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How to Increase the Energy of Food

Rachel Tseng

Eversince following Dr Lai, I have learnt a lot of wonderful and useful methods including enhancing the energy of food. I have compiled here a reference for those who are interested.

The Power of The Mind

Reciting mantras/prayers before meals or having a grateful heart will increase the energy of food with the power of these thoughts. There should be no doubt for Lapis Lazuli Light’s readers.


Food Combination

Food combination is very tricky, the compatibility and incompatibility of food will cause a considerable change in the original energy of the food. Even if the original level of energy in the food is not high, a good combination will create a significant increase in the energy.

I remember at one time, I saw a raw food recipe that blends pumpkin and mango into a soup. Out of curiosity, I tried it. The result was surprisingly tasty. Dowsing shows that both of these foods are indeed very well-matched.

I think great chefs may not necessarily know about measuring energy. However, relying on their natural instincts, they create a variety of delicious dishes. To have good food combination, intuition is the first tool.

If your intuition is not strong, you can refer to traditional food combinations like those that we have eaten for hundreds of years such as long bean fried with preserved Szechuan mustard. Having passed the test of time with everyone feeling especially good after eating those foods, the recipes were handed down from generation to generation.

Of course, if we know how to measure energy, our food combinations will be like a tiger with wings. For example, adding brown sugar to mung bean soup and sweet potato soup is energetically higher than using red rock sugar. In the case of red bean soup and almond milk, the energy of rock sugar is higher than that of brown sugar.


The Magical Effect of a Pinch of Salt

Every time I made sweets, my mother always told me: “Foods that are purely sweet harm the stomach; that is why a pinch of salt must be added.” I was indifferent and never took her advice seriously.

Later, I read in a recipe that salt can draw out natural sweetness. I recalled reading the “Little Chef” comic book as a child. In the book, there was a cooking competition. A rising star was favoured by the judges. This was beyond everyone’s expectations. Later, it was discovered that when the chef was focusing on his cooking, he was dripping with perspiration. This salty sweat dripped into the food and resulted in the judges tasting a special flavour of salt that made him a champion.

Later, I gave dowsing a try and found that if a pinch of salt is added into different kinds of sweets, almost always the energy increased and sometimes salt also allows the energy to multiply! Why don’t you try it?


Pure Wool Material with Metal Pot

This is a wonderful way that Dr Lai shared in a workshop recently: overlap metallic materials (exclude aluminium and copper) with the natural wool layers would in principle draw the cosmic energy. There were even cancer patients who slept wrapping themselves in alternate layers of metal and wool material and were healed. At home, we put food in a stainless steel pot and cover it with pure wool blanket or pure wool sweater. Although there is only one layer, it does increase the energy of the food. What a great convenience!


Using A Pendulum

Raymon Grace taught us how to use the pendulum to disperse bad energy and pull in good energy. With the same method, it can be used on food. Please refer to the book ”Techniques That Work for Me: A Mini-Course in Management of Energy for Improving Your Life”.


Special Number – 955

This method came from Hanna Kroeger. When you read the numbers 955 out loud, at the same time with the right hand (towards the direction of your thumb) pointing at the food circling clockwise. Draw a circle when reading a number, the energy of the food will be increased from the frequency of the sound. I have tried this method, and found that when I articulate 955 in English, the energy is higher than when I voiced it in Chinese. Try it!



Information on the pyramids was shared in the November 2004 Lapis Magazine (Chinese only) which mentioned that the energy of food is enhanced when the food is placed in the pyramid. I will not repeat the details here.


Water & Food Magnetizing Energy Enhancer

This is the method I love to use to enhance energy. Since almost all food or animals or plants contain a lot of water, in addition to increasing the energy of water, we can also use an enhancer to increase the energy of food or people. In a training camp, Dr Lai did an experiment, a mother and daughter had their energies measured separately, one after another. The Water & Food Magnetizing Energy Enhancer was used to increase only the mother’s energy; we found that the energy of the daughter was also increased! When we increased the energy of a glass of water, the energy of another cup of water from the same source also increased. This shows that the energy of the same source will receive the same blessing.

This has encouraged me to use more of the Water & Food Magnetizing Energy Enhancer. It is inevitable that there are times we dine outside. When we use the Enhancer to strengthen the energy of our food, we are also increasing the energy of the food in the restaurant. I would even visualise that the food from the same production line also receives the same blessings, or the fruits from the same fruit trees are radiating light. When we can benefit ourselves and others, why not?



After reading these methods of increasing energy, many readers might immediately think: Since we can now enhance the energy of food, then why do we still want to buy the higher-priced organic food? Please be reminded that organic food not only has high energy, it also has radiance. With added energy, the energy will be even higher. This is not attainable from non-organic food. Also as consumers, we have the ability to direct the market. When we can afford to buy organic products, we will try our best – it is an effort to protect Mother Earth.

As for which methods can increase the most energy in the food, it is for the readers discover on their own!

The original Chinese article is published in the Nov 2008 issue of Lapis magazine and is accessible online at: http://www.lapislazuli.org/tw/index.php?p=20081102.html