually demonstrate that the exquisite patterns I had experienced in my healing states did, in fact, exist in nature. What’s more, many of those plants emanating the greatest life energy were the very same herbs and other superfoods historically recommended by traditional healers for their potent restorative properties. To a man whose physical body had been almost completely destroyed, this was an unbelievably exciting discovery! As my colleagues and I continued our research, we found that the ways in which these precious botanical were grown, harvested and processed significantly impacted the potency of their life force energy. For example, organically grown plants had far more energetic vitality than conventionally farmed plants.

I began consuming these botanicals and superfoods in a specially blended formula that was created to support my healing and later offered this formula to other doctors – all of whom reported profound results. In doing so, I realised that nutritional healing is not just about vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and technology – it is about the life force inherent in whole, living foods, which is far more important and powerful than simple biology. Just as a robust, healthy human being possesses an ineffable vibrancy and life energy that is palpable, so do healthy plants. When we consume live botanicals that possess a strong, radiant life energy, we share in that radiance – their life energy becomes our life energy. I observed that our bodies possess a miraculous ability to heal and regenerate when we receive deep nourishment to feed our cells and innate life force. As my knowledge and understanding of healing principals grew, I became passionate about providing an opportunity for others to experience the healing benefits of superfoods and other botanicals in their own lives.

As my research continued over the next 30 years, this green superfood formula was perfected, and Tara Natural World (under the auspices of Dr Chiu-Nan Lai) is now offering it in their Bliss De Light superfood powder. Bliss De Light’s formula is uniquely balanced and deeply tonifying to the body and all its energetic and physical systems. All of its ingredients are traditionally consumed as food – in other words, they are most effective when the suggested serving size is used every day. When consumed in this way, they genuinely nourish the body at the cellular level so that it can function optimally to renew and regenerate. Thus, overall life energy (qi) as well as the endocrine, immune, neural, digestive and cardiovascular systems are strengthened and revitalised. I have found that Bliss De Light profoundly enhances well-being and regeneration in ways that isolated, synthetic chemical supplements do not. The reason for this is simple: Chemicals synthesized in a laboratory cannot replicate the life spark naturally present in whole foods. I believe it is this vital life spark, which allows our bodies to absorb and integrate all the known and unknown beneficial constituents found in living foods.

Because my research clearly demonstrated that most growing and processing techniques significantly compromise the energetic vitality and beneficial effects of botanicals, my growers and I developed many proprietary processes to enhance and protect the radiant life energy and nutritional quality of the plants. We also built an award-winning production facility that incorporates sustainable technologies and business practices. For example, the entire production facility is 100% wind-powdered. Our unique facility allows us to ensure that our ingredients and formulas are processed and packaged in a manner that provides the greatest possible protection for all the enzymes, phytonutrients, and other active constituents in superfoods and botanicals. What began as research for my own healing became a lifelong quest to understand the healing properties of superfoods and botanicals and the best methods to provide those substances to anyone seeking renewed vitality in their lives. The end result is nutritional products, including Tara Natural World’s Bliss De Light superfood powder, and Pure Radiance C (the only truly 100% natural Vitamin C), that fully capture the numerous life-enhancing benefits these precious foods and botanicals offer.