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Encountering The Medicine Buddha: My Experience in Body-Mind-Spiritual Practice

Shen Xin

I was once seriously indulging in food and entertainment, so much so that it led to my painful sufferings from gout. Dr Lai is the person that I must thank most for my transformation into a person who is happy, healthy and living a life of purpose. Only after meeting Dr Lai, my life started to change, I had the chance to learn different methods and meeting different teachers. In 1991, Dr Lai had the kind wishes of Lapis Lazuli Light Medicine Buddha and wished that all lives be free from illnesses and sufferings, and that all be healthy and happy. As a result, the Lapis Lazuli Light organization was founded. Since then, Dr Lai continually prayed for the blessings of the Medicine Buddha; a broad range of body, mind and spiritual information keeps presenting themselves. Compared to the past, we now face many more complicated and ever-changing factors that affect our body, mind and spirit. So, only if we are able to select the best ways will we able to help ourselves and others and live a healthy and happy life.


  1. Understand External Sources of Pollution
    Water, air and food can all be a source of pollution. In taking medicine, we must also understand if it only takes care of the symptoms while creating side effects. Also, be aware of the impact of microwaves, electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and negative emotional energy (please refer to the book “Warning: The Electricity Around You May Be Hazardous To Your Health” by Ellen Sugarman). Recently, my friends and I visited a company, three of us felt very agitated and unwell. We then noticed that there were wireless online computers all around, one on each of the office desks in that small office!
  2. How to Detox
    When you feel tired, unwell or agitated, most likely your body has been polluted. When you are affected by negative emotions from an external source (for example, someone is angry at your workplace, or in receiving sad or fearful news after visiting the hospital or funeral home), your energy field will be affected. Take an apple cider or Epsom salt bath when you go home.Apple cider vinegar bath: Add 100cc of apple cider vinegar into the bath tub filled with half a tub of very warm water, soak for 20 minutes.Epsom salt bath: Add three to four pounds of Epsom salt into half a tub of warm water, soak for 20 minutes. If the interference is from EMF or microwave, other than using the protection gadgets suggested by Dr Lai on a daily basis, take a very warm sea salt and baking soda bath.Sea salt and baking soda bath: Add one pound of sea salt and one pound of baking soda into a half tub of water, soak for 20 minutes.However, if it is impossible for you to avoid long hours of computer usage at work, take a Blessed Clay Bath. One time I accidentally used a microphone that had electrical leakage. My hand was so painful that I could not raise my hand. Later, I recovered only after I bought volcanic clay mixed with some herbs and soaked in hot springs.

Those who are on medication to treat their chronic illnesses, consider using various body-mind-spirit natural methods to thoroughly regulate the body (see Note 1).

Proper Food Choice
In daily living, learn to use pendulum to test the energy of food. Choose nutritious food that has high energy. Organic vegetables, miso, kelp, brown rice, high fibre, low protein, low fat, low salt, minimal processed food are all good selections.

Choose supplements that have high energy and full of radiance. Dr Mitchell May said that food with high vibration gives us better clarity of mind and enables us to think better and meditate better, and overall we become healthier and stronger and can contribute more. A friend of mine who practices meditation very well could feel the energy vibrating throughout his body right after taking Bliss DeLight, and the energy rose swiftly to his throat chakra. No wonder friends who do not feel too happy or have tendency of depression experience improvement in emotions right after taking Bliss DeLight. According to Dr May, in addition to supplying nutrients to our physical body, the radiance of high energy food also enhances our energy field and releases the blockage of energy in our body.

Last year, a group of us with over 100 people travelled to India. Due to the big difference in temperature in the morning and night, the travel fatigue, poor air and water quality, many of us fell sick. I immediately took out the treasures I brought along:

  • Lightning Enzymes (it increases the activity of cells; the tests by Dr May indicated that the activity of Lightning Enzymes is 10 to 100 times that of an ordinary enzyme.) One time, one of Dr May’s employees fell and broke his leg bone and suffered from serious infections. The doctor announced that his leg must be amputated. Dr May suggested that the worker takes 27 capsules of the Lightning Enzymes; the infection very quickly went under control and there was no more inflammation. The worker recovered without the amputation!
  • Pure Radiance C (main ingredients are from the tropical forests of the Amazon River; Pure Radiance C contains wild camucamu berries that have the highest source of vitamin C.)
  • Sea Minerals (sourced from the Australian Great Barrier Reefs ocean; it is not only rich in minerals, but also has very strong anti-bacterial effect.) In one of the US workshops, one participant, DrHuang, was on the verge of catching a flu; his tonsil was so painful that he almost could not talk. I used 5cc of the Sea Minerals diluted with 100cc of warm water and asked him to swallow to the painful area and to gargle; the pain went away shortly after that.

Overall, the day following the use of these treasures, almost two-thirds of those who were ill recovered.
I used these treasures every day, which costs me about Taiwanese NT$99 [about S$4.30 at the exchange rate of NT$23.2 per S$ as in July 2010.] This is such a good health investment!

Exercises that Enhance Energy Flow

  • Brisk walking (see Note 1)
  • The WuTai Mountain Eight-Step Exercise (see Note 1).
  • Hand-swinging exercise (see Note 2).
  • Stepping on clean grasses that are slightly warmed by the sun. Step with bare feet for 30 minutes or longer.

Methods to strengthen energy:

  • Tapping three places, cross-crawl, etc. (see Note 3).
  • Methods to adjust spine (see Note 4). (Once there was a woman who had very weak lumbar such that she could not get up after sitting on the toilet seat. After she practiced this method daily, she can now walk quickly and vigorously!)

The state of our emotions affects our body from moment to moment. If we want our body to produce relaxing mental morphine, rather than letting our body becoming toxin-producing factor, when we are getting angry or agitated, we must practice:

  • 8-8-8-4 breathing exercise – inhale deeply for a count of eight, hold for a count of eight, exhale for a count of eight and hold for a county of four. Repeat three times (see Note 5).
  • Walk away from the scene for a while.
  • Eye movement exercise: intentionally recall the emotions that you want to release, move your eyeballs clockwise for three rounds, then anti-clockwise many rounds (see Note 6).
  • Visualizing sky-blue light – cover yourself and the person that you want to reconcile with blue light, visualize that you are smiling to each other in the blue light of compassion.
  • Tapping acupressure points to release negative emotions (see Note 7).
  • Practicing “Zero Limits” (Ho ‘oponopono [which means to make right or to correct an error]). When our thoughts bring negative emotions, whether towards people, matters or things, say the following four phrases: I LOVE YOU, SORRY, PLEASE FORGIVE ME, THANK YOU! (see Note 8).

The above methods help alter the emotions quickly.

How do we increase our spiritual frequency? Dr May suggests that we always bring the energy of blessing and gratitude with us to everywhere that our feet reach. The energy of giving blessings stretches beyond time and space.

Upon rising in the morning, visualize sending blue light from your heart chakra, bless every life: may they all have love, warmth and food, may all be healed. When you go out, allow your five senses of seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and touching to return to good feelings, and stay in touch with pure energy of nature. When you see blue sky and white clouds, or even a young leaf, thank them and bless them. When you hear the birds singing, thank them. When you are touched by the breeze, thank the breeze; when you smell the fragrance of flowers, thank them! Thank every bite of food you eat. At night, when you lie in bed, thank all the people, matters and things that you have encountered throughout the day. Send blue light to those who have hurt you and forgive them; to those that you have unintentionally harmed, ask for forgiveness and bless them, then enter your dreamland.

In his book “Drip Meditation”, Dr May mentioned a wonderful and happy monk whose entire body kept emanating radiance. The monk said his spiritual practice was to say “Thank You”, including during times when he had a flat tire or even when he fell down, he would still say “Thank You”! Perhaps one day, we can also be filled with gratitude when we encounter any difficulty.

The state of inner peace is described in the “Steps Toward Inner Peace” booklet (see Note 9):

In facing problems, one is able to act according to circumstance and no longer worry about gains and losses.

 Live in the present freely.
Loss of interest to fight.
No longer worry about one’s ability.
Continual strong flow of gratitude.
Feel intimately close with nature and all things.
Smile frequently.
Gradually allow things to happen naturally and no longer pursue forcefully.
Continually increase in care and love for the surroundings, and naturally emanating care and love.

We need to understand that we are of a vibrating frequency. Different frequencies connect with different time-space. Only by allowing our mind to return to peace will we be able to enter the state that is beyond time-space, to transcend time and space.

At one time, I had to handle many things all at once. As I began to worry, I allowed my mind to return to inner peace quickly. Amazingly, what normally would take me three hours was completed within 30 minutes!

All the above methods help us transform our troubled mind into peace. This article only introduces some of the methods taught by Dr. Lai. If you are interested, you are welcome to search for more treasures from Lapis Lazuli Light information sources. May you be well and let us all enjoy these life-giving treasures.

Note 1: Please refer to the books “Return to the Joy of Body” (in Chinese) and “Return to             the Joy of Mind” (in Chinese) published by Lapis Lazuli Light.

Note 2: Please refer to the November 2008 issue of Lapis Lazuli Light Magazine   (Chinese)

Note 3: Please refer to the “Energy Medicine DVD”

Note 4: Please refer to the Chinese DVD on “Caring for Your Spine”.

Note 5: Please refer to “Discovering the Miracle of Life!” by D Ingram and J Schwarz.

Note 6: Please refer to “Dr Lai’s Health Tips”, published by Lapis Lazuli Light.

Note 7: Please refer to the August and November 2008 issue of Lapis Lazuli Light Magazine (Chinese).

Note 8: Please refer to “Zero Limits: The Secret Hawaiian System for Wealth, Health,  Peace and More” by J Vitalie and I H Len (Published by Wiley).

Note 9: Please refer to the “Steps Toward Inner Peace” booklet.


The Natural Therapies That Have Greatly Benefitted Me (Part I)

Shen Xin

On January 9th of this year, I read a short article titled More Painful Than Pain “比痛更痛” from the entertainment section of the Liberty Times (自由时报), the author narrated that due to improper first-aid administration after a car accident, the little coin-sized wound on her instep was infected which was complicated by honeycomb-like tissue inflammation. The wound later festered to the extent that the bone was visible. She had to go through the flesh-scraping procedure, and it took her half-a-year to recover. After the surgery, she spent two years to care for her health. And due to too much intake of antibiotic, she became very weak and easily caught a cold. The author specifically advised everyone that even for a small wound, one ought to carefully take care of it. After I read this article, all sorts of feelings welled up in my mind, I was thinking, what is the most effective, simple, convenient and economical method for avoiding infections? This has urged me to write this article to share with everyone my recent experience and other highly beneficial natural healthcare therapies that have greatly benefitted me.

In December 2004, the day before I returned to Taiwan from India, I stayed in Bangalore, the place that has become a big high-tech city in India. The prices for goods and services in the city have skyrocketed. The day before, we had given a lot of tips to the attendant who helped us carry baggage, and the whole group was down to our last penny, so we decided to carry our own baggage when we checked out the next day. But this old motel had a very tiny elevator. I was concerned with the huge amount of luggage and that our group might occupy the elevator for a long time, which meant other guests might have a long wait. In my haste I became careless, the side wheel of my luggage hit my toe, and it started to bleed immediately. I saw that the entire toenail was pried upward, and I was in excruciating pain. I quickly placed the toenail back to its natural position and made use of the natural first-aid products for anti-inflammation, anti-swelling and anti-infection that I had brought with me. I first applied the Australian “Wild May” tea tree oil that has been exposed to and absorbed the essence of heaven and earth. Then I sprinkled some goldenseal root powder over it and wrapped it with a few pieces of OK bandage that I requested from the motel (and discharged the negative energy using a pendulum). Then I went straight to the airport. The Indian driver thought that given the condition of my wound, I should have it treated at the hospital. But I was full of confidence. Over these years, the various natural healing therapies introduced by Dr Lai and the Lapis Lazuli Light have sufficiently provided me and my friends and relatives with good applications in our daily living. Thus, for these years, my medic-care card only shows a few records of dental visits.

Given the fact that I am usually careless, I have experienced lots of injuries from cuts, scratches and knocks, and I have always treated my wounds in this way. With these experiences, I know that high-quality tea tree oil is very effective for treating cuts, insect bites, burns, scratch, skin infections, inflammation around fingernails, sore throat (for colds, use it for steaming nose and throat).

Once a friend of mine was having vagina infection, she douched with a ratio of 1cc (essential oil):250cc (mineral water), she recovered only after a few treatments. So, this is one healthcare product that I always carry with me. Whereas goldenseal roots powder is a very good medicine for bleeding, anti-swelling, and anti-inflammation. Sometimes when I do not have enough sleep, I have swollen gums or mouth ulcers, the pain and swelling are gone very quickly after applications. After I returned to Taiwan, I stopped using the OK bandage; this way the wound is aired and would recover quickly. In the beginning, I just used cotton and gauze to lightly wrap around the wound. One week later, I did not even need cotton and gauze anymore. I just wore socks and found that this way the wound healed even faster. So, the swelling stopped soon, and I was no longer in pain. The toenail clung back to my toe and totally recovered in two weeks.

Long-sightedness is Gone

While I always had good eyesight, I began to have trouble reading the small prints in newspaper a few years back since I crossed the threshold of 50. I have heard many friends from Lapis Lazuli Light talking about the amazing effect of the natural vision spectacles on short-sightedness, long-sightedness and astigmatism; now then it was my turn to experiment it myself.

First, pick a book that has printing of words that you can no longer see clearly. Wear the spectacles and read the book for half-an hour once in the morning and once at night. At the beginning stage, you will see double visions; try to move the book slightly to get the correct focal length; when you begin to see the words clearly, you may begin to adjust the focal length. For kids, explain to them that when they begin to read words that they were unable to see before, that is the time to begin adjusting the focal length. Perhaps parents can use this method to test if their children are adjusting correctly. After about a month since I started wearing the natural vision spectacles, I was able to read words in the newspaper even without the spectacles. Now, every year I need to wear the spectacles for adjustments for about half a month to one month. But to me this is worth it because I feel that in wearing ordinary spectacles, the degree of long or short sightedness will only increase, while the natural vision spectacles only take about 30 hours per year. If this is accompanied with dripped Nariwa water into the eyes, not only the eyesight will improve, a friend told me that the eyes will also become clear and bright. When he had red and swollen eyes, he dripped a few drops of Nariwa water every day; the redness and swelling were gone a few days later.

Also, I have a friend who works in the literary field, not long ago she overused her eyes and became very sensitive to light. She consulted many doctors and used lot of eye drops but they did not help. She had to put on sunglasses every time she went out. She could not even enjoy reading her favourite books. I ran into her one day and realised the seriousness of her condition. I heard Dr Lai mentioned before that a person with cataract was cured after using freshly squeezed wheatgrass juice as Dr Lai said that fresh wheatgrass juice has nourishing effect on eyes. So, I suggested to her, use eye drops to drip wheatgrass juice, at least three times per day (after juice is extracted from wheatgrass, it begins to oxidize), so use it within 20 minutes. I suggested that she drip 5cc per eye each time. It may hurt a little when the juice is dripped into the eyes, so take it easy. And she recovered within one week.

A Tradition of Healing

Mitchell May Ph.D.

In 1972, on a raining road, my life was changed forever when a speeding car slammed into the vehicle in which I was a passenger. The collision was so catastrophic that it took 45 minutes to free me from the wreckage, and I was left with many critical injuries. I sustained over 40 fractures, in addition to severe organ, nerve and muscle damage. Doubtful that I would live, and due to excessive injuries to my legs, the doctors insisted that my only chance for survival lay in amputating my legs, but I refused the surgery. Consequently, over a period of three months, one organ system after another shut down as infection spread throughout my body – my eyesight and hearing deteriorated drastically, and I was in unrelenting pain from the crushed and severed tissues in my legs.

Desperate to save my life, the attending physicians were willing to consider alternatives. Fortunately, I had been medevaced to the ULCA Medical Centre, where extensive research on energetic healing was occurring in the parapsychology lab under the direction of Dr Thelma Moss, and Jack Gray, an energetic healer participating in Dr Moss’s research, agreed to work with me. After three days of continuous healing treatments from Jack, my pain began to subside, and the healing finally began.

As Jack’s work with me continued, the doctors became cautiously hopeful that I might survive but, due to the extensive damage, they insisted I would never walk again and that my immune system, lungs, eyes, ears and other organs would never again function properly. However, I was determined to restore my health and regain the use of my legs, so I began my own unconventional healing program. The results were astonishing. My recovery made medical history when my body regenerated nerve, bone, muscle and organ tissues, which doctors had said would be impossible. My healing was so remarkable that it was documented and studied by medical researchers and featured in periodicals and documentaries.

The natural healing energies available to all of us were instrumental in my recovery. During the many months that I lay in Intensive Care, Jack guided me into deep healing states of consciousness. While in these healing states, I experienced exquisite, intricately formed geometric, molecular patterns pulsating in my mind’s eye. As my condition improved, my curiosity was piqued by the vitality of these shapes. I began to wonder if these powerful patterns could be found in nature and, if so, whether ingesting them would promote my healing.

Jack, Dr Moss’s lab staff and I gathered algae, greens, sprouts, herbs, and mushrooms from around the world to test my hypothesis. Although we utilised numerous emergent energetic technologies to evaluate the botanicals, we discovered that the Telsa-coil 200-pulse Kirlian research camera allowed us to capture the electromagnetic imprint, or life force energy, of these substances on film. For the first time, it was possible to visually demonstrate that the exquisite patterns I had experienced in my healing states did, in fact, exist in nature. What’s more, many of those plants emanating the greatest life energy were the very same herbs and other superfoods historically recommended by traditional healers for their potent restorative properties. To a man whose physical body had been almost completely destroyed, this was an unbelievably exciting discovery! As my colleagues and I continued our research, we found that the ways in which these precious botanical were grown, harvested and processed significantly impacted the potency of their life force energy. For example, organically grown plants had far more energetic vitality than conventionally farmed plants.

I began consuming these botanicals and superfoods in a specially blended formula that was created to support my healing and later offered this formula to other doctors – all of whom reported profound results. In doing so, I realised that nutritional healing is not just about vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and technology – it is about the life force inherent in whole, living foods, which is far more important and powerful than simple biology. Just as a robust, healthy human being possesses an ineffable vibrancy and life energy that is palpable, so do healthy plants. When we consume live botanicals that possess a strong, radiant life energy, we share in that radiance – their life energy becomes our life energy. I observed that our bodies possess a miraculous ability to heal and regenerate when we receive deep nourishment to feed our cells and innate life force. As my knowledge and understanding of healing principals grew, I became passionate about providing an opportunity for others to experience the healing benefits of superfoods and other botanicals in their own lives.

As my research continued over the next 30 years, this green superfood formula was perfected, and Tara Natural World (under the auspices of Dr Chiu-Nan Lai) is now offering it in their Bliss De Light superfood powder. Bliss De Light’s formula is uniquely balanced and deeply tonifying to the body and all its energetic and physical systems. All of its ingredients are traditionally consumed as food – in other words, they are most effective when the suggested serving size is used every day. When consumed in this way, they genuinely nourish the body at the cellular level so that it can function optimally to renew and regenerate. Thus, overall life energy (qi) as well as the endocrine, immune, neural, digestive and cardiovascular systems are strengthened and revitalised. I have found that Bliss De Light profoundly enhances well-being and regeneration in ways that isolated, synthetic chemical supplements do not. The reason for this is simple: Chemicals synthesized in a laboratory cannot replicate the life spark naturally present in whole foods. I believe it is this vital life spark, which allows our bodies to absorb and integrate all the known and unknown beneficial constituents found in living foods.

Because my research clearly demonstrated that most growing and processing techniques significantly compromise the energetic vitality and beneficial effects of botanicals, my growers and I developed many proprietary processes to enhance and protect the radiant life energy and nutritional quality of the plants. We also built an award-winning production facility that incorporates sustainable technologies and business practices. For example, the entire production facility is 100% wind-powdered. Our unique facility allows us to ensure that our ingredients and formulas are processed and packaged in a manner that provides the greatest possible protection for all the enzymes, phytonutrients, and other active constituents in superfoods and botanicals. What began as research for my own healing became a lifelong quest to understand the healing properties of superfoods and botanicals and the best methods to provide those substances to anyone seeking renewed vitality in their lives. The end result is nutritional products, including Tara Natural World’s Bliss De Light superfood powder, and Pure Radiance C (the only truly 100% natural Vitamin C), that fully capture the numerous life-enhancing benefits these precious foods and botanicals offer.

Cancer, Foe or Friend? A Personal Story

Lauana Lei

Finding Out

“Do you know you have cancer?” an American Indian Shaman asked me while we were walking in the desert in 1987. “Yes, that is possible,” I replied. “It had already been told to me by a perceptive good friend. A third person was to reveal the same thing within a few months. I really didn’t feel all that bad. Just worn out and tired from all the stress of a couple of jobs. (In retrospect, in looking at my own situation and working with many cancer patients at that time, it seems there is an innate similarity with cancer patients: that is – I really did not believe that this could happen to me. It is a denial of it at many levels.)

It was May 1988, and I had been asked to be a guest at an international conference near Prescott, Arizona as the “First Aid Representative in Natural Healing.” This is where I met Dan. Dan was a lawyer turned chiropractor because of his extraordinary gift of “feeling vibrational energy” and the ability to “see” into people’s body at a very early age in his life. He could use his gift “quietly”.

With some encouragement from friends, a session with Dan was arranged. He said, “Lauana, do you know that you have cancer?” This was the third time! I asked Dan, “I understand that you have the ability to ‘see’ into the body. Where do you see it?” Dan replied. “I see it in the throat, the breast, and in the liver. He proceeded to tell me what herbs and vitamins to take that would help.

By September 1988, circumstances began to change. There was pain in my body and my “world” was falling apart. So much money was being spent on health products, healing sessions, etc. there was not money left to pay the rent, so I had to move. A two-car crash happened, and my car was damaged severely, although neither driver was hurt, and I didn’t want to be a burden on my family (who lived out of state anyway). I began to wonder, where was this cancer coming from? Was there an emotional stress or mental factor in me that was creating or manifesting this condition? Why did I have repeated breast tumours again, and again? What was happening to me? I started to search for answers.

Causes and Symptoms of Cancer

We all know that cancer has been on an alarming increase (1 in 3 persons get cancer). We also know how it can be prevented! According to Jethro Kloss, the author of BACK TO EDEN, “Cancer has been related to chronic auto-intoxication, constipation, radiation, inactivity of all the organs of elimination such as the lungs, liver, kidneys, skin, and bowels. When there is improper elimination of these areas they become overloaded with toxins, then the poisons accumulate around the weakest organs or where the body  has been injured by a blow, fall, or bruise. The poisoning of the body has been caused by the use of improper foods, the use of tea, coffee, cola drinks, meat, liquor of all kinds, and tobacco in all forms. Some theories believe that a fatty diet is linked to cancer. Fats have been found to promote breast cancer in mice. Hormones are known to play a part in breast cancer and the current suspicion is that fats may over-stimulate hormone production or disrupt normal hormone balance.”

“Among the improper foods also, are meats of all kinds, especially pork, cane sugar and cane-sugar products; white flour products; white rice and all denatured foods which cause waste matter in the system. The life-giving properties and minerals are removed from much of the food that is eaten today due to the demineralisation of our farmlands. The life-giving properties of food keep the blood stream pure, and CANCER WILL NOT DEVELOP WHERE THERE IS A PURE BLOOD STREAM! (author’s bold and caps) Remember, cancer cannot live in a system where all the mineral elements are present.”

Since we Americans drink so much coffee and soft drinks, let’s take a look at what we are doing to ourselves. (By the way, when I had cancer, I was drinking between 8-12 cups of coffee a day.) In an excellent report from the Wellness Centre and Research Group in Portland, Oregon entitled, Effects of Caffeine, Oxalic Acid and Coffee Oils in Coffee and Cola Drinks, it states, “Dr Harvey W. Wiley, former head of the Bureau of Chemistry of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, once demanded that all cola drinks be labelled “Poison”. The report also states that equally bad effect of coffee with caffeine, and also the coffee oils, causing a problem by coating the cell membranes and preventing nutrient transport into the cell.

“CANCER STUDY IMPLICATES COFFEE AGENT”, is the headline of an article from United Press International, Washington, on June 18, 1982, and states that the results of a two-year study by the government shows a chemical commonly used in decaffeinated coffee causes liver cancer in laboratory mice! What are the symptoms of cancer? Mine was a sense of general fatigue and stress over a long period of time, which later developed into pain! Again, Jethro Kloss gives us a synopsis of some of the various symptoms of cancer. “Skin cancers often begin on the face, close to the nose, sometimes in the middle of the cheek, behind the ear, or below the ear, and maybe on other parts of the face or neck. The skin becomes rough and develops into an open sore, which gets worse and worse. Lip cancer is caused usually from smoking or from tea drinking. Sometimes cancer comes inside the mouth.”

Jethro Kloss adds, “Many cancers start in the stomach. The victim thinks it is merely indigestion. As it progresses, there is experienced sharp, cutting pains. After eating there is great pain and nausea, followed by vomiting. Often a brown, coloured matter is vomited up. Constipation, sleeplessness, and a feverish condition are usual. There is a general wasting away, and finally death. Frequently the cancer is in the rectum, causing great distress at the stool. Sometimes the liver is cancerous, causing pain in that region and general debility. Cancer of the female organs is very prevalent, manifesting itself in the form of a fibrous tumour, sometimes as a tumour on the side of the uterus, as a sore on the mouth of the uterus, or as a cyst in the ovaries. Cancer of the breast is very common, and there is often cancer of the female organs when there is cancer of the breast. Frequently cancer begins in the bowels, or it may appear in any part of the body. There are also other causes and manifestations of cancer.’

I certainly had some of the symptoms: the constipation, sleeplessness, tumours, and heat emanating from the breast with sharp, shooting pains. I did a massive cleaning on myself with detoxifying herbs, colonics, carrot juicing plus other juices, cranial and lymphatic massage, kinesiology testing for specific remedies, amounts, and therapies, clay packs, colour therapy, frequency therapy, liver ‘flushes’, enzyme therapy, mineral therapy, parasite cleansing, and of course, I did a complete revision of my diet. It was during one of my colonics that the colon therapist told me what the cancerous tumours looked like. She said, “I call the cancerous tumours ‘fuzzy-wuzzies’ because they look like dark fuzzy balls with ‘feelers’ sticking out from them.” When we saw them passing through the clear colonic tube coming out of my body, I came ‘unglued’ and literally sobbed. I was seeing it with my own eyes and could no longer deny it!

Emotional, Mental & Spiritual Cancer Causes

Parallel with the physical cleansing, there was an emotional and mental cleansing, plus some very important spiritual support (and meditation) that was incorporated in the program. The emotional cause of the cancer in my own case was “holding in grief”. For others, it is often repressed anger.


Visualization and imagery also played a part. Dr. Bernie Seigel (MD), attending surgeon at Yale-New Haven Hospital and clinical professor of surgery at Yale Medical School, believes in mind over cancer! According to an article entitled Mind Over Cancer, in PREVENTION magazine, March 1988 issue, his therapy practices include an unconventional method of using imagery techniques. He says, “Patients who get well when they are not supposed to are not having spontaneous remissions. They’re experiencing self-induced healing.” He says in the article that survival of cancer has as much to do with the mental attitude as the extent of the disease.

There are some wonderful books on positive thinking related to health. One of them entitled, You Can Heal Yourself, by Louise Hay, states the cause of wrong thinking that creates disease in the body and the affirmations to correct it. The same book speaks of cancer as the result of “deep hurt, longstanding resentment.”

Deep or secret grief eating away at the self. Carrying hatreds. She suggests the following affirmations: “I lovingly forgive and release all of the past. I choose to fill my world with joy. I love and approve of myself.” She lists the various diseases with the specific emotional-mental causes. Another book to check out is: Your Body Believes Every Word You Say by Barbara Levine.

Environmental Causes

According to the World Health Organization, “it is estimated that up to 85% of all cancer cases are the direct result of exposure to environmental factors.” (author’s bold). (Taken from a NEWSWEEK article published January 26,1976.) The article goes on to state that cancer may be “a man-made disease.”

Dr. Samuel S. Epstein, an environmental toxicologist at Case Western Reserve University Medical School, states that cancer growth rates have nearly tripled since 1900 andrelates that it may be due to “the introduction into the universe of potent chemical agents which are largely untested for adverse public-health effects.” The environmental factors of cancer producing elements stated in hundreds of newspaper articles reveal the tremendous amount of chemicals, radiation, nuclear, ELF waves (extremely low frequency waves), etc. to which we are exposed every day.

Among the environmental hazards associated with cancer are chemical and industrial hazards. According to the New York Times Service, NY in an article in the Arizona Republic on Friday, October 11, 1974 entitled, Cancer Epidemics Feared Unless Environmental Substances Are Controlled, states “that the thousand or more substances in the environment cause 60 to 90 percent of the nearly 700,000 cases of cancer in the United States each year.” That was in 1974? What about the present day!

One of the biggest sources of chemicals is chlorine in water. “Chlorinated Water Causes Cancer”, is the topic of an article in Christ is the Answer, October, 1977 issue. Another source on this subject, Dr. Michael Alavanja, an assistant professor in Environmental Health and Epidemiology at Hunter College in New York found in his study that chlorinated water is a major cause of cancer throughout the United States. “Those who drink water in which chlorine has been added run a 44% greater risk of dying from certain types of cancer than those who use non-chlorinated water, according to a new U.S. government funded study.” To further substantiate the hazards of our drinking water, Joseph M. Price, M.D. has written a book entitled, Coronaries/Cholesterol/Chlorine. He says that, “tap water is blamed for ½ million deaths each year in America. An insidious poison in each glass of the municipal water system responsible for so much suffering and death in modern time is CHLORINE.” Another substantiation of unsafe drinking water: Ralph Nader’s 114 page report of January, 1988, reveals, “In spite of the Safe Drinking Water Act of 1974, 97 carcinogens, 82 mitagens, 28 acute and chronic toxic contaminants and 23 tumour promoters have been detected in the U.S. drinking water since 1974.”

In my own case of cancer, I had not focused on the environmental causes until sometime later. With all the regimen above, the cancer expelled from my body within four months. It wasn’t until much later that I was made aware of the heavy toxic chemical and metal load that had broken down my whole immune system. The testing was done from three different sources in Las Vegas, in California, and a separate blood sample sent to a laboratory in Colorado which resulted in finding a heavy load of dioxin, mercury, aluminium, cadmium, arsenic, chlorine and copper. (For information on this part of my story, how I found the right kind of clay to remove the chemicals and metals, how it works, and much more, ask for the free article by the author entitled, Simple Clay Bath Saves $2,000 by Lauana Lei.) I know that if the metals and chemicals had not been removed, the cancer would have definitely returned. CHEMICALS AND METALS ARE ONE OF THE MAJOR UNDERLYING CAUSES OF IMMUNE SYSTEM BREAKDOWN. I believed in it so much that I have generated a company to formulate the many different types of clay baths for detoxification specifically for assisting in the removal of heavy chemicals and metals.

During our company research, we have compiled a Chart of Diseases, which correlates the specific diseases with the specific chemicals and metals that have caused them. The chart also includes our many sources of information, wherein we are using both alternative sources and medical sources like Harvard Newsletter and the American Medical Association

The Cancer List (from the Chart of Diseases) for metals and chemicals are:

Bladder Cancer Benzene, coal combustion products, tobacco smoke, chlorine in water
Bone Marrow Cancer Benzene, Radiation
Brain Cancer Vinyl Chloride
Cervix Cancer Synthetic Estrogens
Hodgkins Disease Pesticides, Toxic Waste Sites
Kidney Disease Lead, Chloroform
Larynx Tobacco Smoke
Leukaemia Radiation, Arsenic, Industrial chemicals in drinking water
Liver Cancer Arsenic, Vinyl Chloride, Chloroform
Lung Cancer Arsenic, Asbestos, coal combustion products, chemical called Benzo-a-pyrene, Ionising Radiation, Nitrogen Dioxide, Ozone, Asbestos, Fluoride, Nickel, Tobacco Smoke, Cadmium, Arsenic, Nickel, Radioactive Materials, Synthetic/Chemical Drugs, Asbestos, Radon
Mouth Cancer Tobacco Smoke
Nasal Sinuses Cancer Nickel
Other Cancers Fluoride, Radiation, Lead
Peritoneum Asbestos
Pharynx Tobacco Smoke
Prostate Cadmium
Respiratory Enviro Toxins, Poly Nuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbons, Dioxin, Lead, Fluoride, Nickel
Skin Cancer Arsenic, Radiation
Stomach Cancer Nitrites, Nitrates, Hexavalent Chromium, Cadmium, Asbestos
Thyroid Cancer Radiation
Uterus Cancer Synthetic Estrogens
Vaginal Cancer Synthetic Estrogens


The chart also suggests the type of specific clay bath formulas to assist you in the safest and quickest way that I know of in removing these toxic metals and chemicals NATURALLY and inexpensively.

Cancer can be your friend? Yes! It was one of the greatest things that happened to me! It was a terrific teacher! I learned so many different ways of healing. My choice was the natural and alternative way which opened a whole new and fascinating world. The percentages of survival, in the research that I found, were far greater with alternative methods than with standard medical.

It is now twelve years later, and time and health have revealed the answers. So many miracles occurred; a greater trust in the “unknown” and spiritual realms was gained and many unheard-of modalities were experienced. Since I had nothing to lose – all of them were tried. A greater compassion for those who are ill and what they are going through was gained. Yes, I had to sell my car to stay alive. Yes, I tried many different things, and some did not work. Yes, the metal and chemical removal is not the whole answer, but a major one that is often overlooked! Yes, I did parasite-cleaning, virus cleansing, etc. along with immune boosting programs. Yes, many times I wondered if I would survive because of detoxifying too fast – and then learning how to neutralise the toxins. No, it was not always fun. No, it doesn’t need to take forever to get well. But it is most important to know that THERE ARE ANSWERS. If the desire to get well is strong enough and there is an ability to be “open” to other ways of healing, wonderful things can happen. Cancer taught me that it is an attitude – not to be feared, but to know there is a way to address it, like a cold or flu. We need to cleanse the body, emotions, mind and spirit, then the body has the magnificent ability to heal itself. Cancer showed me that there are many levels to be healed! It can be a friend when a person uses it as a superb teacher! Just ask, “What is this trying to teach me?”


The Spiritual Growing Up: My Steps Towards Inner Peace

As I looked about the world, so much of it impoverished, I became increasingly uncomfortable about having so much while my brothers and sisters were starving. Finally, I had to find another way. The turning point came when, in desperation and out of a very deep seeking for a meaningful way of life, I walked all one night through the woods. I came to a moonlit glade and prayed.

I felt a complete willingness, without my reservations, to give my life – to dedicate my life – to service. “Please use me!” I prayed to God. And a great peace came over me.

I tell you it’s a point of no return. After that, you can never go back to completely self-centered living.

And so, I went into the second phase of my life. I began to live to give what I could, instead of get what I could, and I entered a new and wonderful world. My life began to be meaningful. I attained the great blessing of good health; I haven’t had an ache or pain, a cold or headache since. (Most illness, you know, is psychologically indeed.) From the time on, I have known that my life work would be for peace – that it would cover the whole piece picture: peace among nations, peace among groups, peace among individuals, and the very, very important inner peace. However, there’s a great deal of difference between being willing to give your life and actually giving your life, and for me fifteen years of preparation and inner seeking lay between.

I was not far down the spiritual road when I became acquainted with the psychologists refer to as ego and conscience, which I call the lower self and higher self, or the self-centered nature and the God-centered nature. It’s as though we have two selves or natures or two wills with two contrary viewpoints.

Your lower self sees things from the viewpoint of your physical well-being only – your higher self considers your psychological or spiritual well-being. Your lower self sees you as the center of the universe – your higher self sees you as a cell in the body of humanity. When you are governed by your lower self you are selfish and materialistic, but insofar as you follow the promptings of your higher self you will see things realistically and find harmony within yourself and others.

The body, mind and emotions are instruments which can be used by either the self-centered nature or the God-centered nature. The self-centered nature uses these instruments, yet it is never fully able to control them, so there is a constant struggle. They can only be fully controlled by the God-centered nature.

When the God-centered nature takes over, you have found inner peace. Until that time comes, a partial control can be gained through discipline. It can be discipline imposed from without through early training which has become a part of the subconscious side of the self-centered nature. It can be discipline undertaken voluntarily: self-discipline. Now, if you are doing things you know you shouldn’t do and don’t really want to do; you certainly lack discipline. I recommend spiritual growing – and in the meantime self-discipline.

During the spiritual growing up period the inner conflict can be more or less stormy. Mine was about average. The self-centered nature is a very formidable enemy, and it struggles fiercely to retain its identity. It defends itself in a cunning manner and should not be regarded lightly. It knows the weakest spots of your armor and attempts a confrontation when one is least aware. During these periods of attack, maintain a humble stature and be intimate with none but the guiding whisper of your higher self.

The higher self has been given many wonderful names by religious leaders, some calling the higher governing power the inner light, or the indwelling Christ. When Jesus said, “The kingdom of God is within you,” he was obviously referring to the higher self. In another place it says, Christ in you, your hope of glory, the indwelling Christ. Jesus was called the Christ because his life was governed by this higher governing power.

When I talk about my steps towards inner peace, I talk about them in a framework, but there’s nothing arbitrary about the number of steps. They can be expanded; they can be contracted. This is just a way of talking about the subject, but this is important: the steps toward inner peace are not taken in any certain order. The first step for one may be the last step for another. So just take whatever steps seem easiest for you, and as you take a few steps, it will become easier for you to take a few more. In this area we can really share. None of you may feel guided to walk a pilgrimage, and I’m not trying to inspire you to do so. But in the field of finding harmony in our own lives, we can share. And I suspect that when you hear me give some of the steps toward inner peace, you will recognize them as steps that you also have taken.


I would like to mention some preparations that were required of me. The first preparation is to take a right attitude towards life. This means, stop being an escapist! Stop being a surface liver who stays right in the froth of the surface. There are millions of these people, and they never find anything really worthwhile. Be willing to face life squarely and get down beneath the surface of life where the verities and realities are to be found. That’s what we are doing here now.

There’s the whole matter of having a meaningful attitude toward the problems that life may set before you. If only you could see the whole picture, if you knew the whole story, you would realize that no problem ever comes to you that does not have a purpose in your life, that cannot contribute to your inner growth. When you perceive this, you will recognize that problems are opportunities in disguise. If you did not face problems, you would just drift through life. It is through solving problems in accordance with the highest light we have that inner growth is attained. Now, collective light we have that inner growth is attained. Now, collective problems must be solved by us collectively, and no one finds inner peace who avoids doing his or her share in the solving of collective problems, like world disarmament and world peace. So let us always think about these problems together and talk about them together, and collectively work toward their solutions.

The second preparation has to do with bringing our lives into harmony with the laws that govern this universe. Created are not only the worlds and the beings, but also the laws that govern them. Applying both in the physical realm and in the psychological realm, these laws govern human conduct. Insofar as we are able to understand and bring our lives into harmony with these laws, our lives will be in harmony. Insofar as we disobey these laws, we create difficulties for ourselves by our disobedience. We are our own worst enemies. If we are out of harmony through ignorance, we suffer somewhat; but if we know better and are still out of harmony, then we suffer a great deal. Suffering pushes us toward obedience.

I recognized that there are some well-known, little understood, and seldom practiced laws that we must live by if we wish to find peace within or without. Included are the laws that evil can only be overcome by good; that only good means can attain a good end; that those who do unloving things hurt themselves spiritually.

These laws are the same for all human beings and must be obeyed before harmony can prevail.

So, I got busy on a very interesting project. This was to live all the good things I believed in. I did not confuse myself by trying to take them all at once, but rather if I was doing something that I knew I shouldn’t be doing I stopped doing it and I always made a quick relinquishment. That’s the easy way. Tapering off is long and hard. And if I was not doing something that I knew I should be doing, I got busy on that. It took the living quite a while to catch up with the believing, but of course it can, and now if I believe something, I live it. Otherwise, it would be perfectly meaningless. As I lived according to the highest light I had, I discovered that other light was given; that I opened myself to receiving more light as I lived the light I had.

Interference by Electromagnetic Field Within The Home

Rachel Tseng

This was a week to rejoice. My friend had bought a gauss meter that measures extremely low frequency (0 to 500 mG) electromagnetic field (EMF). I borrowed this device, and immediately began to measure EMF levels in the house, dormitories, areas where children play, garden, and supermarkets that I regularly visit. Although I have learned quite a fair bit about EMF through my translation work, the results from my EMF detection exercise were very alarming. I believe you will be interested in knowing these rather informative findings. Before I proceed with my findings, let me provide some background information about EMF.

Background on EMF

Electromagnetic field is a blanket term for electrical and magnetic fields. The electric field is a measure of the electric force a charge object can exert on other objects entering its field. When our body gets close to a television set or computer monitor, our hair may stand on end because of the presence of static electric fields. Magnetic fields arise from the movement of electric current and vary directly with the strength of the electric current. The unit of measurement of magnetic field intensity is the oersted (Oe) or ampere/metre. What we generally refer to as magnetic field relates to magnetic flux density, measured in tesla (T), gauss (G), or milligauss (mG). The unit of measurement used in this article is the mG.

We use 60 Hertz power supply in our homes and workplaces. This power supply simultaneously creates electrical and magnetic fields. When an electrical appliance is connected to a power point, a small amount of EMF is created. When we turn on the appliance, the EMF level is significantly raised. Note that our exposure to EMF is drastically removed by moving away from the electrical appliance (EMF strength is inversely related to the square of the distance from the source). Hence, we should be concerned about areas where we stay for an extended period of time, or about appliances used at close proximity that we cannot avoid using. However, be particularly mindful of the strength of external sources of EMF. EMF from high-voltage power cables can extend to several hundred metres. Note that EMF measures vary depending on the time of the day. At peak electrical usage, EMF from electrical wires can be as high as that of high-voltage power cables.

Research generally highlights the harm caused by magnetic fields, which can penetrate almost any object. Electrical fields, on the other hand, can be blocked by many objects, including houses and trees. However, recent research also points out the harm to one’s health caused by electrical fields. My current empirical findings relate only to magnetic fields, as the gauss meter measures only magnetic fields and not electrical fields.

How high must magnetic field be before it influences our health? In 1995, two large Scandinavian childhood epidemiological studies investigated common ailments among children. They found that magnetic fields increase the risk of children contracting cancer (particularly, lymphoma, leukemia and brain tumours). This risk increases exponentially from 2mG onwards. According to an article by Dr. Kjell Hansson Mild, Dr. Barry Wilson, and Cindy Sage (an EMF consultants), long-term exposure to magnetic fields of 3mG strength increases the risk of getting cancer by 53%; this risk goes up to above 600% for exposure between 4mG to 5mG. Research also points out that certain household appliances can cause cancer: electric blanket, black and white television sets, hair dryers (as used on children; no evidence with respect to use on adults), and certain models of electrical heaters.

In actual fact, long-term exposure to over 1mG of radiation can cause interference to your health. Dr. Lai told me that during the period she stayed at a place where the magnetic field was 1 to 2mG, she received no inspiration at all and could not write any article. She had to resort to going into the deep mountains to write her essays, and eventually moved house. Nonetheless, do you know that the magnetic field readings that I detected far exceed these numbers?

Evidence on magnetic field levels in our surroundings

  • The electric meter is a source of high magnetic field. The reading directly in front of the electric meter exceeded 100mG. Take care if you have a meter directly outside your room. The reading directly on the wall behind the electric meter was 8mG and was 1 to 3mG (depending on electrical usage at time of measurement) for the chair and bed directly behind the electric meter. Be aware of the magnetic field on the bed, as this is the place, we generally spend the most time (in the day, we tend to move from place to place that vary in their magnetic field). Furthermore, our own energy fields tend to be weaker at night. Imagine how big the impact is if you are sleeping in a high magnetic field bed!

You can see that having a bedside stereo system is not a good idea. I detected readings as high as 100mG on a typical radio, above 150mG on a CD player, and above 130mG on an electric alarm clock/radio clock.

The electric alarm clock is particularly harmful because it emits red LED numbers. In principle, keep electrical appliances away from your bed.

  • Around the double bed in my friend’s bedroom, I detected readings of 0.2mG on one side of the pillow and 0.6mG on the other side. I then found that on the side that had the higher reading, the reading on the adjacent wall was 7mG, originating from the electrical wiring within the wall.

My friend’s mother was concerned about the relatively high magnetic field readings in her grandchild’s room and asked that we re-assess the readings in her room. She turned on the light for us to assess, and we found that the reading on the wall adjacent to the head of the bed was now higher at 5mG. We measured other parts of the room to find a better place to locate the bed and found that readings taken earlier that were originally low were now higher. We then took readings of the standing halogen torchiere lamp and found that the readings were high only at its top, and at the knob controlling its brightness. Once a distance was kept from the lamp, the readings went down. In fact, there was no significant reading on the seat near the lamp. However, because the halogen torchiere lamp was one that consumed large amounts of electricity, it caused the magnetic fields around the wiring on the wall to increase. When we turned down the intensity of the lamp, the reading on the wall beside the bed also went down, even though the lamp and the bed were on opposite sides of the room.

This incident shows that the use of energy-saving appliances is not only environmentally friendly, but also has direct positive influence on our health.

  • My friend complained that she did not sleep well at night. We found two large electric heaters in the room next to her, and close to her bed. The heaters are often put in the children’s room to warm up the room during cold weather. However, a small electric heater can generate magnetic fields up to 200mG and above.

The air-filter also generates considerable magnetic fields. Avoid using it when there are people in the room or place it in a spot furthest from you.

Air conditioners also consume large amount of electricity. Keep your bed and chairs at least a meter away from the air conditioner.

  • Microwave ovens emit exceedingly high magnetic field. It is different from other appliances in that even if not in use, the magnetic field on the control panel can reach 30-60mG; when in use, the level reaches over 200mG.

Microwave leakage under 100mW in these ovens (compared to 5000mW for older models) is considered to be within “safe limits”. However, these limits far exceed the new limit of 0.001mW established by scientists. In addition, Hanna Kroeger reminds us that microwave leakage is particularly harmful to male’s reproductive system, and boys should specifically keep away from these microwave ovens. The energy of the food cooked by microwave ovens is low (the height of wheatgrass grown using microwaved water is only half that grown using boiled drinking water). Scientists have also discovered that the radiation can be transmitted from the food to the human body. When you eat microwaved food, you are exposing yourself to microwave radiation.

Therefore, you should stop using the microwave oven.

  • The electric motor is a source of high magnetic field. In the kitchen, the refrigerator emits high magnetic field, particularly when it is cooling down and makes a humming noise. Then, the heat discharge system at the back or bottom of the refrigerator radiates magnetic field 10 to 100 times higher than normal (the reading is 1-9mG at the front of the refrigerator, and up to 300mG at its back).

If the refrigerator is not efficient, the humming noise will be long and loud. Dr. Lai shares the following observation: if you use a vacuum cleaner to remove the soot and dirt on the heat discharge system (once every few months), this will improve the efficiency of the refrigerator and reduce the home’s magnetic field.

  • The stove ventilator (used to remove oil fumes) in the kitchen is another source of magnetic field, but it is one that cannot be easily avoided. If the manufacturer can design the device so that the motor is placed further and deeper into the wall, the housewife will be less affected. On some stove ventilators that I tested; the reading exceeded the maximum reading on the gauss meter (more than 500mG). In the area facing the housewife’s head, the strength of the magnetic field can reach 10-50mG.

The electric stove poses another similar problem. The higher the temperature, the greater the power consumption, and the higher the magnetic field. You can use the back burner to slightly reduce exposure to the magnetic field. If you have a small kitchen, and simultaneously use the stove ventilator, electric stove and microwave oven, with the refrigerator beside you, imagine the amount of magnetic field that you are exposing yourself to!

We should feel sorry for the housewife who has to spend long periods of time in the kitchen. However, the microwave oven can be discarded, the electric stove replaced with a gas stove, and the use of the stove ventilator can be avoided if we eat raw food and cook food with less oil.

Small appliances can discharge very alarming magnetic field. My blender had readings of over 500mG (some electric shavers and electrical toothbrush have similarly high levels of radiation). The use of different motors makes a difference. More powerful or cheap low-quality motors have high radiation levels. You can consider moving away from the appliance after you have turned it on.

If your family has the habit of gather around an electric stove to have steamboat during winter, you may want to give it up. The electric stove emits high magnetic field (over 500mG).

Interference by Electromagnetic Field Within The Home (Part II)

Rachel Tseng


It is generally not possible to detect changes in the electromagnetic fields (EMF) of light bulbs, because the filaments at both ends are next to each other and thus neutralizes the EMF. However, the EMF in fluorescence tubes is very high because their filaments run from one end to the other end of the tube and current passing through vibrates at high frequency. Thus, you should take precautions if the fluorescent tube is located near your head (e.g., where the ceiling is low, or where the table lamp uses the fluorescent tube). My neighbour’s bathroom has a fluorescent lamp located above the mirror. The head of the person standing in front of the mirror is about 1.5 feet away from the fluorescent lamp and is exposed to about 1.5mG of EMF.

Another type of lamp does not use the fluorescent tube, but it has a large, heavy base. The EMF detected for this type of lamp is also high, and it may be because there is an adapter inside. I have such a lamp in my home, and I detected EMF as high as 450mG behind the lamp base. In such a case, you should plan to remove the lamp unless you have a large table. I also have earlier discussed the halogen lamp – this lamp has high energy consumption, and also raises the EMF in the house.

I use spectrum light bulbs and tubes in my house. These are energy-efficient, lasting, and good for the eyes. My friend changed all her lighting within the house to those using spectrum light, and her electricity bill fell from US$50/US$60 to under US$20. She later installed an electrilizer (a device that reduces EMF interference; see previous issue of Lapis Lazuli Light magazine), and her electricity bill further fell to US$7! Remember that you can save electricity while making the home environment healthy.

EMF of anti-mosquito lamps can exceed 500mG. If you sit beside such a lamp, the EMF approximates 3mG.


Adaptors emit high EMF that can exceed 300mG at its source, but the EMF quickly decreases to 1mG one foot away. An interesting finding is that, once, after we had measured the EMF emission of the television set, we tried to determine the distance away from the television set before a safe EMF level was reached. We found that the EMF reading decreased as we moved away from the television set, but that it went up as we got near the sofa set. We later found out that an adaptor (used for the answering machine) was plugged into the power point behind the sofa set. If you sit on the sofa located right before the adaptor, your kidney would be exposed to over 6mG of EMF.

The adaptor used in electrical organs also emits high EMF. If you play the organ right in front of the adaptor, the EMF reading can reach 10mG. I have detected EMF readings as high as 200mG near the adaptors of fish tanks, and a reading of 2mG even when a fish tank is separated by a wall. Even adaptors for electronic dictionaries are no exception, so it is best to keep a safe distance from all adaptors.

Although it should be common sense to keep a safe distance away from television sets and computers, many parents still allow their children to play in front of such equipment, or to watch television programmes at close range. Remember that growing children are more susceptible to the harmful effects of such EMF emission. An effective method is to stick red tape approximately 3 feet away from the television set. This serves to remind children about the minimum safe distance they should sit when they watch television programmes.

If your computer table is too small and you are very close to the monitor, you can consider moving the table forward a little, and shift the monitor backwards. Some people place the CPU unit between their legs (so that it is easier for them to insert or take out their diskettes/CDs). The CPU of my computer emits over 4mG of EMF (and gets higher closer to the back of the CPU). Thus, it is safer to keep the CPU as far away as possible. There are generally a bunch of cables and adaptors below the computer table – these should be kept away from your feet.

Electrical power points in the house could be with some EMF even if no electrical appliance is connected to it. This is because EMF emission associated with electrical cables within the walls is susceptible to the usage of electricity elsewhere. For example, we detected EMF of over 1mG at bedtime for the unused electrical power point next to our bed, but the reading drops to 0.4mG when we turned off the electricity mains (Main Circuit Board). In fact, the electricity mains control meter emits EMF of over 50mG and can influence EMF of the surrounding areas (including the rooms behind the mains).

The telephone set does not emit high EMF, but some phone receivers emit EMF of over 3mG. Among all types of telephones, the mobile phone emits the highest EMF and harms oneself and others. In terms of EMF emission, cordless phones are worse than regular phone sets. Of course, it is best to use speaker phones because we do not need to hold the receiver-speaker against our ears.


During the day, the EMF in my house is about 0.4mG, but doubles by 7pm. We live in a two-storey apartment, and the residents’ electrical cables are connected and can influence EMF emission in each other’s apartments. Furthermore, electricity usage peaks at night when everyone returns home, and this can lead to higher EMF emission at night.

I also detected two areas of high EMF emission within the house. One area has EMF emission levels of 3 to 6mG. It lies on the center of the toilet floor and stretches to the walkway. Another area lies on the floor beneath the kitchen sink, where EMF readings are between 1.5 to 3.5mG. I believe that this is due to the underground cables on the ground floor. Even after the electricity mains are turned off (leaving only the ones connected to the refrigerator), EMF readings at midnight or early dawn still hover between 1 to 4mG. Yet another possible explanation for these relatively high EMF readings is that the earth wire sends excess current to the ground to avoid power surges or fires. However, it can also send the current to the metal water pipes, which causes the water pipes to be sources of EMF.

Underground cables cause problems not only for residents on the ground floor. People residing in high rise apartments could also be affected. In my husband’s office, the floor beneath his desk has EMF readings of up to 12mG (the office below is a classroom that does not have special equipment). Although his desk does not have a computer, the EMF in the area above his chair is about 3mG, which is due to the electrical cables below his office.

My friend stays in a second-floor apartment. His ceiling has EMF emissions of 40mG, which is due to the electrical cables, or the central air conditioner located above. On his bed, the EMF is 4mG, a direct influence of the high ceiling EMF emission.


A year ago, one of my friends found out that she had terminal cancer. When I visited her, I used a gauss meter to measure the EMF emission on the way to her house and the reading was around 1mG. My friend’s apartment was next to a road that had high power cables running along the roadside. When I reached her apartment’s parking lot, the EMF reading was over 1mG. Aside from some electrical appliances that had high EMF emission, the average EMF in her apartment was about 1.5mG (note that this was noon time, so the readings at night should be relatively higher).

We measured the EMF on the ceiling and floor, and even switched off the power mains. Still, the readings remained. Because she spent a large amount of time practicing qigong in the small neighbouring nature reserve, we also measured the EMF there. The reading was close to zero. When we got to the road, the reading was 1mG on the side without the cables and became increasingly higher as we approached the side with the cables. The reading directly below the cables was 4.5mG. We finally found the answer to our question.

The high-power cables beside her house are a source of high EMF radiation. She lives by the second apartment block next to the cables. The area by the first apartment block continually had EMF of 2mG, and I wondered about the health conditions of those staying in that block. Nowadays, an increasingly large number of people contract cancer, and there is a connection between EMF emission and the growth of cancer cells. Hence, I suggested that she moved to another apartment in the hope that she will recuperate once she moved away from the source of the EMF emission.


EMF has high penetrative power, so do not ignore its influence on adjacent rooms, or that from upstairs or downstairs. Many electrical appliances have their wirings at the back, so EMF emissions are highest there. Thus, be careful about areas directly behind sources of high EMF emissions (even if these are separated by walls). The bed of my neighbor’s child had an EMF reading of 1.6. We later found out that this was because the adjacent master bedroom had a television set which was turned on, and this television set was directly behind the child’s bed. A friend’s desk was situated directly behind the wall separating a refrigerator. The reading on the desk was between 2 to 7mG.

Another similar finding related to my neighbour living in the apartment directly above mine. I had two three-foot long fluorescent tubes turned on, and detected readings of over 50mG on the floor of my neighbour’s dining area (located right above the fluorescent tubes). This may also be due to the fact that the apartment complex is old, and the cable insulation is worn out.

Sources of EMF can mutually increase, decrease, or neutralize each other’s radiation. This complicates the measurement of EMF.


EMF emission can unobtrusively rob us of our creativity and intuition and can interfere with our biological functions. In a world that continually seeks improvement and convenience, it is clear that environmental protection, energy conservation, and a return to nature are the means to ensure the future of the earth, as well as our health.

Ear Acupuncture Point Therapy


I am a retired technician, who has a weak body and suffers from many illnesses since young. To improve my system, I self-studied Chinese medicine. Later, I happened to hear of Chinese physicians using ear acupressure point therapy to treat illnesses, and with incredibly effective results. This aroused my curiosity. I studied by buying books, learning and applying at the same time. Just as taught in the books, when people suffer from illnesses, the related acupoints on the ear would generate positive reaction; for instance, a change in the colour of the skin, change in shape, develop rashes, skin peeling off, flushing of blood vessels, etc. I began to observe the ears of friends around me. After many experiments and proofs, my confidence increased greatly, I decided to begin action. I used a raw Chinese herb (王不留行米子) which regulates blood circulation and dissipates blood clots or I used half a green bean, or other types of Chinese herb pellets to place on a piece of porous plaster which allows passage of air. I pasted it on various acupoints on the ear which reacted positively. I then pressed the “bead” with my hand to stimulate the acupoint to achieve the aim of regulating the meridian.

The first occasion was in 1990 when I was hospitalized with coronary heart disease. The heat in my body was unbearable, with a needle-like pricking pain deep in the neck. The fever would not subside. Suddenly, I thought why not try applying the ear acupoint therapy. On the lung acupoint of both ears, I pasted one “bead” of the Chinese herb as mentioned on each ear. When I applied pressure to the “bead”, a gush of heat in my body flowed from the left lungs downwards, suddenly the pain in my neck disappeared. This was the first time I experienced the effects of ear acupoint therapy.

In 1991, a friend of mine, Guo, had stomach ulcer, I pasted the Chinese herb “bead” on the pancreas acupoint of both ears. After applying pressure to the beads for a few minutes, she let out ten over burbs. On the second day, her appetite resumed.

On the Christmas of 1997, I attended a party where I saw my good friend Mdm Chen resting on the sofa with her eyes shut. She was feeling so giddy that she did not wish to open her eyes. As there were no props then, I could only use my fingers to apply pressure on the liver and other related acupoints for several minutes. After a while, she was up dancing again.

Last year, while attending a puja in Los Angeles, Mdm Jin was feeling giddy and unable to move. Upon checking her ears, I realized that her heart was weak, with hormonal imbalance and poor digestion; I immediately pasted the “beads” on the heart, stomach and hormonal secretion acupoints on her ears. When applying pressure to the “beads”, she suffered great pain. However, shortly thereafter, her symptoms were less severe. Later, there was another person who complained of a splitting headache, eyes blackout, sleepiness. I pasted the “beads” on her heart acupoint and adrenal gland acupoint. When I applied pressure to her heart acupoint, I could feel her blood vessels pulsating strongly. I knew that her blood circulation had been improved.

Thereafter, there was a nun with an uncomfortable stomach, lower backache and pain on the foot base. Through observing her ears, I noticed (unusual) positive reactions on her stomach and kidney acupoints. When I applied pressure to her stomach acupoint on her ears, she was in great pain.

In Chinese medicine theory, a person will not feel pain if there is no blockage in meridian and will feel pain if there is blockage in meridian. If the acupoint on the ears feels painful, it shows that it is related to the respective areas of illness and organ systems. The more painful during treatment, the more effective the results. After sometime, the nun felt a gush of heat flowing through her stomach, and she kept saying “OK, OK”. When I applied pressure to her kidney acupoint, she felt a gush of heat flowing towards her legs. Immediately, her back did not feel sore, neither did her legs feel painful anymore. There was a monk who was a chant master for years, and he often felt discomfort in his throat. I pasted the Chinese herb “bead” on his lungs acupoint and throat acupoint, at the same time applying cupping therapy to the heart chakra on his chest. Twenty minutes later, the area around the heated suction glass turned dark red, indicating poor blood circulation in the lungs, with some blood clots. Soon after, his throat and lungs felt much comfortable.

As I suffer from coronary heart disease, whenever the cold winter approaches, due to poor blood circulation, my hands and legs often feel ice cold, often triggering heart trouble. Since mine is an old ailment, whenever I feel a stuffy chest, short breath, pain in the right shoulder, or tightening of the muscles around the throat, regardless of whether I am cooking or out shopping or mountain hiking, I would immediately use one hand to apply pressure to the heart acupoint, thereafter let out several burbs. This shows that applying pressure to the heart acupoint improves blood circulation, the symptoms of coronary heart disease slowly reduce, hence learning ear acupoint therapy is really helpful to ownself and others.

Pondering Over the Chemotherapy Treatment

Liao Ruozhu

Despite the general high standard of living towards the close of the twentieth century, there still exist too many potential time bombs of disasters-in-waiting. ‘Quick Fix’ styles become part of the ‘busy and blind’ way of life, disrupting our otherwise peaceful lives with worries in parallel with shadows of the two world wars. The shortsighted consumer mass turns a deaf ear to the cries of a wise few, frequently allowing it to drown in the vigorous flow of the mainstream. Consequently, pesticides and fertilizers move from the battlefields into the farms; damaging tranquilizers and leniently allowed into homes as domestic cleaners; harmful preservatives and additives conquer the food industries unchecked.

Ralph W. Moss Ph.D., in his book “Questioning Chemotherapy” wrote about the predecessor of “killer-chemicals”; chemicals warfare weapons, which has made in-roads into the medical field; emerging eventually as an important medical tool. The book took a brave stand to challenge systematically the need of and safety in the administration of chemotherapy to patients.

Medical publications and other media have been publicizing chemotherapy as the savior of cancer patients. The general public has been subtly educated to accept that the only reliable process of terminating cancer is by way of surgery, chemotherapy and followed by radiotherapy. Other methods are considered non-effective, unacceptable and even harmful. Dr. Ralph consolidated information (both for and against the use of chemotherapy) to help the reader to understand the inside story of power and politics in the medical profession at various levels. He also differentiated between myths and facts. All speeches and written articles were dated, identified and vetted, thus providing a complete and carefully verified source of information, which serves to discourage undesirable misuses or misquotes as well as ignorant blind followers.

Credit of improved survival rate of cancer patients does not attribute to chemotherapy and radiotherapy as stated from the medical field’s statistics. If we bring out and compare those published and unpublished medical reports, the scenario is not so optimistic.

In order to produce inspiring results, the medical authority intentionally or unintentionally select healthier patients for tests and reports with cautious sentences. For example, a drug that can cause a tumor to shrink is considered effective within limits. However, looking at the whole picture of the patient’s condition, effectiveness in this aspect may not mean the patient is saved. Shrinking the tumor at one place may create other more serious problems elsewhere or the shrinkage may be temporary, however it might expand uncontrollably in future. Unfortunately, many reports prefer to mesmerize on local results, and we don’t get to read the future follow-up reports anymore. Besides, temporarily subsided tumors after chemotherapy is described as ‘cured’ although the patient dies from it later.

On the other hand, modern medicine has refined the definition of the stages of cancer. Condition is considered improved after one course of chemotherapy treatment and the next in order is expected to follow. This procedure generates hope for the doctor and the patient as well as the patient’s family. However, granted the limitations of all the assumptions, the most important test procedure is not disclosed; that is, the Direct or Indirect Evidence to prove the effectiveness of a chosen treatment course. Doctors and patients are selected randomly to form at least two experimental groups for comparison purposes. Although there are constrains in applying to chemotherapy case, test is never conducted according to the procedure. Therefore, even if there were improvements in the survival rate of patients, credit cannot be attributed to chemotherapy and radiation alone.

More efficient advanced equipment can accurately diagnose early stages in cancer. At the same time, we must not forget the other important aspect, that of progress in medical hygiene and healthcare knowledge. The writer does not dispute the contribution made by chemotherapy. He devoted many pages to describe professionally various degrees of success in some rare cases, although the more commonly seen cancers are not in this category.

The book also mentioned that in America, the ‘market share’ dominated by chemotherapy is certainly not within the imagination of laymen. Costs of medication per patient alone range from US$7,000 to US$75,000; without even considering the cost of hospitalization or bone marrow transplant, which may be anywhere between US$60,000 and US$200,000. In America, the world’s biggest producer, every manufacturer has royalties. Many senior staff members in hospital organizations are listed on the board of directors of pharmaceutical manufacturers. These manufacturers are also strong supporters and avid sponsors of medical journals and periodicals as well as periodically organized seminars. The history of patient attorneys well controlling its medicine’s entire development began when after the 2nd World War, the leader of U.S. Army Chemical Warfare Service was chosen as the first head of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.

Many patients who needed only surgery initially now require chemotherapy and radiation follow-ups preferring to ‘over-kill’ as defense strategy. Like in a cocktail, variety of drugs are combined in chemotherapy treatment. We all know that cancer cells can develop resistance against the drugs, ironically, many of these are deadly drugs. We’ll realize the potency of these drugs by observing the precautions that medical personals have to undertake in their handling procedure. However, medical personals are frequently subtle when explaining the possible side effects to patients. Some patients who perform chemotherapy treatment by themselves at home do not fully understand that these drugs are health hazards and may unknowingly pollute public waters or endanger the lives of family members.

The Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center has conducted a nontoxic cancer treatment on cancer patients with very positive results but was cover-up. Dr. Ralph discovered and reported about it and was sacked for doing so. Henceforth, he was determined to collect nontoxic cancer treatment therapies from all over the world and succeeded in having them published. In his opinion, the present-day American medical mainstream discriminates and even eliminates other natural treatment therapies even though they may be successful. Without giving patients the option to choose alternative treatment and suppressing related information, the medical authority is violating the patients’ rights to freedom of choice and knowledge. Life is not just surviving, there must be quality in living before humanity can shine through.

After reading his book, I deeply appreciate the author’s great love for humankind and his vast trove of medical knowledge. I am touched by his tremendous courage to unveil the secrecy that shrouds today’s medical practice, allowing us to have a clear vision of our direction of choice at the most critical times of our lives.

Removal of Kidney Stones with Lemon Juice

Guan Bei Fen (Shanghai)

Episode 1

My elder sister (age 58) was admitted into The Fourth People’s Hospital in the Hong Kou District in early March 1998. Tests revealed that there were stones measuring 5mm in diameter on both sides of the kidneys. Present in the biliary tract duct was also a stone measuring 17mm across. As a result, my sister suffered intense pain. I received the phone call from my sister at 3pm and rushed to the hospital to assess her condition before hurrying to the market to buy lemon, honey and some other accessories. Early next morning, I told my sister to drink lemon juice and to take the juice of 6 lemons a day. At home, I prepared some vegetables (kelp, soybean sprout, etc). The main food is wholemeal bread. Only 70% of the appetite is satisfied each day. In addition, supplements consisting of 1 glass of carrot juice, 1 fruit, sugar cane and a bottle of kidney tonic soup (*1) was taken. During daily visits at the hospital, I scrubbed her back with a dry towel until the skin became red.

Her doctors had initially planned to remove the stones by invasive surgery. However, the patient felt intense pain during urination on the third day… a kind of lingering tenderness that was rather unbearable. I understood this symptom to be the result of stones being discharged through the urethra. I followed up by giving my sister apple juice for the next three days. Doctors who ordered an X-ray in preparation for the surgery, were surprised to find the kidney stones missing. They dismissed the issue as a mistake made during my sister’s admission to the hospital.

Two days later, i.e., after 8 days to hospital; doctors ordered a scan of the urethra to find out whether the stones have gone into the urethra. The result was negative. That night, my sister started a natural therapy for removal of gallstones (*2) with her again, resulting in the stones being discharged with the bowel movement. The hospital performed a total of 10 scans, which revealed no traces of the kidney stones. Since no stone was discovered and my sister patient was in good condition, she was discharged from the hospital. All money deposited with the hospital in anticipation of the surgery and hospital charges were refunded.

After being discharged from the hospital, my sister made a special effort to continue drinking lemon juice to cleanse the liver. The duration of each therapy duration was 10 days and she completed 2 treatments. She would drink lemon drink diluted with water as a normal beverage and has since been in good health.

*1 please refer to the book titled “Make A Healthier Choice” for details

*2 please refer to the book titled “Pursuit of Life” by Dr Chiu-Nan Lai for details

Episode 2

There was a 77-year-old lady who shared the same room with my sister during her stay in the hospital. She was suffering from kidney stones and the doctors advised her to undergo surgery to have the stones removed. I shared the experience with her and persuaded her to try the removal of kidney stones with lemon juice remedy, 4 lemons a day. The old lady gladly undertook the challenge. Next day, the pain subsided substantially, and she was able to get out of bed to move around. By the third day, the old lady was able to walk out of the hospital and there was no need for surgery anymore. She continued with the remedy at home. Her family was surprised by the effectiveness of such a simple method! Thanks to Dr Chiu-Nan Lai for publishing this in the Lapis Lazuli Light Magazine periodical.