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Cardiovascular Blockage May Not Require Surgery

One day this Spring, mom went to work in the field. She had forgotten to bring water and had toiled continuously for three to four hours under the hot blazing sun. She was sweating heavily and began to feel extremely unwell. After returning home, she experienced difficulty in breathing and stabbing pain in the chest, and was rushed to hospital. A cardiograph indicated that three arteries were badly clogged. She was in a critical condition and a surgery was arranged in the next few days.

On the very night the arrangement was made, mom had a nightmare, seeing two persons attempting to kill her with knives. She was startled awake and insisted that she would not undergo the operation and that she be discharged immediately. Although mom was discharged, we were all perturbed and indecisive about what should be done. Despite the urgent discussions among my siblings, we were not able to come to an agreement. My younger brothers and sisters hoped to persuade mom to go for the operation to avoid any unforeseen risk.

As for me, in recent years, I have been exposed to, and am learning about, all sorts of natural healing therapies introduced by Dr. Chiu-Nan Lai. I was the only one who suggested that mom adopt the methods suggested by Dr. Lai in an article from her book Return to the Bliss of Body. The article discussed the causes of cardiovascular diseases and provided preventive and remedial methods. Meanwhile, I had also been analysing the pros and cons of surgical versus natural therapies.


Able to unclog the arteries in a short period of time.

  1. Mom was already in her 70’s and might not be strong enough to endure the surgery. The father of a friend of mine had died during a cardiovascular operation.
  2. After the surgery, there would be wounds, and given mom’s age, it would take her longer to recover. For instance, the skin around the raw wound would have perspiration problems and tend to get itchy.
  3. With two veins removed from a leg for the coronary bypass surgery, the function of the leg would definitely be affected.
  4. She would have to go through great physical pain.

Natural Therapies:


  1. There would be no wounds, she would not have to experience physical pain, and there would be no side effects from an operation.
  2. Mom could move around on her own without special care.
  3. Mom could attain true health by identifying the causes of the disease, working on the source of the problem, and utilising food and herbs to dissolve the deposits in the arteries.
  4. Since natural therapies require a holistic approach to the body, mind and spirit, mom would experience a higher spiritual development.
  5. Society would be saved costly medical resources.


  1. The effects would be slow moving, and therefore, there was a possibility that she would have another attack before the effects were felt. In the case of a serious attack, she could suffer a stroke or instant death.

Given these analyses, it was clear that the risk of immediate death was present in both options, but the advantages from natural therapies were far greater than those from the operation. Finally, mom was determined to heal herself through natural therapies.

In her book, Dr. Lai mentioned the results of decades of experiments by Dr. Dean Ornish, an influential cardiologist. These experiments proved that the most effective treatments of heart disease were: a vegetarian diet and relaxation, and furthermore, no smoking, the avoidance of noisy places, the taking of minimal amounts of sugar and salt, the consumption of more vegetables and fruits with high potassium, and the taking of one to three spoons of organic apple cider vinegar, morning and night.

Dr. Lai also mentioned in the book that many Americans, while taking Circu-Flow, a herbal formula, were able to cleanse the deposits in the arteries within a month, and avoided heart surgery.

The following are the steps my mother has taken:

  1. On a regular basis, mom has been taking medicine prescribed by a relative, who is a cardiologist, to lower the chance of a sudden heart attack.
  2. Mom has immediately switched from a meat to a vegetarian diet.
  3. Mom has started taking the Circu-Flow that was obtained through a rush order for a one-month supply (we later consulted with Dr. Lai on whether mom could continue taking it. Dr. Lai said that should be no problem since the product was food based. So mom continued for two more months.)
  4. Mom has also been taking a food formula: a black fungus heart-nourishing soup (please refer to the note below) recommended by a friend.
  5. Mom has been smiling at the cells around the heart at least three times every day, each time lasts for 30 minutes.

Recalling on the causes of mother’s illness and observing the impact on her from the changes in her emotions, I notice that, apart from the effects of improper diet and excessive fats, negative emotions from constantly worrying about her children, anxiety, fear, nervousness, sadness, anger and tiredness due to overwork, all have an instant impact on her heart.

Because of the disease and mom’s fear of surgery, whenever the negative emotions arise, she remembers to take deep breaths and exhales after holding them for up to a count of six. She has begun to replace negative thoughts with happy ones. She actively attempts to transform the negative emotions and has gradually learned to let go. Everyday, she would relax and smile at the cells, and she is becoming happier. The relative (cardiologist) said that if mom does not experience any more pain within six months, that means the condition has improved and she will no longer need to go for check ups.

The book Hint for the Future states that the earth is currently moving from the third planet into the fourth planet that brings the arrival of “pure essence”. “Pure essence” is a type of matter or method that does not pollute the environment, but is self-benefiting and benefiting others. Natural therapies, which is likely to be the new direction in future, can be considered as a “pure essence”.


Black Fungus Heart-Nourishing Soup (one serving)


  • Black fungus (off-white on one side), 50 grams.
  • Red dates, 4.
  • Fresh ginger, 2 slices.


  • Soak black fungus thoroughly, then boil at low heat in six bowls of clean
  • Water until it is down to two bowls.
  • Serving dosage: one serving per day, drink with empty stomach, continue for 26 days.
    Translated by Yih Pin Tang