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An emergency treatment for brain stroke – the release of blood to save life

Recently, my friend’s relative had stroke, leaving half of his body seriously paralysed. This incident reminds me of a similar experience of my father.

Years ago, my father had high blood pressure and heart disease. One day, he went up to the roof of our house to do some cleaning, without bringing some water with him. As a result, he did not drink a single drop of water the whole afternoon. When he was done with his cleaning job and was on his way down from the rooftop, he suddenly had stroke and rolled down from the stairs. My father lost conscious and his face was as pale as a sheet of paper. The back of his head was bleeding and some of his ribs were broken.

My mother recalled an emergency treatment for stroke that involves the release of blood. With no sewing needles on hand, she had no other choices but to grab my father’s finger and bite it real hard. However, she could not bite it till it bled as the skin was too thick. Meanwhile, someone had already found her a sewing needle. She immediately pricked my father’s fingertips and earlobes with it and at the same time, pour blessed water (supplicates to Guanyin) over my father’s head. It was only until the fifth finger was pricked when my father cried out in pain. He started to regain consciousness and his face turning less pale.

At that time, the ambulance took the wrong route and reached our house only 20 minutes later. (We realised this was actually a blessing in disguise as my father could lie untouched for a while and further damage was prevented.) When my father was sent to the hospital, he was treated mainly for his external injuries, i.e. his broken ribs and he was discharged on the next day.

While he was recuperating slowly from his external injuries, I prepared Energy Soup for him every morning and he recovered very fast as a result. However getting up very early every morning was a great chore to me and now, on hindsight, I would have used Bliss de Light and Nariwa Water to substitute the Energy Soup.

The following is an abstract of the article from which my mother learnt the method of releasing blood to treat stroke:

As for brain stroke, I know of a “releasing blood to save life” method. Not only can it save life, it is absolutely free of side-effects and is a 100% effective emergency treatment. This treatment has a lot of benefits for sufferers of brain stroke and not a single ill effect. When a person has stroke, the blood vessels in the brain will start to bleed slowly. When this happens, do not panic, regardless of where the patient is, be it in the bathroom, bedroom or living room, do not move him elsewhere. The reason is, if the victim is being moved, this will accelerate the bleeding of blood vessels. Hence, all we have to do, is to hold the person, make him sit up and prevent him from falling down again. Next, get ready to release blood. It is definitely good if you have clinical syringe needles at home. If that is not available, sewing needles or pin needles will do. Heat a needle over flame to disinfect and prick the stroke victim’s 10 fingertips. (There isn’t a particular position to prick, it is roughly one millimeter away from the finger nail.) Make sure you see blood coming out from the point where you pricked (you can use your hand to squeeze the blood out). When you have pricked all 10 fingertips and see a drop of blood on each fingertip, wait for a few minutes and the stroke victim will regain consciousness. If his mouth is crooked as a result of stoke, pull his ears till they are reddish and prick 2 times on each earlobe and see that there are 2 drops of blood on each earlobe. A few minutes later, his mouth will no longer be crooked. When the stroke victim has become perfectly normal, send him to the doctor for further treatment and you can be rest assured that the stroke victim will recover from stroke fully. Otherwise, if you hastily arrange for the victim to be sent to the hospital in an ambulance, it is feared that all the jolts and bumps he experiences on his way there would cause his blood vessels to bleed even more. Till then, not even a top specialist doctor could save his life.

Once, a departmental head in my school, Mr Tan suddenly did not look his normal self and had difficulty speaking, his mouth appeared crooked. He obviously had a stroke. I immediately asked the students to buy clinical syringe needles from a pharmacy nearby. I pricked all his finger tips till I saw a drop of blood (a drop as small as a bean) on each finger. A few minutes later, Mr Tan’s face was no longer pale as a sheet of paper, his eyes were bright again, only his mouth was still crooked. I began to ponder where to prick in order to correct the crookedness of his mouth. An idea came to my mind in the nick of the moment. I pulled and rubbed his ears, in order to aid blood flow to the ears. When the ears turned red, I pricked 2 times on each earlobe till I saw 2 drops of blood on each of them. Just then, a miracle happened. In less than 3 to 5 minutes’ time, his mouth slowly returned to normal and was able to speak clearly. I let him sit down and rest for a while, served him a cup of hot tea and supported him on his way down the staircase. I brought him to the hospital in my car, he was put on the drip, allowed to rest for a night and next day, he was back in school to teach. He was working normally after discharge from the hospital and experienced no side-effect.

In normal circumstances, most stroke victims are being sent to the hospitals in emergencies and after the bumpy ride, the bleeding of blood vessels worsens, resulting in most of them permanently paralysed. Stroke is the second leading cause of death. For some lucky ones, even if they survive, they would be paralysed for the rest of their lives, thus resulting in great losses for the individual and the society. Stroke is a terrible illness. If every one could remember this “Releasing blood to save life” method, and use it when someone has stroke; that person may still be able to lead a normal life within a short time. I hope this life-saving method can be made known to as many people as possible. Only then, can we prevent this illness from claiming lives.

Extracted from Lapis Lazuli Light Magazine 2004 Feb Issue
Translated by Lapis Lazuli Light Singapore

Comments From Reader:

Date: 21st of April, 2005

I wish to commment on the article entitled “An Emergency Treatment for Brain Stroke- the Release of Blood to Save Life” appeared in Lapis News April 2005. According to my friend who is taking a course in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the treatment described is part of “Three Edge Needle Therapy” and has been used since ancient times in China. Any TCM practioner who has gone thorugh a proper course on acupunture should have learned it. Please refer to Pg 257-259 of “Acupunture-Moxibustion” (Chinese-English edition) edited by LiDaosheng and Shi Min, People Medical Publishing House, 1990 for further details.

Readers of Lapis News may find it relieved that the treatment is a proven and well established TCM treatment. Lastly, I hope that this letter would help readers to gain strong confidence in the treatment.

With mettle
Benjamin TENG