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Unexpected impact on health…

Chiu-Nan Lai, PhD

In November of 2018 we invited Gisela Hoffman to give a talk on how our ancestors influence our health. Gisela is the daughter of Dr. Hanna Kroeger, who was a renowned doctor in natural healing and herbs.

Citing scientific research on epigenetics and using knowledge of homeopathy and miasma, she spoke in detail about how our ancestors (within five generations) influence our physical, emotional, spiritual, astral, and causal bodies, etc.

Our parents have the most influence on these bodies, and each generation above influences one fewer body.  Our great great grand paternal and maternal grandparents influence only our physical and emotional bodies. For example, if any ancestor within these five generations had tuberculosis, the descendants may have the following ailments: 1.weak lung, 2. bunion, digital myxoid cyst or hammer toe, 3. skin cancer, 4. macular degeneration, and 5. curved spine.

There was a little girl who was adopted by her maternal grandmother because her mother was a drug addict and could not take care of her. The child’s temper became very bad, and she was full of anger. After putting chocolate (V) on the photo, she explicitly told her grandfather: you are still my maternal grandfather and grandmother, my uncle and aunt will not become my brother and sister. But her anger subsided.

It is common in Chinese society to give their young children, in particular girls, to their brothers and sisters. Alternatively, they are raised by their grandmothers. Furthermore, the tradition of child bride is also unique to China. These have profound effects on future generations.

People living in poverty would give away or sell their children. During the war in China more than 100 years ago, many people had to give away their children because they could not support them.  My maternal grandmother was born in that era. There were many children in her family and because there was no way to raise them, some children had to be given away or sold. My maternal grandmother only knew her name and that her hometown was in Zhenjiang; she knew nothing else about her background.

When I learned this method, I immediately wrote Chocolate (V) 1M on a piece of paper, put it on my photo and placed it under natural light in the room for three days. Unexpectedly, my energy greatly improved the moment I did this.

Later, I recalled that my father had lost his mother from an early age, so he was also cut off from the energy of his mother’s womb. I shared this method to a person who had been adopted.  After she did it her mind immediately became clear, and her heart became lighter.

Another person was also raised by her grandmother. Her spirit and mood greatly improved. She sings every day, and everyone around her can see this improvement.

We also learned that if the words “toxic pollution” are written on a piece of paper, adding (V) at the end of these words would transform it to an antidote. (V) stands for Vibropathic. Simply put, it is the material’s subtle energy. This is the principle of homeopathy.  Subtle energies of toxic pollutants that injure people become the antidote when (V) is added after the pollutant.. Since young, we have been exposed to many toxins. The place where we used to live had people coming to spray DDT every week. Then, there were various chemical agents in the university laboratory, the pesticide, methyl bromide, that killed white ants in my neighbor ’s house when we lived in California, plus pesticides in the air, car exhaust, and pollution, etc. I write DDT (V) on my photo, and then I signed off many names, and wrote methyl bromide (V) along with the names of many chemical agents plus (V).

Once, I over-detoxified and woke up in the middle of the night with hives all over my body. I got up and soaked my feet with hot water, and moved water back and forth with water structuring adaptor unit. After doing so for 30 minutes, the hives disappeared.

The following is a list of pollutants we may come into contact with and the associated antidote:

  1. Mercury (tooth filling and exhaust from burning coal) Mercviva (V).
  2. Glysophate (V) herbicide is a very common pollutant because genetically-modified crops are sprayed with this.
  3. Formaldehyde (V) is often contacted in buildings.
  4. Arsenic (V) is a pesticide commonly used in the past, and the content of this pesticide in American rice exceeds the maximum residue limit.
  5. Dioxin (V) is a pollutant present in the atmosphere, and is also a herbicide.
  6. Fluoride (V) is a pollutant in water, and is also present in toothpaste.
  7. Chlorine (V) is a pollutant present in water.
  8. Exhaust gas from burning coal (V).
  9. Carbonic acid (V) is a pollutant produced in the electronics industry.

In this course, I had the opportunity to share and try out on classmates the two newest methods to protect and boost energy. These two methods can be used individually or together for better results.

The first one is to draw spirals, and in the middle of these spirals, write down  “all of a person’s light chakras, organs, body parts and acupuncture points, as well as Huatuo spinal reflex points, etc. You can also write down the source of the negative energy that harms humans and all lives, along with the contact number, or that person’s phone, computer, mobile phone, electrical appliances, electricity meter, cell phone tower, home, school, office, name and address of a store/ restaurant, air/water in a particular city, etc. All the faucets in the house can also be included as these also leak energy.

I drew a picture with 12 spirals (see link) for everyone ’s convenience (note: when drawing the spirals, the direction is clockwise). I discovered the benefits of these drawn spirals the following way. I read the reprint of an old book “The Secret of Life, Cosmic Rays and Radiation of Living Being” written by Russian scientist Georges Lakhovsky. He used the geranium flower that has been inoculated with virus to conduct the experiment. One month later, after the tumor has formed, he selected a plant to surround it with copper spirals. Two weeks later, the other plants died, but the one with copper spirals lived well and grew better than usual.

Three years later, the plant still grew very well. It is mentioned in the book that the copper spiral ring is also effective on humans and has the effect of healing and curing cancer.

After reading the book, a lady used a copper wire to make a belt. She also made a copper spiral for her handicapped cat and put it on its neck. The cat, which was not ambulatory earlier, could now walk.  The other person was injured, but quickly recovered.

I also made a copper spiral ring for myself and found that my energy increased a lot. After two days, I experimented by placing a photo in the spiral ring. The effect was the same. After another day, I tried by drawing a spiral and writing my name in the middle of it. My energy remained high. This was how I discovered spiral drawing.

A few days before the start of the course, I wanted to help everyone improve their energy during his or her journey. I drew a big spiral on the student name list. I measured everyone’s energy and found that it had increased by at least 10 times and even up to 100 times for some. The magnitude of energy increase was higher for those with lowest energy. One student reflected that she suddenly felt a huge increase in her energy during her journey. Another had chronic insomnia and could sleep when I drew the spiral.

After the event, I continued to experiment and found that generally, people’s chakras experience interference by electromagnetic waves, especially the chakra 16-inches above the crown of the head. If I wrote down all the chakras of a specific person within the spiral, these chakras would be protected.

The author’s theory is that the spiral resonates with the universe’s energy, creating a protective field.

There are now waves from outer space and man-made waves, many of which are harmful to life on Earth. The atmosphere has become very thin and can no longer block these harmful waves. Hence, the discovery of the spiral ring is very important.

My second method that I found very helpful in offering protection is the Spinning Great Joy disk (see Figure 2) offers very good protection. This is designed by me. Using both the spiral and this Spinning Great Joy disk together yields the greatest effect. Stick the spiral together with the disk, and place upright.

The following are my experiences with the spiral and the Spinning Great Joy disk.

Write the following in the spiral:

  1. All the chakras of the person. (See Figure 1)
  2. The person’s various bodily systems: cardiovascular system, brain, nervous and central nervous systems, immune system, endocrine system, respiratory system, digestive system, urinary system, excretory system, bones, etc.
  3. Mobile phone and land line telephone numbers. Add the Spinning Great Joy disk, and write “X optimum power” (see Figure 2)
  4. The person’s computer, X optimum power on the disk.
  5. All sources of electromagnetic waves and radio waves, X optimum power on the disk. For newly installed radio towers, X optimum power.
  6. Addresses of the home, school, office, shop, and public places.
  7. Separately write down the air and water of that particular city, X optimum power.
  8. Commonly used acupuncture points that need to be protected and elevated include: CV6 qihai, LI4 hegu, ST36 zhusanli, ST21 liangmen, K22 bulang, K1 yongquan, K27 yufu, GV20 baihui, GV4 mingmen, CV1 huiying, and the Huatuo spinal reflex points. The following depends on one’s needs: L4 waist 4 large intestines, T11 chest 11 small intestinal system, T5 chest 5 heart (left) pericardium (right), C3 head, 3 eyes, nose, ear.






Requires self-testing:

T7 chest 7 spleen (left) abdominal tube (right)

T8 chest 8 esophagus (left) pancreas (right)

T9 chest 9 stomach (left) liver (right)

Add disk X optimum power.

The Spinning Great Joy disk can be used alone and affixed to electrical appliances or drawings of these appliance. The film can also be attached to a drawn picture of the body’s various parts. Then multiply by the appropriate number.

Here is an example to illustrate its usage:

Two months ago, because the electromagnetic field(EMF) in the environment had strengthened, I felt pressure on my ears. I drew a picture of my ears and attached the  drawing of the disk, adding a suitable multiplier to it. The pressure immediately disappeared.

There was a fourth-generation family in our area that experienced great discomfort from electrical disturbances. I was preparing to enter their kitchen to sit down at their dining table and have afternoon tea. I found that the EMF was so strong that I could not step into the kitchen.

I first sat down in the living room. They told me that there were two refrigerators and electric meters in the kitchen. I drew these on a piece of paper and attached light disk that had been reinforced. Only then did the negative energy in the kitchen become positive. I checked the crown chakras of all the family members and found that the dowser was rotating in an anti-clockwise direction in all cases. I showed the grandmother how to draw a circle with a diameter of 2 inches (5 cm) to represent the crown chakra and affixed a x20 piece of light disk drawing. The crown chakra immediately balanced, and the dowser stopped moving.

The young children were often fussy when they got home, probably because they were influenced by the strong EMF.

People who live in big cities need X optimum power. Those who feel physically unwell or had injuries can draw  these injured  parts and then affix a light disk that has an appropriate multiplier or X optimum power.

In the process of designing the Spinning Great Joy disk, I found that the patterns and words are very important. Omitting one or two words or a circle in the diagram will change its efficacy. The placement upwards and downwards is also important, perhaps because our universe is a holographic projection.

The word “joy” in the Great Joy disk is a key word—joy, happiness, and rejoicing can heal the body and mind, from the self-consciousness body, astral body, etheric body, and physical body.

I introduced Legong (Joy Practice) many years ago. At that time, it was very popular in China. Many patients recovered their health from this practice. I once met a teacher who taught this practice. He learned this from a skilled old lady. He taught students to start from a false joy—as long as there is joy, real or false joy will still be effective. It can be practiced sitting, sleeping, walking; in other words, it can be practiced whether one is walking, at rest, sitting or lying. Practice for at least one hour daily. If you can’t arouse the joy within, find out the cause of your unhappiness. Do it if it can be remedied or fixed. If it can’t be changed, then change your mindset. The practice of using money to avert calamities is an example of changing one’s mindset.

In recent years, there have been many studies on the brain, and Dr. Steiner’s introduction to the four types of human bodies helps us better understand the principle of Legong (Joy Practice). A Canadian psychological counselor wrote about her journey to self-healing after being experiencing brain poisoning from paint exposure.

After working in a newly-painted office for three months, Annie Hopper became sensitive to all chemical compounds, including perfumes from people around her. Subsequently, her sensitivity worsened, and she reacted strongly to electromagnetic waves, radio waves, and many foods. She borrowed a tent from another person who was equally sensitive, and lived in it for a while. She later moved to Vancouver Island, and lived for a few months on a house boat without electricity and parked in the harbor. She looked for answers everywhere. Although many people had similar problems, doctors and experts knew of no treatment.

Intuitively, she felt that her brain was injured, and after looking at research on neuroplasticity, she found a way. If her brain can be healed, it can change her response to toxins and other electrical disturbances in the environment.

When the paint poisoning first injured her limbic brain, her brain nerves were stuck in the traumatic brain circuit, and the body was in a chronic emergency fight and flight response. In this situation, the body could not function naturally. She had to re-establish a new neural circuit to recover from the traumatic reaction. If the nervous system circuits were stimulated at the same time, they would be able to connect together. She had to cut off the brain’s connection to its initial response when it was first exposed to the paint (chemical agent).

When her body reacted to sensitive substances, she would deliberately change her thoughts to some  positive responses such as joy, gratitude and love.

Every day, she spent at least an hour to promote positive emotions within herself. Six months of training fully healed her from the traumatic reaction and the injured limbic brain.

She was able to return to her husband’s side. When other patients learned of her recovery experience, they asked her for help. She answered their calls for help, and gave lectures in different places. Generally, the patients improved significantly in a four-day course. The person who had loan her the tent had to wear a breathing mask for 5 years. A few days after the course ended, he did not need to wear a breathing mask when he went to the bank. There are many recovery stories on Annie’s website. www.retrainingthebrain.com

J.H. Bolte Taylor, another brain research expert who recovered from a stroke, mentioned in her book “My Stroke of Insight” how positive emotions allowed her right brain to help her injured left brain to recover. In his new book “Becoming Supernatural”, Dr. Joe Dispenza, a chiropractic doctor and research on spirituality, shows how positive emotions can harmonize the brainwaves recorded on an electroencephalogram and the heart electrocardiogram, and also greatly increase the energy field of the person.

Many examples of miraculous recovery often appear among his students. They experience not only health improvements, but improvements in their luck and encounters. When the sorrow, anger, anxiety and blame within us are transformed to joy, love, gratitude and tranquility, external difficulties will also be resolved.

Only brain waves that are alpha waves can change habitual negative thinking and emotion, and stop the traumatic brain circuitry.

Dr. Dispenza teaches how we can raise each chakra to use joy, gratitude, and love to clear habitual negative energy. He introduced eight chakras: starting from the root chakra upwards, experience the space and surroundings of each chakra, and then raise one’s emotions, joy, love, gratitude, etc.

  1. root chakra 2. Dantian chakra 3. Navel chakra 4. Heart chakra 5. Throat chakra 6. Pineal gland chakra (between the pituitary gland and throat chakras) 7. Pituitary gland chakra (third eye region) 8. KA chakra (ancient Egyptian term) 16 inches above the crown of the head.

A person who worked in the computer industry was injured by electromagnetic waves. After that, he could not go near any electrical appliances at all. As long as he was near any radio waves, his head would hurt. He lay on his bed at home. After being ill for two years, he came across Dispenza’s book, and learned to elevate each of his chakras. When he did it the first time, he felt that there was light within his head. The part of his brain that had been turned off was re-activated. After that, the duration of his headaches shortened, and after a few months, he no longer had headaches. He found a new job, and paid off his debts. He only had to work one and a half hours a day, and earned more than his previous 60-hour work week. As humans, we have many obstacles in this era, but our spirituality is also rapidly increasing. Hence, there are so many miraculous recovery methods appearing.

The healing methods that Gisela introduced are created based on the principles of miasma.

If our ancestors had tuberculosis, write down residues of tuberculosis (V)9M on a piece of paper. Place it on top of a photo of the descendants or signature. Place it for three days in a place indoor that can receive sunlight. If there is no sunlight, then place it under a lamp for 24 hours. If you are the person with this ailment, then write tuberculosis (V), and place it for 6 to 8 weeks. If our ancestors smoked, write down nicotine(V)9M and place it indoors on our photo in a sunny place for three days. If we are the one who smoke, write nicotine(V) and place it on the photo for 6 to 8 weeks.

She also provided the following prescriptions for reference:

* Adoption—Chocolate (V)1M or 9M

* Drug addiction—Cocaina (V)1M or 9M

* Psoriasis—Syphonium (V)9M

* Lyme disease─Syphonium (V) 9 m

* Heart disease─Circuit Flow 6X or 9m, Love (V) 100c, 9m

* Multiple sclerosis—Salmonella (V)9M, Typhoid (V)9M

* Retinal detachment—TB Residue (V)9M

Gisela believes that being adopted has a huge impact on oneself and his/her offsprings because the energy from the mother’s womb is cut off. This includes losing one’s mother, being adopted by a relative such as maternal/paternal grandmothers and aunts. If we are the one adopted, write chocolate(V) on a note, place it on a photo or sign on it, and put in a spot that receives natural light for five weeks and above. If it is our ancestors who have been adopted, add 1M or 9M (e.g., chocolate(V)1M or chocolate(V)9M) on the note, place it on a photo or sign on it, and put in a sunny spot for 3 days.