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Dr. Lai’s Mail Box


Chiu-Nan Lai, Ph.D.

Question :

Being a modern person, how do we maintain health? What should we look out for? Could you please state the main points?

Answer :

The living environment of the present day is far removed from nature, and is very different from the living environment of humankind in the past. Hence, to maintain health, one has to put in a great deal of efforts. One needs to learn and study constantly. Lapis Lazuli Light, has published magazines and books to provide new information continuously, in the hope of bringing benefits to everyone.

The following is a concise conclusion of 4 main points, for reference –

  1. Take clean natural food and drink purified water:
  • Choose organic fruits, grains, seeds and seaweed types. Supplement with fermented vegetables, avoid genetically modified or processed food products. If condition allows, one can grow or sprout one’s own food. Sources of soil supplement used in small amounts include rock powder and sea minerals. Water is the source of life. It should not be purified only materially but energetically as well. To rid the vibrations left by pollution, place a bipolar magnet with its north pole right under the water bottle. The needle of the compass will point towards the direction of the north, toward the north pole of the magnet.

Resources: Pursuit of Life, Dr. Lai’s Health Tips, Make A Healthier Choice etc

  1. Increase energy, detoxify and protect the environment:
  • Choose organic cotton clothing and use natural non-poisonous cleaning home products.
  • Supplement EMI, magnetized water, friendly bacteria, super nutritious supplements such as “Bliss De Light”
  • Avoid interference of radiation and frequencies. Adopt protective measures such as numbers like “#95*59# #535000*5#, mantras like OM MANI PADME HUM (write in a triangle, write in blue on white paper), use energy chips, peat moss, colourful oil essence and take oil baths.
  • Practise exercises that can increase energy, align energy, open the 7 Chakras, use different brain frequency breathing styles, Qi Gong (wai-dan-gong, swinging-hand, clap-hand), massage, etc.

Resources: Energy Medicine, Captain Jutta’s Remarkable Journey, Pendulum Dowsing,

Warning: The Electricity around you is hazardous to your health

  1. Clear trauma and negative memories, cultivate and increase warm and loving heart:

Eye rotation exercise, visualise blue light, emotional clearance techniques like EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), visual colour healing technique, soul and spirit detoxification, thought transformation, etc.

Resources: Ultimate Healing, Dr. Lai’s Health Tips

  1. Natural Healing:

Colour therapy, Energy Healing, herbs, frequency concoction, etc.


Resources: Let There Be Light, Techniques That Work for Me, Reclaiming Our Health etc

Translated by Singapore Lapis Lazuli Light.

Article originally published in Chinese in Lapis Lazuli Light magazine (May 2006 issue).

Dr. Lai’s Mail Box


Chiu-Nan Lai, Ph.D.

Q1. Are nightshade vegetables such as potatoes, tomatoes, eggplants and chillies suitable for pre-school children or can these vegetables be consumed in small portion? Are there any other nightshade vegetables that have to be used with care?

A1. Children may eat a small amount of potatoes, tomatoes or eggplants, but not too much, especially when the child is sick. Chilli is a stimulant, so it is better not to feed chillies to children. Perhaps, after the child turns 12, the child may choose to eat a little if he/she wishes.


Q2. For a child with overly sensitive body constitution, when supplemental food is added to the diet, what are the issues that we should pay attention to?   Will a change in diet improve the child’s overly sensitive body constitution?

A2. When a child withoverly sensitive body constitution begins to consume supplemental food, add one new item at a time and monitor the reactions. Another new item may be added only after a 3-4 days interval. Allergic reactions are due to insufficient friendly bacteria in the digestive system and weak liver functions in the child. On one hand, supplement the child with friendly bacteria – Life-Start; at the same time avoid food that may harm the liver, for example, deep-fried food, chemically grown food, processed food, etc. Also avoid eating too many varieties of food at the same time. Pay attention to food combination, for instance, high protein food and high carbohydrates food should not be consumed at the same time (Refer to Dr. Lai’s “Health Tips on Food Combination”).

In the meantime, pay attention to the child’s body attributes; whether it is “vata” type, “kapha” type, “pitta” type or “cold/hot” constitutions. Normally an allergic constitution is likely to be more of a “wind” type or a “cold” constitutions. In this case, eat less raw food and more cooked food, be exposed to reasonable amount of sunlight, exercise, be in touch with nature, avoid TV, computer, cell-phones and electrical appliances. Be especially aware not to educate the child too early and overexerting the brain.


Q3. Under what condition is the most suitable time to stop breastfeeding a child? Is it alright to let the child be breastfed until the mother runs out of milk? Based on the book “I Have Arrived”, is it better to stop breastfeeding between 9 to 10 months or does it depend on the condition of the mother and the child on a case to case basis?

A3. Normally breastfeeding stops around the age of one. If the mother has insufficient milk or is physically weak, then stop breastfeeding at an earlier time. But if the mother is physically fit and has lots of milk, the child may continue to be fed a little more milk, depending on individual cases. Sometimes the mother has to work or for some other reasons that it is inconvenient to breastfeed, then stop breastfeeding between 9 to 10 months is considered quite good.


Q4 My second child has very poor teeth. There are many horizontal yellow lines on the teeth and the teeth get decayed easily (in fact decay started when the teeth just started to grow). According to the dentist, this is caused by malnutrition during pregnancy. May I know what nutrition is missing and how to avoid such malnutrition?

A4. Nowadays, soil is generally depleted of minerals, only if the mother eats the “ideal” organic produce will she easily get all the necessary nutrients. The so called “ideal” organic produce means that rock powder and calcium are added to the soil. If only organic fertilizer such as cow dung is used, there is still a possibility of insufficient mineral, yet the vegetables will grow well. If possible, take supplements such as Bliss Delight, kelp, dark leafy greens and rock powder. Rock powder may be consumed by human. Add rock powder to drinking water; let the rock powder settle to the bottom, then drink the water on top.

It is best for the mother-to-be to eat natural food, avoid white rice, white flour, white sugar and all refined snacks. Also avoid meat, fish or seafood. As for grains and seeds, supplement with a suitable amount of black sesame seeds, brown rice, millet, barley, etc.

Insufficient “qi” in the child’s kidney may be another cause of problem on the quality of teething. Avoid all kinds of stress: electromagnetic waves, chemical pollution, emotional stress, etc. Look at good things, listen to good things, think of good things. In your home and to carry on your body, pay attention to protecting yourselves from electromagnetic waves, for example, using the house energizer, peat moss pad, dark blue colour filter, and so on.


Q5. When my child was about 3 years old, he visited his grandparents’ home in the outer island. The next day he had flu symptoms but he still played outside the house for the whole day. On the second day, the flu was gone, but on the third day, the flu came back again and this happened repeatedly. Since then, he has been having flu symptoms for a while every morning after he wakes up. If he eats peanuts, nuts, chocolate or larger amount of food made from beans or milk like cakes, or food that contains preservatives, the sneezing and running nose will last a long time. Sometimes there is also coughing. I would like to know if the repeated flu would weaken the bronchial system and lead to allergic rhinitis or is it a side effect of infection. Or is it what western doctors generally refer to as a genetic factor? If he cannot consume nuts over a long time period, should he take any other food for supplements?

Other than these, one week after my child was born, he went through the “New Born Child Screen Check”. He was prodded by needles for many times for blood drawing. It took several tens of needle prodding before the blood collection was completed. My baby cried piteously and struggled until he “knocked off” (as if he was in a shock) and was awaken by more prodding. Could Dr. Lai please advise how we can help him release this trauma?

A5. Regarding the part on traumatic experience, you may adopt the “lightly patting entire body” method to release the trauma. (Please refer to the November, 2000 Lapis Lazuli Light Chinese Magazine).

For cold catching, taking an oil bath may help to expel the cold (the steam bath or moxa stick that are popular in Taiwan also have the same effect). As for the causes to the child’s body constitution turning weak, there are many possibilities. In addition, the global environment is highly polluted nowadays, so it is difficult to pin down the cause. Perhaps there is a cell-phone tower close to the grandparents’ house, because coughing is one of the symptoms of microwave interference.

As for allergy to nuts or seeds, try using “local” products for replacement, maybe sesame seeds, sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds, sprout them first, then make into milk beverages for the child, that should solve the allergy problem.


Q6. My daughter has been on a vegetarian diet since young. Because of her small build and being thin, all the adults feel that she is not up to the standard or what they consider as “plump” or “strong”. Including my parent-in-laws and other relatives attribute it to malnutrition because she does not consume meat or fish. Dr. Lai, what is your opinion in handling these comments?


A6. Children who eat meat are not necessarily plump. I know of some children who love meat and do not eat vegetables but are very thin. This is because protein is not a good source of calorie, and it takes more calories to digest meat. In the US, there is a group which promotes a weight loss diet that consumes a large amount of high-protein foods. People did lose weight from this diet, but their kidneys were all harmed. Children in the US had a ten-pound average weight increase over the past ten years, which brought the concerns from the medical field because this is an indication of abnormal state of health and signs of aging. The reasons that children in the US become fat are that the soil is impoverished, so the food grown lacks minerals; additionally, eating refined food and high-fat food have also led to obesity. Macrobiotics researchers all discovered that people and mice that live a long life eat very little. The most effective method for longevity is to eat little and not over eat. Whether a child is plump or thin also has to do with the diet the grandmother ate when she was pregnant with the child’s mother. If the grandmother did not have a balanced or sufficient nutrition, it may affect the quality of body constitution of the third generation, and the child may tend to either become fat easily or be tiny and thin. Therefore, as long as one eats a balanced diet, has sufficient fat, minerals, carbohydrates, vitamins, etc, not to worry if the person is plump or thin.


Q7. A pediatrician recommended that fluoride tablet be taken by children before bed to protect their teeth. Is this safe?

A7: That is poisonous and must not be taken. (please refer to fluoridealert.org/50-reasons.htm for more information)

Translated by Yih Pin Tang.

Dr. Lai’s Mail Box


Chiu-Nan Lai, Ph.D.

Letter From A Malaysian Reader        

Q: Four or five months ago, I suddenly discovered that the dark birthmark on the right side of my waist turned much lighter. And the complexion around the birthmark turned white. Two white patches occurred on my right leg and they are expanding now. I am afraid that the patch might expand to my face because many of my friends have such problem: there are pieces of white patches on the face, as well as other parts of the body.

A: I have asked dermatologist about this problem. He said it was the skin “depigment” caused by the destruction of melanin producing cells, which was the result of the dysfunction of auto immune system. And this problem could not be cured. Meladinine and protopic cream could be used for treatment. But this caused skin hypersensitivity. So my questions are as follows:

(1) What causes this disease?

(2) How to prevent and cure this disease?

(3) How to prevent further aggravation?

I’ve checked the medical book. The condition most similar to your case is “vitiligo” . In such case, the cells, which produce melanin in certain locations, are attacked by the auto immune system with unknown reason, leading to white patches. Generally speaking, one third of people with such disease have something wrong with their thyroid gland. In addition, people with diabetes, pernicious anemia, Addison’s disease or sun-burned skin tend to have such problem. Sometimes, this disease would be automatically cured by the body itself. This is not a severe disease. But it will cause psychological discomfort. Additionally, the white patch is easy to get burned by the sun and it needs protection from the sun.

Illness on the immune function is a disease of the whole body. It is closely related to the nervous system, problems of blood pH and the functions of liver, spleen and thymus. In particular, an article in the August 2006 issue mentioned the maladjustment of neural system, which is caused by microwave, can lead to the dysfunction of immune system. Thus, protection from electromagnetic-wave and microwave needs special attention. The article “Take care of your liver, protect your environment” in the February 2006 issue provides many methods. When the liver functions well, the blood can nourish all cells, including melanin producing cells. Skin is exposed directly to the outer environment and thus is easiest to be injured by chemical pollution, electrical pollution and excessive ultraviolet radiation. When the body fluid is depleted, the body is easy to get hurt by the sun. Among all food, the wild or naturally cultivated fresh vegetables, fruits and seeds contain antipollution nutrient ingredient, which can nourish the body fluid, enrich the blood and protect the body. Currently, chemical fertilizer cultivation cannot supplement trace element and thus there is a lack of trace elements in the food. Therefore, it is very essential to appropriately supplement with sea vegetables and wild plants from the forests, so that the body can get what it lacks and regenerates quickly.

Recently, I have introduced low salt concentrated sea minerals from an Australian farmer to my friend, who recovered within just to weeks and he can grow vegetables now. His friend had Parkinson’s disease. After supplementing with the above mineral for only one week, his mouth didn’t tremble any more and he could sleep well in the night. We have introduced the relationship between AIDS and selenium in the articles. In the areas where there is enough selenium, the incidence of AIDS is very low.

The diseases caused by the environment need care in every way. These problems cannot be solved by a simple folk remedy.

Only through thoroughly practicing the approaches, which we have introduced in recent years, to health care and environmental protection, can the various strange diseases be prevented and overcame.


Extracted from Lapis Lazuli Light Magazine 2006 Aug Issue

Translated by Lapis Lazuli Light Singapore

Dr Lai’s Mailbox

Dr Lai’s Mailbox

Dr Chiu-Nan Lai

Question: How serious is the impact of contaminated water on people?

Answer: Water has an incredible influence and whether it is good or bad, it can amplify the influence. Electromagnetic waves and microwaves can turn the energy of water counter-clockwise. If the energy of the water in the pipe is negative, it can influence us tremendously. Attach the Water Magnetizing Energy Enhancer or Ancient Light Crystal to the pipe. By doing this, it not only purifies the energy of the water in our home, it also purifies the energy of the building we live in. Water polluted by electromagnetic waves is in the form of macromolecules, and thus cannot enter the cells, resulting in the reduction of the body’s transport function. Although we may eat a lot, the nutrient cannot be delivered to the places where it is needed. Calcium settling down causes problems such as rheumatism and bone spurs, etc. Nowadays, many sicknesses are due to the water problem in the body. If we say “Thank you” to water, the energy field of the water will improve, which is why you can also paste “Thank you” on the water pipe. Someone attached the words “Thank you” on a swollen leg and the swelling disappeared. In addition, the energy of the mantra OM MA NI PAD ME HUM and the Shakyamuni Buddha Mantra “OM MUNI MUNI MAHA MU NAYE SOHA” is much higher than “Thank you”, so you can paste the mantras on water pipes, power supply, or replace it with prayers of your own beliefs.


Question: Can we do the Brazilian massage on ourselves?

Answer: Using the energy of others would give better results.


Question: Someone added the water with message into Cheng Cing Lake, but the expiry date of the water has passed. Is that still effective?

Answer: Water has memory, and can lead the other contaminated water to become positive. That is why when our own energy field heightens, it can also convert the energy field of the people around us into positive energy. As long as there is still water that contained messages in the container, continue to add water to the container. The messages in the water will continue to be passed on. Put the water in glasses, porcelain or earthenware containers. Keeps adding water, continue drinking and let the message transmission carry on.


Question: After chemotherapy, how can we restore our health?

Answer: In the forties, experts in Austria said that when water gets cancer, people will also get cancer. How does water get cancer? He observed that the people who lived furthest away from the water source got cancer more frequently. In an area where the quality of water is not good, the liver of the local residents also is not good. Water has very lively molecules. It is like a waterfall. The water flows constantly to absorb the energy of the universe. Stagnant water needs to be stirred forming swirls so that it can absorb the energy of the universe. Adding a few drops of the ocean minerals (Pure Aussie) into the water can also increase the energy of the water. It varies widely with or without minerals, because if there are minerals, the body can resonate with the universe and absorb its energy.


Question: How do we adjust our interaction with the opposite sex in this day and age?

Answer: This society inevitably inherits ancestral habits. China in the past has gender inequality, and was male-dominated. But this era is the time to repair the earth, where energy of a mother’s love and care for the earth is needed to demonstrate a gentle energy. When men who lose power they may panic. At this time, men can respect women, demonstrating the gentle side of their love for lives. This is a special era, the era of materialistic and spiritual choices. We can choose to be materialistic or spiritual, and we need to respect the choices of everyone. Although some people choose to be materialistic, but when he faces setbacks, he will wake up. The important part is that we have to release the energy to control others.


Question: My menstruation went haywire after giving birth. How can this be remedied?

Answer: Electromagnetic waves and microwaves can interfere with the pituitary gland. The pituitary gland controls all the body’s internal secretion. When the endocrine system is interfered with, it results in menstrual disorder. Pay attention to whether you are frequently using mobile phones, computers, or constantly exposed to fluorescent light. Due to the energy field being disturbed, the energy of the crown chakra of many people show counter-clockwise when dowsed. This is due to the energy field being disturbed. Visualise the golden sun on top of your head to regulate the crown chakra. This will balance the internal secretion.


The original Chinese article is published in the Nov 2007 issue of Lapis magazine


Dr. Lai’s Mail Box


Chiu-Nan Lai, Ph.D.

Question 1: Since cancer patients are not recommended to take meat, during chemotherapy treatments, what dietary intake of nutrients is suitable as replacement? Especially to maintain normal counts of platelets, red and white blood cells for subsequent treatments.  

Answer: Meat-based diet is not originally natural for humans. It is not solely due to cancer that patients are recommended to abstain. If the patient chooses to go through chemo-treatments, he needs to take extra care in replenishment, requiring even more nutrients. Because chemotherapy is harmful to liver, kidney and all fast-growing cell bodies; it doesn’t only kill cancerous cells. Inclusive of natural, organic vegetarian diet that I have been introducing for many years, there is a need to take in more green leafy vegetables that’s rich in chlorophyll, like high energy (mineral) soup or green juicing methods. Have sufficient high quality protein, germinating seeds like sunflower seeds and sprouts. High quality fats/oils is also important, especially Omega-3 of which flaxseeds/linseeds and sesame seeds are a good source. Pure naturally-produced coconut oil can be taken in appropriate amount. It’s essential to have diverse nutritional intake and foods with high energy so that you do not go hungry.


Question 2: I suffer from Trigeminal Neuralgia (facial nerve pain) of the right face for 4-5 years. Each time it will be painful for 7-8 months, and then stop for a few months. I’ve consulted Chinese and Western medical practices and both have not been effective. Please advise on how I can cure this.

Answer: Cause of Trigeminal Neuralgia may be related to use of mobile phones. A few years back, a friend started to use mobile phone and felt pain on the whole half of her body because nervous system developed chronic inflammation from the harmful effects of microwaves. Cordless phone is equally harmful. Wireless means radiation. First step is to stop using mobile phone. Then practise daily the energy exercises described in Dr Lai’s Health Tips. Healing can be expedited if you have the opportunity to breathe in natural air at the seaside or forest. For your diet, take in more fresh, organic vegetables, especially dark leafy ones and sprouts. It is necessary to have sufficient B vitamins from food source.


Question 3: A 6-year-old child has been in father’s custody since her parents’ divorce. How can we help her release the anxiety and fear from losing her biological mother?

Answer: For a child, losing one’s mother is the greatest fear. For the sake of her physical and psychological health in the long run, it is best to arrange opportunities for them to stay together or keep in contact. If conditions do not allow, gentle tapping of her whole body can help. Yet the child’s deep longing for a mother’s love can never be compensated. Father should spend more time with the child – visit places in nature, tell stories, etc – these are important. Strictly do not badmouth or start fault finding the mother in front of the child.


Question 4: Please explain how we can maintain healthy kidneys.

Answer: The keys to maintain healthy kidneys are: eat clean food, drink clean water, breathe in clean air and have a relaxed attitude towards life. These are real challenges for life in modern day. In addition, modern workplaces and home environments are saturated with electromagnetic waves, microwaves and wireless radiation. These are harmful to kidneys. Diet with high proteins, especially meat-based proteins like meat, chickens, etc are weighing on kidneys too. Chinese traditional foods to protect kidneys are black beans, black sesame, and polygonum multiflorum, etc in Chinese medicine. Various energy (qi) exercises are also helpful. Before sleep, taking warm feet bath, followed by rubbing palms across soles helps strengthen kidneys’ functions. (See Wutaishan 8-step Exercise [page 39] in Dr Lai’s Health Tips.)


Question 5: I followed your steps in removing gallstones naturally, but it has not been successful. Why is that so?

Answer: The success rate for using apple juices to remove gallstones is 90%. Hence there will be a small number of unsuccessful cases. You can try to start taking the apple juice or apples 5 days before full moon. It means that when you drink Epsom salts, lemon juice and oil, it is 1 day after full moon. Our liver usually detoxifies on full moons, thus it is more effective to choose this time. At the same time, warm the gall-liver region before sleep (Refer to method explained in The Pursuit of Life).


Question 6: May I ask Dr Lai, does sunflower oil and flaxseed oil share the same benefits? Can I swallow the oil after rinsing my mouth, especially for throat cancer patients?

Answer: The rationale for using sunflower oil to rinse mouth is to use high energy

clean oil to absorb the toxins in our saliva. Hence, it is also fine to use flaxseed oil or high quality coconut oil and olive oil. Once toxins are absorbed into the oil, it is important to spit it out, and rinse the mouth again with warm water. Please do not swallow it.


Question 7: Organic foods and diet help to improve our health and heal illnesses. Do we need to insist in producing organic foodstuff to improve our health and physical environment? Farming is exhausting, losing out on manpower efficiency and time. It’s difficult to receive recognition. (from an organic farmer)


Answer Eating food produced from natural farming methods serves people, earth soil and nature well. Over the years, I’ve observed that when conventional farming is switched to chemical fertilizing methods, after 20 years, the occurrence of cancer diseases is a booming straight line increase, becoming the main cause of mortality. This is an observable fact from worldwide studies in countries with high cancer rates. If we want health, if we want to leave behind rich and clean land for our descendants, the only way is organic farming. It is a very meaningful mission to be a natural organic farmer. But perhaps it needs the support from society, from consumers who are willing to support and affording the farmers what they deserve. This is a long term investment. We may covet short term gains, but we pay a very high price in the long run, leaving the debts to our children and grandchildren.


Question 8: Is it due to psychological fear that a child is bedwetting (enuresis)?

Answer: Bedwetting may be due to shock or fear, and also possibly, weak kidneys. To release shock/fear, we can use gentle tapping and eyes rolling techniques. One cause of weak kidneys is interferences from electromagnetic waves and microwaves. Unplug electrical appliances in bedrooms, especially TVs and computers. Preferably, the whole power supply can be switched off. If not, bed should be 6 feet away from sockets and internal wiring behind walls. Do not sleep on metallic bed because metals absorb microwaves. It is best to change beds with springs to other materials. Soak feet in warm water and rub soles also help strengthen kidneys.


Original Chinese article was published in Lapis magazine (February 2009 issue)

Dr. Lai’s Mailbox

Chiu-Nan Lai, Ph.D.

Q1: My daughter is 8 years old. Her breasts have begun developing and I am worried about her precocious puberty. Is there any method to slow down this premature development?

A: Nowadays, many children develop too early. This is a sign of premature aging and is related to agricultural and industrial pollutions, particularly the unnatural and unclean sources of food. In natural organic vegetarian products, there are less industrial and agricultural residues especially antibiotics and hormones. Let the children eat natural organic vegetarian foods, avoiding all kinds of processed foods, including sugar and processed oils.

Incorporate the combinations of a variety of foods as mentioned in the book Grandma’s Kitchen. Supplement by eating naturally-fermented saukeraut.

In the environment, there are many contaminated synthetic hormones, so minimize contact with synthetic materials. Drinking clean water, eating clean food, and breathing clean air will help the body to discharge pollutions. Frequent exercising in nature will help expels pollution through sweat.




Q2: I am 48 years old, and have very serious presbyopia eyes problems. The eyes feel tired, and there is pain when my eyes rotate. I cannot read the words in a book if I do not wear the presbyopia glasses. I went for an eye examination. The doctor said that I not only have presbyopia, but also farsightedness. He also said that there is a big difference in the visual acuity between both eyes, and recommended that I wear corrective lenses for hyperopia. Is it helpful if I do not wear these glasses? My eyes feel very uncomfortable when I wear them. Is there any other way to help regain my eyesight? What nutrients should I supplement with??

A: Vision For Life (Note) is a good book published specifically for eye care. Try to do the exercises in the book. Modern people abuse their eyes, especially when staring at the computer screen for a long time. Overstraining the eyes makes it easy to injure the eyes. At the same time, microwaves and electromagnetic waves in the environment are especially harmful to the eyes. As the eyes are small, the microwave absorption is greater. Take all measures to prevent electromagnetic waves. Over the years, we have constantly introduced various methods: Crystal Grid, Flower of Life, Energizer and so on. It is important to look at scenery far away to allow the eyes to relax. Recently Dr May’s Synergy Company produced a product that nourishes the eyes. It is worth a try.

Bless you!


Vision for Life: Ten Steps to Natural Eyesight Improvement, by Meir Schneider, Ph.D., L.M.T, Published in October 2, 2012 by North Atlantic Books, Berkeley, CA.

The original Chinese article is published in the Feb 2015 issue of Lapis magazine and is accessible online at: http://www.lapislazuli.org/tw/index.php?p=20150209.html

(Questions 1-2) 

Q3: I am a reader of Lapis Lazuli Light Magazine. There are several questions I would like to ask Dr Lai. Since I began puberty (13 years old), I suffered from oily hair and alopecia (hair loss). I have also consulted with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) doctor and had tried hair care centre. I have spent a lot of money for scalp care, but it was not effective. After I turned 30, the oil secretion from my scalp is still very bad (I shampoo every day). My hair is thinning, and baldness has begun. I hope Dr Lai could give me some advice.

A: The condition of the hair depends on many factors. If there were some symptoms since childhood, then it is genetically inherited. There are several organs or meridians related to the blood. The blood that nourishes the hair comes from the “essence” of the parents and affects the kidney function. As the person gets older, this “essence” is consumed and the hair turns white and hair loss occurs. To protect our “essence”, reduce stress; reduce exposure to pollution and avoid excess consumption of nutrients such as concentrated animal protein and fat. Pay attention to your intake of fat. Please refer to the article “A Difficult Topic: Consuming Oil” (Note 1). Pay attention to a balance intake of Omega 3 and Omega 6. Avoid processed oil (usually Omega 6). Green leafy vegetables and wheatgrass have very good Omega 3 and they also nourish the blood. Wild amaranth is also blood-nourishing.

Pancreas and spleen are closely related to the blood. Focus fully when doing something. Do not get distracted and/or think too much. Avoid consuming too many sweets, especially white sugar and its products.

Electromagnetic waves and microwaves hurt internal organs, including the spleen and liver. Thus make it a priority to protect against electromagnetic waves and microwaves. Usually when the mobile phone and computer is not in use, the energy is still negative if the power is still on. Be sure to take some protective measures. Recently I have introduced the use of jump rings (Note 2), or Flower of Life (Note 3); other previously introduced methods can also be used as protection.

Physical health is very closely related to the root chakra. Ensure that your root chakra is open. The easiest way is to visualize yourself sitting on top of the sun with another sun on top of your head. This can help opening root and crown chakras that are closed. Then do the qi harmonizing exercise, and all the chakras will open. Also visualizing green colour on the right side of your body and purple colour on the left side; this can help balance the energy of the right and left side of the body.

Every part of our body reflects the overall health status. Regulating the entire body will improve the condition of the hair. Remember also to drink enough clean water with small molecules. Lack of good water dehydrates the blood and thus the hair does not get nourished.

A problem is connected to many others. Colour therapy can also strengthen the liver, spleen and kidney function. Please read Let There Be Light (Note 4).


Q4: Hello Dr Lai! I was born in 1954. When I was about 4 years old, I suffered from meningitis which was incurable at that time. Fortunately, after undergoing a long painful treatment, I overcame the disease. 

Three years ago, my right foot began to ache and was weak. Two years ago, I was walking unsteadily and appeared unstable and lame. An MRI showed that I have hydrocephalus. The doctor believed that this was the sequela of the meningitis I had when I was young.

Western medical treatment uses cerebral shunts (placing a ventricular catheter into the cerebral ventricle). A few friends and relatives of my friends have received this treatment but found the result not ideal. So for the past two years, I have been drinking Chinese medicine (decoction). When I first took the decoction, I was able to walk smoothly. But six months ago, I limped badly very suddenly. Another MRI showed that the hydrocephalus area has not improved from three years ago.

 I do not know what to do. I hope Dr Lai can give me some advice and guidance.

 I wish you peace and joy!

A: You can proceed in several ways:

Refer to the book “Let There Be Light” on the treatment on meningitis (page 70) and hydrocephalus (page 51). Begin by visualizing green light on the head and also magenta colour. You can utilise sunlight shining through the window to do colour therapy. You can also visualize colours on the head.

The reappearance of these old sicknesses in the recent three years could be caused by electromagnetic waves and radio waves. Avoid using cell phones and cordless phone. Refer to all articles on protection from electromagnetic waves and radio waves. For example, make a cloth belt embroidered with blessing quote or mantra and/or Crystal Grid (Note 3); also, use jump rings as anti-electromagnetic measures as I recently wrote (Note 2).

In your diet, eat more organic natural vegetables and drink green juice. Do not eat animal products which promote inflammation and avoid processed foods, sugar and processed oil. Avoid foods that cause acidic reaction in the blood. In today’s unnatural environment, ensure a more stringent check for a clean diet. Please refer to 婆的廚房 2 [Wàipó de Chúfáng 2 (Grandmas Kitchen 2)] (Note 5). Also reduce intake of white rice and white flours. You could eat more buckwheat.

Bless you! 


Q5: Does dehydration cause motor neuron disease (MND)? Or are there other causes? How to effectively cure this disease?

A: Dehydration is definitely one of the causes for this disease. Microwaves and radiowaves can cause the cells to dry out. It is useless to just drink plenty of water and not protect ourselves against electromagnetic waves and microwaves. In a microwave environment, even good water can become “bad water”. If you place the blessing quote or mantra (blue words in a white triangle-shaped paper), it can protect water from turning bad. Wearing a belt with the blessing quote or mantra also prevent the water in the body from turning bad.

Another very important reason is that radiowaves and microwaves can close the chakras. Almost all the chakras of many people are closed. Eventually, the body stops functioning properly. So harmonise the qi (please refer to the latter part of this article) every day and visualize sitting on top of the sun with another sun on top of your head. In addition, visualize green colour on the right side of your body and magenta colour on the left.

At least let the body functions recover. Light therapy is also very helpful. Please refer to “Let There Be Light”. Preferably do not use mobile phone and wireless internet. Best wishes to you!


Q6: I am 30 years old this year and suffer from nasopharyngeal carcinoma. Eight years ago, I went through 35 times of radiotherapy and 4 times of chemotherapy. Recently, there is a gradual weakness and muscle atrophy of the bilateral shoulder and arm. After the doctor’s inspection, it was found that the radiotherapy caused radiculopathy and fibrosis in C5-6. The doctor said that this is quite rare, and currently there is no cure. He said that I just need to take more vitamin B complex and have therapy. I have tried my best to follow all these recommendations but my conditions still continue to deteriorate. I really do not know what to do. Dr Lai, please help! Thanks!

A: Regarding the atrophy of the nerve in the hand after radiation, you must take fresh organic fruits and vegetables, especially green juice and high energy soup in your diet. Processed snacks and meat is best avoided. Please refer to the book “外婆的廚房 2 [Wàipó de Chúfáng 2 (Grandma’s Kitchen 2)]” (Note 5). Supplement with Bliss De Lite and Lightning Enzymes. Harmonize your qi every day. The method in harmonizing the qi is as follows.

1.Bottom of the feet: visualize on inhalation that the breath enters through the bottom of the left foot, up the leg across the waist. On exhalation, the breath travels down the right leg and out the bottom or the right foot. Repeat ten times.

2.Bottom of the feet: visualize on inhalation that the breath comes in through both feet to the heart. Upon exhalation, the breath goes back the same way, out the bottom of the feet. Repeat ten times.

3.Knees: On inhalation, breathe in through the knees to the heart. On exhalation, breathe out through the knees. Repeat ten times.

4.Root Chakra: Breathe in through the Hui-Yin point (between urinary and rectum openings) to the heart. Breathe out through the Hui-Yin points. Repeat ten times.

5.Dan-Tien (Hara): Breathe in through the abdomen to the heart. Breathe out from the heart back out to the lower abdomen. Repeat ten times.

6.Navel Chakra: Breathe in through the solar plexus (just above the navel) to the heart. Breathe out through the solar plexus. Repeat ten times.

7.Heart Chakra: Breathe in through the heart, and breathe out through the heart. Repeat ten times.

8.Throat Chakra: Breathe in through the indentation in the center of the collar bone to the heart. Exhale through the throat chakra. Repeat ten times.

9.Brow Chakra: Breathe in through the forehead in the middle of the eyebrows to the heart. Breathe out from the heart to the eyebrow chakra. Repeat ten times.

10.Crown Chakra: Breathe in through the top of the head to the heart; breathe out through the crown. Repeat ten times.

11.Breathe in through the feet and through all the chakras and out the crown. Repeat three times.

12.Breathe in through the feet and crown together to the heart. Breathe out from the heart to the feet and crown. Repeat three times.

Visualize energy flowing from opposite directions (such as up and down, left and right, back and forth and so on) going into the part of the body which needs repair. After the above exercise, the qi can flow throughout the whole body and nourish the entire body.

Furthermore visualize the body filled with light according to the spectro-chrome therapy taught in the book “Let There Be Light”, Page 82, No 256. It may take some time to recover. 

Note 1: A Difficult Topic: Consuming Oil (Lapis News Singapore July 2014)

Note 2: 從火箭靈感來的圓圈保護法 [Cong Huojian Linggan Lai de Yuanquan Baohu (Three Uses of Jump Rings ) LLL Magazine Taiwan, May 2015.]

 Note 3: Flower of Life, Creations from the Unseen — on crop circles (Lapis News Singapore October 2012)

Note 4: Darius Dinshah, Let There Be Light, Dinshah Health Society. 

Note 5: Dr Chiu-Nan Lai, Feb 2014, 外婆的廚房 2 [Wàipó de Chúfáng 2 (Grandmas Kitchen 2)], Lapis Lazuli Light, Malaysia, is only available in Chinese.


Reference: Dr Chiu Nan Lai, 2003, Dr Lai’s Health Tips, Lapis Lazuli Light, Singapore.

The original Chinese article is published in the Aug 2015 issue of Lapis magazine

(Questions 3-8)

Dr. Lai’s Mailbox


Chiu-Nan Lai, Ph.D.

Q1: My friend was recently diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Her right hand is so weak that she cannot write or use chopsticks. Her ring finger is deformed and cannot straighten. The nerves atrophy and she cannot raise her hands. She gets shortness of breath from talking and walking. She chokes when drinking water and has difficulty swallowing. So, she has to chew small amount when eating.

Both of her legs are weak. Her right foot is like “dropped foot” and she walks very slowly. She often stumbles due to poor balance and is unable to stand for a long time. She also has difficulty climbing stairs.

She is unable to secrete saliva when sleeping. Thus, her throat is dry causing dry cough that wakes her up many times at night. She is unable to sleep soundly and dreams a lot. When lying on her back, she has problem sleeping and has shortness of breath. When lying on her side, she has pain in her chest. She also suffers from GERD (gastrooesophageal reflux disease) and cannot eat much due to the reflux. She has lost 10kg within two months and also suffers from constipation.

She has cracked skin on the corner of her mouth, pimples on the back, and pain in the buttock if she sits for too long. She is uncomfortable whether sitting or standing. When lying on the bed, the body gradually turns cold and that frightens her. Her mind is clear but the four limbs are weak. She cannot accept paralysis in bed and feels helpless and fearful. How could a person become like this?

A: The conditions you describe may be related to electrical injury. Please refer to the article “Electricity: Source of Trouble!” in the January 2014 issue of the Lapis News. Firstly, look at the residence and living environment of this friend. It would be even better to use Detector Test Meter to read the electromagnetic wave and microwavel evels.

The fastest way to recover is to send her to a good environment with no high-rise buildings where there is no mobile phone reception and see if her conditions improve. For example, sit in the forest or lie down at the beach.

For those who reside in high-rise buildings, all neighbours use cell phones and wireless Internet. Living in such high radiation environment, even a healthy person can get sick.

At home, definitely do not use any wireless facilities, including wireless phones, wireless internet connection, microwave oven and so on.

Use the chakra visualisation method to open the 7 chakras. Visualise sitting on the sun (this opens the base chakra) and the sun on the top of the head (this opens the crown chakra) then swing the coccyx back and forth to open base chakra.

As soon as possible, install all the anti-radiation protection that have been introduced all these years. For example, place the Flower of Life or a prayer in the home or on top of photos. The energy will be greatly enhanced. It wil also clear other non-human interference.

Due to excessive wireless facilities in today’s environment, our living environment is turning counter-clockwise. Negative energy would allow negative information to stay and interfere with our lives. Once the energy of the environment turns positive, the energy of people would change to positive, then negative phenomenon will disappear. In sicknesses, if you work on symptoms, it will be very hard to recuperate.

If the mattress has springs, change it to a mattress made with natural material sand without srpings. This will improve sleep and she might not have gastroesophageal reflux.

This came from my own experience. Switch off the power supply in the bedroom at night or for all 24 hours.

Do not be discouraged. Human has self-healing power. When there are ways, the body will recover very quickly.


Q2: Hello Dr Lai, my family does not want me to be a vegetarian. We always argue whenever I refuse to eat fish. They say that eating more fish during pregnancy increases DHA intake. This really bothers me. I do not have the information that without fish, I can still obtain DHA. Please Dr Lai, help me with the answer. Thank you!

A: It is commendable that you think independently and have the courage to stick to your principles. Many people have generally lost their ability to judge. They agree with what everyone else is saying. Nowadays, a lot of information on the websites seems credible. If we do not have discernment, we could be easily misinformed.

For example, the belief in necessity of eating fish to obtain DHA (Docohexaenoic acid) is now very popular. As a result, fish is almost extinct in many regions. This is a very critical situation.

But people still think only of themselves and act according to incomplete information, harming fish and themselves. Putting aside this unnecessary supplement, fish with higher level of DHA contains relatively higher mercury content. In the process of big fish eating small fish, the DHA level becomes higher and so is the contamination.

Even those proposing fish intake also warn that fish consumption must not exceed 340 grams per week. Avoid eating fish that has particularly high mercury content.

If we have the discernment, we will ask the following questions:

Ninety percent of the animals on the planet rely on plants for food, and they do not get to see or eat fish in their lifetime. Are we saying that Mother Nature made a mistake, allowing nutritional deficiencies in so many lives?

Where does the DHA of fish come from? It comes directly or indirectly from green algae. Green algae contains DHA. Seaweed such as Nori contains DHA. A baby food company added DHA from green algae to infant milk and found that in the first three years, the child’s intellectual growth was particularly good.

Many seeds such as linseeds, chia seeds, walnuts, beans, grains and green leafy vegetables are rich in Alpha-Linolenic Acid (ALA) which forms into DHA in the body.

Humans and animals that never eat fish obtain DHA ingredients from plants.

The modern diet is very unnatural, therefore people encounter problems in the intake of fatty acids. Thes most commonly eaten processed unsaturated oils, such as soybean oil, corn oil, mustard oil, cotton seed oil, sunflower oil and safflower oil, etc, belongs to the Omega-6 family. Over consumption of these oils prevent ALA from being converted into DHA. Linseed seed oil belongs to the Omega-3 family.

There is a natural proportion of Omega-9, Omega-6, and Omega-3 in food, but once the food is processed, the balance is lost. Unsaturated fats gets oxidised very easily. Generally, edible oil is already oxidised during processing. Consumption of this oil will harm the body and may even cause hardening of the arteries.

A reporter deliberately increased his consumption of processed oil for thirty days, and found his arteries hardening.

In giving counselling to heart disease patients, they should be advised not to consume processed oil.

Oil can be obtained from complete seeds and leafy greens. It would be best to consume sunflower seeds directly. Due to aging, our body may not be able to convert ALA into DHA. Some have turned to eating green algae and seaweed products such as nori. Bliss De Light contains blue-green algae and spirulina that contain DHA.


Q3:I live in Beijing. Two months ago, my father was diagnosed with upper cervical medullary tumours. He has numbness in his fingers and often feels tired. A friend introduced Lapis Lazuli Light to us. Please, what can we do?

A: If this is the first time you hear about holistic health, you need to read up on a lot of information: the books “Hui Gui Shen De Xi Ye”, “Hui Gui Xin De Xi Ye” and “Shēn Xīn Líng Zhěng Tǐ Jian Kang Q&A” (See Note 1) all have simplified Chinese versions. It is easy to find these books in China. The questions you wanted to ask have been asked before, especially inthe Q&A.

The principle behind restoring health is to stop harm. Poison in the body needs to be discharged and then look at strengthening the body’s restorative abilities.

In our current living environment, nature has already been bankrupted. Environmental factors necessary to maintain good health, for instance, clean air, water and food and natural living space (no electromagnetic waves, microwave interference) are almost non-existent. We can only try our best to take protective measures against pollution.

Improving our living environment, our inner environment and our food and drink intake can benefit the body. The body has self-healing instincts; we only need to provide the necessary conditions.

I would suggest the family making lifestyle changes together to make it easier for the father to change. At home, start by eating food grown by natural farming. Do not eat processed foods from unknown sources. Do not eat pork, chicken, or fish fed with unknown antibiotics and so on.

In the beginning, it is more difficult to look for ingredients but you have friends who have been practicing healthy lifestyle for a while, so ask them. Pay particular attention to the sources of oil. It is best to avoid processed oil. You can find detailed instructions in my article “A Difficult Topic: Comsuming Oil” (Lapis News July 2014 Issue).

Creating a low-radiation sleep environment is very important. Do not bring any wireless gadgets into the house. Do not use wireless internet. Do not use mobile phones around your father; all mobile phones around him must be switched off. A mobile phone that is merely switched on has a radiation of 1 microwatt, which exceeds the recommended safety level of 0.001 by a thousand times.

Air pollution also hurts the liver, so please do the liver and gallstone flush using apple juice. Cancer is not just skin-deep, it is visible. It is the unseen injured parts of the body that need repair.

It has been two decades since the founding of Lapis Lazuli Light. I have been relentless In my efforts to educate people about health for three to four decades. The cancer you mentioned has rarely been heard of in the past. This is the consequence of a bankrupted environment.

If you are able to get Lapis Lazuli Light’s products, they can help the body recover. Dr May’s Lightning Enzyme, Bliss De Light and Renewal of the Ancient (Bone Renewal) has the effect of detoxification and supplementing radiance (light).

Water and Food Magnetizing Energy Enhancer allows water to restore its energy structure, including the water in the body. The Enhancer can also be attached to the neck initially for half a day. Check for reaction before increasing the time. The impact of water on the body is critical. In an environment where microwave is high, the structure of the water is destroyed, thus losing its function. Water and Food Magnetizing Energy Enhancer can restore water to its natural condition and function.

The cost of health is escalating. Other than putting in more effort, there is no other alternative. Health is number one in our lives. Without this number ‘one’, anything else is zero.

Bless you and your family!


Note: Harmonise qi, open the chakras (See here.) and drink water from a lapis-colour glass bottle that has been exposed to the sun for at least an hour. Note I: The books Hui Gui Shen De Xi Ye (Return to the Bliss of the Body), Hui Gui Xin De Xi Ye (Return to the Bliss of the Mind) and Shēn Xīn Líng Zhěng Tǐ Jian Kang Q&A (Questions and Answers on Total Health of the Body Mind and Spirit) are only available in Chinese. 

The original Chinese article is published in the Nov 2013 issue of Lapis magazine

Dr. Lai’s Mailbox


Chiu-Nan Lai, Ph.D.

Q1: Why do you teach so many methods?

A: Different people have different needs which is why I taught so many methods. The most important aspect of my work is training. Many of you are capable. You do not need to learn all these methods if it is just for yourself. But you need many techniques to be able to help others.

Just like color therapy, different people need different colors, that is why there are so many methods. You do not need to use every method as you do not possibly have that much time. Choose only those that you need and learn the others when you have time. If you find it useful and beneficial after trying them, share with others. I also wish to keep all this information for future generations.

All these years, I have gathered the essence of special, useful information from all over the world. That is why in all these years, I have taught so many different methods. This is your treasure box. All these could help more people. The Buddha said that there are 84,000 ways. 84,000 represent a lot, because the needs of everyone are different. The more we learn, the more people we can help.


Q2: Why do we have to supplement with Pure Aussie?

A: This is because lots of lands already lack these trace minerals. Using Pure Aussie on agricultural land is very good. If you have a vegetable garden, water the vegetables with diluted Pure Aussie. As this is a problem with energy, I consulted Bob Cannard (author of New Century Farming) who said that a good farm does not mean that there are a lot more nutrients in the soil than others. The difference is whether they are present or not. If a nutrient is present, it can resonate with similar frequency of the universe through resonance. If a certain nutrient is missing, it cannot resonate with such frequency.

When I first started using Pure Aussie, my friend’s husband was suffering from pain in his spine for 1½ years. He was unable to travel long distances. His wife had to do a lot of work in the house like taking out the garbage. I recommended Pure Aussie to her husband. After 2 weeks, his wife said: “Unbelievable; my husband took out the garbage and began planting vegetables.” The wife was very happy and sends photos of the vegetable garden to me. Later they were able to travel long distances.

In our daily living, add a little Pure Aussie in soaking water for sprouting. I use the water from sprouting to water plants which resulted in the flowers doubling in size. Pure Aussie can also be used to soak rice and to germinate beans so that they can also absorb the trace minerals.

The original Chinese article is published in the Nov 2012 issue of Lapis magazine and is accessible online at: http://www.lapislazuli.org/tw/index.php?p=20121107.html

(Questions 1-2)


Q3: I am unable to resolve some troubling gynaecological problems. I see that readers who have written to ask you for advice have all received very good suggestions, so I got up my courage to write to you. Hopefully I can get some responses from you.

 More than two years ago, due to an overly big uterine fibroid in my womb, my doctor recommended a hysterectomy to prevent menorrhagia. My hemoglobin count was very low but I refused to take iron supplements, and since I am a vegetarian the regeneration of lost blood takes a while. So during menstruation, my neck and shoulder feel abnormally tired and sore. Until now my neck still looks dark and dim.

 I was able to keep my ovaries but for many years I have been troubled with worsening vaginal discharges. My gynecologist told me that my vaginal wall has become thinner (vaginal atrophy), and my nearly 50-year-old skin appears to be aged. He suggested that I take Chinese yam.

 I asked him about a friend’s recommendation on taking two tablets of soy isoflavones which contain antrodia camphorate [antrodia camphorata is a unique mushroom of Taiwan, which has been used as a traditional medicine for protection of diverse health-related conditions] daily. Not long after taking this product, my breast started to throb like during puberty. Does this mean that the estrogen in the food is not suitable for me? The gynecologist replied that it could be that my body’s receptor is just like that.

On the outside of my left chest, there is a blister or a fibroid tumour. Could you please tell me the kind of natural food that can change the pH balance of vagina to keep it dry, to slow down ageing and also to eliminate the discomfort of the neck and shoulder? I sincerely thank you and may God bless your far-sighted vision and your great works in serving others.

A: The question you asked involves the modern living environment and modern farming. The increased secretion is just a symptom; the deeper level is what causes the tumours. Hysterectomy is only removing the visible part. Yet it is the invisible part which is important. Firstly, chemical pollution of the environment, wireless radiowaves and electromagnetic pollutions would cause the body to be acidic and more on the “cold” side. In this environment, the tumour grows easily, including infections. Secretion is a kind of mucus and this environment promotes the generation of mucus. Try your best to avoid contamination. Many ways of avoidance have been introduced; for example use less mobile phone and wireless internet and use various types of protection against EMF protections. Earthing is very important in treating the problem. Someone has tried wrapping her lower abdomen with an earthing cloth and her period pain stopped immediately. Generally it is convenient to step on the grass several times a week, each time for 30 minutes or more. You can also try the Flower of Life pattern and the Crystal Grid as introduced in Lapis News, September 2012 and available online here.

In your diet, look for food produced from natural farming from soil that has been supplemented with natural minerals such as rock flour. Wild plants and seaweed can make up for the imbalance of land. Chemical fertilizer has been used on the soil for many years in Taiwan. During the Japanese rule, chemical fertilizer was already used on sugar cane fields. Plants generally need more than 40 kinds of elements but chemical fertilizer can only supplement a maximum of 12 kinds, although frequently only 6 types are supplemented.

Chemical fertilizer is just like an IV drip administered to human. I.V. drip can only temporarily save life; it is not for long-term health maintenance. However for many years we have been administering these drops to crops. No wonder there are so many pests and diseases. Agriculture is moving more and more to the extreme, not only that it does not turn back, it has come to a point of no return. The U.S. incidence of cancer has doubled every 30 years. A century ago only 2 to 3 persons in a hundred suffered from cancer but today it is 1 in 2 (50%). If this trend continues, soon everyone in the next generation will get cancer. Genetically modified (GM) food accounts for 70% of all foods in the market. Mass produced crops such as corn, soybean, and 90 percent of the beetroot used to manufacture sugar are genetically modified. Many allergies, inexplicable pain, diarrhea, skin swelling and itching, breathing difficulties, etc., may be related to eating food consisting of genetically modified ingredients. Immune function problems arising due to long-term consumption of such food is unpredictable.

In the fifties, Andre Voisin, a French farmer and biochemist published his observations and research: elements and minerals in the soil directly affect plant’s health and the content of vitamins, amino acids and minerals, as well as indirectly affect the health of animal and human.

Up until now, his book, “Soil, Grass and Cancer”, published in England in 1959, is still referenced by interested parties.

The book mentioned a previous experiment conducted on minerals and Vitamin A. Tomatoes and carrots dressed with cow manure plus a complete mineral fertiliser has 58% more carotene content than those produced by manure without added minerals.

With added minerals, the content of carotene in carrots increased by 23%. The vitamin A content of the blood of infants fed with vegetables grown with complete fertilizer dressings was four times as high as that of infants receiving products grown on soil without the modifications. The minerals in the soil also change the distribution of amino acids. So by just looking at the entire protein content provides only one-sided information as each amino acid in the body has a different role.

In the livestock industry, it has long been observed that when spring comes, if manure is applied to the grass, and if a cow grazes on this young tender grass, the chances of the cow getting tetany would be higher. The legs of the cow would first stiffen and then it would fall from cramps. If magnesium is administered immediately, the cow can be saved. This is similar to human convulsion. Research found that people who suffer from cramps (muscle spasms, convulsions) have very low level of magnesium in their blood. Consuming food cultivated with liquid fertilizer of high nitrogen and potassium may obstruct the utilization of magnesium and copper, and infertility is also more common.

Four types of commonly used fertilizers for agriculture: nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus and calcium fertilizers (lime) may hinder plants from absorbing lots of elements and trace elements. After many years, it will deplete other elements. This will cause the problem of “modern diseases”: cancer, heart disease, diabetes, weakened immune function and infertility.

Nitrogen fertilisers may cause copper to “vanish”. Experiments have shown that when mice were fed with a low-copper diet, oxidation of the liver is reduced to oneseventh of its usual rate. Liver needs oxidizing enzyme for detoxification. Cancer cells have abnormal oxidative enzyme functions. Earlier research on the incidence of cancer throughout the Netherlands and Wales found that the incidence of cancer was higher in areas where soil contained high organic matter. Residents drinking from the river also had a higher incidence of cancer, because the river had faecal contamination. When uroflavin is combined with copper, the utilization value of copper drops. In a high organic soil, the utilization value of the copper also decreases.

Too much potash fertiliser can cause magnesium and boron to disappear. Magnesium is related to the cardiac and neurological functions. Boron is directly related to healthy bones. Phosphate fertiliser can cause zinc to disappear. Diabetes is related to zinc metabolism and the lack of chromium.

High usage of calcium fertilisers (lime) may cause molybdenum to disappear. Molybdenum is needed by the reproductive system. The lack of the molybdenum could easily cause infertility, and could interfere with the pituitary operation.

A seemingly simple question of, “How should I eat in order to cure my illness?” is not so easy to answer. Generally, those who cannot obtain produce grown in fertile-balanced soil can grow their own plants in pots, or in the front-yard or backyard or do sprouting. There are 90 elements in Pure Aussie which can be used as fertiliser. Seaweed from unpolluted coastlines is also a good source of fertiliser. After the tsunami in Indonesia, lands that were submerged in seawater had an increase in production in the following year. A doctor, Maynard Murray, had done hundreds kinds of sea water fertilization experiments. Animals and mice fed with plants grown in sea-mineralenriched soil grew very well. The incidence of cancer rate in the first generation inbred C3H mice dropped from 90% to 55%. The second generation was reduced to 2% (Sea Energy Agriculture, Acres, U. S.). Seawater used for germination can be diluted to one-tenth. If using marine minerals (Pure Aussie), add 1 teaspoon to 1 gallon or 4 litres of water. Use the same concentration for soaking seeds or for watering plants. If it is for potted plants, add 1 teaspoon of seawater to 500ml of water. For every square foot, 250-300ml of seawater is sufficient. Do this once a year at most. It would be even more effective if you add the same amount of saturated brine to Pure Aussie. In his book “Xin Shiji Nong Geng” (Note I), Bob Cannard emphasized supplementing plants with rock powder, and the plant can absorb the minerals it needs. To reverse the increase of diseases nowadays, we have to start from the fundamental of land. Man and animals can only absorb minerals through plants. Nourishing through plants is more effective than all other different kinds of supplements.

Each element has its own colour. Chemically fertilized plants have only a few colours, but seeds soaked in marine minerals for 24 hours would resume its full spectrum. Therefore there is another method of supplementing minerals and colours. That is to soak grains and beans in a dilution of 1:1000 marine minerals and saturated natural brine (not processed salt) overnight before cooking. Water discarded can be reused to water plants, for example sprouts. Wait for a day until the soaked grains and beans are germinated slightly before cooking.

As I am writing, I remember that another phenomenon of magnesium deficiency is depression. In the book “Let There Be Light”, it is mentioned that in the colours of the various elements, the colour of magnesium is yellow and the colour yellow is related to excitement and joy. Many years ago, I knew of an elderly gentleman, his diet was not in line with the principles of natural diet. I sent him a bottle of Bliss Delight. Sometime later, he asked for another bottle. He said every day he would take ¼ teaspoon. If he stopped for a period of time, he became depressed. From this example, we can see that supplementing the body with its needed elements is beneficial to the body and mind.

Thank you for your questions. They have led me to reading and considering a lot of information which was previously overlooked. May you be healthy and happy.

Note I: The book “Xin Shiji Nong Geng”, meaning “New Century Farming”, is currently (2013) available only in Chinese.


The original Chinese article is published in the Aug 2012 issue of Lapis magazine and is accessible online at: http://www.lapislazuli.org/tw/index.php?p=20120808.html

(Questions 3)


Q4: I am your loyal reader. Recently I bought a pendulum for dowsing. It turned out that when my family checked my energy, it was negative. But when I measured myself, it was positive. Why is there a difference? The crown chakra was what we measured. Is that right? How can we transform negative energy into positive energy?

A: Due to the interference of electromagnetic waves (mobile phones, wireless internet access, base stations, cordless phones, etc.), the energy of many people’s crown chakras flows in reverse direction (counter-clockwise). If you dowsed under a fluorescent light or next to an energysaving light, you may also be disturbed. So consider this factor when testing your dowsing accuracy. When you are dowsing and if the energy of the crown chakra flows counter-clockwise, the result will be opposite of what it is supposed to be. This means positive energy is measured as negative energy and negative energy is measured as positive energy. When the crown chakra is disturbed, so is one’s ability to make judgment, and one tends to make the wrong choice. Before dowsing, check your own energy first. Put one hand on the crown, use the other hand to dowse. If the pendulum does not move, it means the energy is balanced. If it is counter-clockwise, it means it is discharging negative energy and clockwise means supplementing positive energy. When the pendulum stops moving, the energy is balanced.

A simple way to transform the energy of the crown chakra from counter-clockwise to clockwise is to visualize a sun on top of your head. To ensure that the crown chakra is spinning unhindered, do the

qi-harmonizing exercises daily. (Please refer to Dr Lai’s Health Tips).

If you have experienced terror and sadness, it would close down the heart chakra and thus reduce energy flow. Which in turn would make you susceptible to the interference of pollution. After balancing your qi, inhale light into your heart chakra, exhale darkness and do the shaking exercise.

Thank you for raising this question.


Q5: After a medical check-up, I discovered that I have hyperthyroidism. The doctor recommended radioactive iodine therapy, but I will have to be on medication for long-term to control the situation. Is there any other way to solve the problem?

A: Thyroid is vulnerable to pollution, whether the pollution is from water or environment, drug or pesticide residues in food. Contamination from electromagnetic radiation can cause thyroid dysfunction. Take care to protect yourself from pollution, especially those pollutions that you are in frequent contact with. In addition to this, eliminate toxins from the body. Liver is the organ that filters pollution, and needs to be cleansed regularly. Use the Apple Juice – Liver and Gallbladder Cleanse (for details read Andreas Moritz’s “The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush”) on a regular basis until no stones are discharged. After that do the liver and gallbladder flush every six to eight months.

Thyroid belongs to the throat chakra which is the door to self-expression. Any repressed expression would interfere with the throat chakra. Use various methods like colour visualisation, deep breathing, painting and singing etc. to ease the repressed energy. Inhaling light and exhaling foul qi is also a good method. If there are sounds or words that you want to speak out, just let it out.

The throat chakra and the base chakra have a reciprocal relationship. Use the method taught by Dr Mitchell May to activate the base chakra. Swing the coccyx front and back several times and do it few times a day. Shaking-off exercises can also help balance the whole body.


Q6: Recently I heard of people in their thirties or forties suffering from cancer. Why do these seemingly healthy people get this disease? What should we pay attention to?

A: Energetic youngsters do not think about taking care of the body. They wilfully indulge in eating and drinking, overworking and living an irregular life. Working people nowadays face the computer all day long, sitting under fluorescent light and being exposed to air-conditioning. This unnatural lifestyle will cause problems sooner or later; cancer is one example.

For prevention and recovery of cancer, pay attention to a few general rules:

Maintain a normal body temperature. The body temperature of ordinary cancer patient is 0.5 to 1 degree Celsius below normal. If the temperature is increased by one degree, the immune function and enzyme activity would increase greatly. Thus heat therapy is a very effective treatment. Avoid eating cold things, especially cold desserts. Avoid sleeping in an air-conditioned room, as the pores are open when sleeping and the cold qi will invade the body. To discharge the cold qi, the preparatory step of Waidangong can help warm up the body and discharge the cold qi. The Wutaishan 8-Step Exercise is also a warming exercise. Hot foot bath can warm up the body, and rubbing the soles of the feet promotes blood circulation, warming up the hands and feet. Another method of warming the body is soaking in an oil-bath. If oil-bath is not available, just soak the feet. [For information on oil bath, refer to Hui Gui Shen De Xi Ye (Note I)]. All pollutants, including electromagnetic waves would cause the body to “cool down”, so take note of what you eat, drink and see. Quiet time allows the nerves to relax, repair and is important in the maintenance of body temperature and your health.

Maintain the acid-alkaline balance of the blood. Cancer cells can only grow in an acidic environment. The diet must mainly be slightly alkaline-forming fruits and vegetables. Grains and beans become slightly alkaline after sprouting. Millet, quinoa and amaranths are also slightly alkaline even when not sprouted. All animal products, especially meat and seafood, are extremely acidic. Carbohydrates can also turn the body acidic.

Recently there was an educational film called “Forks Over Knives” showing that coronary disease, cancer and diabetes can be linked to diet. Part of the film talks about a nutritional biochemist Dr T. Colin Campbell, who made an important breakthrough in his research. Earlier when Dr Campbell was in the Philippines, his job was to supplement the protein intake of children. He noticed that the children from wealthy families had a higher incidence of liver cancer. At the same time he read a scientific research paper from India reporting that the incidence of cancer varied when mice were simultaneously administered aflatoxin and fed with a diet consisting of different percentages of casein. The group of mice fed with a diet containing 20% casein ended with cancer whereas the group that had 5% casein did not have cancer. Dr Campbell replicated this experiment after he returned to the United States. The result was the same. In his next experiment, every three weeks, he replaced the highprotein food with low-protein and then low-protein food with high protein, only changing the percentage of casein. He was able to grow or eliminate the cancer. A high protein diet promotes the growth of cancer cells in the mice, whereas in a low protein diet, the cancer cells disappeared. Protein from plants does not promote cancer growth; this has the same effect on human. Vegetarianism is a very important element in the prevention of cancer.

Try your best to boost your energy and avoid an environment that would lower your energy. Earthing is the best way to increase energy. Walk in a natural environment and it is best to wear natural materials, especially underwear which is in close-contact with the body. Cotton, hemp, and wool are good. It is also best to use natural materials where one sits and sleeps. I noticed that the energy of the place where a very weak person frequently sat was in reversed direction (counter-clockwise). This caused the lower three chakras of that person to spin counter-clockwise.

When we are vigilant and pay attention to how the energy of the surrounding environment impact on us, we can prevent cancer, and heal ourselves of cancer.

Note I: The book “Hui Gui Shen De Xi Ye”, meaning “Return to the Bliss of the Body”, is available only in Chinese.


The original Chinese article is published in the May 2012 issue of Lapis magazine and is accessible online at: http://www.lapislazuli.org/tw/index.php?p=20120507.html

(Questions 4-6) 

Q7: Is there any proof that Wifi and Wimax are harmful to the body?

A: Lapis Lazuli Light has published magazines and books that contain such information. The book, “Warning – The Electricity Around You May Be Hazardous To Your Health: How To Protect Yourself From Electromagnetic Fields”, collects a lot of studies in this area. You can find this information in the 2001 Lapis Newsletters and the Lapis Magazines which have reports on this topic for over a decade. In fact, there were already proofs that radiowaves were harmful to the human body during World War II. Now, since wireless communication facilities originate from radar, and since the proofs were military-related, so the proofs were been kept secret. From 1952-1978, the U.S. Embassy in Moscow was continually expose to microwaves radiation secretly directed at them. The amount of microwaves the Soviet government used was within the U.S. “safety levels”. During this time, three Ambassadors suffered from cancer, two of them died of cancer. The Embassy personnel who went back to the United States were found to have a higher than average white blood cell counts, their chromosome breakage ratios was also quite high. At that time when the U.S. newspaper, The Boston Globe reported this story, the American Ambassador had leukaemia, and frequently suffered from chronic headache and bleeding eyes. All these early information clearly proved the harmful effects of microwaves on human beings and animals.


Q8: Why do I have mild fever every evening between 5pm-8pm? Is something wrong with me?

A: Every evening from 5pm to 8pm the usage of electricity peaks, and maybe so does the usage of mobile phones. I suppose this is related to your fever. You can measure the amount of electromagnetic waves. If you can detect it, it is already too high.

 The original Chinese article is published in the Feb 2012 issue of Lapis

(Questions 7-8)

Dr. Lai’s Mailbox


Chiu-Nan Lai, Ph.D.

Q: In 2010, I had an ultrasound and discovered a 6mm polyp in the gallbladder. In 2012, it increased to 8mm. Another examination in 2013, the doctor believed the polyp to be a lesion and has scheduled a cholecystectomy for me on the 7th of July.

I do not want to remove the gallbladder. I am afraid of side effects. For instance, the liver, gallbladder and the gastrointestinal digestive system may be affected. I am also fearful that in the future, I may be tied to the toilet all the time, affecting my work and daily life. On the other hand, I am worried that the polyp may mutate. I am very distressed.

Dr. Lai, is there a cure? What would you suggest? I believe your insights can help solve my problems. I look forward to your reply.

A: The liver is the “weather station”. Environmental pollution harms the liver and gallbladder. Microwaves in the big cities, radio waves and electromagnetic waves are very strong and several million times more than that of nature. The body is completely unable to function properly. Thus modern problems continue to emerge. Even among children, some suffer from depression and lack of energy.

Firstly, protect ourselves to the best of our abilities. Change all cordless phones, wireless Internet into cabled phone and Internet. Choose organic, fresh, unprocessed food for consumption. There are some suggestions for a natural diet in “Grandma’s Kitchen”. Almost all processed foods contain GM food ingredients such as, soy oil, soybean oil, corn oil and canola oil. Generally, 90% of the foods in the market are contaminated by GMO. Avoid using microwave technology completely.

Absorbing radiance from food is an important principle in healthcare. Wild, organically grown foods have the most colours. Meat and fish have no colour because they are corpses. Nowadays, most of the animals are unhealthy due to antibiotics and other drugs which are added into their feed.

Eat clean food, drink clean water and consume naturally fermented sauerkraut. Ingredients must be organic vegetables which are not grown with pesticides. Refer to “Dr. Lai’s Health Tips” and “Grandma’s Kitchen” for the methods.

There was a medical research which studied patients with colorectal polyps eating a pound of sauerkraut a day. Four to six weeks later, the polyps disappeared. Organic vegetables and natural sea salt must be used. Nuclear radiation contamination in the environment can be expelled quickly by consuming naturally-made sauerkraut using the German method. Refer to “Grandma’s Kitchen” (Note II).

Gallbladder meridian starts at the centre of the eyebrow. If facing the computer regularly, the acupoints of the entire face will get the negative energy, especially in the gallbladder meridian. Touch the centre of the eyebrow with the fingers of one hand (must do both sides). Let the other hand drop and move naturally (see picture for illustration). When getting rid of negative energy, the hand will turn anti-clockwise. When supplementing positive energy, the hand will turn clockwise. Do it after using computer every day.

Polyps in the gallbladder were rare in the past but are more common now. This is because the environment we live in is destroyed. It is also related to using chemical fertilizers and pesticides to grow food, genetic modification, etc. This problem cannot be resolved in a few simple words nor can it be settled using one or two remedies.

Please refer to Taiwan Lapis Magazine Feb 2013 where we have introduced noxious earth energies, and geological fault lines, and the article “Why Are Bees Disappearing? Why Is The Incidence Of Cancer Rising Rapidly?” (Taiwan Lapis Magazine May 2013 or Singapore Lapis News Oct-Dec 2013).

 You can also refer to the following articles: “Water – The Source Of Life, The Source Of Illness” (Taiwan Lapis Magazine Nov 2013 or Singapore Lapis News Mar-May 2007) and “Caring For Your Liver; Protecting Your Environment” (Taiwan Lapis Magazine Feb 2006 or Singapore Lapis News Jun-Aug 2006).


Q: I have learnt meditation for a year and now I am very afraid of cold and I am very sensitive. In the recent months, the body is very itchy and medication is useless. Is there any other way?

A: If you meditate correctly, the body should feel warmer -not colder- unless you have sat too long and the base chakra is closed. Moving around daily helps maintain an open base chakra. Reaction in the body may be directly related to electrical pollution. From the perspective of anthroposophy, when the nervous system is stimulated, the body would turn “cold”. Exercise and doing more hands and feet movements can warm up the body. Electromagnetic waves and radio waves stimulate the nervous system, and this causes the body to cool down.

Nowadays, common diseases, cancer and the hardening of the arteries are “cold” diseases. So is being afraid of the cold. Pruritus is related to electromagnetic pollution. Too much histamine secretion in the blood causes allergic reactions. Pay attention to reducing information received from wireless sources such as, cell phones, cordless phones and wireless Internet access.

Taking more walks in nature, grounding and oil baths are effective ways to warm-up. For more details please refer to the book “Hui Gui Shen De Xi Yue” (Note I).


Q: Both my knees were injured after four accidents. I just discovered that now when I squat down, there is a “popping” sound. There is a feeling of weakness especially on the left knee, as the injury on the left was more severe than on the right. How can I protect my knees and prevent them from worsening?

A: If you do not clear the trauma after a car accident, it is easy to experience another car accident. You have gone through four car accidents and you need a good clearing of the trauma for each accident. Research in traumatic experience shows that “trauma duplicates trauma” and your experience confirms this phenomenon.

When you calm down, deliberately recall the most recent car accident and observe the body’s responses. Let the body release the panic prevailing at that time. You may need to recall the memories several times until the panic is almost cleared. Only then can you start recalling the third car accident. In this way, clear the trauma of every car accident. Also, practice the “shaking off” exercise to shake off trauma and fear.

After the car accidents, you may have been anesthetised and anaesthetic residues have to be cleared. Dr. May has shared using visualisation to heal himself after his accident. He specially taught visualising that you have 18 hands and the hands reaching towards the sun to absorb the radiance from the sun. And then bringing that radiance to your own body and massaging the injured parts. Recently, a reader was seriously injured in a car accident. She could not move her neck and her knees required surgery. She remembered the above method. In less than two to three days, she could turn her neck and her knees no longer needed surgery. You can seriously consider doing that.

Another recommendation is to supplement with nutritional products that are beneficial for bone marrow. Try “Renewal of the Ancient (Bone Renewal)”, a product researched and developed for many years by Dr. May’s Company.


Q: If we can change the energy of material, then we can choose non-organic fruits and vegetables and then just chant a mantra to the food to improve the food energy. Then why should we pay more to buy higher-priced organic fruits and vegetables?

A: The reason we buy organic fruits and vegetables is that in addition to eating food that is clean and without pesticides, if the soil has complete minerals and trace elements, only then can we also get the nourishment of colour. Energy measurement only gives a rough measure, it cannot measure details. Additional testing is required to measure the energy of colours. For food that has good original energy, the chanting of mantra can further increase its energy. Whereas in the case of the originally low energy foods, the improvement is limited.

In the absence of choice, in order to enhance food energy, chanting can at least turn negative energy into positive energy, which can influence our body. But when there is a good choice, we would choose the food grown from natural farming. This gives us more colourful, more nutritious and higher-energy food and reduces air and water pollution. Thus, we preserve a clean and fertile land for our offspring.


Q: For almost a year, I am unable to sleep soundly. Without good sleep, I wake up feeling very tired. I suffered from nocturia and have to get up a few times at night. How can I solve these problems? I feel depressed and unhappy. My four-year old child suffers from nasal congestion (not from cold) in the morning and evening and the skin is prone to itching. How can the condition be improved?

A: The situation you talked about is connected with microwaves and radio waves in the environment. Please refer to the article “Why Are Bees Disappearing? Why Is The Incidence Of Cancer Rising Rapidly?” in October 2013 issue of Lapis News.

Sleep is related to the increased secretion of melanin. However, the pineal body cannot distinguish between light and man-made radio waves. Thus, the melanin secretion at night is just the same as in the day. This in turn affects your sleep pattern.

Meanwhile radio waves harm kidneys and adrenal glands. Higher urinary frequency is one of the body’s responses. In addition to reducing electromagnetic waves and microwaves at home and at work, you can try the visualisation method for recovery taught by Dr. Mitchell May. Imagine that you have 18 hands, stretching towards the sun. After absorbing the solar energy, massage different parts of the body, such as the liver, kidney and the head. Electricity is “yin” energy and the “yang” energy from the sun can help.


Q: Why does the base chakra of the elderly feel cold and how can the condition be improved?

The energy of the body is directly connected to the base chakra. If the base chakra is closed, the body tends to have problems. There are a few reasons as to why the chakra is turned off: radio waves, anesthetics and coccyx injuries during childbirth will close the base chakra. Balancing the qi daily is one way (Refer to Dr. Lai’s Health Tips).

The crane walk in Waidangong is also effective, so is the swinging of the coccyx back and forth, the exercise taught by Dr. Mitchell May. Legs standing apart, hands on the hips, squat down and then stand up for a couple of times is also another method. If the base chakra is closed as a result of anesthetic, you need to use the anesthetic discarding approach. If it is due to coccyx injury, then you need to adjust the coccyx.



Note I: The book “Hui Gui Shen De Xi Yue”, meaning “Return to the Bliss of the Body”, is available only in Chinese.

Note II: The cookbook “Grandma’s Kitchen” is available only in Chinese.

The original Chinese article is published in the August 2013 issue of Lapis magazine

Dr. Lai’s Mailbox


Chiu-Nan Lai, Ph.D.


Q: Why are teachers prone to illnesses such as retinal detachment, high blood pressure and dry eyes? How can we prevent and treat them?

A: Teachers usually face groups of students. These groups are usually big given the number of students at schools. Almost every student carries a cellular phone, so when everyone sits together, the harm from the cellular phones are enormous. I suggest that teachers remind students to switch off their cellular phones whenever they enter the classrooms. Do not even allow for vibration as the radiation from the vibration is even stronger.

Through dowsing, you can test who has not turned off their cellular phone because the pendulum will definitely turn anti-clockwise. Students can also be asked to deposit their cellular phones in a common area when they enter the classroom, and collect them when they leave. Emphasize to the students the importance of this practice. All who work with groups of people will need to do this for their protection, and this may also set a new trend for students to focus on study when they come to school, where they do not need to bring their hand phones along.

The cellular-phone culture has altered the interactions between people. Recently while I was in China having a meal gathering with a big table full of people, we could have taken the chance to chat and get to know each other, but there were cellular phones ringing here and there, and everyone ended up talking on their phones. Although we were sitting together around the same table, we were actually not together. Take a glance into the restaurants where families hardly get together to have meals. Each individual family member is busy talking on their own phones. I feel that the entire culture, togetherness and the interpersonal care and warmth have greatly diminished.

Everyone cares only for themselves. Parents due to their worries insist that their children carry cellular phones for easy contact. This is why children have hand phones, but the actual time spent between parents and children are sadly little. These parents think that as long as they can easily reach their children, they then need not worry for their whereabouts. Parents may not actually have the intention to spend time with their children.

I think this culture has to be revalued – what is important, what is not, what is precious – the gathering among people, the interactions with one another, whether you are fully present to interact with them. It is really a matter of quality — the quality of time. This is a matter of spending high quality time. I think this is about one’s value system in life.

Now, about improving the eyes. In our US workshops, we invited a teacher, Meir Schneider, who was once completely blind but had later regained his eyesight. Meir had cataract since young and basically could not see. When he was about 16 or 17 years old, a 19 year old teenager taught him some natural eye exercises, and he regained his eyesight.

Retinal detachment may be due to many reasons, one of which is looking at the computer screen for too long or watching TV, where the peripheral vision is not used at all. Generally, modern people’s peripheral vision has deteriorated, as we normally look towards the front. Hence there are methods on stimulating the peripheral vision. For example, when watching our hands move in the 4 directions around our heads, we are stimulating the peripheral vision. For some short-sighted people, this exercise can be practiced for as far as their peripheral vision goes. In the past, people used to have very far distanced peripheral vision, but nowadays, this is no longer true. That is why some people designed a ball that is intended to test their peripheral vision as they move their heads. Taking a walk on a very dark night can also train the peripheral vision.

How do we practice looking far away by ourselves? Go outdoors and view the sceneries. Look at nature far away then near. Continue the exercise by alternating between the two distances – far and near. We, people of this modern age, have all over used close distance viewing of the fluorescent screen, whether through computer or the television. We have over extended and harmed our optic nerves. So get outdoors and look far away whenever possible. By alternating between looking far and close, allows the optic nerves to relax. Letting the sun shine on closed eyes also helps in improving our eyesight, as sunlight has a nourishing effect.

Also relax. At work or upon returning home, rub the palms warm, and cover the eyes with them. Allow the optic nerves to completely relax. Note if the color black can be seen. Seeing the color black indicates that the optic nerves have completely relaxed. If only other colors are seen, it means that the optic nerves have not relaxed fully. Therefore, if you have problem with the optic nerves, regardless of whether it is short-sightedness or aging, try to do this exercise for 20 minutes daily or whenever you have time. The teacher that I mentioned earlier did this continuously for three months, before his optic nerves finally relax enough for him to see the color black, and the window for the first time. Hence for people whose optic nerves are not in good form, the relaxation will take a while to happen. Upon full relaxation, the vision will recover. Thus, allow the optic nerves to relax whenever you are free.

Modern people over use the eyes, whether from viewing the computer or television. I believe many teachers face the computers frequently. This is very hurtful for the eyes. Appropriate relaxation is a must. Body relaxation, especially on the eyes. Have some outdoor sun. In addition, a half hour can be spent daily on using “vision training glasses” and let the peripheral vision nerves around the eyes exercise. You can also place the Ancient Light Crystals on your eyelids to charge the energy field of your eyes. In addition, it is better to use LCD computer screen than the computer screens and CPUs of the olden days which are very harmful.

Besides using LCD flat screens, we should also consider protecting ourselves against electromagnetic waves. We have many articles on protection against electromagnetic waves, various methods discussed can be found in Dr Lai’s Health Tips and in articles from the Lapis Lazuli Light Magazines. You may also try mantras which some people feel is inconceivable. However, mantras do have a protective effect. One may use different methods. Peat moss also possesses the protective effect against the electromagnetic waves.

Those with high blood pressure are also generally affected by the electromagnetic waves in the environment. Modern people would also often feel stressed out. Regarding the relaxation method mentioned above, one may think of light to stay in a relaxed state at any time. When our body needs healing, we may visualize golden light filling up our eyes. All parts requiring healing are all light. If we may use energy to heal ourselves many times daily, just thinking that our whole body is light, possibly without even thinking about nourishment then when you are teaching, thinking that your entire body is light, you are healing all the time, thus, allowing yourself to be unharmed.

The same applies to the dry eye disease. Radiation or electromagnetic waves from cellular phones are especially harmful to the smaller parts of our body like our eyes and ears.

Although we may not directly feel the harm in our eyes, our genes have already absorbed the radiation. Genes generally absorb 400 times more of the radiation than any other organizational parts of our body. Hence our eyes and ears are the most vulnerable to harm.

In Kaohsiung of Taiwan, a young man suddenly lost his vision and ability to walk one day. He was sent to the hospital. The doctor could not do anything as the cause was unclear. His father called his sister in the United States, and complained tearfully. His sister then found me. My first question was if her brother uses a cell phone. She then related that this young man talks on the cell phone, for eight hours daily due to his job, for the past ten years. Moreover, this child loves to eat meat, barbequed and deep-fried, and does not eat vegetables.

Under such circumstances, I did not know if his optic nerves are toasted and whether they could recover. I have no idea. We just had to do our best. Certainly, he has to stop using any cellular phone, to not touch any computers or cellular phones again. After which I taught him to use energy work. At that time, I encourage him to drink good quality water, eat organic fruits and vegetables, and take nutritional supplements with high energetic vibrations, to change his diet completely. A few months later when I met his sister, she wept and thanked me. She said that five weeks after the changes, her brother’s vision recovered by 60% and was able to walk. Thereafter, he fully recovered. This is a true story.

There are more than 40 of such cases in Kaohsiung. Doctors were unable to diagnose what happened. Nowadays, many people have over-used these products. Hence, bringing upon the rise of many different strange illnesses. Dry eye disease is the result of the eyes being harmed by radiation. Radiation causes dehydration to the body, including the eyes. This problem can be solved by drinking more water; water of good quality.

Then there is liver which governs water in the body. If liver is hurt, the transportation of blood throughout the body will also be affected. For the above mentioned, protecting our environment is protecting our liver. I have written before on taking good care of your liver, treasuring your liver, and loving your environment, because liver and the environment is closely related. This is a big issue that concerns all and is no longer an individual matter! 

The original Chinese article is published in the May 2008 issue of Lapis magazine and is accessible online at:



Q: I am 57 years old. In recent years, due to my job, my lifestyle has been going against the rhythm of nature, such as, using the computer, spending long hours working under electrical light, occasionally staying up at night and doing minimal exercises.

 As a result, within two years, my eyes suffer from floaters [Muscae volitantes ] and cataracts. I also suffer from insomnia due to anxiety caused by the need of eye surgery. The frightening thing is that this has led to autoimmune rheumatoid problems. The doctor said xerosis is “Sjögren’s syndrome”. When it appears in the eyes, it is very serious and painful: burning, a sandy sensation, pain, stickiness, soreness, light sensitivity, tiredness and dryness. Now, I must take half of the regular dosage of pills for anxiety and sleeping.

For the last six months, in order to heal myself, I have followed the Lapis Lazuli Light (LLL) Magazine‘s recommendation of the raw diet of Japanese women, eating only a small amount of cooked food occasionally, taking friendly bacteria, Bliss Delight, Pure Aussie and doing light therapy. I quit my job, exercise every day and no longer use the computer and cell phone. I seldom switch on the light and wash my eyes with wheatgrass juice. I scrape my tongue daily. The coating on the tongue now is pale yellowish, more towards white in color.

A: Thank you for sharing the difficulties you are facing. The seemingly complex symptoms and long scientific names of illnesses are becoming more common in recent years. Illnesses that were seldom heard of in the past is now becoming more ordinary. I must also strive to study and research to find the answers.

Sjögren’s syndrome that you are suffering from is one of the many immune system illnesses. This is mainly caused by disorders of the autonomic nervous system. Autonomic nervous disorders are related to the modern living environment. These are triggered by the work pressure you felt, unnatural lifestyle plus the harm from computers. To be healthy, there are a lot of aspects to work on. You have already done a lot and this is a very good start.

I would supplement with the following suggestions:

1.The nervous system needs protection and repair. Use the many methods of protection from electromagnetic field and microwave such as, the Flower of Life pattern, Crystal Grid and others recommended in the recent issues of LLL Magazines.

2.Vitamin B complex nourishes the nervous system but is also commonly lacking. Unprocessed sprouted grain, fermented food and seaweed have the highest content of B vitamins. If there is a lack of Vitamin B12, B1 cannot be absorbed. And B1 is needed by the nervous system. Also, if the secretion of digestive enzymes is not enough, even if there is adequate intake of B1 2, it still cannot be metabolised.

As you grow older, the digestive enzymes secreted by the pancreas are greatly reduced. In this case, increase the intake of naturally fermented food such as sauerkraut, rejuvelac, naturally fermented grains, miso, etc. I would recommend that you make your own sauerkraut, which is introduced in my book. The new “Grandma’s Kitchen Cookbook” (Note) also has many methods of making naturally fermented sauerkraut, seed and grain milk and grains. Any grains such as millet, oats, barley and ancient wheat such as spelt, pearl barley and rice can be used to make rejuvelac. I would not use modern wheat varieties, as these varieties have been altered. The grains used to make rejuvelac can be added to bread or porridge for consumption. Eating sauerkraut with high protein food helps with digestion. In warm regions, make tempeh, natto and other fermented beans. Any beans can be used, but avoid soybeans as the majority of soybeans are not of the traditional varieties.

Essential trace elements and minerals are necessary for repairing the body and the mind. Regrettably most of the soils do not have enough trace minerals, which is why, even when you eat more of the produce from this kind of soil, it still cannot supplement the necessary trace minerals.

Fortunately, Pure Aussie can be used to supplement mineral needs. The friendly bacteria and yeast in rejuvelac, sauerkraut and all fermented food can activate these minerals, increasing the colours of the food. Of course it is even better if we can supplement these marine minerals by growing our own vegetables or sprouts.

I have previously mentioned that when making rejuvelac and sauerkraut, generally add one teaspoon of Pure Aussie to four cups of water. Grains used for cooking rice and porridge can also be fermented. Soak for six to eight hours, drain the water. Certain components of grains and legumes inhibit the absorption of nutrients, so discard the first round of water used for soaking, then add water again and soak for another day before cooking. Soaking for 24 hours is okay but may result in a sour taste in the rice and porridge. The nutritional value is higher but some people do not like the sour taste.

A woman suffered from systemic lupus erythematosus for many years. After supplementing her diet with sauerkraut for ten days, her facial erythema disappeared. She collected many medical studies and discovered that in all immune function disorders, B12 and pancreatic enzymes are the important commonly missing factors and B12 is not easily supplemented. The entire digestive tract must first be repaired before B12 can be metabolised, thus naturally fermented food is the answer. 

Reference: Autoimmune Cause and the Cure by Annesse Brockley and Kristin Urdials http://www.naturehaditfirst.com/

Note: Grandma’s Kitchen Cookbook (Chinese) published by Lapis Lazuli Light (Malaysia).

The original Chinese article is published in the Feb 2013 issue of Lapis magazine