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Brown Rice Dumpling

(A) Ingredients (20 dumplings): 
Organic Sweet brown rice 1 kg (wash & soak overnight, drain)
Chestnut 150g (cook in boiling water for 1/2 hr & cook for 2hrs)
Kidney beans 40g (wash & cook till soften)
Black eye pea 100g (wash & soak for 1 hr)
Mushroom 80g (cut into pieces & season with a little light soy sauce)
Pumpkin 400g (cut into pieces)
Yam 400g (cut into pieces)
Dumpling leaves 400g (wash & wipe)
Mushroom stalks 40pcs (soak till soften, then tear into shreds)
Soy textured protein 60g

(B) Seasonings:
Black soy sauce 40ml
Brown sugar season according to taste
Seasalt season according to taste
Coriander powder season according to taste
5 spices powder season according to taste
Cooking oil a little

Method :
1) Marinate the soy protein and the shredded mushroom stalk with seasoning listed in (B).
2) Heat up a wok with cooking oil and fry the seasoned items over medium heat till fragrant. Dish up & set aside.
3) Heat up some oil and add the sweet rice, black eye peas with dark soy sauce, salt and fry thoroughly.
4) Use 2 leaves for each dumpling – 1 tbsp of rice, fill it with kidney beans, mushroom, soy protein, chestnuts, pumpkin, yam and another 2 tbsp of rice. Fold up the leaf ends and tighten with string.
5) Cook in boiling water over low fire for 2 hours, turn the dumpling and continue cooking for another 1 – 1½ hours.