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Dr. Lai’s Mailbox


Chiu-Nan Lai, Ph.D.


Some time ago, my menstruation stopped for about six months. I went to the hospital for a check-up and the doctor said that it was polycystic ovary syndrome. He prescribed some medicine for me, and assured me that my menstruation will return ten days after taking the medicine. Indeed it did. But I wonder if western medicine is too strong? After this incidence, I adjusted my lifestyle and mentality (primarily, I used pendulum to dowse food before consumption), and started taking Chinese medicine. Consequently, my period became more stable, but based on my Basal Body Temperature Chart, the Chinese physician said that there was no ovulation!

Today, I read a book that mentioned about vegetarian diet stopping ovulation, but this is very contrary to my views. The amount of protein in soy milk is high, and it is easy to consume too much daily. Hence, I would like to ask Dr. Lai:

Your personal views on how vegetarianism affects ovulation? (I am a vegetarian and I feel that all sentient beings have parents, so how can I eat them? I am also afraid of forging unpleasant relationships with the living beings.)

I am currently taking Chinese medicine, is there still a need to take motherwort from organic shops?

Respectfully from a serious student


For some people, their bodies needed time to adjust to a change of diet. Sometimes, irregular menstruation or temporal menopausal may happen. This may be due to insufficient body fats. You may like to supplement with appropriate amount of nuts and seeds, such as sesame, sunflower seed, walnut, etc. Generally, soy products tend to be ‘cold’, so it is not recommended to eat too much, especially for women with ‘cold’ constitution. You may change to eating black beans and chickpeas. Sesame oil is also ‘warming’ in nature. Try to choose organic food because chemical toxins also affect hormone secretion. If your home or office is recently renovated and toxic materials were used, these might also affect ovulation. Apart from these factors, it is also important to consider electromagnetic waves and microwave interferences. There were many whose menstruation turns regular and period pain relieved after a change to natural vegetarian diet. Some of them were even able to conceive and give birth. So does vegetarian diet affect ovulation? It depends whether one is eating appropriately, hence it cannot be generalized.

If you have a trusted Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioner who prescribes for you, you do not need to take motherwort. Basically, TCM practitioners prescribe suitable medicine based on your physical condition. Ideally, from time to time, the prescription is adjusted according to your condition.



My son accidentally fell off a building when he was four years old, resulting in brain injury. He is now 25 years old and has to take three tablets every morning and night to control his epilepsy. I would like to know what we could do about his lifestyle and diet in order to improve or prevent his conditions from worsening. Would you describe more about brain injury patients with epilepsy and how to take care of their health?


People with brain injuries may take Hawthorn Sea Minerals. Nick was injured in a car accident and suffered from headaches for seven years. He recovered after taking Hawthorn Sea Minerals. (Please refer to Lapis Magazine, August 2006).

Enzymes can also repair old wounds. Take 3 to 5 tablets (dowse for quantity) between meals. It is not necessary to take that amount for too long, maybe try for a week. Normal consumption is one tablet along with meal.

Of course, young people should avoid cell phones and wireless internet. Take natural vegetarian diet. And take anti-electromagnetic measures. These are ways to help patient’s condition from deteriorating.

If epilepsy is not caused by brain injury, it may be due to parasites and will need to de-worm. In such cases, it is much effective to supplement with probiotics (friendly bacteria).



May I ask, under what conditions do we take Chinese medicine such that it will not damage our health? Does regular consumption of traditional Chinese medicine damage the liver and kidney? 


There is a Chinese saying, “Food nourishment is better than medicinal nourishment.” Nourishment through food is a long-term approach for good health. Appropriate short-term use of drugs may be effective, but it is not suitable for regular use. There are Chinese medicines that are ‘gentle’ in nature, like food, given based on the patient’s constitution, and must not be used wrongly. Presently, many Chinese medicines on the market are not wild-grown or cultivated through natural farming, so the properties of the medicine have changed. And there may be pesticide residues. In addition, they may have been treated or preserved by sulphur, and regular consumption harms the liver and kidney. Learn to use local wild herbs, they are the freshest.



What is the difference between tapping with chopsticks and tapping with the hand?


The hand has qi, and has energy. The effects will be better than using chopsticks. The hand is also softer.



I have read some articles commenting that exhalation should be longer (duration), while others said that inhalation should be longer. In actuality, which should be longer and how much longer?


When we are discharging foul air from the lungs, exhalation should be longer than inhalation. If it is for nourishment, inhalation should be longer than exhalation. When we relax, our breathing is slow and long; it should be natural and not contrived.



Is it alright to use induction cooker for cooking?


You may test the induction cooker yourself. Compare the water boiled by the induction cooker with water boiled by other fuels. Check the impact they have on plants or sprouting, and observe the differences. Water is the source of life. If the appliance does not destroy the water structure, it will not harm the living organism. Microwave-boiled water makes plants grow poorly, so we should consider its effect on humans.

Originally published in Lapis Magazine (Feb 2011)

Dr. Lai’s Mailbox


Chiu-Nan, Lai, Ph.D

Question: I am your loyal reader. Recently I bought a pendulum for dowsing. It turned out that when my family checked my energy, it was negative. But when I measured myself, it was positive. Why is there a difference? The crown chakra was what we measured. Is that right? How can we transform negative energy into positive energy?

Answer: Due to the interference of electromagnetic waves (mobile phones, wireless internet access, base stations, cordless phones, etc.), the energy of many people’s crown chakras flows in reverse direction (counter-clockwise). If you dowsed under a fluorescent light or next to an energy-saving light, you may also be disturbed. So consider this factor when testing your dowsing accuracy. When you are dowsing and if the energy of the crown chakra flows counter-clockwise, the result will be opposite of what it is supposed to be. This means positive energy is measured as negative energy and negative energy is measured as positive energy. When the crown chakra is disturbed, so is one’s ability to make judgment, and one tends to make the wrong choice. Before dowsing, check your own energy first. Put one hand on the crown, use the other hand to dowse. If the pendulum does not move, it means the energy is balanced. If it is counter-clockwise, it means it is discharging negative energy and clockwise means supplementing positive energy. When the pendulum stops moving, the energy is balanced.

A simple way to transform the energy of the crown chakra from counter-clockwise to clockwise is to visualize a sun on top of your head. To ensure that the crown chakra is spinning unhindered, do the qi-harmonizing exercises daily. (Please refer to Dr Lai’s Health Tips).

Take measures to protect yourself against electromagnetic waves. Recently, I found a very good method. “The King of Glorious Sutras called the Exalted Sublime Golden Light” mentions about the names of the four Luminous Lightening Kings of the four directions. Writing their names at their corresponding directions at home would protect harm from electricity. I have tried it and the energy of the house increased by sevenfold. The names of the Kings can also be written on a piece of paper (size of a name card) in their corresponding directions, carry with you when you go out. At home, the name of Eastern Luminous Lightening King faces the East and the name of the Western Luminous Lightening King faces the West etc. The four directions and the names of the four Luminous Lightening Kings are as follow:



West East

East ~ Aghana

South ~ Satadru

West ~ Cyutaprabha

North ~ Sutamani

If you have experienced terror and sadness, it would close down the heart chakra and thus reduce energy flow. Which in turn would make you susceptible to the interference of pollution. After balancing your qi, inhale light into your heart chakra, exhale darkness and do the shaking exercise.

Thank you for raising this question.


Question: After a medical check-up, I discovered that I have hyperthyroidism. The doctor recommended radioactive iodine therapy, but I will have to be on medication for long-term to control the situation. Is there any other way to solve the problem?

Answer: Thyroid is vulnerable to pollution, whether the pollution is from water or environment, drug or pesticide residues in food. Contamination from electromagnetic radiation can cause thyroid dysfunction. Take care to protect yourself from pollution, especially those pollutions that you are in frequent contact with. In addition to this, eliminate toxins from the body. Liver is the organ that filters pollution, and needs to be cleansed regularly. Use the Apple Juice – Liver and Gallbladder Cleanse (for details read Andreas Moritz’s “The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush”) on a regular basis until no stones are discharged. After that do the liver and gallbladder flush every six to eight months.

Thyroid belongs to the throat chakra which is the door to self-expression. Any repressed expression would interfere with the throat chakra. Use various methods like colour visualisation, deep breathing, painting and singing etc. to ease the repressed energy. Inhaling light and exhaling foul qi is also a good method. If there are sounds or words that you want to speak out, just let it out.

The throat chakra and the base chakra have a reciprocal relationship. Use the method taught by Dr Mitchell May to activate the base chakra. Swing the coccyx front and back several times and do it few times a day. Shaking-off exercises can also help balance the whole body.


Question: Recently I heard of people in their thirties or forties suffering from cancer. Why do these seemingly healthy people get this disease? What should we pay attention to?

Answer: Energetic youngsters do not think about taking care of the body. They wilfully indulge in eating and drinking, overworking and living an irregular life. Working people nowadays face the computer all day long, sitting under fluorescent light and being exposed to air-conditioning. This unnatural lifestyle will cause problems sooner or later; cancer is one example.

For prevention and recovery of cancer, pay attention to a few general rules:

1.Maintain a normal body temperature. The body temperature of ordinary cancer patient is 0.5to 1 degree Celsius below normal. If the temperature is increased by one degree, the immune function and enzyme activity would increase greatly. Thus heat therapy is a very effective treatment. Avoid eating cold things, especially cold desserts. Avoid sleeping in an air-conditioned room, as the pores are open when sleeping and the cold qi will invade the body. To discharge the cold qi, the preparatory step of Waidangong can help warm up the body and discharge the cold The Wutaishan 8-Step Exercise is also a warming exercise. Hot foot bath can warm up the body, and rubbing the soles of the feet promotes blood circulation, warming up the hands and feet. Another method of warming the body is soaking in an oil-bath. If oil-bath is not available, just soak the feet. [For information on oil bath, refer to Hui Gui Shen De Xi Ye (Note I)]. All pollutants, including electromagnetic waves would cause the body to “cool down”, so take note of what you eat, drink and see. Quiet time allows the nerves to relax, repair and is important in the maintenance of body temperature and your health.

2.Maintain the acid-alkaline balance of the blood. Cancer cells can only grow in an acidic environment. The diet must mainly be slightly alkaline-forming fruits and vegetables. Grains and beans become slightly alkaline after sprouting. Millet, quinoa and amaranths are also slightly alkaline even when not sprouted. All animal products, especially meat and seafood, are extremely acidic. Carbohydrates can also turn the body acidic.

Recently there was an educational film called Forks Over Knives” (forkssoverknives.com) showing that coronary disease, cancer and diabetes can be linked to diet. Part of the film talks about a nutritional biochemist Dr T. Colin Campbell, who made an important breakthrough in his research. Earlier when Dr Campbell was in the Philippines, his job was to supplement the protein intake of children. He noticed that the children from wealthy families had a higher incidence of liver cancer. At the same time he read a scientific research paper from India reporting that the incidence of cancer varied when mice were simultaneously administered aflatoxin and fed with a diet consisting of different percentages of casein. The group of mice fed with a diet containing 20 % casein ended with cancer whereas the group that had 5% casein did not have cancer. Dr Campbell replicated this experiment after he returned to the United States. The result was the same. In his next experiment, every three weeks, he replaced the high-protein food with low-protein and then low-protein food with high protein, only changing the percentage of casein. He was able to grow or eliminate the cancer. A high protein diet promotes the growth of cancer cells in the mice, whereas in a low protein diet, the cancer cells disappeared. Protein from plants does not promote cancer growth; this has the same effect on human. Vegetarianism is a very important element in the prevention of cancer.

3.Try your best to boost your energy and avoid an environment that would lower your energy. Earthing is the best way to increase energy. Walk in a natural environment and it is best to wear natural materials, especially underwear which is in close-contact with the body. Cotton, hemp, and wool are good. It is also best to use natural materials where one sits and sleeps. I noticed that the energy of the place where a very weak person frequently sat was in reversed direction (counter-clockwise). This caused the lower three chakras of that person to spin counter-clockwise.

When we are vigilant and pay attention to how the energy of the surrounding environment impact on us, we can prevent cancer, and heal ourselves of cancer.


Note I: The book “Hui Gui Shen De Xi Ye”, meaning “Return to the Bliss of the Body”, is available only in Chinese.

 The original Chinese article is published in the May 2012 issue of Lapis Magazine

Dr. Lai’s Mailbox


Chiu-Nan Lai, Ph.D.

Q: How would we know our missions?

A: When we were young, we had many ideals, dreams, or interests. We inherit our mother’s talents and our father’s interests. From these we can generally know our missions.


Q: I recently dreamt of a big fish tank, there were many very beautiful red fish. What does this mean?

A: Dream is our communication with our subconscious mind. If you often remember dreams, you can probably understand the meaning of dreams. Sometimes dreams also reflect our physical condition, and you would know only if you further inquire (internally).


Q: How can we recall what happened during the time when we were young or when we were a foetus?

A: Under normal circumstances, one cannot remember. It is only when one enters a deep relaxation (hypnosis), and then can one remember. However even if one cannot remember, one can use the eyes rotation method to clear some of the negative emotions.


Q: Visualisation ~ would you please give a more in-depth explanation?   How to visualize? In visualisation, when we visualise “light”, is it real, or is it just imagination?

A: What we see in dreams are activities of the mind. Visualisation is also activity of the mind. It has great power, not just imagination; you can practice from recollecting. When visualising light, we can remember the sun, the scene of a radiant sunrise. Not with the eyes but with your mind.


Q: What can one do if one cannot let go of the memories of past lives?

A: Memories that one is unable to let go are usually traumatic, it is necessary to use trauma recovery method: tapping, eye rotations, etc. One can also use blue light. It is also helpful if one can do some practical actions to enhance positivity.


Q: Dr Lai, the Penang Government has decided to make internet access of the whole Penang island a wireless one, how can we talk with the government?

A: There are more and more information on the harm of wireless radio-waves to the human body. There are many books and websites, beginning from LLL Magazines, the Chinese and English information at www.lapislazuli.org and www.lapislazulilight.com respectively. There are several articles (Chinese) in the LLL Magazine 2001 Issue No 4.


Q: Dr Lai, what is your view on Kuala Lumpur and Penang being cities with wireless internet?

A: This is a very unfortunate decision. It will harm the health of the residents, particularly the elderlies and young children. It will also cause anxiety and depression to the people. Many parents of people I knew suffered from cancer or stroke after the big city they lived in became wireless. Friends who returned to this city to visit their relatives felt that the emotions of their families/friends were very different from before. There is a feeling of depression.


Q: There is pain in the bones of the whole body (especially the shoulder), and the palm is feverish. May I know the reasons?

A: The electromagnetic waves, microwaves, mobile phones etc. in the environment.


Q: If the hands are sensitive, and when in contact with washing powder, dishwashing liquid and so on, blisters (which contain water or pus) develop. How can this be dealt with?

A: If the detergent and dishwashing liquid caused blisters on the hand, then they are not suitable to be used. Look for natural alternatives, such as bitter tea powder.


Q: When we breathe deeply, do we breathe through the mouth or the nose, or both?

A: Use the nose to inhale and exhale.


Q: When I dowsed my mobile phone with a metal chain, why does it turn clockwise?

A: The crown chakra of people who use mobile phones regularly may have already been turning counter-clockwise. That is why dowsing will react contradictorily. So before dowsing anything, dowse your own crown chakra first. If it is counter-clockwise, visualise a golden sun on the crown chakra, it can help align. Practising chakra breathing/harmonizing qi [Translator’s Note: refer to “Dr Lai’s Health Tips” page 55] can also help. After doing the breathing, testing will then be accurate. Dowsing under fluorescent light is also not accurate.


Q: In the United States, there is a young man called Adam who can heal patients telekinetically. What do you think of such therapy?

A: In the LLL Magazine, I had introduced Mr Harold McCoy who used the mind to do healing. The article entitled: “The Unexpected ….” The power of our mind is very strong. After being trained, it can heal sickness. In my book Hui Gui Xin De Xi Yue” ( 回歸心的喜悅 ), I introduced using the power of the mind to heal.

[ Article “The Unexpected” – December 2005 Issue of Lapis News ]


Q: How do you activate your compassion (love)? And how can we activate our own compassion and love?

A: Love is natural. It flows out naturally after we eradicate fear, insecurity, and sadness. The first step in activating love is to remove barriers to love, and recuperate from your own traumas.

Some methods of meditation can go in-depth to remove emotional barriers. Vipassana meditation is one of them. If we did not receive love when we were young, it is more difficult for us to give love. Therefore choosing loving parents is most critical. If you were not loved when you were young, you need to spiritually activate to connect with the source of love in the universe and also from within. I received love from my parents, so naturally would want to benefit others. After attending Vipassana Meditation, I also felt the natural source of joy of the universe. Joy and Love comes from the same source.


Q: In the modern living environment that is full of mobile phone transmitter, how can we offset the effects of radiation?

A: In our magazines, we have introduced a number of ways to protect against electromagnetic waves and microwaves. Lapis Lazuli Light published a translated book in Chinese “向電磁波.微波說不” . The last few pages of the Chinese version introduces methods using numbers, colours, peat moss, energiser, mantra and many other. Lapis lazuli (or cobalt blue) colour has a protective effect. On the roof or at the window facing a cellular phone transmitting station or high voltage tower, attach a lapis lazuli (or cobalt blue) paper or colour filter of approximately 8 by 10 feet.

[“向電磁波.微波不” – “Warning: The Electricity Around You May Be Hazardous to Your Health” by Ellen Sugarman, published by Miriam Press]


Translated from Lapis Lazuli Light Magazine 2011 May Issue