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Crystal Singing Bowl

Zhaorui Lian

In August 2012, I took part in activities conducted by Dr Lai in Crestone. She invited Leigh Ann, a sound healer, to teach us and I experienced her ingenious use of crystal singing bowl acoustics that resonate with our deep memories. Many students were amazed by this wonderful journey.

Leigh Ann Phillips was interviewed by KASA TV (Fox) – New Mexico Style Show. She is a sound-healing practitioner, an award-winning singer and songwriter. She believes that music is not only an art but it can also bring health, peace and hope.

Through her work in sound healing, she travelled globally. She runs a sound healing retreat centre and is also responsible for The Shimmering Sounds Foundation, a nonprofit organisation, dedicated to bringing sound healing to the masses.

Ann has developed a method, using different singing bowls, to shift and slow the brain states. This lets people relax and also release emotional blocks causing diseases in the body. She incorporates singing bowls, tuning forks, harps, herbal medicine, piano and her voice for healing. Her singing bowls allow sound vibrations to go deeper. Through these healing methods, she hopes to help people lead more fulfilling lives in healthier bodies.

I live in Silicon Valley, USA, and nearly all my friends are high-tech professionals who usually work under high pressure. So, I invited Leigh Ann to Silicon Valley to give a sound healing workshop. During the workshop, Leigh Ann said that life, in fact, does not have to be planned very clearly and carefully. By doing so, it forces the constant use of the left brain, preventing relaxation.

Vibration of the singing bowl connects to our deep consciousness and allows emotional release of trauma. The special sonic frequency resonate with the cells in our body and healing occurs. During classes, Leigh Ann sometimes dances, accompanied by her wonderful songs. Once, many students had a very special magical experience and almost all of them were very joyful and relaxed at the end of class – as if they just had a massage without skin contact. It was a really wonderful journey of soul massage.

I observed that students with total trust, without haughtiness and without many specific expectations had a deeper and indescribable experience.

I hope that everyone will have the opportunity to have a blessed journey with Leigh Ann’s Singing Bowls.

NOTE: Interview of Leigh Ann Phillip can be view at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0WkIRskYHP8.

The original Chinese article is published in the Nov 2012 issue of Lapis magazine and is accessible online at: