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Nonya Dumpling

Ingredients (25 dumplings):

  1. Sweet brown rice 1kg
    Pandan leaves 4-5 pcs (smashed)
    Dumpling leaves 50 pcs
  2. Soy protein 115gm
    Mushroom 95gm (cut into small pcs)
    Mushroom stalk 5gm cut into small cubes
    Bean paste 75gm
  3. Dry winter melon 190gm (cut into small pcs)
    Coriander powder 75gm
    Pepper 1 – 1½ tsp
    5 spices powder 1 – 1½ tsp
    Cane sugar 1 – 1½ tsp
    Cooking oil a little

Method :
1) Drain the sweet brown rice after soaking overnight with pandan leaves.
2) Heat up some oil, using medium heat, fry ingredient (B) till fragrant.
3) Add in ingredient (C) into (B) continue to fry thoroughly.
4) Use 2 leaves for each dumpling – 1 tbsp rice, 2 tbsp of the fried ingredients top up with another 1½ tbsp rice, wrap up with string.
5) Cook in boiling water over low fire for 1 hour, turn the dumpling and continue cooking for another 1 hour.