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The Natural Therapies That Have Greatly Benefitted Me (Part I)

Shen Xin

On January 9th of this year, I read a short article titled More Painful Than Pain “比痛更痛” from the entertainment section of the Liberty Times (自由时报), the author narrated that due to improper first-aid administration after a car accident, the little coin-sized wound on her instep was infected which was complicated by honeycomb-like tissue inflammation. The wound later festered to the extent that the bone was visible. She had to go through the flesh-scraping procedure, and it took her half-a-year to recover. After the surgery, she spent two years to care for her health. And due to too much intake of antibiotic, she became very weak and easily caught a cold. The author specifically advised everyone that even for a small wound, one ought to carefully take care of it. After I read this article, all sorts of feelings welled up in my mind, I was thinking, what is the most effective, simple, convenient and economical method for avoiding infections? This has urged me to write this article to share with everyone my recent experience and other highly beneficial natural healthcare therapies that have greatly benefitted me.

In December 2004, the day before I returned to Taiwan from India, I stayed in Bangalore, the place that has become a big high-tech city in India. The prices for goods and services in the city have skyrocketed. The day before, we had given a lot of tips to the attendant who helped us carry baggage, and the whole group was down to our last penny, so we decided to carry our own baggage when we checked out the next day. But this old motel had a very tiny elevator. I was concerned with the huge amount of luggage and that our group might occupy the elevator for a long time, which meant other guests might have a long wait. In my haste I became careless, the side wheel of my luggage hit my toe, and it started to bleed immediately. I saw that the entire toenail was pried upward, and I was in excruciating pain. I quickly placed the toenail back to its natural position and made use of the natural first-aid products for anti-inflammation, anti-swelling and anti-infection that I had brought with me. I first applied the Australian “Wild May” tea tree oil that has been exposed to and absorbed the essence of heaven and earth. Then I sprinkled some goldenseal root powder over it and wrapped it with a few pieces of OK bandage that I requested from the motel (and discharged the negative energy using a pendulum). Then I went straight to the airport. The Indian driver thought that given the condition of my wound, I should have it treated at the hospital. But I was full of confidence. Over these years, the various natural healing therapies introduced by Dr Lai and the Lapis Lazuli Light have sufficiently provided me and my friends and relatives with good applications in our daily living. Thus, for these years, my medic-care card only shows a few records of dental visits.

Given the fact that I am usually careless, I have experienced lots of injuries from cuts, scratches and knocks, and I have always treated my wounds in this way. With these experiences, I know that high-quality tea tree oil is very effective for treating cuts, insect bites, burns, scratch, skin infections, inflammation around fingernails, sore throat (for colds, use it for steaming nose and throat).

Once a friend of mine was having vagina infection, she douched with a ratio of 1cc (essential oil):250cc (mineral water), she recovered only after a few treatments. So, this is one healthcare product that I always carry with me. Whereas goldenseal roots powder is a very good medicine for bleeding, anti-swelling, and anti-inflammation. Sometimes when I do not have enough sleep, I have swollen gums or mouth ulcers, the pain and swelling are gone very quickly after applications. After I returned to Taiwan, I stopped using the OK bandage; this way the wound is aired and would recover quickly. In the beginning, I just used cotton and gauze to lightly wrap around the wound. One week later, I did not even need cotton and gauze anymore. I just wore socks and found that this way the wound healed even faster. So, the swelling stopped soon, and I was no longer in pain. The toenail clung back to my toe and totally recovered in two weeks.

Long-sightedness is Gone

While I always had good eyesight, I began to have trouble reading the small prints in newspaper a few years back since I crossed the threshold of 50. I have heard many friends from Lapis Lazuli Light talking about the amazing effect of the natural vision spectacles on short-sightedness, long-sightedness and astigmatism; now then it was my turn to experiment it myself.

First, pick a book that has printing of words that you can no longer see clearly. Wear the spectacles and read the book for half-an hour once in the morning and once at night. At the beginning stage, you will see double visions; try to move the book slightly to get the correct focal length; when you begin to see the words clearly, you may begin to adjust the focal length. For kids, explain to them that when they begin to read words that they were unable to see before, that is the time to begin adjusting the focal length. Perhaps parents can use this method to test if their children are adjusting correctly. After about a month since I started wearing the natural vision spectacles, I was able to read words in the newspaper even without the spectacles. Now, every year I need to wear the spectacles for adjustments for about half a month to one month. But to me this is worth it because I feel that in wearing ordinary spectacles, the degree of long or short sightedness will only increase, while the natural vision spectacles only take about 30 hours per year. If this is accompanied with dripped Nariwa water into the eyes, not only the eyesight will improve, a friend told me that the eyes will also become clear and bright. When he had red and swollen eyes, he dripped a few drops of Nariwa water every day; the redness and swelling were gone a few days later.

Also, I have a friend who works in the literary field, not long ago she overused her eyes and became very sensitive to light. She consulted many doctors and used lot of eye drops but they did not help. She had to put on sunglasses every time she went out. She could not even enjoy reading her favourite books. I ran into her one day and realised the seriousness of her condition. I heard Dr Lai mentioned before that a person with cataract was cured after using freshly squeezed wheatgrass juice as Dr Lai said that fresh wheatgrass juice has nourishing effect on eyes. So, I suggested to her, use eye drops to drip wheatgrass juice, at least three times per day (after juice is extracted from wheatgrass, it begins to oxidize), so use it within 20 minutes. I suggested that she drip 5cc per eye each time. It may hurt a little when the juice is dripped into the eyes, so take it easy. And she recovered within one week.