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Back to Nature: Timely Rain and A Peaceful World

Chiu-Nan Lai, Ph.D.

In the past two years, the world has been plagued by a series of calamities: floods, droughts, forest fires, earthquakes, abnormal weather, abnormal seasonal changes, unease among animals and humans, preponderance of crimes and suicides, and increases in minor and major ailments that generally have no known cures. Are these the consequences of mankind’s destruction of nature for many years?

The proliferation of wireless communication and mobile phones in recent times has accelerated the changes in on our bodies and minds. Many medical experts consider that microwaves and radiowaves that permeate our surroundings are the biggest threats to public health. Yet, many people are unaware of this. They get one for every family member as if the mobile phone is indispensable. They continue to be ignorant of the threat of electromagnetic radiation even when they get strange ailments. In recent years, I often hear of people getting these ailments: insomnia, sudden weight loss, the body heating up, miscarriages, infertility, appetite loss, abdominal abnormalities, sudden immobility of the limbs, shortness of breath, and prickly sensations on body. What is more serious is that often people afflicted by cancer have been generally healthy and strong. I also hear of the following emotional afflictions: irritable, anxious, fearful, autistic, suicidal, and hearing voices in the mind.

After in-death investigation into the effects of electromagnetic radiation on the body, nature and outer space, I have managed to connect these seemingly unrelated occurrences.

A few years back, New York began installing wireless transmission systemss. Every time a new system was installed, some residents would notice changes in the colour of the sky due to pollutants being attracted to the ground. Around this time, thousands of satellites have been sent to outer space. The exhaust fumes of rockets contain chlorine that can destroy the ozone layer. In 1989, Russian experts warned that the ozone layer would be completely destroyed if three hundred rockets were fired in a year. Without the ozone layer, there will be no life on earth. Furthermore, there will be acid rain and contamination to the seas near the areas where the rockets are fired. Currently, the transmission stations on earth and satellites in outer space have interfered with the Van Allen belt, which are the charged particles that surround the earth. When these charged particles enter the greater atmospheric layer, they increase the production of clouds and electrical charges, leading to heavy rain and winds. Wild life, insects, and plants have similarly been harmed by electromagnetic radiation. Since 1994, the bee population in the USA has greatly decreased: wild bees have declined by 95%, and domestic stock have fallen by 50%. Without bees, how long can plants survive?

Whenever cancer patients seek advice from me, I will ask: “Do you have mobile phones?” In nearly 100% of the recent cancer patients, the answer has been either “yes”, or “my colleagues or family members have them”. However, when I advise them to stop using the mobile phone, I hear many kinds of excuses for not being able to do so: nusiness needs, maintaining contact with children, emergency uses, etc. It seems that our pace of life has progressed to the “age of the mobile”. Some people may think that there is no harm in merely turning on the mobile phone. However, experiments conducted at the Montpellier University in France have found the following results: when turned-on mobile phones were left 4 cm away from fertilized chicken eggs for 21 days, 70% of the eggs did not hatch. This is five to seven times the mortality rate among eggs. Farmers have also noticed a similar finding: ducks reared near transmission stations do not have offspring. In another experiment, mice were left with a mobile phone that was turned on for five weeks. Two weeks later, the mice had a 42% to 43% decrease in two key hormones (ACTH and Corticosterone) that are essential for handling stress and changes, and for controlling glucose levels and metabolism.

You may think that infrequent usage of the mobile phone is not harmful. Research at the Zurich University in Switzerland showed that men who had only 15 minutes of mobile phone usage experienced changes in their brain waves during sleep. With respect to the cordless phones used at homes (i.e., those that require plugging the transmitter into a socket), research has found that usage for a few minutes would reduce 10 Hz brain waves, and change the movement of blood vessels on the skin from a natural pattern to oscillating pattern. When we are at peace, our brain waves are at 8 to 10 Hz, which is similar to that of the an earth’s field. Radio/Microwaves frequencies can range from 106 to 109, which is many times that of the natural brain waves. When the frequency of our brain waves is raised, we feel irritable , and may even commit some violent, senseless actions. The rise in violence around us is related to brain wave interference.

What will happen if we stop or reduce these radiowave radiations? A small town in Switzerland conducted such an experiment. The town called Schwarzenburg had, since 1954, begun using a short wave radio station. There were three antennas between 6.1 to 21.8 MHz, each of which had a power of 150 Kilowatt. For over twenty years, residents in the vicinity had complained that the short-wave station led them to experience several ailments (common to current complaints by residents living near mobile phone transmission stations): insomnia, lack of strength, tense feelings, pain in joints and limbs, inability to focus, rapid heartbeat, cough, phlegm accumulation, shortness of breath, headache, drowsiness, etc. In 1990, the Swiss government made an investigation, and also measured the residents’ blood pressure and melatonin. They found that residents who lived within 1.5 kilometer of the radio station had more of these ailments—their blood pressure was abnormally high or low, and their sleep interference had a direct relationship with the strength of the short waves. When the radio station stopped its transmission for three days, residents experienced better sleep patterns, even though they were unaware of the timing of the transmission stoppage.

During the forty years that the radio station operated, promotion rate of neighbouring schools from primary to secondary grades was lower than that of schools further away. Even electromagnetic radiation that are only 5000 times beneath international safety limits can damage health. In the three days that the radio station stopped operating, cattle bred in the vicinity had increased melatonin secretions in their saliva increased. Melatonin is closely related to sleep, immune system, and anti-cancer functions in the body. The radio station finally stopped operations on 28 March, 1999. It plans to move its operations to Asia.

In December 1999, residents who had lived in Schwarzenburg for over 40 years documented their observations. They noticed that after the radio station had stopped operations, they found that they recovered their joy and sincerity. Those who had bouts of depression or aggressive behaviour in the past no longer had these experiences. Farms that had been neglected were restored, old buildings were repaired, and farm animals were cleaner. Many residents engaged in renovation projects. Residents no longer had the air of resignation. A fifty year-old farmer said that a fortnight after the radio station stopped operations, he managed to have a sound uninterrupted sleep for the first time in his life, and felt refreshed in the morning. Another fifty year-old no longer needed to take any of high dosage of medicine he had been taking for his depression. Many people with rheumatism were cured, and business was down for the doctors. Trees recovered their vitality, and grew twice as tall. Small trees grew upright, not slanted away from the direction of the radio station.

The experience of Schwarzenburg is worthy of our contemplation. Is the price of wireless communication worth paying? How much harm has been caused by the usage of mobile phones? Humanity, return to nature! We pray for timely rain, peace and harmony on earth, and everyone be joyful.

Extracted from Lapis Lazuli Light Magazine 2001 Nov Issue

Translated by Lapis Lazuli Light Singapore