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Unexpected impact on health…

Chiu-Nan Lai, PhD

In November of 2018 we invited Gisela Hoffman to give a talk on how our ancestors influence our health. Gisela is the daughter of Dr. Hanna Kroeger, who was a renowned doctor in natural healing and herbs.

Citing scientific research on epigenetics and using knowledge of homeopathy and miasma, she spoke in detail about how our ancestors (within five generations) influence our physical, emotional, spiritual, astral, and causal bodies, etc.

Our parents have the most influence on these bodies, and each generation above influences one fewer body.  Our great great grand paternal and maternal grandparents influence only our physical and emotional bodies. For example, if any ancestor within these five generations had tuberculosis, the descendants may have the following ailments: 1.weak lung, 2. bunion, digital myxoid cyst or hammer toe, 3. skin cancer, 4. macular degeneration, and 5. curved spine.

There was a little girl who was adopted by her maternal grandmother because her mother was a drug addict and could not take care of her. The child’s temper became very bad, and she was full of anger. After putting chocolate (V) on the photo, she explicitly told her grandfather: you are still my maternal grandfather and grandmother, my uncle and aunt will not become my brother and sister. But her anger subsided.

It is common in Chinese society to give their young children, in particular girls, to their brothers and sisters. Alternatively, they are raised by their grandmothers. Furthermore, the tradition of child bride is also unique to China. These have profound effects on future generations.

People living in poverty would give away or sell their children. During the war in China more than 100 years ago, many people had to give away their children because they could not support them.  My maternal grandmother was born in that era. There were many children in her family and because there was no way to raise them, some children had to be given away or sold. My maternal grandmother only knew her name and that her hometown was in Zhenjiang; she knew nothing else about her background.

When I learned this method, I immediately wrote Chocolate (V) 1M on a piece of paper, put it on my photo and placed it under natural light in the room for three days. Unexpectedly, my energy greatly improved the moment I did this.

Later, I recalled that my father had lost his mother from an early age, so he was also cut off from the energy of his mother’s womb. I shared this method to a person who had been adopted.  After she did it her mind immediately became clear, and her heart became lighter.

Another person was also raised by her grandmother. Her spirit and mood greatly improved. She sings every day, and everyone around her can see this improvement.

We also learned that if the words “toxic pollution” are written on a piece of paper, adding (V) at the end of these words would transform it to an antidote. (V) stands for Vibropathic. Simply put, it is the material’s subtle energy. This is the principle of homeopathy.  Subtle energies of toxic pollutants that injure people become the antidote when (V) is added after the pollutant.. Since young, we have been exposed to many toxins. The place where we used to live had people coming to spray DDT every week. Then, there were various chemical agents in the university laboratory, the pesticide, methyl bromide, that killed white ants in my neighbor ’s house when we lived in California, plus pesticides in the air, car exhaust, and pollution, etc. I write DDT (V) on my photo, and then I signed off many names, and wrote methyl bromide (V) along with the names of many chemical agents plus (V).

Once, I over-detoxified and woke up in the middle of the night with hives all over my body. I got up and soaked my feet with hot water, and moved water back and forth with water structuring adaptor unit. After doing so for 30 minutes, the hives disappeared.

The following is a list of pollutants we may come into contact with and the associated antidote:

  1. Mercury (tooth filling and exhaust from burning coal) Mercviva (V).
  2. Glysophate (V) herbicide is a very common pollutant because genetically-modified crops are sprayed with this.
  3. Formaldehyde (V) is often contacted in buildings.
  4. Arsenic (V) is a pesticide commonly used in the past, and the content of this pesticide in American rice exceeds the maximum residue limit.
  5. Dioxin (V) is a pollutant present in the atmosphere, and is also a herbicide.
  6. Fluoride (V) is a pollutant in water, and is also present in toothpaste.
  7. Chlorine (V) is a pollutant present in water.
  8. Exhaust gas from burning coal (V).
  9. Carbonic acid (V) is a pollutant produced in the electronics industry.

In this course, I had the opportunity to share and try out on classmates the two newest methods to protect and boost energy. These two methods can be used individually or together for better results.

The first one is to draw spirals, and in the middle of these spirals, write down  “all of a person’s light chakras, organs, body parts and acupuncture points, as well as Huatuo spinal reflex points, etc. You can also write down the source of the negative energy that harms humans and all lives, along with the contact number, or that person’s phone, computer, mobile phone, electrical appliances, electricity meter, cell phone tower, home, school, office, name and address of a store/ restaurant, air/water in a particular city, etc. All the faucets in the house can also be included as these also leak energy.

I drew a picture with 12 spirals (see link) for everyone ’s convenience (note: when drawing the spirals, the direction is clockwise). I discovered the benefits of these drawn spirals the following way. I read the reprint of an old book “The Secret of Life, Cosmic Rays and Radiation of Living Being” written by Russian scientist Georges Lakhovsky. He used the geranium flower that has been inoculated with virus to conduct the experiment. One month later, after the tumor has formed, he selected a plant to surround it with copper spirals. Two weeks later, the other plants died, but the one with copper spirals lived well and grew better than usual.

Three years later, the plant still grew very well. It is mentioned in the book that the copper spiral ring is also effective on humans and has the effect of healing and curing cancer.

After reading the book, a lady used a copper wire to make a belt. She also made a copper spiral for her handicapped cat and put it on its neck. The cat, which was not ambulatory earlier, could now walk.  The other person was injured, but quickly recovered.

I also made a copper spiral ring for myself and found that my energy increased a lot. After two days, I experimented by placing a photo in the spiral ring. The effect was the same. After another day, I tried by drawing a spiral and writing my name in the middle of it. My energy remained high. This was how I discovered spiral drawing.

A few days before the start of the course, I wanted to help everyone improve their energy during his or her journey. I drew a big spiral on the student name list. I measured everyone’s energy and found that it had increased by at least 10 times and even up to 100 times for some. The magnitude of energy increase was higher for those with lowest energy. One student reflected that she suddenly felt a huge increase in her energy during her journey. Another had chronic insomnia and could sleep when I drew the spiral.

After the event, I continued to experiment and found that generally, people’s chakras experience interference by electromagnetic waves, especially the chakra 16-inches above the crown of the head. If I wrote down all the chakras of a specific person within the spiral, these chakras would be protected.

The author’s theory is that the spiral resonates with the universe’s energy, creating a protective field.

There are now waves from outer space and man-made waves, many of which are harmful to life on Earth. The atmosphere has become very thin and can no longer block these harmful waves. Hence, the discovery of the spiral ring is very important.

My second method that I found very helpful in offering protection is the Spinning Great Joy disk (see Figure 2) offers very good protection. This is designed by me. Using both the spiral and this Spinning Great Joy disk together yields the greatest effect. Stick the spiral together with the disk, and place upright.

The following are my experiences with the spiral and the Spinning Great Joy disk.

Write the following in the spiral:

  1. All the chakras of the person. (See Figure 1)
  2. The person’s various bodily systems: cardiovascular system, brain, nervous and central nervous systems, immune system, endocrine system, respiratory system, digestive system, urinary system, excretory system, bones, etc.
  3. Mobile phone and land line telephone numbers. Add the Spinning Great Joy disk, and write “X optimum power” (see Figure 2)
  4. The person’s computer, X optimum power on the disk.
  5. All sources of electromagnetic waves and radio waves, X optimum power on the disk. For newly installed radio towers, X optimum power.
  6. Addresses of the home, school, office, shop, and public places.
  7. Separately write down the air and water of that particular city, X optimum power.
  8. Commonly used acupuncture points that need to be protected and elevated include: CV6 qihai, LI4 hegu, ST36 zhusanli, ST21 liangmen, K22 bulang, K1 yongquan, K27 yufu, GV20 baihui, GV4 mingmen, CV1 huiying, and the Huatuo spinal reflex points. The following depends on one’s needs: L4 waist 4 large intestines, T11 chest 11 small intestinal system, T5 chest 5 heart (left) pericardium (right), C3 head, 3 eyes, nose, ear.






Requires self-testing:

T7 chest 7 spleen (left) abdominal tube (right)

T8 chest 8 esophagus (left) pancreas (right)

T9 chest 9 stomach (left) liver (right)

Add disk X optimum power.

The Spinning Great Joy disk can be used alone and affixed to electrical appliances or drawings of these appliance. The film can also be attached to a drawn picture of the body’s various parts. Then multiply by the appropriate number.

Here is an example to illustrate its usage:

Two months ago, because the electromagnetic field(EMF) in the environment had strengthened, I felt pressure on my ears. I drew a picture of my ears and attached the  drawing of the disk, adding a suitable multiplier to it. The pressure immediately disappeared.

There was a fourth-generation family in our area that experienced great discomfort from electrical disturbances. I was preparing to enter their kitchen to sit down at their dining table and have afternoon tea. I found that the EMF was so strong that I could not step into the kitchen.

I first sat down in the living room. They told me that there were two refrigerators and electric meters in the kitchen. I drew these on a piece of paper and attached light disk that had been reinforced. Only then did the negative energy in the kitchen become positive. I checked the crown chakras of all the family members and found that the dowser was rotating in an anti-clockwise direction in all cases. I showed the grandmother how to draw a circle with a diameter of 2 inches (5 cm) to represent the crown chakra and affixed a x20 piece of light disk drawing. The crown chakra immediately balanced, and the dowser stopped moving.

The young children were often fussy when they got home, probably because they were influenced by the strong EMF.

People who live in big cities need X optimum power. Those who feel physically unwell or had injuries can draw  these injured  parts and then affix a light disk that has an appropriate multiplier or X optimum power.

In the process of designing the Spinning Great Joy disk, I found that the patterns and words are very important. Omitting one or two words or a circle in the diagram will change its efficacy. The placement upwards and downwards is also important, perhaps because our universe is a holographic projection.

The word “joy” in the Great Joy disk is a key word—joy, happiness, and rejoicing can heal the body and mind, from the self-consciousness body, astral body, etheric body, and physical body.

I introduced Legong (Joy Practice) many years ago. At that time, it was very popular in China. Many patients recovered their health from this practice. I once met a teacher who taught this practice. He learned this from a skilled old lady. He taught students to start from a false joy—as long as there is joy, real or false joy will still be effective. It can be practiced sitting, sleeping, walking; in other words, it can be practiced whether one is walking, at rest, sitting or lying. Practice for at least one hour daily. If you can’t arouse the joy within, find out the cause of your unhappiness. Do it if it can be remedied or fixed. If it can’t be changed, then change your mindset. The practice of using money to avert calamities is an example of changing one’s mindset.

In recent years, there have been many studies on the brain, and Dr. Steiner’s introduction to the four types of human bodies helps us better understand the principle of Legong (Joy Practice). A Canadian psychological counselor wrote about her journey to self-healing after being experiencing brain poisoning from paint exposure.

After working in a newly-painted office for three months, Annie Hopper became sensitive to all chemical compounds, including perfumes from people around her. Subsequently, her sensitivity worsened, and she reacted strongly to electromagnetic waves, radio waves, and many foods. She borrowed a tent from another person who was equally sensitive, and lived in it for a while. She later moved to Vancouver Island, and lived for a few months on a house boat without electricity and parked in the harbor. She looked for answers everywhere. Although many people had similar problems, doctors and experts knew of no treatment.

Intuitively, she felt that her brain was injured, and after looking at research on neuroplasticity, she found a way. If her brain can be healed, it can change her response to toxins and other electrical disturbances in the environment.

When the paint poisoning first injured her limbic brain, her brain nerves were stuck in the traumatic brain circuit, and the body was in a chronic emergency fight and flight response. In this situation, the body could not function naturally. She had to re-establish a new neural circuit to recover from the traumatic reaction. If the nervous system circuits were stimulated at the same time, they would be able to connect together. She had to cut off the brain’s connection to its initial response when it was first exposed to the paint (chemical agent).

When her body reacted to sensitive substances, she would deliberately change her thoughts to some  positive responses such as joy, gratitude and love.

Every day, she spent at least an hour to promote positive emotions within herself. Six months of training fully healed her from the traumatic reaction and the injured limbic brain.

She was able to return to her husband’s side. When other patients learned of her recovery experience, they asked her for help. She answered their calls for help, and gave lectures in different places. Generally, the patients improved significantly in a four-day course. The person who had loan her the tent had to wear a breathing mask for 5 years. A few days after the course ended, he did not need to wear a breathing mask when he went to the bank. There are many recovery stories on Annie’s website. www.retrainingthebrain.com

J.H. Bolte Taylor, another brain research expert who recovered from a stroke, mentioned in her book “My Stroke of Insight” how positive emotions allowed her right brain to help her injured left brain to recover. In his new book “Becoming Supernatural”, Dr. Joe Dispenza, a chiropractic doctor and research on spirituality, shows how positive emotions can harmonize the brainwaves recorded on an electroencephalogram and the heart electrocardiogram, and also greatly increase the energy field of the person.

Many examples of miraculous recovery often appear among his students. They experience not only health improvements, but improvements in their luck and encounters. When the sorrow, anger, anxiety and blame within us are transformed to joy, love, gratitude and tranquility, external difficulties will also be resolved.

Only brain waves that are alpha waves can change habitual negative thinking and emotion, and stop the traumatic brain circuitry.

Dr. Dispenza teaches how we can raise each chakra to use joy, gratitude, and love to clear habitual negative energy. He introduced eight chakras: starting from the root chakra upwards, experience the space and surroundings of each chakra, and then raise one’s emotions, joy, love, gratitude, etc.

  1. root chakra 2. Dantian chakra 3. Navel chakra 4. Heart chakra 5. Throat chakra 6. Pineal gland chakra (between the pituitary gland and throat chakras) 7. Pituitary gland chakra (third eye region) 8. KA chakra (ancient Egyptian term) 16 inches above the crown of the head.

A person who worked in the computer industry was injured by electromagnetic waves. After that, he could not go near any electrical appliances at all. As long as he was near any radio waves, his head would hurt. He lay on his bed at home. After being ill for two years, he came across Dispenza’s book, and learned to elevate each of his chakras. When he did it the first time, he felt that there was light within his head. The part of his brain that had been turned off was re-activated. After that, the duration of his headaches shortened, and after a few months, he no longer had headaches. He found a new job, and paid off his debts. He only had to work one and a half hours a day, and earned more than his previous 60-hour work week. As humans, we have many obstacles in this era, but our spirituality is also rapidly increasing. Hence, there are so many miraculous recovery methods appearing.

The healing methods that Gisela introduced are created based on the principles of miasma.

If our ancestors had tuberculosis, write down residues of tuberculosis (V)9M on a piece of paper. Place it on top of a photo of the descendants or signature. Place it for three days in a place indoor that can receive sunlight. If there is no sunlight, then place it under a lamp for 24 hours. If you are the person with this ailment, then write tuberculosis (V), and place it for 6 to 8 weeks. If our ancestors smoked, write down nicotine(V)9M and place it indoors on our photo in a sunny place for three days. If we are the one who smoke, write nicotine(V) and place it on the photo for 6 to 8 weeks.

She also provided the following prescriptions for reference:

* Adoption—Chocolate (V)1M or 9M

* Drug addiction—Cocaina (V)1M or 9M

* Psoriasis—Syphonium (V)9M

* Lyme disease─Syphonium (V) 9 m

* Heart disease─Circuit Flow 6X or 9m, Love (V) 100c, 9m

* Multiple sclerosis—Salmonella (V)9M, Typhoid (V)9M

* Retinal detachment—TB Residue (V)9M

Gisela believes that being adopted has a huge impact on oneself and his/her offsprings because the energy from the mother’s womb is cut off. This includes losing one’s mother, being adopted by a relative such as maternal/paternal grandmothers and aunts. If we are the one adopted, write chocolate(V) on a note, place it on a photo or sign on it, and put in a spot that receives natural light for five weeks and above. If it is our ancestors who have been adopted, add 1M or 9M (e.g., chocolate(V)1M or chocolate(V)9M) on the note, place it on a photo or sign on it, and put in a sunny spot for 3 days.

Harmful effects of radio waves, electromagnetic waves, dirty electricity, radio waves and The protection offered by sunlight and red light

Chiu-Nan Lai, PhD

In September of 2018, I listened to a seven-day summit on “EMF and health”. The host was Lloyd Burrell, who lives in France. He was injured from using his mobile phone and became extremely sensitive to electricity overnight. For two years, he sought medical treatment everywhere, but the doctors could not detect any problems. Lloyd felt uncomfortable whenever he used his mobile phone.  He explored different healing approaches and recovered his health. He no longer uses a mobile phone, and he can tolerate using the internet for a short time.  He devotes himself wholeheartedly to educating and assisting other people who have been unknowingly injured by electricity. His educational website is electricsense.com.

The summit invited 34 experts from the United States and Canada, including doctors, researchers, authors, journalists, building biologists, and experts on electricity. Some people engaged in research and education after being injured by electricity.

Lloyd Morgan, an electrical engineer, has 40 years of work experience. One day, he suddenly experienced cramps for 45 minutes and then passed out. He was in the intensive care unit for 14 days. The doctor removed a big tumor from his brain. He asked the doctor about the cause, and the doctor said “electromagnetic fields”. Lloyd was shocked to learn about this as he had never heard of it before. He loved working with electrical appliances since high school, and played with a wireless radio after school. He went back to all the places where he had worked and lived in order to measure the electromagnetic fields (EMF) in the environment. As a result, he found that in the bedroom that he had lived for 30 years, the electric clock at the top of his bed had a reading of 14 milligauss. The clock was just 4 to 6 inches away from his head. Generally, 2 milligauss will increase the risk of blood cancer and brain cancer. The safety range is below 0.1 milligauss.

Another victim was Jack Kruse, a neurosurgeon. The reason he delved into the relationship between EMF and health was that he had a sudden meniscus tear of his knee at the age of forty when he stood up to give a  lecture.  He went to the library to find the answer, and then realized that because he had been working under a fluorescent lamp (blue light) since he was 24 years old, his body’s biological clock was completely out of sync. In a natural environment, the blue light and the red light are present at the same time. Sufficient sunlight exposure is the primary factor in restoring and maintaining health. In the fifteen years since then, he has not missed one day of sunshine at sunrise. Between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., the ultraviolet light is stronger, and it is best to avoid direct sunlight during this period.  He educated his members to expose their skin to the sun, and to hide their skin from electric lights at night. If he goes out at night, he always wears long-sleeved clothes, even on hot days. He believes that blue light is the main factor that interferes with health.

Nowadays, the light emitted by all energy-saving bulbs, mobile phones, TVs, computers, iPads and other screens are blue light waves. Compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) not only have mercury but they also emit radio waves, so it is best  to use incandescent light bulbs. The damage to health from using these energy saving devices is not worth it. The important thing is to turn off the lights when you are not using them and to minimize the amount of lights used in the house..

In terms of safety the next best choice is the Halogen incandescent light bulb.  It is an energy-saving bulb but not a blue light bulb. After sunset, blue light will suppress the secretion of melatonin. Melatonin helps with sleep and is also directly related to our immune function. If you work and live under electric lights during the day, you will lack exposure to red light. It is mentioned in the book “Let There Be Light” that red light nourishes the liver. People’s livers are generally not good now, and it may be related to this factor. If you have to sit in front of the computer for a long time, buy a yellow filter and place it in front of the screen, You can add a small red filter to balance the blue light.

In addition to regulating the biological clock, sunlight also creates Vitamin D3 and breaks down the sugar in the body into carbon dioxide and water. Oxygen is also needed in the process.  This water is different from ordinary water. It protects the genetic materials inside the cell.  However, the electromagnetic environment damages mitochondria.  Cellular respiration and production of energy depend on mitochondria.  When damaged, low level of oxygen results.  Normal metabolism is converted from respiration to glycolysis or fermentation.  This can lead to cancer.  Sunlight also has a protective effect by separating the red blood cells that have become bound together due to EMF. Grounding also has the same effect. The qi from the earth is also light as the earth absorbs and reflects sunlight.

Experts summarized the harm caused by electricity:

  1. Attacks the nervous system, causing neurological and mental harm.
  2. Impairs the endocrine system.
  3. Causes oxidative damage and related ion damage. All chronic diseases are related to this (fat oxidation harms the liver and gall bladder).
  4. Invades genetic structures, causing split genes and injury to mitochondria.
  5. Causes cell death, leading to neurological decline and infertility.
  6. Reduces the fertility of men and women, increases the chance of miscarriage, and harms the genes in sperm.
  7. Raises calcium content in the cells, and excessively stimulates the calcium signaling. Taking magnesium in the form of sea mineral balances the effect of excess calcium stimulation. Only magnesium chloride from the ocean or ancient sea deposit can be retained in the body).
  8. Attacks the body via 15 different processes, leading to cancer.

Although we cannot do without electricity in our daily lives, people generally know very little about the connection between health and electricity.  Many doctors and electronic engineers are also ignorant of this. The electromagnetic and radio waves in the current environment are 1017 times that of 10 years ago; minimal contact is no longer possible. 24-hours exposure at this level is equivalent to exposure to 1,600 X-rays. Using a mobile phone for 30 minutes every day can increase the risk of brain cancer by 40%. Children, babies, and fetuses suffer the most. The key point is that short-term exposure alters genes and can injure the next generation.

Uninformed parents install monitors near their baby’s crib, as well as wireless devices to detect when their baby turns its body, and whether the diapers are wet or dry. Parents allow children to treat their mobile phones as toys, and even put them into their mouths. Children’s brains have more fluids and more easily absorb electromagnetic waves and microwaves.  An Israeli study found that cancer of the Parotid gland in the mouth has increased significantly, with children accounting for 20% of these cases.

If men put their mobile phones in the side pockets of their pants, the vitality of their sperm is greatly reduced. A person in charge of the sperm bank said that in the past, nine out of ten young people who came to sell their sperm met the required standard. Seven or eight years ago, only one out of ten people met the requirements. The vitality and health of sperm have declined globally. Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt pointed out that the most popular Internet and mobile phone frequency is 2.4GHz, which is the most effective frequency to prevent people and organisms from reproducing.

If men put their mobile phones in the back pockets of their pants, it will cause a large rise in rectal and colon cancer among young men. It is best for men to carry their mobile phones in a hand-held bag, and to not let the mobile phones contact their bodies. Furthermore, put the phone on airplane mode when it is not in use.

Building biology has always been aware of the harm that EMF and radio waves pose to the human body.  Oram Miller who is in charge of building biology education program in North America provides important information on his website www.createhealthyhomes.com .  There are four types of electromagnetic waves that we are most often in contact with. The first two types, EMF and electric field originate from alternating currents in the wires at home. The electrical current in North America and Taiwan are 60 Hertz, a frequency of 60 times per second,. In Europe, it is 50 Hertz.  EMF and electric field are to be measured separately. If the reading measured by the Gauss meter is very low, it does not mean that there is no problem. Generally, the wires from the walls and electrical appliances will have an electric field that extends 6 to 8 feet beyond the wires. Sleeping around these 60-wave-per-second electric field at night can interfere with sleep and body repair. Therefore, the electrical power in our sleeping area must be turned off at night. Use a flashlight instead. Many people’s sleep problems are related to this.

The third category is radio waves and microwaves, which can come from wireless devices (e.g., so-called smart TVs, smart washing machines, etc.), mobile phones, computers, routers, wireless phone bases, wireless phones, smart meters, meters for water and natural gas, mobile phone towers, TV/radio broadcast towers, airport radars, etc. There are also radio waves emitted by hundreds of thousands of satellites.

Because many electrical appliances have wireless capabilities and can connect with the electrical meter anytime, uplug applicances when not in use. Alternatively, install a toggle switch that can turn on or off the power supply; it only costs about $4. For instance, the wireless phone base emits strong radio waves at any time. Energy-saving light bulbs such as CFLs and LEDs also have chips that emit radio waves. In places with WIFI on all the time, there are radio waves 24 hours a day.

The fourth category that cannot be ignored is dirty electricity through the wires. This is a resonant frequency higher than 60 Hertz, and is most harmful between 2,000 hertz and 100,000 hertz. This comes from waves generated by the turning on and off of electrical appliances and also from computers converting from 60HZ to direct current, and so on. Martin Grahm and Dave Stetzer, who have more than 40 years of experience in this area, have developed filters to remove these frequencies of dirty electricity. The Soviet Union had long been aware of the harmful effects of these frequencies  on the human body, and invited them to go to the Soviet Union many times to study a treatment method. They made a test meter and filtration device that the average person can afford. A home needs 10 to 20 of these devices to remove dirty electricity. Purchases can be made, and information can be found at these websites: Stetzerelectric.com or electrahealth.com.  (In some cases the filters cannot remove the dirty electricity)

These electromagnetic waves around us interfere with the natural sunlight that nourishes life, and destroy the structure of water molecules in the body. Water is the basis for life. Once the water is destroyed, all water-dependent life forms including microbioms: the over one million bacteria, viruses, and mold. In high EMF enviroment, beneficial bacteria also become pathogens, so the effect on the environment is the most critical.

Dr. Klinghardt, as mentioned earlier, said that the leading cause of female deaths in the past two decades is no longer cancer or heart disease, but neurological diseases. Anxiety and chronic fatigue increased by 663%. What is more important to know is that these waves interfere with brain secretions. When we take a mobile phone call, the microwave emission will stimulate the secretion of dopamine, which is associated with addiction and induces the same reaction as sniffing heroin. Each secretion strengthens addiction. This can explain why people carry their mobile phones with them, and even bring them to bed.  A young woman had a large cancerous growth on the side of her face where she listens to her mobile phone.  The growth was removed after eight hours of surgery. She used to sleep with her mobile phone under her pillow, but she still couldn’t stop this addiction, and continued to do so. The cancerous growth came back and she had another surgery. After that, she needed plastic surgery. I know of two friends who needed to check the weather forecast over ten times a day. When the secretion of the addictive dopamine increases, the secretion of citicolin, which is related to memory and thinking, decreases. If this deterioration goes on, dementia occurs.

Each of us can do our best to reduce the production of EMF.  EMF gets trapped in the earth atmosphere. That is a significant and increasing accumulation of EMF in the earth’s atmosphere. I personally feel that this will interfere with the sun’s rays reaching the earth. Sunlight is not only the light wave that our eyes can sense, but there is also the qi aspect. Dr. Steiner said that light has four aspects in the same way that our body has the physical body, etheric body, astral body and the ego body.  Ancient Chinese used the term “yang qi” or sun energy to describe another aspect of sunlight. Electricity is “ying qi” which is opposite to “yang qi”. People living in environments with high EMF have cold hands and feet, poor circulation and poor digestive ability.  All are related to the fact that electricity is “yin“.  At sulight at sunrise  has a special energy. The author of “Biogeometry” mentions that the sun’s rays at that time belongs to the “gold” element, and is a harmonious energy. Thus, to recover from the damage caused by electricity, you can bask in the sun at sunrise; you can also open the window, face the sun, and recharge yourself.

Dr. May once suggested that absorbing the nourishment of light is more important than eating. This nourishment of light can be obtained by visualizing light. Remind yourself during the day to supplement yourself with light nutrition.

Some additional suggestions:

*Essential oils such as lavender and rose can nourish vitality, and the spice rosemary can be frequently used.

*A veterinarian recommended yellow dock (American fleeceflower root).

*I previously mentioned that magnesium is a very important supplement.

* Vitamin B3 or Niacin can repair split genes.

*The amino acid tryptophan is the raw material for making melatonin. A balanced intake of food containing tryptophan is best. This includes millet, seaweed, green algae, black beans, other beans, beetroot, corn, white radish, bananas. nutritional yeast, almonds, pumpkin seeds, etc. Because tryptophan is easily damaged by heat, it is necessary to ingest some food that can be eaten without heating.

*It is good to include foods high in vitamin K2 such as natto.

There is still a lot of information from the EMF Summit that remains to be shared.  I have aimed to share the highlights.

Eating natto has many benefits; make it yourself

Chiu-Nan Lai, PhD

In the May 2015 Founder’s Wordsseries, the article “From the prevention and treatment of tooth decay” mentioned the importance of vitamin K2 for health. It has a preventive and restorative effect on the following health conditions: 1. aging; 2. heart disease; 3. osteoporosis; 4. Alzheimer’s disease; 5. wrinkles; 6. varicose veins; 7. diabetes; 8. arthritis. 9. brain and nerve issues; 10. cancer; 11. kidney disease; 12. fertility issues; 13. fetus and child health; and 14. dental issues.

The best source of vitamin K2 is natto. Vitamin K2 supplements in the market are mostly derived from natto.  Its vitamin K2 content greatly exceeds that of other food sources, and is also a plant-based fermented food. Other sources are entirely derived from animal sources, and are rarely eaten by Chinese. The exception is egg yolk, but it contains much less vitamin K2, comprising only 1/70 proportion of the vitamin K2 found in natto. A tablespoon of natto contains enough K2 for a day, and natto does not need to be eaten every day. Of course, the more it is eaten, the better because modern people generally lack vitamin K2.  Animals eat grass and green leaves to ingest vitamin K1 that is then converted to vitamin K2. People who eat a lot of vegetables can also have their vitamin K1 converted to vitamin K2.

Traditionally, natto is a breakfast eaten by Japanese. Natto is added to soy sauce, onions, and raw eggs, and mixed with rice. Natto is traditionally made from soybeans, but unfortunately, soybeans are no longer of our ancestral variety, and therefore not suitable for eating. However, we can use other beans to make natto. In recent years, when the winter heating begins, I will use the warm air to make natto, but because the temperature cannot be controlled well, the stickiness of the natto is not ideal. The ideal temperatures are between 100 and 103 degrees Fahrenheit (38 to 40 degrees Celsius).

Two months ago, I saw an inspiring post on a website selling natto.  The person used a pressure cooker to steam the beans, added natto starter culture, and then put them in an oven that has a small bulb to keep warm for 24 hours. This method was always successful.

I use an electric cooker instead of an oven and put in a small light bulb. The resulting natto turns out very well. I make natto at least weekly these two months. I take it with porridge for breakfast, or add it to a dish that can be quickly made.

My body reacted very well to the natto when I started eating it. After that, I didn’t have to wait till winter to make it. In summer, there are many places where the temperature reaches 100 degrees Fahrenheit, and putting it at room temperature is sufficient.

Below, I describe my experience with making natto.

Beans that are not contaminated will suffice. Organic beans are preferred if this is available. This is because natto culture (spores) grows better with clean beans. It is fastest to cook the beans using a pressure cooker. Doing so is best as there is no worry about the beans being too soggy or moist, etc. Keep warm at a temperature between 100 to 103 degrees Fahrenheit; it is fine if it is a bit higher. You can use an oven with the light turned on, a rice cooker, or other containers that keep food warm. Use a small light bulb—an ordinary night light bulb is most appropriate. A kitchen thermometer to monitor and manage the temperature is needed. Prepare clean gauze and two or three one- or two-inch-high plates (such as those for baking, steaming or the inner pot of a rice cooker, etc.). Cover the top with a lid or plate. The small bottle containing the natto starter culture can hold two teaspoons or 5 cc of water. The bottle can be a little larger. All containers should be clean and preferably sterilized by boiling water.

The first step is to soak three cups of beans for 24 hours or more. Change the water once or twice in between.  The beans can be red beans, green beans, white beans, Egyptian beans, black beans and other local beans that have a long history. In Colorado, USA, we can buy Bolita and Anasazi beans that have 700-hundred to 1000-year histories. They can be used alone or combined with different beans. Test the energy field to ensure that the combination is appropriate.

Thereafter, use a pressure cooker to steam the beans. In general, once the pressure builds up, cook for 20 to 25 minutes. The beans must be cooked and feel soft when pinched. Let the beans simmer for an hour after turning off the cooker. Wait till the pressure has completely come off before opening the pressure cooker. Generally, let the beans cool to about 120 Fahrenheit before adding the natto starter culture.

If you do not use a pressure cooker, you can also use a normal cooker to cook the beans till they are soft. The beans must still retain their shape. The procedure for adding the natto starter culture is as described in the instructions accompanying the natto starter culture. Add half a small teaspoon of natto starter culture to 5 cc of warm and clean water. Mix well and then add to the natto that is turning cool. Place the beans to two or three layers. Each layer should not be too thick, and no more than an inch (2.5 cm).  Before putting into the container, check the temperature, whether it is a rice cooker or oven. The pot may need to be covered with towels.

For those living a warm climate, it may not be necessary to add a small light bulb; wrapping a towel round the container may be sufficient. Insert the thermometer into the beans, and cover the top with a clean, dry gauze. Then cover with a lid.

Put for 20 to 24 hours in winter, and 18 to 20 hours in summer. After that, remove the lid, leaving only  the gauze on top, and place in a fridge overnight before eating. Keep the natto in a glass or ceramic pot; it can be kept for 1 to 2 weeks. I make fresh ones every week.

The natto starter culture I use comes from Japan. In the USA, they can be purchased from www.culturesforhealth.com in the United States. A 0.1 oz. natto starter can be used with 30 kg of beans. The Japanese contact is www nattomoto.net Tel: (023) 672-7010; fax: (023) 672-7060

Wishing everyone healthy and joyful eating.

Dying Naturally-Beginning Of A New Life

2009 Jul-Sep

Chiu-Nan Lai, Ph.D.

Birth and death are the beginning and end of life on earth. On the time scale of our infinite life, it may be only a flash, but nevertheless it is a very precious and rare opportunity for learning and spiritual development. The birth experience shapes our view of life, relationships and health. The death experience influences our life after death and our future life. We do not remember our birth but according to Dr. Rudolf Steiner we will clearly remember our death. From the perspective of life in the spiritual world, death on earth is the beginning a new life. How one is born in the spiritual world has great significance.

Because of this, the ancient civilizations and religions have treated death with great importance and respect. During the dying process and after death, there are special prayers, send-offs, blessings and farewells. How one views death, and how one cares for the dead have profound impacts on the one who is leaving, the living ones left behind, and on the entire society.

I grew up in a “nuclear” family, that is, far away from the older generations of grandparents. As a child I never experienced the death of a family member. The death of my father more than three years ago had a profound impact on me. His communications with us after death opened up a whole new horizon. I have written about these in the Lapis Lazuli Light magazine. I feel that during the last few years I received help from my father, and have discovered many new areas of knowledge. Dr. Steiner emphasized that the invisible spiritual world and our material world are really one world. The two are inseparable. We receive help from those who have passed on, usually through the unconscious. Often various ideas and inspirations to action come from the spiritual world. Communications between the two sides are important. Those who have passed on need our love and spiritual support, while we need their guidance, accumulated experience and wisdom.

At the beginning of this year after suffering from a stroke for eleven days, Mom passed away from this world. All six daughters accompanied her during this dying process. We stayed at her side offering prayers before her death, and cared for her body after her death. Her body was cremated four days later. We came to know about the Crestone End of Life Project, with whose help mom was cremated at an outdoor cremation site surrounded by snow-capped mountains. This experience inspired me to know more about this community group and to write about how families can care for their own dead. Because we maintained contact with mom by having her body at home for the four days before cremation, we received her love and her gifts. Each daughter experienced something unique and special. Later when I researched about American families who cared for their own dead, I came to know that this is a common experience, and one that is very different from the experiences of people who immediately send the body to a funeral home.

Many non-profit groups that help families to care for their own dead have encountered many moving stories in the course of helping the families. Some of these groups are influenced by Dr. Steiner’s work. According to Dr. Steiner, founder of Anthroposophy, it takes three days for the higher bodies (etheric, astral and ego bodies) to completely disengage from the physical body after a person stops breathing. During this period the departing consciousness reviews the life just left behind and says farewell to loved ones. This is a very sacred period where the two worlds can meet. The prayers made by the family members will help the one departing. The “dead” completely sees the inner thoughts and actions of those around. Because the higher bodies have not left, the body will not immediately decompose. Also the facial expressions can still be changed.

An Anthroposophical doctor noticed that often the facial expressions of those who suffered before death due to illness become very peaceful one day after death. I have heard of a case in which case a person died in the hospital, after which the facial expression became very peaceful. However, after the body was taken to the funeral home and embalmed, the expression and color deteriorated. When my uncle’s wife died in Hunan, some suggested cremation right away. My aunt insisted that the body be put in a coffin and taken home to the village. Three days later, when her child rushed home and cried upon opening the coffin, blood came out of the mouth of this aunt who had just died. The tradition in China since ancient times is to mourn the body for three days. The body is kept at home for at least three days before cremation or burial. The Catholics in the old days also observed the three day “wake” or watching over the body and praying for three days. A spiritual teacher in India received complaints from those who were cremated too soon after their death, a course of action that made them uncomfortable.

In modern America, the dead are turned over to funeral homes. Those who die in the hospital are removed immediately and sent to the morgue. They are cremated in the hospital crematorium or sent to the funeral home. Sometimes family members arrive to find only a box of ashes. Funeral homes generally use chemicals to embalm the body. The ones most commonly used are formaldehyde and phenol. The blood vessels are injected with these chemicals. The contents and fluids of the intestines and organs are first punctured and sucked out, then replaced with these chemicals. This only slows down the decomposition so that during the funeral, the body looks as if it is asleep. After burial, the body will decompose. The embalming process injures the workers in the funeral homes, increasing the risk of cancers of the lymph, brain and large intestine. The use of these chemicals also pollutes the water and the environment. The embalmed body cannot be worked on by the higher bodies, resulting in a wax museum appearance.

Almost two years ago after Mom developed a congestive heart problem, we began making mental preparation for her eventual death. The remaining time with her was precious and we helped her to make preparations. Every evening before she fell asleep, the sisters and I would take turns reciting the mantra of Compassion Buddha. Om Mani Padme Hum was the prayer that she wished to have recited at the time of her death. We also reminded her to do her daily prayers and make water bowl offerings. When the weather was warm, the sisters took her to walk around the stupa near here. Weeks before her stroke, she looked particularly at peace. Every evening she would thank us for taking care of her. She also talked about “going home”. After her stroke, we played sacred chants daily for almost 24 hours: Compassion mantra, Vajra Cutter Sutra, Sanghata Sutra, etc. We also recited the Compassion mantra near her. Three days before her passing, I was reciting the Compassion mantra next to her when suddenly she opened her eyes very wide. Her eyes were bright and dark like her younger days, and full of joy. The other sisters all came to her bedside. She looked at each of us for some time. After her stroke she had rarely opened her eyes. That evening she communicated her love and joy to us through her eyes. We were all elated, thinking that she was going to get well. The next day her blood pressure started to drop. When it continued to drop the day after, we made preparations for her passing. We set up an altar next to her bed. We placed a relic of Shakymuni Buddha over her head. We also placed Buddhist texts such as the Graduated Path to Enlightenment at the head of the bed, planting the seed for her eventual mastering of the sacred knowledge. We also put blessed water and a blessed pill in her mouth. At least one sister always stayed with her at night. Whenever mom’s breathing became labored the sister would call the rest of us. We would do some energy work and recite Compassion and Medicine Buddha mantras. When her breathing became easy and calm again we would then go back to sleep. On the day of her passing I sat next to her to do her daily prayers. Before finishing reciting the Sanghata Sutra, I switched to her favorite long mantra of great compassion. Halfway through, her soft breathing stopped. I held back the tears and completed reciting the mantra. The sisters all came around to recite the Compassion and Medicine Buddha mantras. About one hour before, our spiritual teacher had told us that mom would pass away within several hours and do not give her intravenous fluid that day. He also instructed us to recite certain mantras and dedication prayers. Before her consciousness departed, we were to recite the mantra of purification and visualize white light purifying negativities of body, speech and mind. Three hours after she stopped breathing, one sister checked the heart chakra with a pendulum and the pendulum did not spin anymore. Earlier it was still spinning. At the time when she stopped breathing, her mouth was slightly open. I could see her bottom teeth. After three hours of chanting and praying, we heard a noise coming from the lower jaw. When we looked next, she had closed her mouth. Her expression was peaceful with a slight smile. After the stroke her face on the right side had drooped a little. There was no trace of that after her death. At the age of 86, her face had no wrinkles and was radiant. We would offered prayers with her everyday. When one sister would look at Mom’s expression, she would smile because Mom’s personality was fully expressed in her face.

The evening that she stopped breathing, after we were certain that her consciousness had left the body, we cleansed her body and changed her clothes. Before we touched her, we first pulled the hair on her crown just in case her consciousness had not left yet. Taped to her crown were the 10 powerful mantras and a blessing pill. The Crestone End of Life Project reminded us do not leave plastic or metal for the cremation. Clothing should be of natural fiber. I carefully removed the I.V. tube from her wrist. This was the only foreign object in her body after the stroke. In the coldest part of winter, the outside daytime temperature was in the twenties Fahrenheit and zero at night. Opening the window a little turned her bedroom into a refrigerator. In warmer weather, one needs to cool the trunk of the body with ice, so that the body can be kept at home for three to five days. That same afternoon I had already contacted Stephanie, one of the main coordinators for the CEOLP. The volunteers went into action right away preparing for the cremation four days later. The outdoor cremation site was covered with snow and it took six to seven volunteers to clear the site. They put up the fencing; notified the fire station and other offices; and prepared the actual wood pyre. All together about twenty people were involved. They also asked if we needed help with the ceremony and taking care of the body. A carpenter made a Palenque to transport the body. We cut juniper branches to be placed over the body. Julia from the group came the next morning to help me fill out the death certificate. She signed the form on the line for funeral director. The doctor that saw Mom after her stroke also signed the form. Then the form was faxed to the county offices at Del Norte. They faxed back the disposition form required for the day of the cremation.

When not busy with taking care of paper work, I prayed at the bedside of my Mom. One day when I opened the door to her room, I saw my fifth sister sitting there quietly in the rocking chair. She told me that last summer when she came to spend a few weeks with mom, at dusk they would listen to her favorite Buddhist songs. She had just shared that music with Mom before I came in.

Saying farewell at home allows each person to have the time and space to say goodbye and accept the reality of the passing of a dear one. It also allowed neighbors and friends to pay their last respects. A friend from Denver brought many flowers. The night before the cremation each of us offered a rose to Mom, and thanked her for all that she had given us. During this period we clearly felt the presence of Mom’s consciousness outside her body.

The morning before the day of cremation I “heard” Mom saying,” I am leaving; take care of yourself.” On the morning of cremation, I “heard” her say, “Cremation is good, cremation is good.” That day I also knew that I must write about the work of CEOLP for other communities.

At eight in the morning Stephanie, Julia and the driver of a small truck came to transport Mom’s body to the cremation site. The other sisters were already there to set up the outdoor altar and CD player for chants. Mom’s daughters and sons-in-law carried the body to the pyre. The pyre was built of two low walls with a metal grate in the middle. Piles of wood were placed below, and drenched with kerosene. Above the body we piled juniper branches and more wood. Then we sprinkled flowers above that. The juniper branches gave off fragrance when burned and also covered the body. Stephanie first offered a prayer, and then the fourth sister lit the fire. We recited the prayers that we had been doing everyday since Mom’s passing: refuge, mantras of Compassion Buddha, Medicine Buddha, “Prayer To Be Born In The Land of Bliss,” and the King of Prayers. Community members who knew Mom and volunteers who were helping out joined family and a few friends from afar for the ceremony. The abbot of the Dragon Zen Mountain Center, who donated the cremation site, was also there. We could feel the warmth and support from everyone. Three hours later at the completion, people actually felt uplifted. One person felt the sky was filled with the Buddha of Compassion during the recitation of the long Compassion Mantra. One friend who had never considered cremation before thought he would want cremation after this experience. Another friend from Denver said this is how she would like to go. She felt the presence of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas.

The morning after the cremation I met with Wayne to collect Mom’s ashes. As we were collecting the ashes, I started my interview. He has helped in four to five cremations. He joined this group as a volunteer because he knew the person who built this pyre. He is a meditator with no family members living nearby. He felt being part of this group was one of the most helpful spiritual practices that he did. One day when it is his time to die, he knows that this group will take care of his body according to his wishes.

Holding Mom’s ashes, looking out to the snowy peaks at the distance, I know I have begun another phase of my journey. Thank you, mother. May your life and death continue to benefit more lives. Thank you for lifting me up to another level.


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What to do when the Earth’s ecological environment is in crisis?

2016 Jul-Sep

Chiu-Nan Lai, Ph.D.

Eleven years ago in “Words from the Founder” of the August 2004 issue of the Lapis Lazuli Light magazine, the topic was “Creating a zero-pollution 21st century”. That article explained in detail how the earth’s ecological system was in crisis, with rising temperature and annually-declining crop production. Eleven years later, the human population has grown from 6.4 billion to over 7 billion, and the environment has deteriorated even more. The past year was the hottest year on record in the world’s history, and temperatures of 100 degrees Fahrenheit were common and temperatures at 120 degrees Fahrenheit were not rare. This abnormal climate has created serious droughts and floods. Strong winds and dry forests have led to forest fires, leading to even greater damage to the environment. The current climate catastrophe is the most serious problem facing humanity and all of life on Earth.


The rising temperature has caused ice in the north and south poles to melt, resulting in rising sea water that has risen over part of the Antarctic land. Sea water, rather than land, is now below the ice. The land can maintain very low temperatures, but water is fluid and the temperature is much higher. This will accelerate the melting of ice in the Antarctica. When all of this ice has melted, the sea water would rise 69 to 80 feet. This will happen sooner or later.

People living in the most affluent nations have to bear the greatest responsibility for this crisis, while those who are the first to suffer are people from the poorest nations. Currently, even the most affluent nations are beginning to experience the problems caused by this climate catastrophe.

California is the place where immigrants aspire to go. It has a unique weather with warm winters and cool summers. It is also a productive agricultural region, with half of the U.S.’s agricultural products originating from there. However, four years of continuous drought has caused changes to the lives of the people there. There is severe water rationing, and agricultural production has decreased annually. The mountains in California do not have snow as this is the source of water for agricultural irrigation purposes. In recent years, the farmers have been relying on pumped groundwater, and wells have hit 800-1000 feet beneath the ground. Because of the excessive pumping of underground water, the ground in the main agricultural areas in central California has accelerated their sinking to about two inches every month, up from a few inches every year.

The north-western part of the U.S. used to be ecologically protected area, with cool temperature and adequate rainfall. Unexpectedly, the forest fires caused by the drought were the most serious in history. The fire gathered from different directions, resulting in heavy smog. Canada’s west coast also experienced the forest fire disaster, and, at one time, Vancouver was shrouded in smog caused by the forest fires.

There is a silver lining to this disaster. Last year, a Buddhist spiritual teacher in north-western U.S. commissioned and consecrated a large Amitabha Buddha stone statue in the woods of his retreat centre, and also initiated several celebrations and prayers related to Amitabha Buddha. He also commissioned and consecrated a Medicine Buddha statue in the woods of the retreat centre.

When the forest fires started spreading in all directions this year, many of the neighbouring houses were burnt except for the teacher’s residence—the fire just surrounded the teacher’s residence and stopped burning. More interestingly, the residences of the locals who had spent money or effort towards building the Amitabha Buddha statue were also spared from the fire. Is this a coincidence? If you see photos of the fire, you can only say: Amitabha Buddha!

What exactly is the problem with the earth’s climate? Is this damage to earth temporary or permanent? Just as I was thinking that we ought to understand this from all perspectives and write an introduction on this issue, I received a letter from the English portal of the Lapis Lazuli Light website. The sender of the letter was my former colleague, Dr. Betty Dabney, from 35 years ago. I immediately called her on the phone. She said she was looking for me for several months, and did not expect to contact me so quickly. She informed me about her work and its nature over the past 35 years, and mentioned that she was particularly concerned about the issues related to climate change and water scarcity. People living in Africa were already suffering from water scarcity, but they now have to walk even longer distances to find a few drops of water. On her own accord, she volunteered to write articles for Lapis Lazuli Light magazine. I immediately asked her to write about climate catastrophe, and in particular, ways to alleviate this problem. I did not set the usual word limit because of the importance and criticality of the issue.

“Final Autumn” is the article that all of us need to read. I was deeply touched after reading it, and also understood that it was providence that re-connected us after 35 years. The climate catastrophe is a major topic, and it is diffcult for lay people to understand it fully in a short time. Dr. Betty Dabney was able to synthesize and summarize her research findings and observations in the article, allowing us to easily understand its contents. Only when we understand the issue can we undertake some changes at the levels of the individual, group and society.

The article begins with a fictional story that describes the climate catastrophe that occurs 50 years in the future. In the story, all the snow and glaciers in the mountains in the world melted within a few days. Actually, this is already happening in California. In the world-famous Yosemite National Park, all the snow and glaciers in the year-long snow-covered Sierra Nevada melted. It normally snows in September, but this year(2015), there was no trace of snow. Professor Hubbard, who regularly hikes in the mountains in the area for over the past fifty years, walked 70 miles in the mountains this year but failed to see any snow or glacier. I specifically asked him to write about his observations about changes in the landscape over his five decades of mountaineering, and to remind us that snow is actually food from the farmland. I also requested the person in charge of Lapis Lazuli Light Malaysia to write about the impact of the climate catastrophe there.

In addition to exerting our own effort, we also have to pray to the heavens, perform more virtuous actions, maintain the eight precepts, as well as employ other methods to clear our negative karma and accumulate merits. On behalf of all life forms on earth, we have to accumulate merit and reduce the negative impact of this man-made calamity.


The original Chinese article was published in the November 2015 issue of Lapis magazine and is accessible online at http://www.lapislazuli.org/tw/index.php?p=20151101.html



Electricity: A Source Of Trouble?

1999 Oct-Dec

Chiu-Nan Lai, Ph.D.

A discussion on how electricity and televisions, computers, microwave ovens and mobile phones can interfere with life and bio-electromagnetic fields.

In this modern world, we are fully dependent on electricity, whether in our residence, work place, or leisure activities. Our environment is permeated with various kinds of invisible electromagnetic waves, from 50 Hz (frequency of fifty cycles per second) to 60 Hz, to microwaves (frequency of billions of cycles per second) such as that used in broadcast, telecast, mobile phones, and military radars. These are a million times above the natural fields of the earth.

A hundred years ago, the earth’s electromagnetic waves were entirely natural, and were restricted to those from the sun, stars, and moon. However, smart scientists such as Edison, Telsta, and others changed all these. After the Second World War, there was a rapid increase in the use of electricity and electromagnetic communication systems. Electrical signals have reached the outer space, and man-made satellites beam radio waves at every surface of the earth every hour to collect data. The number of radio stations and TV stations continue to increase. These days, we can even have our own broadcast stations (in the form of mobile phones)!

What is the impact of artificial electromagnetic waves on humans? Robert Becker, M.D., summarizing many years of research, concludes that artificial electromagnetic waves can lead to abnormalities in living organisms.

During the Second World War, the military found that personnel in charge of radar, their bodies would heat up. They realized then microwave has the ability to generate heat, and this led to the production of microwave ovens for use in the kitchens. Many people may be unaware of their harm. After the Second World War, scientists found that although exposure to low levels of microwaves would not generate heat in animals, but these animals developed cataracts within a short period of exposure (within a few days or a month). This is because the retina is most sensitive to heat.

In 1953, a doctor working in an airplane plant found 75 to 100 workers, with prior exposure to low levels of microwave, had bleeding tendency, leukemia or brain tumors. Other research shows that electromagnetic waves of frequencies up to 27 MHz can cause the chromosomes in garlic seedlings to undergo abnormal changes. In 1983, the US FDA’s research showed that microwave exposure could harm the sperm production of rats. Male rats with half-an-hour non-thermal microwave exposure for two weeks had their sperm production reduced and their chromosomes altered. When they mated with female rats that had no prior microwave exposure, the incidence of miscarriages greatly increased.

Between 1953 to 1977, the American embassy in Russia had microwave interference of about 5 uW/cm2 that was 0.05% of the level allowed by the US military. Of the three ambassadors staying at the embassy during this period, two died of cancer, and one of leukemia. The staff working at the embassy had abnormal levels of eye and skin infections, and suffered from depressions, irritations, lack of appetite, and attention deficit. Their children had anemia, heart problems, and infections of the respiratory and ears.

The genetic impact of microwaves can be seen from another example. Vernon, a small city in New Jersey, has a population of 25,000 people, but it has so many microwave stations that it ranks fifth in the entire USA, after New York, Chicago, Dallas, and San Francisco. The proportion of mentally retarded children there is 1000 times that of the national average. In a 1985 report (Ruey Lin), it was pointed out that naval radar officers were more likely to contract brain tumors than those that were not exposed to microwave. Two cancer doctors, Margaret Spitz and Christine Cole, found that children, whose parents were exposed to electronics at work, were more likely than others to have brain tumors before the age of two. They also found that exposure to everyday AC electricity caused harm to sperms and chromosomes.

In a 1983 report, Dr Nordstrom from Sweden found that workers in a high-pressure cable car factory were more likely to have deformed children than others, and their white blood cells and chromosomes were also abnormal.

In summarizing fifty years of research materials, Dr Becker concludes that various kinds of electromagnetic waves can have seven effects on humans and living organisms:


  1. Influence cell growth, e.g., increase the growth of cancer cells;
  2. Increase the incidence of certain types of cancer occurrences;
  3. Induce change in fetal growth;
  4. Change neural and chemical hormonal secretions and production in the body, which may lead to behavioral changes such as suicidal tendencies;
  5. Change the biological rhythm of living organisms;
  6. Modify the body’s reaction to stress, and lead to deterioration in immune system; and
  7. Reduce learning ability.


The following are measures to prevent or respond to the threat of electromagnetic waves: 

There are up to 8 kind of electromagnetic waves emitted by television and computers, including microwaves and X-rays. Other than reducing contact with these sources (e.g., television), careful selection of computers can help. For example, choose computers that meet TCO standards set in Sweden. Install a screen on the monitor that filters both low and high frequency emissions. Cover the computer casing using copper sheets. When using the computer, it is best to wear natural fabrics like cotton and wool, or wear fabrics with peat-moss. This has the ability to protect one’s life force, and effectively prevent harm from electromagnetic waves, particularly when it is wrapped in layers with organic fabric, and placed on the three chakra points located on the head, on the third eye, and below the naval.

Several researchers have found that electricity causes the greatest harm to the brain, but they did not know why. I have discovered from my experience and observation that electromagnetic waves interfere with the crown chakra and the third eye chakra. These chakras can be protected by products containing peat-moss. In addition, it is helpful to harmonize one’s “qi” to recover. For details, please refer to the November 2000 issue of “Lapis Lazuli Light Magazine”.

Mobile phones are the source of microwave and electromagnetic waves, with frequencies exceeding that of computers and high-density cables. A mobile phone placed on the ear will expose the body to microwaves of more than 100 mW per square centimeter. At 5 feet, there is exposure of a 1 mW/cm, which is a hundred times the safety limit set by Russia. When I walk on the street and see people using mobile phones, I feel sad for humanity and their descendants. Do you want to pay for convenience with your life? Mobile phones are best used only in emergency, and not for everyday use. In particular, do not use mobile phones next to a child. Again, “qi” harmonization will also help.

Choose a diet that strengthens and heals the body. This kind of food includes green vegetable juices, carrot juice, naturally pickled vegetables, wheat grass, organic food, Vitamin C (with bioflavanoids-orange and lemon skins are rich in these), and seaweed (take a few helpings a week). Exercising out of doors on a regular basis to discharge static electricity in the body. When doing so, it is best to wear straw sandals or cloth shoes. At night, avoid using the computer, watch television, or use the mobile phone. This is because it will be hard to go out to discharge static electricity at night. Another reason is that one’s “qi” is weaker at night, and be harmed more.

In conclusion, we should begin to change our lifestyles, and put priority on our health.


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Asthma And Materinal-Infant Bonding

2002 Oct-Dec
Chiu-Nan Lai, Ph.D.

A person’s health is significantly influenced by his/her emotional and mental states, particularly those that are habitual. Emotional tendencies and personality traits that are present from childhood generally originate from prenatal,perinatal, or childhood experiences. Early negative experiences and trauma not only lead to childhood pain and ailments, but lead to even more obvious harmful health effects after middle age.

Although we spend only nine months in the womb, the time spent there can influence our physique for the rest of our lives. The child’s entire life can be adversely affected should the womb lack particular nutrients, or is harmed by cigarettes, liquor, toxins, chemicals, electromagnetic radiation, or negative parental emotions.
Take child asthma as an example. Some doctors believe that child asthma is related to modern child delivery methods such as the use of the Caesarean section, and separation of mother and child after delivery. Dr Tony Madrid has a unique perspective on healing child asthma. He does not need to examine the child, but work instead with the mother. He noticed that 80% of asthmatic children did not develop bonding with their mothers. He also discovered that about 25% of all children did not develop mother-infant bonding. The term “bonding” was first rcoined by two doctors, Dr Marshal Klaus and Dr John Kennell, in their book published in the 1970s titled “Maternal-infant Bonding”. Bonding refers to the intimate body-spirit-mind relationship between mother and child, and is generally developed before or just after the child is born. Whether this special relationship exists or not is known to both mother and child. When it does not exist, mother and child will have many difficulties relating to each other—the mother is more impatient, and the child is also more problematic and throws tantrums easily. These children are prone to numerous small ailments. They readily become vexed and uneasy, and are prone to asthma and gastric pains.

At the time of birth, physical and mental separation between mother and infant is a major obstacle to developing mother-infant bonding. Should the mother be under anesthesia, or have premature delivery or twins, or the newly-born baby may be sent to the infant room, all these prevent the mother from seeing, hugging and breast-feeding the child. Bonding will be difficult to establish in this case. Likewise, bonding will be difficult to develop should the mother encounter pre-delivery emotional upheavals such as experiencing the death of a close relative (particularly, the father), or, within the last two years, had a miscarriage after feeling fetal movement, or he husband left her. Dr Madrid found that if he could heal the mother-child bonding, the child’s asthma would be cured. He would first let the mother understand the reasons behind the bonding difficulties, and then have her mentally re-create the bonding. He would direct her to relax and visually create a physically and mentally ideal delivery that is immediately followed by a warm and tender re-union with her infant. This approach can also be accomplished using other methods, or by way of prayers. Using this approach, the child’s asthma improves, and as does the mother-child relationship.

Negative thoughts and emotions can interfere with one’s health, and has effects not only during childhood, but during adulthood as well. These adverse health effects can also be rectified through positive thoughts and emotions. For example, Ling county in Henan province is district with a high incidence of esophageal cancer. Although esophageal cancer is associated with external factors (e.g., soil lacking nutrients; local people’s habit of eating fermented pickled vegetables), it generally occurs among people who experienced emotionally upsets. The local people believe that cancer occurs among family members who have been excessively angry after conflicts.

Another example relates to heart attack, a major cause of death among American males. Heart attacks occur most frequently on Monday mornings, and interestingly, around 9 a.m.. Many years ago, a survey found that 90% of US workers are mismatched with their jobs, which become a source of stress for them. Hence, going to work on Monday mornings is not a happy occasion for these people.

Through training, one can transform negative emotions into positive ones. Heartmath, a research centre in North California, teaches a simple method: when we feel vexed, angry or sad, immediately focus our attention on our heart, and simultaneously recall events or people that will bring feelings of loving kindness and appreciation. With practice, we can instantaneously transform negative emotions into positive ones. People who can do this show improvements in their immune systems and electro-cardiograms within five minutes. Heartbeats that were originally irregular became regular and stronger. With respect to tests of immune systems (secretory immunoglobin A(S-IgA)), a person’s S-IgA decreaseds a lot when he/she recalls someone or an event that arouses anger in him. S-IgA remains below normal even six hours later. In contrast, when feelings of appreciation and loving kindness arise in the person, S-IgA begins to rise, and continues to be above normal levels six hours later.

Dr William Tiller was the former head of the Stanford University’s electrical engineering department. In his spare time, he has been investigating the relation between mind and body, as well as para-psychology phenomena. He has knowledge and research background on acupuncture and related treatments. After learning the Heartmath method, he wanted to use himself as a human subject to test the method’s efficacy. He had two problems (1994) — one related to frequent urination, and the other to the outbreak of rashes the morning after he has taken sweet things. At first, he thought that abstaining from desserts and sweet food will cure the problem. However, he felt that his problem had to do with his pancreas, stomach, and liver functions. When he entered into a state of loving kindness, he sent this loving kindness to his pancreas, stomach and liver, and repeated this four times to each of his organs. The whole process took thirty minutes, and he did this once a day. Two weeks later, his problem with rashes was cured. He then followed up with treatment of his frequent urination problem, and felt that this problem had to do with his urinary system and prostrate glands. As before, he spent thirty minutes daily to send loving kindness to these organs. Again, two weeks later, this problem was also cured. Dr Tiller emphasized that he is not advocating dispensing with the need to see a doctor when one is ill. Rather, when ailments are not that serious, it is worthwhile using one’s mental states to recover one’s health.

Dr Tiller’s method reminds me of a Chinese qigong methods—Le gong (Happy Gong) or Xiantian Zhiran gong. The method is also effective in treating ailments, as long as one possesses joy, happiness, and an open heart. One begins by pretending to be happy and eventually the happiness becomes real. Both eastern and western healing approaches, although seemingly different, do share the same underlying principle—using positive emotional states to regulate one’s health.

The current living environment is replete with conditions that can lead to ailments. Hence, as a preventative and curative approach, it is important to generate within us mind states that are filled with loving kindness, joy, appreciation, and gratitude.


Nathanieklsz, Peter. The Prenatal Prescription, Harper Collins Publishers, 2001.

Tiller, William. Science and Human Transformation, Pavior, 1997.

Extracted from Lapis Lazuli Light Magazine 2002 May Issue
Translated by Lapis Lazuli Light Singapore

Sensory Learning And Autism, Brain Injury, Vision And Learning Ability

2011 Oct-Dec
Chiu-Nan Lai, Ph.D.

Through the questions posed by readers during these past few years, there are an increasing number of children whose development has been hindered. Some do not know how to speak by the age of three or four, or have impaired vision and hearing. Others have sensitive digestive systems, are hyperactive, or have learning difficulties. For their parents, it is a significant burden and suffering. Generally, the use of medicine to treat these ailments results in other side effects, and some children develop life-long dependency on these medicine.

Hence, I have always been keen to investigate how to help these children. Fortunately, I found the answer to my questions. I fortuitously got to know of a mother living in Boulder, Colorado, whose child was autistic. She found a way to treat her child, and then successfully guided other children in the past 20 years, with a 92% success rate. Her method has been adopted by other professionals. There are nine centres in the U.S., along with centres in Italy and Australia. This method starts with the basics of stimulating the child’s visual, hearing, and motor nervous systems, and linking the three major nervous systems together. Observable improvements can be seen in a short nine-month period. Within a year, these children under treatment improved significantly and could attend normal classes. The children’s writing and drawing abilities sometimes improved by a few grades. This pace of progress was almost miraculous. It was as if their initially severed nervous systems had been reconnected.

Mary Bolles is the mother of the four children. Her second child was different from other children since young. He could not speak by the age of three, and would not let his mother hold him. His movements were clumsy, and he was insensitive to cuts and fall. He tended to be anxious and could not relate to other children. At the same time, he could not build trust and develop relationships with others. His nervous system was not in harmony and could not differentiate the signals from his five sense organs. Hence, he was always in a state of fear. His brainstem tended to have delayed reactions, which caused him to be hyperactive and unable to focus.

The boy’s mother tried to help her child by learning different methods from various places, and used whatever methods that were helpful. In the early period, she separately stimulated the visual, hearing, and motor nervous systems, but later realized that miraculous effects could be obtained by simultaneously simulating all three nervous systems. Doing so bonded the three nervous systems together, and reconnected the linkage that had been originally broken.

She thought of this approach by coincidence. One day, when her son was three years old, the family was returning home from an outside excursion. The journey took an hour, and her son and daughter were sitting at the back. Her son was a bit agitated, and Mary brought him to the front seat and cradled him. That day, he allowed her to cradle him, and placed his left ear on her chest (note: the left ear stimulates the right brain, while the right ear stimulates the left brain; language is controlled by the left brain). At that time, her daughter was practising a complicated nursery rhyme during the entire journey home. During the one hour journey, he was experiencing the rhythmic movement of the car and listening with his left ear. When he woke up upon returning home, he was able to repeat the entire rhyme. Before that, he had not spoken one word, and he didn’t speak again for another three months. This incident inspired Mary’s subsequent lifelong work. Her son became completely normal, and earned an advance degree from Harvard University.

At the Sensory Learning Center International at Boulder, the counselling room has a bed that the child lies on. The bed can rotate at different angles (front/back, left/right). In this darkened room, there is a colour light that dims from bright to dark, and reverse. In generally, magenta light is first used, and changes to another colour two days later. Six colours are used over twelve days, with the last colour being violet, which stimulates the brain’s language centre. Children who cannot talk initially often start talking.

The audio sensory system can be stimulated by transmitting intermittent music through headphones. Every therapy course takes 30 minutes, twice a day. After that, the child continues with the colour therapy for 18 days, with the total course being 30 days. Many parents see immediate results (such as sleep improvement) after the first session. At the beginning of the therapy, Mary will measure the child’s visual and hearing abilities.

Over the past twenty years, Mary observed that the number of children with delayed sensory nervous systems has increased. There have also been many participants at the autism conferences. These are mostly affluent and highly educated parents.

Why are there so many children who have been afflicted?

Mary believes that children exhibit symptoms of nervous system disruption when they become separated from nature, and encounter food, environment and medical methods that are unnatural.
Electromagnetic field and microwaves particularly interfer with the right brain function, which is the human antenna. These functions include receiving the signals from the earth’s magnetic field and brain development. However, Mary discovered that when these children make contact with the earth and discharge static electricity, some of the children’s behavioural and learning problems subsequently disappeared.

In particularly, the effects are most stiking if one can connect with the earth during the night. This can be done by sleeping on fabric that have good electrical conductivity and are connected to the ground.(see www.earthinginstitute.net ).

To prevent autism, reduce exposure to electromagnetic and microwave radiation, and eat natural food. In particular, avoid genetically modified food. During pregnancy, avoid ultrasound tests. During delivery, also avoid medicine with oxytocin (that accelerates delivery) as this medicine intensify the contractions and can cause the baby’s head to knock against the bones, leading to brain damage. Mary’s experience also indicated that some children became autistic after vaccination or surgery.

There is an air force base that has a school designed for autistic children. It is unclear what kind of health interferences these children’s parents had been exposed to. Among all sensory organs, the visual sensory system and the cranial nerve have an intimate relation. The majority of light enters through our eyes. Light can nourish and stimulate the brain. When the cranial nerve suffers from some interference, the visual nerves can also encounter interference. The field of vision becomes narrow, and the amount of light that enters is reduced. Similarly, any problems with our eyes also affect our brains.

Dr. Jacob Liberman, an ophthalmologist, had learning difficulties from a young age. Although his vision was normal, he had difficulty focusing. When he attended college, the stress led him to become myopic. After he put on glasses, his vision deteriorated. After graduation, he entered an ophthalmology school. As the pressure from school work increased, his vision became worse. Once, he went to the school’s clinic to test his vision. The intern there said that his vision had become worse, and that his left and right eyes did not coordinate well. The intern recommended that Liberman practice rotating his eyes, but he didn’t do so. One day, he was so tired from reading that he fell asleep. When he woke up, he saw the eye exercise apparatus. After he exercised his eyes for 5 minutes, he read with ease for an hour. From then on, he performed the eye exercise every day, and his grades improved from C to A.

After graduation, Liberman discovered that many children with poor eyesight had similar learning difficulties. As for himself, he continued to practice eye rotation two years later. After nine months, he no longer needed glasses.

Liberman then designed an eye exercise tool which medical research confirmed can improve vision and learning. A group of little league baseball players went through this training, and its members’ batting performance improved from being last to being first in rank.

Dr. Liberman found that our health is closely related to light absorption. When the eyes are relaxed, more light enters. However, when frightened or traumatized, our field of vision will narrow, and the light absorbed will decrease. During the early days, he counselled children with learning difficulties. Later, he designed a vision improvement tool that uses blue and red light that moves at 10 different speeds, and with 3 different programs. This tool helps to improve vision and learning. To learn more about this, refer to www.exerciseyoureyes.com. Children with sensory hindrances can recover and have a fully healthy body (see www.sensorylearning.com).

Food That Averts Disasters, Extends Life, And Promotes Spirituality- Recipes From Grandma’s Kitchen

2013 Apr-Jun
Chiu-Nan Lai, Ph.D.

A hundred years ago, the founder of anthroposophy, Dr. Rudolph Steiner, once raised the importance of nutrition to a young student who had his mind set only on spiritual practice. His student was curious why his teacher placed so much emphasis on nutrition.

Dr. Steiner explained that the reason why human spirituality has been unable to make progress all this while is attributable to the issue of nutrition or diet. The Western diet is relatively more meat-based, and Dr. Steiner, using his special abilities, could tell that animals’ emotional toxins such as fear, hatred, and their animalistic nature will enter a person’s body and mind when their bodies are eaten. A person’s physical and astral (emotional) bodies need to digest these pollutants, and this can cause long-term physical and mental harm. The astral body needs to be rejuvenated at night but if it is unable to leave the physical body to recharge itself in the spiritual world, the consciousness cannot be nourished or obtain guidance. This will cause daytime activities to be disconnected from spirituality, and is a source of harm both to the earth and, needless to say, to the person’s spiritual growth as well.

Ancient Indian wisdom also recognizes that the subtle energies and colours of food constitute the ingredients for our consciousness. They have a direct impact on our aura. Only plants have radiance that can nourish our consciousness and fill our hearts with radiance, bliss and joy.

For instance, consider suicide, the tenth most popular cause of deaths in the U.S. Suicide is related to depression. A vegetarian diet can prevent and cure depression. Research has found that a person’s mood can improve after two weeks with a vegetarian diet. Plants contain serotonin, a hormone that can stimulate happiness in humans. Ordinary fruits that contain serotonin include pineapples, kiwifruits, bananas, plums, tomatoes, and green vegetables. Not ingesting the fear and anger of animals can also improve one’s mood. A person who switches from a meat-based diet to a vegetarian diet will feel relaxed and joyful and have fewer afflictions. This is more effective than taking sedatives, with no side effects.

There are new research findings indicating that a vegetarian diet ensures good health and longevity. This research indicates that a vegetarian diet can prevent the 14 major causes of death in the U.S., including heart disease, cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, stroke, accidents, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, renal disorder, respiratory tract infection, suicide, inflammation, liver failure, hypertension, and Parkinson’s disease. The Harvard University’s Nurses Health Study, involving panel data that spanned 35 years, found that a vegetarian diet has protective properties that exceeded the researchers’ expectations.

Take the case of heart disease as an example. The health risk of a person who eats an egg daily is equivalent to that of a person who smokes 5 cigarettes every day for 15 years. The protective properties of a cup of oats daily or two servings of walnuts are equivalent to that of jogging four hours a week.

Having a normal cholesterol level does not mean that there is no risk of having heart disease. The so-called “normal” reading is actually too high-50% of heart attack victims have cholesterol levels within the ideal range. Only by lowering one’s cholesterol levels to that of vegetarians would one be safe from heart diseases. Finland originally had a high incidence of heart disease among its population. The Finnish government actively promoted vegetarianism and discouraged the consumption of animal-fat based products and dairy products, as well as chicken and pork, etc. The government also subsidized the conversion of dairy farms to orchard farms that produce fruit jams. The result was a 80% decrease in heart disease mortality, and an increase in female and male life expectancy by six and seven years, respectively.

Why is meat consumption so harmful? There are, of course, many reasons. One of them relates to a recent finding that the toxins produced by the bacteria in the decomposing flesh of dead chicken, duck and fish are not destroyed by high heat. Neither are they broken down by digestive juices after they enter the human body. Hence, they enter the blood stream through the digestive system. High fat content in the body accelerates the assimilation of these bacterial toxins into the blood stream, causing vascular inflammation paralysis. This inflammation reaction arising from a meat-based meal takes about 5 hours to subside, and if a second meat-based meal is taken then, the inflammation reaction repeats itself. Hence, the blood stream is continually infected. Once the consumption of these toxins stops, the body has an immediate improvement and the person’s life span is increased. The second cause of death in the U.S. is cancer, and its incidence is lowest among vegetarians. The use of a vegetarian diet to prevent and treat cancer has long been researched. Currently, there is more detailed research in this area.

The Pritikin Research Foundation investigates the relation between human blood and the growth of cancer cells. The researchers found that the efficacy of human blood in killing cancer cells was eight times higher among vegetarians compared to the average American who took a normal diet. After switching to a vegetarian diet, this efficacy doubled. With respect to exercise, those who took an ordinary American diet and also exercised for 30 to 60 minutes daily over 14 years had blood efficacies that were only half that of vegetarians who did not exercise. The amount of IGF1, the cancer-producing hormone in the blood stream that promotes cancer, is proportionate to the amount of meat consumed. After taking a vegetarian diet for 11 days, the liver will discharge IGF1 binding proteins such that the quality of IGF1 will significantly decrease. If IGF1 is injected into the blood stream of vegetarians and sportsmen, the protective qualities of a vegetarian diet and sports completely disappear. This proves that diet has an important relation to the occurrence of cancer.

Other than preventing these two major causes of death, a vegetarian diet can also prevent the following 11 causes of death.

The third cause of death is chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. The lungs can be inflamed as a reaction to the intake of meat, and thus can be immediately prevented by taking a vegetarian diet.

The fourth cause of death is stroke. This can be prevented by taking food with high potassium. Tomatoes, dates, green beans, and all vegetables and fruits contain the highest potassium content.

The sixth cause of death is dementia. The study found that the number of people with dementia who had been eating red or white meat was two to five times that of those who took vegetarian diets. The longer a person had been a vegetarian, the lower the chances of getting dementia. A vegetarian diet not only has preventive effects but has healing effects as well.

The seventh cause of death is diabetes, and this is also preventable and treatable by a vegetarian diet. The incidence of diabetes is very significantly lower than that for meat eaters. Further, a vegetarian diet has slimming effects. Among meat products, chicken meat intake leads to weight gain most easily.

The eighth cause of death is degeneration of the kidney function, which can be prevented using a vegetarian diet. The kidney is filled with blood vessels which can be easily harmed by animal protein, fat, and cholesterol. The kidney function can be improved within a week with a vegetarian diet. Hence, vegetarians tend to have better kidney functions.

The ninth cause of death is respiratory infection. Vegetables such as kale have immune system enhancing properties. Taking more fruits and vegetables can significantly improve one’s immune system.

The tenth cause of death is suicide. The role of fruits and vegetables in improving one’s mood has been previously discussed.

The eleventh cause of death is infection of the various body systems. Meat is generally the source of infection. Some research using DNA evidence has found that infection of women’s urinary tract comes from the faeces of chicken.

The twelfth cause of death is liver function degeneration. A vegetarian diet can protect one’s liver function.

The thirteenth cause of death is hypertension. Dr. McDougall’s research showed that hypertension declined after 11 days of a vegetarian diet.

The fourteenth cause of death is Parkinson’s disease, which is related to the consumption of pesticides, particularly those contained in dairy products. Those suffering from Parkinson’s disease tend to have higher concentration of the T1Q pesticide within their brains.

I have benefited physically and mentally since starting on a vegetarian diet when I was nineteen years old. Many friends, family members, and readers have also benefited. I also like to collect recipes, and had this idea of publishing a cooking book. Eventually, Lapis Lazuli Light in Malaysia published a cooking book containing Southeast Asian recipes, along with some of the recipes that I had written over the years. Hopefully, this cooking book will be a helpful reference to friends who have just embarked on a vegetarian diet, and also provide more sumptuous options to those who have been vegetarians for a long while. I hope to continue to collect special recipes from various countries, with the theme being grandma’s kitchen. This is to preserve some culinary methods that may become extinct. Busy people rarely cook-they either eat out or buy pre-cooked food. They have handed over their health (from eating) to the fast food operators, whose major concern is to make profits.

Nowadays, it is important to remember a Chinese phrase: “Better to nourish with food than with medicine”. The real hospital is the farm that grows plants/vegetables that have both complete full spectrum of colours and essential minerals. The real dispensary is the kitchen. The chef controls life and death, and can either be a doctor who saves lives or a killer who kills without mercy.

I hope that grandma’s kitchen will enable everyone to taste nature’s varied offerings, and experience nature’s warmth and love. May a blissful vegetarian diet lead everyone to a blissful new earth.

The original Chinese article is published in Lapis

Electricity- Source Of Trouble!

2014 Jan-Mar
Chiu-Nan Lai, Ph.D.

Twelve years ago, Dr Lai spent two years reading up on research findings about the harm caused to humans and nature by electromagnetic field and radiofrequency radiation. She subsequently published four articles (*) in Lapis Lazuli Light magazines highlighting the adverse impact of such radiation. During these 12 years, the harm caused by electromagnetic field and radiofrequency radiation has greatly increased, particularly related to harm inflicted on fetuses, infants, children the elderly and those who are sensitive. Here is a summarized extract of Dr Lai’s latest article urging people to take the necessary precautions.

Many new cell phone towers or base stations are constructed within schools, kindergartens, and child care centres in churches, causing children to be exposed to an electromagnetic and radiofrequency radiation-filled environment that is several thousand times greater than in the past.

In the United States, the number of cell phone towers has almost doubled from 130,000 to 260,000 in the past ten years, causing harm 24 hours a day. In 2006, there were two billion people using cell phones. By 2012, this number had increased to 60 billion. New computers only have wireless Internet services and many people no longer have landlines but instead have several cell phones. Some people have their cell phones turned on all the time because of work requirements. What is the result? More and more people are getting harmed.

Because the harm caused by such radiation exposure takes five to 10 years to surface, the damage we see now may have started 10 years ago. Nowadays, when people find out that they have cancer, they discover that it is of some rare form and one that grows rapidly. It is increasingly common to hear of people who lack appetite, feeling cold, or have constipation, no energy, insomnia, depression and restlessness. Some have their days and nights reversed.

Scientists who conduct research in this area have continuously warned people of the seriousness of the problem. Twenty-nine scientists from 10 countries published their report on this issue in 2007, and added a 1500-page supplement in 2012 with 1800 new research findings. The harm caused by electromagnetic field and radiofrequency radiation is an absolute truth substantiated by scientific research evidence. This harm is universal across all countries. It is essential that everyone reduce their use of wireless networks in order to protect each other and reduce the harm.

Scientific research makes the following conclusions about the impact of electromagnetic field and radiofrequency radiation:

1. Abnormal genetic replication
2. Harm to genes
3. Creation of stress proteins
4. Genes lose their ability to repair and heal themselves
5. Impaired ability to remove ions and reduction of melatonin secretion
6. Harm to nervous systems of humans and animals
7. Carcinogenic to humans
8. Serious interference to the sperms of humans and animals
9. Impact on behavior of the next generation
10. Fetuses of animals that are exposed to cell phone radiation have impaired brain functions and brain growth

New research related to cell phone towers shows that low signals (0.003 to 0.05 uw/cm2) can cause headaches, inability to concentrate and behavioral problems among children and youths. Hence, even the presence of such exposure within “safe” limits can cause physiological impact that is 1000 to 10,000 times greater than in its absence.

Modern-day children are harmed beginning with their father’s sperm. This harm continues in the fetus, infanthood and childhood. Sperms are harmed even with very low cell phone signals (0.00034 to 0.07 uw/cm2). The sperm’s genes do not have the ability to repair themselves. Low-signal cell phone exposure is akin to placing the cell phone in the trouser’s pockets or hanging the phone on the belt. Placing a wireless computer on the lap can also damage the sperm’s genes. This is why infertility is very common these days.

Research conducted on mice in 1997 found that when five generations of mice were exposed to what is equivalent to cell phone tower signals (less than 1 uw/cm2), the mice completely lost their abilities to reproduce and this was irreversible.

For humans, when mothers used the cell phone during pregnancy, their children have a greater incidence of behavioral problems at school age compared to those whose mothers did not use cell phones. Mothers who used cell phones during their pregnancies had children who had increased emotional problems by 25%, hyper-activity by 35%, behavioral problems by 49%, and problems socializing with others by 34%. Pregnant women should avoid computer, cell phone and other sources of electromagnetic field and radiofrequency radiation. Pregnant women who take MRI encounter interference with other electromagnetic radiation, and have children who are more likely to develop leukemia and asthma.

The places where children live, sleep or learn should be free of exposure to electromagnetic field or radiofrequency radiation. This is especially so for children who have neurological-related issues such as learning difficulties and autism. Classrooms should be strictly free of all wireless network services. Every child should have a learning environment that is devoid of all wireless interference. The physiological disturbances related to autism as well as physically handicapped conditions have very close similarity to symptoms of harm caused by radiofrequency radiation exposure.

Radiofrequency radiation can cause a break in the blood-brain barrier, the defense system between the blood and the brain functions. This break allows toxins to enter the brain. Merely by using the cell phone once for two hours can lead to this break. After 50 days, the damage to the nervous system becomes apparent. The cell phone signal necessary to cause this is 0.001 W/kg i.e. less than one arm’s length distance from a cell phone. Hence, merely having someone nearby use the cell phone can cause the the blood-brain barrier to be impaired. Other than this defense system, the defense system between the blood and eyes, blood and umbilical cord (for the protection of the fetus), blood and stomach, blood and testes will also be negatively affected by electromagnetic and radiofrequency radiation.

Melatonin secretion can be reduced through exposure to electromagnetic field and radiofrequency radiation. Other than weakening the immune system, it also increases the chances of Alzheimer’s disease among older people. Melatonin has protective functions. It decreases the Amyloid beta in the blood, which is directly related to Alzheimer’s disease. Melatonin reduction is also related to the incidence of breast cancer. The 2012 report (see www.bioinitiative.org) has very detailed discussions on this topic.
When we truly recognize and understand the harm caused by electromagnetic field and radiofrequency radiation, we would be determined to change our lifestyles. Some people are still skeptical or reluctant to give up conveniences. Some children have already been harmed by such radiation and have itchy skin. Their mothers want to help but their fathers will not cooperate and insist on using the wireless Internet services.

In general, the people harmed are the “second-hand” smokers. Many years ago when the cell phones started being used in the United States, a lady who lived in the distant mountains sought my help for her lung cancer. I asked her about her living environment and habits, and did not understand why she had lung cancer in such a good environment. Later, I found out that her husband worked at home and relied completely on the cell phone. Her bedroom was just next to her husband’s office. This may be a coincidence, but many years of research has proven that radiofrequency radiation can cause lung cancer. The few people with lung cancer that I know have worked in front of the computer for many years and sometimes have several computers in their bedrooms.
Drug addicts need to exert great effort to kick the habit. The cell phone can also make people addicted, and this is also shown by research.

The Chinese culture emphasizes filial piety and taking care of our body that came from our parents is a very important aspect. Furthermore, future parents need to protect their sperms and eggs of future generation to carry on the ancestral line. If we continue to be exposed to electromagnetic field and radiofrequency radiation, we may be infertile after five generations, just like the laboratory mice.

Every wireless device has an equivalent one that is wired. For instance, the telephone has landline versions, and the Internet has wired versions. In California, it is possible to elect not to have wireless electrical meters. I know several friends who became ill within three years of installing these meters. Some sensitive people develop insomnia right away and had to have the wireless meters removed immediately.

Open your eyes and observe the electromagnetic field and radiofrequency radiation exposure in your living environment. Remove those that can be removed and stop using those that are not necessary. Also, use the name of “Luminous Lightening King”, the “Flower of Life”, mantras, crystal formations, deep blue paper as protection. People or organizations in charge of meetings must insist that everyone not carry their cell phones into these venues. Even if they bring these in, they have to turn off these devices, and it would be better if they remove the batteries as well. Each of us has to start with ourselves, our family, workplace, factories, organizations and so on. We need to protect each other, starting with our homes and spreading out to our residential districts. Do not harm each other. Do this for ourselves, humankind, nature and our next generation.

* Publisher note: The four published articles are 1. Electricity: A Source of Trouble? (2001), 2. Back to Nature: Timely Rain & A Peaceful World (2002), 3. Wake up – For Your Sake and the Sake of the Next Generation (2006), 4. Water – The Source of Life, the Source of Illness (2007).

The original Chinese article is published in the Aug 2013 issue of Lapis magazine

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