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Be Aware And Transform Practise The Power Of Now And Begin De-Possessing From Our Past

Qiu Li Hui

“Human beings have the ability to place their awareness wherever they choose. That’s part of the gift of being a human being. That is also the responsibility of being a human being.”

• Dr. Mitchell May in “Drip Meditation”

A few years ago, Lapis Lazuli Light (LLL) has published a book and DVD by Dr. Mitchell May, which were a tremendous help to my spiritual practice. Among which, I recalled his words: “we are possessed by the past.” shook me to my core.

This year, a friend reciprocated my gift of book to her with more good books and one of them is A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle. This book described “the pain body” and defined what is meant by ‘possessed by the past’ in greater detail. In Tolle’s words:

“The greater part of most people’s thinking is involuntary, automatic, and repetitive. It is no more than a kind of mental static and fulfils no real purpose. Strictly speaking, you don’t think; Thinking happens to you. The statement “I think” implies volition. It implies that you have a say in the matter, that there is choice involved on your part. For most people, this is not yet the case. “I think” is just as false a statement as “I digest” or “I circulate my blood.” Digestion happens, circulation happens, thinking happens. The voice in the head has a life of its own. Most people are at the mercy of that voice; they are possessed by thought, by the mind. And since the mind is conditioned by the past, you are then forced to re-enact the past again and again. The Eastern term for this is karma. When you are identified with that voice, you don’t know this, of course. If you knew it, you would no longer be possessed.

“The physical organism, your body, has its own intelligence, as does the organism of every other life form. And that intelligence reacts to what your mind is saying, reacts to your thoughts. So emotion is the body’s reaction to your mind.” The body has no choice and “it cannot but respond to all the dysfunctional thought patterns that make up the ego. Thus, a stream of negative emotion accompanies the stream of incessant and compulsive thinking.”

This description evoked a memory:

Many years ago, LLL held a workshop in Thailand and I was bringing 75 participants from Taiwan to attend. A volunteer from Thailand conveyed the message from the airline, requesting us to confirm our bookings. Otherwise, the bookings would be cancelled. We were also informed that the seat bookings of our 2 members were not secured yet. It was just after the tsunami and the airline was having a promotion that resulted in the flights being fully booked. Hearing this, I panicked and rushed to my colleague in charge of the bookings in the restaurant. She had just finished her meal with 2 coconuts still on the table. After I told her about this matter, she responded with a nod and continued with her coconut drink. I stood there waiting. She emptied the coconuts of water and started for the coconut flesh. Finally, I exploded with anger, yelling at her, “How long do you want me to wait? If you do not call back soon, all our seats will be cancelled. Can you be responsible for this?”

As I watched her stood up and walked out reluctantly, I deeply experienced the taste of “mind attacked by rage”. This rage nearly exploded my head. At that point, I suddenly remembered a story from Dr. Lai. One of her teachers was sharing about her spiritual growth and learning to be grateful. No matter what happened, she would say “thank you”. Even at one incident where she dropped and broke a bowl of soup, she said “thank you.” So, I really wanted to give that colleague a kick but I forced myself to say “thank you” in my heart. At the beginning, it was difficult and I really did not want to thank her. But, amazingly, once I started to say “thank you” in my heart, the anger abated, and the angry energy was gone. And I started to recall the excursion to the National Park we went the previous day. She (being quite chubby) ran up and down the buses, ensuring that everyone was accounted for in each bus in a manner so responsible. My heart sincerely just wanted to tell her “thank you”!

Later, calmly, I told her that if I were her, I would have stood up immediately and hand over the booking information, and then return to the coconut water. I asked her why she was so different. She said that she could not leave the table until she finished her food. A hypnotist teacher once read her past and shared that she was starved to death in one past life. Therefore, eating a full meal is more important to her than anything else.

Tolle explained:

[Because] the past lives in you as memories.. [and] because of the human tendency to perpetuate old emotion, almost everyone carries in his or her energy filed an accumulation of old emotional pain, which I call “the pain-body.” (p. 140)

Hence, if we do not release the past, repair the emotional scars caused by life experiences, we will be “possessed by the past.”

Observe how you and those around you react to a particular matter or thing. We really have different reactions.

Our fears, sadness, hatred, arrogance, timidity are a result of baggage from the past and constrained by the “pain-body’. The circumstances are the way they are, but it is our views and beliefs that form our emotional reactions to them.

In our body, observe the emotional reactions that are a result of the mind. Be aware that at this moment, I am “creating pain” for myself, and tell myself that “every moment, I am responsible for my internal emotional state”. When we begin to do that, we are beginning to be aware or conscious of the contents from the unconscious mind.

Then, following our own affinity, religious beliefs or the methods we learn before, apply a technique to transform and heal.

This colleague whom I mentioned earlier participated in several Thousand-Arm Kwan Yin retreats which require fasting. As she overcomes the experience of hunger and fasting, her previous eating habit stops.

For me, whenever I am aware that I am ‘possessed by the past’, I would first tap the acupoints, the method taught by Dr. Lai, to release the memory cells. Then I proceed with Dr. May’s method to transform.

Of course, as what a spiritual teacher advises, practice is cumulative over time and not a rapid turn. If who we are today is an improvement from yesterday, that is progress.

I remembered that time when Dr. Lai and I returned to Taiwan from Xinjiang. Due to heaty-ness, the pain in my gums was intolerable. My dentist could only see me two days later. But over the phone, I exclaimed, “No! I want to see you immediately NOW!” Dr. Lai observed that and reminded me, “Gosh! Your old habits of the Prime Minister [past life] is really serious.” I reflected on how I treat people and conduct myself – my domineering attitude reveals itself quite frequently and unconsciously.

I recall poor Mr Li Nan (volunteer editor for Lapis magazine) who is always asked by me in great urgency to stop everything at hand and help edit our magazine immediately. He would sigh and ask, “What did I owe you in my past life?” I always jokingly replied, “Because you often rode on a white horse to my house to drink tea, and you never paid for the tea!”.

Once on a trip to Wutai Mountain in Jiangxi, I saw some ancient pots that might have evoked some memories from my past lives. I could not stop myself from buying the pots. I think we are not only influenced by our past emotional scars, but also by our interactions with people, our likes and dislikes of things.

Let us now diligently practise being an observer of our inner self. Every time we are aware that our breathing gets faster and negative emotions arise, pay attention to our mind. Our mental state is like a restless monkey jumping around. Then return to observe our breath immediately, send blessings from our heart and say thank you. Tell ourselves: now, the “pain body” from the past is here again.

On occasions that the other party is being really unreasonable, the moment we are aware of our own emotions, in our heart try to empathise that the other party is also in the pain of being “possessed by their past”. Then our emotions will calm down quickly.

Extract from another good book written by Tolle, “Practicing the Power of Now”:

“The pain-body, which is the dark shadow cast by the ego, is actually afraid of the light of your consciousness. It is afraid of being found out. Its survival depends on your unconscious identification with it, as well as on your unconscious fear of facing the pain that lives in you. But if you don’t face it, if you don’t bring the light of your consciousness into the pain, you will be forced to relive it again and again and sustained conscious attention severs the link between the pain body and your thought processes and brings about the process of transmutation. “

“The greater part of human pain is unnecessary. It is self-created as long as the unobserved mind runs your life. The pain that you create now is always some form of non-acceptance, some form of unconscious resistance to what is. On the level of thought, the resistance is some form of judgment. “

“On the emotional level, it is some form of negativity. In other words, the more you are identified with your mind, the more you suffer. The more you are able to honour and accept the Now, the more you are free of pain, of suffering – and free of the egoic mind.”

Dr May said:

“A great deal of spiritual practice is really about breaking habits. Because once we break these habits”, we are no longer constrained by the egoic mind, “then the true self is free to show itself.”

“How do we begin this healing with ourselves? And what do we need to do for that to happen?” “You can use negative thoughts as teachers. Because they will show you where you have mental states that need healing.” “And they take some time to release the rhythm or the pattern for the habit of where they come from. Most of us suffer from this greatly. When you have negative thoughts come, at first, of course you’re not aware of them, and they kind of take over for, it might be two seconds, but it might be five minutes before you realise. The important aspect is when you do become aware of them to stop for a moment, and it’s almost as if you turn to face them, and for me, I bow to them. And I thank them. For coming to show me:

Where I need liberation.
Where I still suffer.
Where I am unaware.

“And at first, for most of us, we won’t be able to just make those thoughts stop. So when a thought comes that is not helping you or helping others, and you notice it, then you need to create the opposite thoughts. I’ll give you an example.”

“If you are upset at somebody else, and every time you think of this person, whether you see them or they come to your mind, you start to grumble and think not-so-nice things about that person, what you need to do, if you made the commitment to change, is you need to bless that person. And this is a big commitment. And changing has nothing to do with whether this person you are mad at is good or bad or right or wrong. It’s about you.”

“You have to usually begin very small when you bless them because it’s very hard for us to change from being mad to blessing. So you can give this person a small blessing. A small blessing may be, “Oh! I hope their day isn’t too bad.” And then the next day, it will be time for you to give a bigger blessing: ‘Oh! I want them to have a good day.’ If your mind has resistance, you must bless them again. With time, your negativity will begin to evaporate. And that blessing will grow larger and larger.”

Nowadays, I love to listen to the sound of the flute played by Dr. May every morning and before sleep, allowing my breathing to follow the flute and feeling myself going into a deep calmness. As I experience this inner peace more often, it becomes easier to be aware of changes in my body when external situations trigger my “pain-body”.

“When we are aware that we were controlled by the “pain body”, it severed the link between it and our thinking, the “pain body” begins to lose energy. We changed the vibrational frequency of the “pain body” and transform it with the energy of blessings.” — Tolle

“We need to let go, release, give up certain things so that something new can come into our lives. Prayers can bring into your life, more wisdom, more forgiveness, more understanding, more compassion, and to invite more of the qualities you want into your life.” — Dr. May

However, if our ingrained habits are hard to transmute, there is a good method for Buddhists. Extracted from an article in November 2010 issue (Lapis Magazine), Spirituality column (p.17):

“If this person has habitual patterns that cannot be eliminated, you can teach this person to recite the Shurangama mantra. It would be like putting dust (our habits) in the wind of the mantra. Allow the mantra to help clear your habitual patterns with no difficulty and hindrance.“

After reading that the Shurangama mantra can eliminate bad habits, I am thrilled.
Let us send blessing to ourselves – that we may quickly be liberated from the “pain-body”, be free from the habits of our small ego, and re-connect to our Higher Self.


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Original Chinese article is published in the Nov 2010 issue of Lapis magazine

Spititual Medicine (Part II)

Philip Incao, M.D.

Dr. Philip Incao has more than 40 years of experience in medical practice. Since 1972, he adopted Anthroposophical Medicine as the approach in his work with patients. At Crestone, Colorado in June 2007, Dr. Incao gave 2 lectures to participants of Lapis Lazuli Light workshop. The following is 2nd installment of the transcript, lightly edited by Ashyea.

Today, I’d begin the lecture with a quote from the Buddha.

“Do not believe of what you have heard.
Do not believe in the traditions because they have been passed down for many generations.
Do not believe in anything because it is rumoured and spoken by many.
Do not believe merely because a written statement of some old sage is produced.
Do not believe in conjectures; do not believe in that as truth to which you have become attached by habit.
Do not believe merely in the authority of your teachers and elders.
After observation and analysis, when it agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and gain of one and all, then accept it and live up to it.”

Some people have questions when I spoke about karma as a source of illness [in my previous lecture]. Let me elaborate a little and see if it addresses the questions.

What is a healthy attitude to an illness?

We should respect illness but we should not fear illness. Illness is like a dangerous animal; if you fear it, the fear might make it more dangerous. However, we should always respect an illness. We should not surrender to it, but we should surrender our personal self and recognize that in the illness, our true self is trying to manifest.

We will place what Dr. Mitchell May calls the Personal Self at the level of Soul. And what he calls the True Self, we will place it at level of Spirit. In illness, we need to get our Personal Self out of the way so that the True Self can come in. And we must always assume that the illness has a good reason for visiting us, even if we have no idea what that is. We may realize the reason much later. If we have no interest in the reason, the illness may keep coming back in one form or another until we learn to take more interest in our health.

We need good judgment and discernment in evaluating what kind of practical help we need in the course of an illness. Some illnesses are self-healing – they burn themselves out like a fire that runs out of fuel.

Anyone who wants to help and support an ill person, must never, never, never blame a person for his/her illness. We also should not encourage the belief that illness has no meaning, that there is nothing to learn from illness.

Those of us who try to help another – healers and doctors – should never assume that we can know exactly what the lesson or meaning of the illness is for a person. We should support and validate any ill person who wants to find and discover for themselves the meaning or lesson of their illness. The doctor must never assume that he can know this patient’s karma. So the doctor should forget about karma and do everything possible within reason to preserve and prolong this patient’s health and life.

No doctors can change his patient’s karma but we can change our own karma by making the changes in our attitudes, thoughts, feelings and habits that our True Self wants us to make. The healer or the doctor can support and encourage the patient to make those changes.

The different kinds of illness

The 4 basic realities of spirit, soul, life and body can combine themselves in different ways. Generally, they combine themselves in 2 different ways to form a polarity. This polarity evolved, and it is similar to the ancient polarity of Yin and Yang, though not exactly the same.

One form of polarity lives in the human head. The other lives in the human gut, digestion. This polarity comes from above. As above, so below. The human being is designed in the image of God. In the ancient times, people perceived a God in the sun. They didn’t believe that the sun was a God. They perceived that the sun was a God because they had a certain amount of clairvoyance. And they saw two aspects in the sun – one aspect was light, the other was warmth. They recognized and we recognize it too, that without the sun, all life on earth would die. They perceived that in the light lived wisdom, and in the warmth lived love.

Wisdom in the Light

When these spiritual forces work themselves down into matter, they create different kinds of matter. The light shines on the matter from the outside and it gives wisdom and form – a pattern along which the matter can form itself. Just like silica.

The wise man said, “Silica is formed by the light and for the light because it’s transparent. And it reflects the light.” These are formed in certain geometric patterns. It is a divine spiritual geometry that comes down to earth. That same formative principle is what forms in the human body, the nervous system, the brain and the sense organs. In forming a crystal, the light gives it its direction. But the crystal is then formed out of physical substance. It is a substance which can reflect, just like the brain can reflect the thinking, the crystal can reflect and transmit light.

We human beings have inner light within us. We have light in our thinking. We have light that strings through our nervous system. That light is spiritual and cannot be detected with physical instruments. Yet the spiritual light in our thinking, brain and our nervous system break down into electrical impulses that can be detected with physical instruments. This is one aspect of the divine spirit.

Love in the Warmth

The other aspect of divine spirit is warmth or love. It doesn’t just stay on the outside of the matter. It loves matter and it dives right into matter. Then the matter gets warmer and begins to burn. This is a sacrificial fire. In all ancient religions, people burned a sacrifice to appeal to the Gods. Smoke would rise to the spiritual world. Ancient wisdom said, “Fire attracts”. In burning the sacrifice, they hoped to attract the divine spirit to come down and bless them.

It is a destruction when the spirit works this way: it goes right into matter, burns and destroys the matter in order to attract more spirit. It is a death in order to make a rebirth. And this process goes on in our body continually because all our cells are continually dying. It is the fastest in the digestive system and in the muscles, continually replaced by new cells. Working in this way, the spirit would continually destroy and remove the material body. In 7 years, all the cells in our body would have died. All of you who are sitting here now were not here 7 years ago in your physical bodies. Spirit keeps forming based on these two principles so that we are still the same person even though all our substances have changed.

It is fascinating to see how that wisdom appears in different cultures. There was an ancient Greek philosopher, before Socrates, named Empedoeles who also had a little clairvoyance. He saw the same polarity and he called it ‘cosmos and chaos’, ‘hate and love’. In ancient alchemy, it was salt and sulfur. Salt also forms crystal. Sulfur burns. The German poet, Goethe, called it ‘contraction and expansion’. Rudolf Steiner called it ‘cosmic antipathy and cosmic sympathy’. In the human soul, it is ‘thinking and will’. In the human body, it is nerve and blood. In human illness, it’s sclerosis and inflammation.

The American poet, Robert Frost, also artistically perceived the same two cosmic principles and he wrote a poem called “Fire and Ice”. I’d like to read that poem for you.

Some say the world will end in fire,
Some say in ice.
From what I’ve tasted of desire
I hold with those who favour fire.
But if it had to perish twice,
I think I know enough of hate
To say that for destruction ice
Is also great
And would suffice.

I’d like to quote Steiner from his book:

“There is no absolute truth. Each truth has its particular mission at a certain time. Truth evolves as does everything else in the world. Truth is the form of the divine spirit. But the divine spirit has many forms. It is our duty to enter into what another person says. We need only make clear to another person that we value him at that stage of truth where he stands. Everyone has to learn for himself and that’s we shall become tolerant for every form of truth. Love is higher than opinion. To be interested in another person is a form of love. If people are interested in one another, the most conflicting opinion can be reconciled.”

Every illness is an exaggeration of a normal process in the body. There is the Yin and Yang; there is warm and cold. Our belly needs to be warm in order to digest in a healthy way. It’s hard to digest when the belly is freezing cold. Head needs to be cool in order to think. You can’t think when your head is very, very hot. We continually have an energy in us that is warming us. It lives in our blood, circulation and our heart. We also continually have an energy in us that is cooling us. That energy lives in our brain and our nervous system. If this warming energy goes too far, it creates inflammation in the body. If the cooling energy goes too far, it creates hardening, scleroses.

What is an inflammation?

An inflammation is a pimple on your skin. A sore throat. An influenza. Pneumonia. It is all of the diseases that we call infections. The word ‘infection’ is new, only since the time of Louis Pasteur. Now we don’t use the word inflammation, we say “I have an infection, virus or I have bacteria.” But the virus or bacteria is not the true cause of the problem.

There are 4 cardinal sciences that have been known since ancient Greece, ancient Roman and, I am sure, in the East also. The 4 cardinal sciences of inflammation are fever, pain, redness and swelling.

The inflammation is trying to destroy because it’s the fire process, the warmth process. In the warmth process, spirit destroys matter. It’s trying to destroy the matter in our body that is old. Our body is like a house. We are constantly remodeling all the time. But if we get lazy and we don’t want to repeat remodeling the house, we leave it alone. Then when the material of the house gets old, it begins to decay. When it begins to decay, our spirit says we have to get rid of that stuff, it’s turning rotten.

There are other causes of inflammation like any toxic chemicals that we absorb. The cigarette we smoke provoke inflammation in our lungs. As we absorb substances (tar from the tobacco), they are in our lungs, and our spirit does not want anything foreign in our body. So we get bronchitis or pneumonia. Then spirit starts to break down matter in our body, not only the tar but the cells in our body that have absorbed the tar. And it creates a lot of toxicity in our lungs through the process of destruction.

In your kitchen, if you don’t clean up after you make a meal, leaving the food out, it starts to decay and attracts a lot of flies. Then the scientist comes to your kitchen and says, “I have the solution for this. I will kill the flies.” But he does not clean up the kitchen. That is what happens when you take an antibiotic. You go to the doctor because you have smoked cigarettes and you have bronchitis or pneumonia, fever. The doctor takes a culture of your sputum and he says, “You have a bacteria in there, we should kill it. So here is this antibiotic.” And you say thank you because you are getting very frightened about that bronchitis or pneumonia.

The antibiotic kills the germs which were stimulating the immune system to create the fire. The fire (the inflammation) is created by the immune system. The germ is only the stimulus to create fever, pain, redness and swelling. All of that is produced by the immune system. This is an inner fire and the fuel for the fire is the tobacco tar that we took in. The germs are there too, because they like all that garbage. When the immune system creates fire that kills the germs, it dissolves the tobacco tar, pushes it out of the body and we cough up brown mucus. When we take an antibiotic, that whole process is shut down. All the toxicity that was trying to come out goes back into storage in the body. And it stays there until we get the next bronchitis. If we keep going to get antibiotic every time we get bronchitis, after a while we don’t get bronchitis any more. Instead, we will get lung cancer.

Healing versus Suppression

There are two ways to treat inflammation. One is to help it comes out of body and the other is to push it back into the body. The first method, which is to draw out of the body, is healing. The second method, which is used in modern medicine predominantly, is suppression. If you keep suppressing toxicity that wants to come out, you push it deeper into the body and eventually it can become, not always, a cancer.

When the inflammation is acute, which means we will have a high fever, (This is the way pneumonia behaves in the old days before antibiotics), the fire would burn very strongly until it would discharge and the patient would have a soaking sweat. After the sweat, the fever will be gone, and the pneumonia will be gone. That is still the way large part of the world treats inflammation. I once had a young man in my medical practice. He was born in Africa. He looked very healthy, radiating. And I asked him, “When you got a fever, when you were a child, what did your parents do? Did they take your temperature?” He laughed, “No, they wrapped me in blankets until I broke a sweat which would take a long time. After the sweat, I was better.”

The other side of the problem is that when you have an acute inflammation that is burning, it can heal itself or you can die from it – either the spirit pushes out all of the poison, or the spirit leaves and you die. The job of a doctor is to figure out which one is happening. If it looks like the spirit is going to leave, you need antibiotic. It is usually not that difficult to tell. As a patient who is going through an illness, if you are not paralyzed with fear, you can sense how severe your illness is. You can sense whether you have the forces to push out the poisons or whether you are overwhelmed and you need help.

About taking an antibiotic: If you take it on the first day of the illness, you will suppress the illness. If you take it after several days of illness and you really feel you have no energy left, then perhaps you already purged out 80% or 90% of the illness, and you just need help with that last 10%. Here, you take the antibiotic, suppress not the whole illness but only 10% of the illness. And you can always work out that 10% at a later time.

When I was practicing in upstate New York, I saw a lot of children with fevers and inflammations. Most of the time, I was able to help them through the infection, inflammation without an antibiotic. Once a mother called and asked me to visit her house as her little girl was violently sick with a fever and inflammation. You can sense from the intensity of the process that she was overwhelmed by this inflammation. And I knew that either I have to send her to the hospital or to give her antibiotic. I gave her an antibiotic and she responded it and the inflammation cooled down. This was around the time of her birthday. After that was over, the mother said she’s not herself. She’s irritable, feeling really uncomfortable in her body. But she wasn’t sick. The inflammation was over. Yet she was a little bit irritable. This inflammation was pneumonia that cleared with the antibiotic, suppressed. A year later, again around the time of her birthday, she got another pneumonia. This time, it was not so violent or intense. I said to her mother, “I think we can get her through this without the antibiotic.” That was the last 20% of what she did not work out the first time. She worked it through the second time. And the mother said now she’s acting like herself again. So you need to find a doctor that understands the difference between healing and suppression.

Time-honored methods of treatment

In many traditional medicines, there are three time-honored methods that have been used for thousands of years to treat inflammation. These three methods are designed to bring out the illness. There is an old saying “You must bring out what is within you. If you bring out what is within you, what you bring out will save you. If you do not bring out what is within you, what you do not bring out will kill you.”

One of the real causes of illness is chronic resentment. Resentment is an anger that we don’t let out; we hold it inside for years and years in time. The healing of resentment is to let it go and forgive. If you do that, it will save you. If you bring out what is within you, what you bring out will save you. If you do not bring out your resentment, it can become a cancer and kill you. Poison on the consciousness or soul level eventually becomes a poison on the physical level. Resentment works in us like a poison in our soul. Eventually the soul wants to get rid of it so it pushes into the body and then it becomes a cancer. Just like the rain coming down onto the earth; the resentment is the cloud in the sky, but when that falls down to the earth, it becomes a sclerotic, contracting, hardening illness because resentment is hard. Forgiveness expands, resentment contracts.

The first method is the one that the African patient told me – sweating. The second method is fasting. And the third is purging the bowel. These work very well. Usually when I had a person sick with the inflammation, I told them to get in bed, get warm, sweat and take laxatives. I told them not to eat any protein. The old saying: “Starve a fever.” If you have a fever, don’t eat eggs or meat or fish or even tofu, just take very light food.

If you have a tendency toward the cold diseases, toward storing your feelings, then the best thing that could happen to you is to get a good strong fever. A fever is the natural enemy of cancer. It can prevent a cancer. If you already have a cancer and you are able to get a fever, it can break down the cancer. Not just cancer but other sclerotic illnesses.

Back in 1922, there was a psychiatrist in Europe who won a Nobel Prize for healing what was up until then incurable syphilis sickness with fever therapy. Syphilis is a disease that starts as an inflammation but ends in a sclerosis in the brain. Now in this country and all over the world, we have lyme disease which also starts as an inflammation but can sometimes ends in nervous system as a sclerotic problem. It starts on the hot side and progresses to the cold side, so it was a form of degeneration. It de-generates the nervous system. This doctor injected the patients with malaria. His patients got high fever and he healed thousands of patients in that way and he won a Nobel Prize. That just demonstrates the principle that a fever can cure something that is stuck in the body. If you have this (holding a big piece of crystal) that’s stuck in your body, it is very uncomfortable. You should pray for a fever and then this dissolves, you cough it up and spit it out. This (crystal) is resentment.

To be continued in third and last installment..

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The Seven Levels Of Illness And Healing- A Modern Fable

Philip Incao, M.D.

Once upon a time in a far-off realm, seven students of the art of healing were gathered for their final examination. Their mentor, who was old, wise and greatly loved by his pupils, led them to the bedside of a patient they had known well in life. Alas, he had just given up the ghost, and as the students contemplated with sadness and wonder his lifeless form, the master posed the question.

The students were among the best and brightest of that realm, and they pondered deeply the master’s question, but hesitated to speak. Finally, one student, who had been in deep meditation, spoke.

1. “Honored teacher, you have taught me much, and I have also learned from the wisdom which the stars speak to me. It is clear to me that our friend and patient had lived out his destiny. He had completed his karma for this life. He freely chose his path and followed it to the ends of his god-given capacities. He could make no further progress within the limits of the soul and bodily constitution furnished to him in this life. So he—his spirit–departed his body for higher realms, to begin work on a new body affording his spirit and soul further progress when he returns. It was ordained by his own higher will and of course by God’s will.

The master was silent, but another student spoke up, a bit impatiently.

2. “Yes, yes,” she said, “we know about karma and reincarnation, but there is a more proximate cause of death here, one closer to the reality of this fellow’s life as he lived it.” The others regarded her expectantly, as she continued, “The spark had gone from his soul, he had lost all interest in life. He had given up, he had lost his will to live. That’s why he died.”

3. They all pondered her words in silence. Then another student summoned the courage to speak. He began hesitantly, “We all know that our spirit and soul have a guiding influence on our health in the course of our lives, but it was his body after all that failed him in the end. For weeks before he died his pulses were so weak I could barely feel them. His chi, his life forces were utterly exhausted, and his organs had no energy to function. His adrenals especially were shot. He was utterly stressed out, fatally depleted of the force and energy of life.”

4. Now a few students began to speak. “Yes, I agree, I agree” said one, “but we’re neglecting the most important factor, his lifestyle. He was a very gifted man, but he neglected his health terribly. He ate, drank, smoked and used drugs to excess. He would work, or party, at night and sleep during the day. Women loved him and he greatly and frequently enjoyed them. His life consisted of chaotic highs and lows, totally lacking in any rhythm or consistency. And he never got any fresh air or exercise. It’s no wonder he exhausted his life forces!

5. Now the students became more animated. “Yes, he was very complex and very talented,” said one, “an intense and passionate soul. We will certainly miss him. But I agree that his lifestyle was torture for his body. I’m sure his cells and organs were so stressed that they were unable to properly carry out their breathing, digesting and self-cleansing life processes. This caused stagnation and congestion, leading to a build-up of cellular wastes and toxins. I am absolutely certain that the levels of toxins in his blood were sky high. And that’s what killed him in the end—he was utterly toxic. He died from his own toxicity, and his exhausted organs were unable to eliminate the poisons in his body. He could no longer detoxify, so he died.”

6. The remaining students spoke at once, excitedly. The master’s eyes widened, but he remained silent. One voice broke through, “Yes, one could see from his tongue and from his eyes that he was toxic, but what follows toxicity as night follows day …? Why, infection of course!” he exclaimed. “We all know that as surely as garbage and manure attract flies, much of the toxicity and waste matter in our body will attract the bacteria and other vermin that normally live in, on and around us. I am sure he died of an infection. He had a very high fever, he was septic!

7. Now, all had spoken save one. The last student looked at her colleagues with admiration, and spoke slowly and thoughtfully. “I can’t disagree with anything that has been said,” she began, “but I have been studying the most recent research, and it seems we have neglected the ultimate and most proximate cause of our friend’s demise. Yes, he had an infection, and was septic, but in the end it was his own immune system that killed him.”

The other students were incredulous. “How can that be?! That’s impossible!” they exclaimed. A faint smile crossed the master’s face, but he remained silent.

The last student continued, “Yes, until recently the immune system was thought to be always protective, except of course in autoimmune diseases. But now science has discovered that our immune system produces chemical agents in our body that can sometimes harm us and even kill us. These agents, called cytokines, are of many different types: the interferons, the interleukins, the tumor-necrosis factors, and others. Some of these cytokines create and intensify inflammation in the body and other cytokines inhibit and shut down inflammation when it has done enough of its cleansing work. When our body works harmoniously, then our cytokines create just enough mild inflammation to destroy excessive microbes and to maintain the ongoing detoxification of our bodies, without causing symptoms. But just as the same fire that warms our home can also burn it down, so too, when our immune system is grievously provoked by severe imbalance, toxicity or infection, it can aberrantly unleash a “cytokine storm,” a massive outpouring of cytokines into our blood stream. These then cause a systemic inflammation to flare up in us and rage out of control, causing high fever, septic shock, or generalized sepsis and a severe dysfunction or shut-down of major organs often ending in death. That is what finally killed our dear departed friend and patient.”

The students were silent, alternately lost in thought and gazing at one another in wonder, reflecting on all that had been said.

Though reluctant to break the rich silence, with great emotion the master finally spoke:
“My dear pupils, your words and thoughts have warmed me to the core of my being, and brought joy to my heart. Though I have but little knowledge, I believe that all that has been spoken is true. Before my wondering soul, you have unfolded a continuous chain of causation from the heights into the inner depths of the human body, stretching from spirit into matter. At each link of the chain, we might discover a different way that the human spirit, soul and life force can work together harmoniously in the body to create health, or work in conflict with each other to create illness in the physical body.
You are now ready to go out into the world as healers. My teaching is done, you will learn from your patients now. But remember always the seven levels of illness you have learned today. None of the illnesses you will encounter will have only a single cause. Many levels work together in health and illness, and you must never judge on one or two levels alone. You must remain aware of all levels of causation from highest to lowest, regardless of whether you can see through them or not. That will give you the necessary measure of humility to truly heal.”

Then the seven students, having passed their final examination, bid farewell to each other and to their beloved teacher and went out into the world to practice the art of healing. They were unsure in their knowledge and understanding, but their will to heal was strong. And they learned much from their patients, and they healed many, and they grew in understanding.

Spititual Medicine (Part I)

Philip Incao, M.D.

Lightly Edited by Ashyea

Dr. Philip Incao has more than 40 years of experience in medical practice. Since 1972, he adopted Anthroposophical Medicine as the approach in his work with patients. At Crestone, Colorado, U.S. in June 2007, Dr. Incao gave 2 lectures to the participants of Lapis Lazuli Light workshop. The following is an extract from the transcript of the lectures.

I will say what I felt is most important for the world, for our time and for the work we all need to do. Before we can even understand what the immune system is, we need to talk about the more fundamental things. I would like to say a little bit about how I began this kind of work that I do.

When I was in high school and in college, my motivation and my desire was to understand what a human being is. So I wanted to study human biology, physiology and medicine, and to work towards healing human illnesses. I thought that by going to medical school, I would learn the mystery of human being.

Despite attending one of the leading medical schools in this country, in New York City, I didn’t learn anything about the mystery of the human being. I was only taught that human being is a sophisticated machine. So after medical school, after becoming a doctor, I continue my search and I found the spiritual science of Rudolf Steiner. I found a different kind of medicine that is based on that spiritual science.

The modern medical science that the whole world, East and West, considers as the only medical science is based on two assumptions.

The first assumption is Materialism. This assumption states that all activities, all energies, and all consciousness in the human body are generated by the matter of the body.

And the second assumption is Reductionism. This assumption says that in order to understand any activity or function in the body, you must dissect the body into its smallest parts – to the cells and molecules. And the smaller rules the larger. Reductionism says that everything in the body is determined by the cellular and molecular mechanisms at that level. Reductionism says “as below, so above.”

These two assumptions – Materialism and Reductionism – are not that old. Although Materialism and Reductionism were prepared for a long time before its coming, they only began about 400 or 500 years ago in the west, in the late 15th century. These assumptions were introduced and developed with the scientific revolution in the west at the time of Galileo and Isaac Newton and many other scientists, and was developed stronger since then.

But these assumptions are not proven.

Science never considers trying to prove them because for the modern scientific mind, there is no other way to think seriously or scientifically about anything in the world, except through the thinking modality that’s based on Reductionism and Materialism.

We are all very strongly influenced by this kind of thinking. We are all taught in the school that we are determined by our DNAs, our molecules, our cells and so on. Many of us tend to think that it’s our physical body that makes everything happens in us. It makes our thoughts happen, our feelings happen, and our will happens. But in truth, our physical body, with all the molecules and cells, is an instrument, just like a violin. Violin is an instrument for beautiful music. If it’s broken, there will be no music. If the violin is well designed in a good condition, it can have beautiful music. But you can dissect a violin right down to the cells in the wood that makes it, and you will not find the music there.

Just as a violin cannot make music all by itself; in the same way, the physical body does not create thinking, feeling and willing by itself. Violin must be played by a musician who has knowledge and skill. And our physical body is played upon by our higher bodies where all the knowledge and skills live. So, physical body is the instrument. Quoting Dr Mitchell May, “The healing came from etheric body. Etheric body heals the physical body.” You could also call the etheric body the Life body. I think in ancient Chinese medicine, the Chi is pretty much the same thing as etheric body.

All healing comes down from the Spirit; the Etheric body is directed by the Spirit and Soul which are, so to speak, above it. And all thinking, feeling and willing come down from these three higher members and are manifested in the physical body. All by itself, the physical body is a corpse. It’s a corpse when etheric body leaves and when we die. But almost every scientist in the world assumes that it’s our physical body that somehow generates thinking, feeling, willing, healing and consciousness. Actually all the scientists know these too but they only know it when they are sleeping.

In sleep, the Spirit and Soul, the two higher members, breathe out from us and live for few hours in the spiritual world. It’s only the physical and etheric bodies that stay on the bed. During sleep, our Spirit and Soul are busy and active in the spiritual world. Sometimes these activities are reflected in our dreams. So in sleep, even the most materialistic and reductionistic scientist experiences the spiritual world. When the scientist wakes up, the soul and spirit come back down into etheric and physical body, and he totally forgets that he was in the spiritual world. And I forget it, too. Most of us forget it when we wake up. When we wake up, our spirit and soul fall back down into the physical body, but they are not able to maintain their full power.

We forget because the spirit and soul come too deeply into the physical brain and the physical body. And the sprit and soul are overwhelmed and overshadowed by the very strong physical, earthy forces of the physical body and brain. The cause of materialistic thinking is that we are too deeply incarnated into our physical brain and body. The full knowledge and power of the spirit and soul are not conveyed to the physical brain and the physical body. It wasn’t always that way but today we are all too deeply incarnated. This is the human destiny of the time we now live in.

All the right and healthy spiritual practices for the right and healthy progress of the human soul are designed to gradually loosen our etheric body from our physical body. When our etheric is loosened and pulled up out of our physical body, it can become aware of our spiritual, soul and the universal spirit. The American Henry David Sorrel, in the 19th century, once said, “I never met a man who is fully awake, how could I look him in the eyes?” None of us is fully awake. As Mitchell May said, we have our true self and we have our personal self. We live in our personal self most of the times.

To be fully awake means that the spirit in us is fully in touch with the spirit in the universe. But the spirit in us also needs to be fully in touch with practical reality on earth. The spirit in us needs to be able to fully master and rule over the lower forces that stream up into us through our physical body.


Sometimes it takes a shock to wake us up.

A severe illness or accident can loosen the tight grip that our physical body has on our etheric body. That’s what happened with Mitchell May. It is always very difficult and painful but in the long run, it is a blessing. It is a blessing that our destiny or our karma leads us into such. We wouldn’t choose it ourselves.

Modern science doesn’t realize that today, human consciousness is not the same as it used to be. Today, we perceive and experience the world very differently from the way our ancestors did 5000 years ago. In the last 5000 years, human consciousness and perception has evolved and rapidly changed. In the Hindu tradition, this is called the Kali Yuga – 5000 years of darkness.

I learned about the Kali Yuga from the research of Rudolf Steiner. According to him, the Kali Yuga began in 3101 B.C. and ended in 1899. The human mind was sinking into materialism. Later I found out that in the Ayurveda tradition, the dates are a little different and the Kali Yuga will be over soon. (200 years or so does not made that much difference over 5000). Rudolf Steiner said that he was not permitted from the spiritual world to speak about spiritual knowledge until after the end of the Kali Yuga. So he began teaching in 1900.

His mission in his teaching was to help human civilization move in this direction (i.e. spiritual awakening). But for something that has been moving in the same direction for 5000 years, it’s not easy to turn it around. There is a great tendency right now to be moving in this direction. There is a great tension building between the forces that want to go that way (i.e. the forces of materialism) and the forces that want to go this way (i.e. spiritual awareness).

Before the Kali Yuga and still in the early days of Kali Yuga, human being lived between heaven and earth in a way that is very different from the way we live now. The human being back in those ancient times was naturally spiritual, naturally clairvoyant. In our previous incarnations, we were all clairvoyant. The forces of the spiritual world were very powerful and it influenced us very much. We were not very deeply incarnated into our bodies. Our spirit and soul were not deeply into our physical bodies; instead, they were more of living outside of our bodies in the spiritual world. We walked lightly on the earth and the power was in the spiritual world. That was ancient times. The forces of the earth in ancient times did not influence us so strongly.

Today, the forces of the earth are much stronger. And the human being is much more deeply incarnated. The forces of the spiritual world are not as strong as they used to be. We are now naturally earthy, naturally materialistic. The power now is no longer in the spiritual world but in the human spirit. That is why the Kali Yuga was necessary. It was a necessary evolution so that that the human spirit could be totally free. It may not be total political freedom in the world yet but we are all capable in our human spirit to think whatever we want.


We are free to think and free to choose.

The human being did not have that freedom in ancient times because they were directed from the spiritual world. They were not free in themselves. We had to suffer a separation from the spiritual world in order to become free. Now we can choose to reconnect with the spiritual world. We can choose to go this way or we can choose to go that way. This is the way the modern science with materialism and reductionism seems to want to go (that is, downward).

The whole purpose and meaning of Rudolf Steiner spiritual science is to enable the human being to go this way (ie. upward). This direction (up) is the freedom for the human being to live in balance between heaven (spiritual world) and earth. This direction (down) either denies the spiritual world or says the only purpose of the spiritual world is to make us richer on earth. This way (down) is leading to the destruction of the environment and of the earth because we no longer love the earth as a being that is related to us. In ancient times, it would be inconceivable not to love the earth as a spiritual being related to us. This direction (down) means the destruction of the environment and of the earth, and the attachment of the human being to the earth.

Everything that I have been saying so far and everything that I will say are based on my understanding of Rudolf Steiner’s spiritual science and my own experience and being a medical doctor for 40 years.

Steiner’s spiritual science is based on his spiritual research. Though it’s not based on the ancient wisdom, it very often confirms and validates the latter. Anthroposophy or spiritual science is first and foremost a science because it is based on observation and thinking. Steiner’s power of observation and thinking were very, very advanced and evolved. He always said that anyone with a healthy mind, heart and will could, through practice, develop the sense organs to perceive the spirit and become clairvoyant.

There are two kinds of clairvoyance. There is a clairvoyance that we all had in our previous incarnations during this time and before this time. Sometimes even today, there are people who are born and who bring with them in modern time some of that old clairvoyance. We can call it a kind of residual clairvoyance.

Then at evolution, the more we learn to think with reason, logic and independence, the more we lost the old clairvoyance. The residual clairvoyance doesn’t help us very much if you happen to have it. It even misleads us. Steiner used to say that there are as many ways of being wrong in the spiritual world as there are in the physical world.

The whole purpose of the Kali Yuga was to help human being to develop rational, logical, and independent free thinking. This kind of thinking is directed by our spirit and is based on our physical brain and our physical body. If it is not just based on the brain and body but directed by the forces of our physical brain and body, then it becomes materialistic thinking. But logical, rational and scientific thinking does not have to be materialistic and reductionistic.

For a right and healthy progress of our spirit and soul (conscious soul), we first need to strengthen and transform our thinking in a rational and scientific way. We also need to free our thinking from the tight grasp of our physical brain and body. When our thinking is less based on the physical brain and more on the etheric brain, then it becomes full of imagination. When the thinking can begin to wake up the etheric heart, (when our thinking is more based on our etheric heart) then our thinking becomes inspired. When our thinking is based on the etheric fire that lives in the belly, then it becomes intuitive.


We really think with our whole body, not just with our brain.

As we strengthen and elevate our thinking into imagination of the head, inspiration of the heart and intuition of our gut, we develop a right and healthy clairvoyance. The bedrock foundation and prerequisite for a healthy clairvoyance is a rational, penetrating and discerning power of logical thinking – using the physical brain in our head, but directed by our spirit.

Rudolf Steiner’s spiritual science is a path of knowledge. He always said that we would never figure out how to make the earth, the environment and our civilization healthier without the knowledge of the spirit. Many years ago, the American president Lyndon Johnson said, “It’s not doing what’s right that’s the problem; it’s not knowing what’s right that’s the problem.”


Knowledge that does not include the spirit can never solve any practical problem.

There is another very important requirement for a healthy spiritual development of clairvoyance. That is, for every step we make in spiritual and knowledge development, we need to make 3 steps in moral development. Because in developing ourselves spiritually, we are refining our soul. When we refine a metal of silver or gold, we extract gold out. What’s left below is the slag. Whenever we develop a stronger brighter light within us, we also create a darker shadow. We must be morally prepared to master the shadow side of us that is liberated by spiritual development.

The teachers in ancient India spoke of the veil of Maya. This veil or curtain was the limit, the boundary of everything that could be perceived with the physical senses. It was the normal physical reality that we all perceive. But they said that this physical reality was an illusion. It was Maya. They taught that the true reality was the spiritual world which was behind the veil of Maya.

In ancient times, there were temples and mystery schools throughout the ancient world where high priests and priestesses guided the pupils in their spiritual development, in their path of initiation. There were very definite carefully prescribed steps on the path to spiritual enlightenment. It was a path of knowledge of the spiritual. One of the final steps was when the pupil broke through the veil of Maya and was on the other side, in the spiritual world.

To break through into the spiritual world, the pupil had to go out of his body. The spirit and soul would go out of his physical body but they would not fall asleep. We go out our physical body every night, but we don’t remember it. And in breaking through the veil of Maya, the spirit or the ego of the pupil expanded into the universal spirit which was its true home. In this process of expanding and almost dissolving his spirit into the universal spirit, the pupil experienced indescribable bliss. It was an indescribable love.

That was the ancient form of initiation, especially in the East. It was based on a love for the world and it engendered a greater love for the world. At a certain time in our history, I believe it was after the Kali Yuga had begun, Rudolf Steiner described that the teachers from the East began to travel to the West. These teachers began to teach a different form of initiation. It was an inner path.

On the inner path, the pupil came up against another veil, another boundary within his own soul. That boundary is the inner limit of all of our consciousness, thoughts, feelings and memories. Rudolf Steiner called it the memory mirror. It mirrors back to you but you can’t see behind it. Behind that mirror is the darkness of our unconscious soul life – all the unconscious drives and impulses that Freud and Jung and other psychologists wrote about.

On the inner path of initiation that began to be taught in the West during the Kali Yuga, the pupil was assisted in breaking through his inner soul boundary, his memory mirror. But when he broke through, his spirit or his Ego did not expand; instead it contracted. He did not experience indescribable bliss, or love; instead he experienced indescribable fear.

The pupil was assisted to stand up to that fear and to overcome that fear. In doing so, the pupil contracted, strengthened and toughened his spirit. And this is the path of initiation that we are all walking in our modern age. It is a path that will require us to experience and overcome the fearful darkness in our own soul. By overcoming that darkness in our own soul, it will help us to heal ourselves and will help us to heal the illnesses in the world and in our global society. That soul darkness that lies deeper than that our consciousness can reach is the source of all human illnesses. It is also the source of all social illnesses.

If this inner path had truly been followed all the way through to its end in the West, it would have led to a true spiritual science – something similar to Rudolf Steiner’s spiritual science. However, at a certain point in western history, the teachers and leaders of this inner path, who remained totally behind the scenes of outer civilization, lost their courage or they became decadent. And the knowledge of the spiritual treasure that lives in the fearful inner darkness of the human soul began to fade. In many myths and legends, this fact is illustrated by the dragon that guards the treasure. The dragon’s cave is the unconscious part of our soul. The treasure that the dragon is guarding is the spiritual knowledge that lives in that part of our soul. In other traditions, it is called the guardian of the thresholds.

However, teachers of the inner path lost their courage, lost their strength to fully penetrate to the spiritual treasure that could have really made a much healthier civilization, instead of the materialistic and destructive civilization we have today. Instead of developing a spiritual science, our western civilization has developed a materialistic and reductionistic science. Our modern science which rules the world today denies the inner reality of the human spirit. It also denies the outer reality of the universal spirit.

Steiner said that the purpose of spiritual science was to lead the spirit of human being to connect with the spirit in the universe. However, one thing that this science could not fully deny and could not fully erase was the fear that was the prevailing mood of the inner path. This fear still lives unconsciously in all modern science, most strongly of all in modern medicine.

Our modern medicine, which now rules the whole world, is totally fear-based. It is based on an ignorant fear of the true meaning of illness. It is based on an ignorant fear of illness and death. In a conference in India, a Tibetan doctor said, “All illnesses have three causes. The first cause is ignorance, the second is attachment, and the third, a lack of love.”


Rudolf Steiner’s spiritual science, which is both an inner path and an outer path, is based on love for the world.


It is based on a loving, all-consuming interest in wanting to understand and know the world and the deeper knowledge of human being, in order to serve the world and other human beings.

I wish to end this lecture with this verse:

Seek real practical life,

but seek it in a way that does not blind you to the spirit working in it.

Seek the spirit,

but not with spiritual lust,

not out of spiritual egoism,

but seek it so that you can apply it selflessly in practical life in the material world.


Apply the ancient words:

“The spirit is never without matter; matter never without spirit”

In such a way that you say to yourselves, “We will do all things in the material world in the light of the spirit that it may enkindle warmth for our practical deeds.”


Rudolf Steiner

GA 297, Page 116f 

Please look out for 2nd installment of this transcript in next issue.

Further reading:

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For works by Dr. Rudolf Steiner, please visit www.rsarchive.org

The Power of Listening

Li Yirong

Sometimes what we do may seem trivial yet it can have a significant impact on others.

Consider this: When you meet someone who does not judge you or try to change you or try to shield you from fear but only try to understand your situation.

Doesn’t this feeling of acceptance warm your heart?

Listening may be seemingly insignificant yet, sometimes, it gives someone an opportunity to fullyexpress their pain or feelings.

At the first instance, listening appears to be very simple and natural. When we interact with others, talking and listening is an essential process. Listening involves not only merely hearing the words spoken by the other person but also the world portrayed by the messages behind the words. That world, sketched by the speaker, has no right or wrong. For example, a skinny girl told us that she was fat. Our first intuitive reaction might be to say: “You are already very thin!” Our motivation may be good – wanting to help her – perhaps we were very neutral, just saying what we see. However, unintentionally we deny the world sketched out by the girl and cost her the opportunity to speak out her mind.

When we face the sufferings of others, especially someone close to us, we often rush to make recommendations, to comfort or provide our ideas.

We tend to want to help the person solve the problem but may have ignored the real needs of that person. When I first started in psychotherapy, a boy came to see me. He mentioned casually, “I cannot sleep” and then kept quiet. I asked various questions to identify the reasons causing his insomnia. He just answered briefly. I provided possible methods to cure his insomnia and he was quite cooperative. But still there was no significant improvement.

I recalled a supervisor once told me that if I am working harder than my case subject, it means something is wrong. So I stopped all the questioning as well as suggestions and returned the initiative to him. I told him that the time belonged to him. It was his decision whether he wanted to say something or not. Regardless of his decision, I would be there for him.

For the next two sessions, he came but remained silent. Until the third session, he talked incessantly about what happened to him recently. He witnessed his girlfriend’s car accident. She died on the way to the hospital. At that time, he appeared to be strong. He did not shed a tear. His daily routine remained the same and he went out with friends as usual. His friends and relatives around him praised his courage and encouraged his strength. So he was unable to express to his friends and family how traumatised and grief-stricken he was. As he was talking, his tears kept flowing.

In the entire session, I did not say much. All I did was to provide him with a safe environment so that he could say what he wanted to say freely or do what he wanted to do without reservation. I also cared for him unconditionally, listened to his heartfelt words sincerely, allowing him to show his vulnerability.

Listen Sincerely

Listening sincerely not only helps others but can also strengthen relationships. I often hear some parents complaining that their children do not confide in them. The children complained that their parents do not understand them or never really listen to them.

Humanistic psychologist, Carl Rogers, once said: “When someone meets with difficulties, we tend to use our own perspective to try to help and change the other person, making him/her move towards the direction we thought is good. We seldom realize that in fact, in most cases, we respond to our own needs, rather than the needs of the other person. For example, when a child did not get admitted into his/her first choice of school, we may strive to help the child improve the grades. But we do not take into account whether the first choice is ours or that of the child. To be able to sincerely listen to others is not an easy task. In order to sincerely listen to others, we need to set aside our existing ideas and values, and use our heart to understand the other party.”

Listening Skills

First of all, we have to understand the motivation for listening. Do we want to sincerely listen or just merely listen? In today’s busy society, everyone is busy with themselves and do not have much time to listen sincerely. Often we just appear to be listening. For example, we listen so as to let the other person like us, to wait for the opportunity to speak, or we just do not know how to interrupt the speaker.

If you want to listen sincerely, there are some basic tips for beginners:

  1. Do not comment. For example, “You think too much, things are not so complicated.”
  2. Do not give advice. It depends on the person’s needs at that time. Maybe he/she just wants to talk.
  3. Do not ask questions. Do not ask questions just because you want to know more and ignoring the other person’s needs.
  4. Listen intently. Understand the speaker’s feelings and needs.

In general, we listen passively. Actually, listening can be active. What is active listening? With active listening, we would respond in a way that lets the speaker know that we have understood what he/she has said. The following presents some simple tips.

Brief Semantics

Brief semantics means briefly outline the contents or meanings of what the speaker was saying. When restating the points, it is usually shorter and more specific than the speech. Focus on the most important content, rather than repeating every word like a tape recorder.

For example, if someone says a lot about the things that hinder his job promotion. We can say: “It seems that you are encountering difficulties in your job promotion.” A hypothetical tone can give the person a chance to tell you whether your brief description reflects his area of concern.

Emphasis should be placed on the speaker’s ideas, rather than on other parties. For example, a person has a chance for job advancement but has to move outstation. That person keeps talking about his parents’ reaction to this decision. We need to focus on the speaker: “I think you are concerned about your parents’ feelings on your leaving” instead of “Your parents do not want you to leave.”

Emotional Response

Emotional response means that in addition to a brief statement about the speaker’s speech, it will also include the speaker. There can be several sources of the speaker’s feelings: the description of how he/she feels, the spoken contents or body language.

For example, a friend said to you, “I am working six days a week, morning to midnight, and my boss still feels that it is not enough. He does not take into account that I was already working overtime! I have done a lot!” Then we can respond and say: “You sound very angry. That is because you have been working very long hours yet your boss still feels that it is not enough.”


Clarification refers to allowing the speaker an opportunity to clarify his/her thoughts and feelings. The important point is that we want to avoid the use of closed-ended questions. Closed-ended questions usually result in an answer with one or two words. For example, “Can you cope with this situation?” The answer you would get is “Yes” or “No”. Open-ended questions provide the other person an opportunity to state his thoughts or feelings. For example, “How would you handle this situation?”

Listen To Your Heart

The above describes the skills that we can use when we have the energy to care for others. But many times, we find that we are not in the mood to care for others because we also need others to care for us. At times like this, we can choose to listen to our own voice.

A person has limited energy to deal with things. It is after we deal with our own emotions, only then would we have the capacity to help others. How can you listen to your own voice? Well, it is just like listening to your body. When you feel thirsty, you can hear your body’s needs for water. When you have emotional reactions, try to understand what your heart needs.

For example: When you are angry with your partner, perhaps in your heart you hope that he/she can keep you company a little more. When you know what you really need, you can avoid throwing tantrums aimlessly which could make you feel worse and you could also lose the ability to care for others.

Listening seems to be simple. If we listen to ourselves as well as others, it will not only help others but can also improve our relationships with others. Listening also includes looking straight into your own feelings. So why not start listening now?

*In order to protect the client’s identity, the identity and story of the client has been changed.

The author holds a PhD holder in counselling at Columbia University and has worked in New York City Hospital as well as University Counselling Center and other institutions.

The original Chinese article is published in the August 2013 issue of Lapis magazine and is accessible online at: http://www.lapislazuli.org/tw/index.php?p=20130805.html

Emotional Healing

Qiu Li Hui

A friend from Lapis Lazuli Light recently gave me a book “Emotional Balance: The Path to Inner Peace and Harmony” by Dr Roy Martina. I found it very beneficial and would like to share some of the book’s information with all of you.

Emotion is the strongest path to healing power, in the body-mind connection. Emotions are not only intrinsically connected to the central nervous and endocrine systems they are also deeply linked to our thought patterns and physical health. Emotions also represent the flow of energy along specific meridians in the body, focusing on seven energy or chakra centers. Exploring emotions as kinetic energy can cure physiological diseases and relieve stress.

The author analyses three levels of happiness. The first level is competitive happiness. When we win or are ahead of others, we feel happy. However, this competitive type of happiness is always temporary.

The following is an ancient story from India, depicting the limitations of this form of happiness:

One day, God sent an angel to a businessman and said: “From now on, any of your desires can be achieved but it is subject to a condition”. The businessman asked: “What condition?” The reply was: “No matter what you get, your opponent will get double.” Initially, the businessman was depressed and then he began to plan what he can do. After contemplating for a few minutes, he told the angel: “I know what I want. Please blind me in one eye!”

The second level is conditional happiness. We often link pleasure with specific external conditions. For example, when we were young, good-looking and our friends identified with us, we were very happy, but once the symptoms of old age set in, we felt depressed and defeated.

Conditional happiness never lasts because conditions always change. When that happens, we become unhappy.

The third level is unconditional happiness. Unconditional happiness is perfect bliss. We don’t need outside energy or stimulus to feel happy or at peace. We live unconditionally, gladly accepting both discomfort and pleasure and are not attached to the outcomes. We are grateful for all the blessings and experiences that we have along the way.

But ordinary people like us are influenced by past experiences. We are drawn by the stored habitual reactions, the so-called “bad habits”.

The author says: “Bad habits” are stored in the form of electromagnetic resonance in the body; they may be latent (inactive) but when stimulated by the same electromagnetic signals, they will be activated. All our experiences are stored in the unconscious or subconscious mind.

One of the reasons why we return to earth was to reexperience karma. For this reason, many of the conflicts happening in this life are the result of unfinished lessons in the past lives. Our life goal is to set aside old patterns that cause us to deviate from the ultimate goal to reach the realm of unconditional love and live in the present without prejudice and judgment.

Every moment of our experience gives us the opportunity to really live in the moment. It allows us to make our choices based on the highest values and not from past scars. This is the only reason why we want to experience inner trauma and turmoil. But once we let go of the old patterns, we will no longer be attracted to the same situation and our energy will no longer be consumed.

When we are still in the spirit world, the cellular memory is stored us. At that time, we decide on the purpose for coming to this material dimension, the earth. Also we decide what we need to learn in order to achieve the energy of pure love.

The purpose is to release the unnecessary pains and suffering created due to lack of understanding of our true selves and to discover our true potential. Our souls and hearts need to be nourished through love and compassion. This is the method for healing the soul and experiencing the ultimate existence.

If our inner beings are often consumed by fear, anger, jealousy, sadness and other emotions, it will hinder us from experiencing our feelings of love, happiness and peace.

The author says: “The inner part that you are not aware of can be observed outside the body. The outside world is a reflection of your inner world, like a mirror; everything in the outside world is caused by the generation of your inner thoughts. As a result, you become more alert and whatever you are alerted to, you can control. But whatever is concealed will control you.”

How can we harmonise energy and emotion?

The author says that there are two basic principles, integration and release. Integration means to accept feelings or sensations without emotions involved. In other words, we accept and recognize our own particular feelings and clearly (and deliberately) receive messages from the subconscious mind.

Then we can no longer be infected by others› emotional virus (or have resonance with the internal negative energy) such as anxiety, paranoia, fear, worry, low selfevaluation, sadness, frustration and doubt.

Release means a clear understanding of this message and let it go. Through letting go we are able to take responsibility.

In the book, the author mentions seven steps of emotional healing.

After you relax and go into inner reality, replace the negative emotions with positive emotions. Let these positive emotions go into every cell in the body. Visualise positive emotions flowing throughout the body, like a bright light illuminating every single cell.

    1. Firstly, please say: “I accept and deeply love myself.”
      Deeply inhale and exhale → Focus on the base chakra: tenacity 
    2. “I ask God* to please help me find the origin of this feeling (or way of thinking), however long ago it may have been and help me heal completely.”
      Deeply inhale and exhale → focus on the reproductive chakra: enjoy.
    3. “I allow myself to dwell in every part and aspect within me so as to help me heal the initial incident, however long ago it may have happened. I fully accept and love the intention of that incident.”
      Deeply inhale and exhale → focus on the solar plexus chakra: acceptance and letting go.
    4. “Through God’s* love, I forgive myself for excluding myself and others because of incorrect beliefs, thoughts, emotions and cognition. I forgive the people, matter and things associated with these past experiences and release all the sentiments behind all the reasoning or beliefs and thoroughly be healed of all that was related to past events.”
      Deeply inhale and exhale → focus on the heart chakra: peace and forgiveness.
    5. “Now, I use the unconditional love and blessings of God* to let go and release myself from feelings or views that are associated with the past. I choose_______ (positive emotion or belief) as a substitute. Every cell in my body accepts (insert the positive emotion) this feeling.
      Deeply inhale and exhale → focus on the throat chakra: true self-expression.
    6. “I now allow myself in a relaxed and peaceful manner to let go of the physiological, emotional, mental and spiritual discomfort or any of its associated attitude, behaviour or feelings. Continue to do so.”
      Deeply inhale and exhale → focus on the third-eye chakra: self-understanding.
    7. “I thank God* for all the help. I express my love and gratitude to Him. I accept and am worthy of God’s blessings and love.”
      Deeply inhale and exhale → focus on the crown chakra: universal love.

The author also introduces some other methods of releasing negative emotions, such as massaging specific acupoints. A lot of these acupoints are similar to those that Dr Lai taught. Dr Lai taught tapping acupoints, coupled with recognition and transformation of feelings and saying affirmations of self-acceptance and love. These not only release previously blocked energy but also generate reacceptance and love for oneself. I personally feel that it is very effective. For specific practices, please refer to the article “向恐懼、憎恨、悲傷的情感說再見” in the May 2005 Issue of Taiwan Lapis Magazine (in Chinese).

The author also mentions in the book about imprinting positive messages into the subconscious mind. Dr Lai had taught not only positive affirmations but also some actions that I find very useful. That is why, in January 2008, I shared this in the Taiwan workshop “You Can Change The Future”.

For those who are interested, please contact Lapis Lazuli Light.

*Editor’s note : “God” is used to replace “angels” or “spiritual guides” or “Creator” used in the original text.

The original Chinese article is published in the Feb 2012 issue of Lapis magazine and is accessible online at: http://www.lapislazuli.org/tw/index.php?p=20120207.html

The Message of Water

Melody Liu

Mr. Masaru Emoto is a Japanese Quantum Scientist who advocates “Wave Theory” in water. Ever since he explains in his book, “The Message from Water ” that water possesses memory, storage and ability to send messages, this has attracted strong response of interest from readers all over the world.

To Mr. Masaru Emoto, this is the first time man has stepped outside the boundary of consciousness, using the crystals of water to prove that man’s spiritual consciousness can change the structure of water. He discovered that by freezing water below 5 degrees Celsius and observing them under microscope, different sources of water would show different crystals formation. With clean spring water, its crystals would appear nicer than those of usual tap water. If the water were polluted, not only were the crystals unable to form, they exhibited dark and twisted patches. He carried out various experiments, one of which included playing music to water. He also pasted words of various languages on glass bottles of water. For example, one bottle sample was pasted with “Thank you”, another with “You are a fool”. He then froze the water and took photographs of their crystals formation. He discovered that regardless of the language used to write “Thank you”, the water crystals were all extremely beautiful, while the water sample pasted with “You are a fool” showed messy and broken shapes.

In November 2001, Mr. Masaru Emoto released “The Message From Water Vol. 2”, which contained more intriguing discoveries. One of them was quite touching where he tested the water’s reaction to the concept of family. On each bottle, he pasted “father”, “mother”, “mom’s cooking”, “mommy’s hand”, “happy family”, “family tour”, “back view of daddy”, “daddy’s teaching”, “ball game with daddy”, etc. The result showed all water crystals to be extremely grand and attractive, the sight of which was very heartwarming.

In our last issue, Professor Lai mentioned that the bonding between mother and child is the foundation on which a healthy body, mind and spirit are developed, especially important are the teachings conveyed to the baby by the mother during pregnancy. Mr. Masaru Emoto also feels that family and society form the basis of the universe. He has tried pasting the words “child birth”, “breast milk”, and “upbringing of children” on bottles for experiment with interesting results. The water crystals of “child birth” and “upbringing of children” are quite similar, showing two overlapping crystals, as if mimicking the delicate formation of life from its source. From the beautiful crystals of “breast milk”, he discovers that during feeding, the mother not only provides food, she also transmits feelings to the child.

Another important discovery relates to the suspicion of pollution by electromagnetic waves. Mr. Masaru Emoto humorously expresses that since 70% of the human body comprises of water, why not let water answer all the discomforts of the body, whether electromagnetic waves are harmful to the body, especially the brain?

He thought of conducting this experiment because in his scope of work, he is required to use an equipment, called total magnetic field analyzer, which measures wave energy on a long-term basis. This equipment is also a type of electromagnetic wave. Hence, he wanted to know for someone who loves his job and works happily, would electromagnetic wave still have negative effects on this person? On the other hand, if a person is unhappy with his work and feels that life is meaningless, would electromagnetic waves have negative effects on him?

Because of this, he conducted an experiment. First, he divided bottles of distilled water into two groups. On one group of bottles, he pasted “love” and “grateful” while pasted nothing on the other group. Separately, he placed the bottles in front of the television, computer and next to the handphone. The outcome showed that the group with nothing pasted on exhibited water crystals with messy shapes. With the words “love” and “grateful” pasted on, although the water crystals were slightly twisted, they were still somewhat beautiful. Hence if a person were healthy with good “qi”, and filled with feelings of love and gratitude, the effects of electromagnetic waves on him would be reduced. A person who is unable to maintain feelings of love and gratitude should then stay away from electromagnetic waves.

Mr. Masaru Emoto’s another experiment was to use the same TV set from the earlier experiment to play a program regarding the beginning of life four billion years ago. This time, he placed a bottle with nothing pasted on it in front of the TV set. This resulted in beautiful six-sided water crystals. Hence, he concluded that if we are unable to avoid using electrical equipment, besides the earlier mentioned method that we have to maintain a positive mind, we should utilize this equipment in manners that benefit the mind – for instance, using television to broadcast beneficial programs – that would reduce the harm electromagnetic waves has on us.

Mr. Masaru Emoto’s experiments have also stimulated much interest and curiosity of another soil specialist, Professor Lai Tong-Ming, who is well versed in the measuring of energy levels. Professor Lai discovered that tap water is very much less sensitive than that of filtered water or distilled water. He used two plastic cups to separately hold tap water and filtered water, and wrote the word “love” on each, and used an energy measuring chain to measure their differences. The result was that filtered water had an energy level of 50-60 turns while tap water merely turned a few times and stopped. Professor Lai also discovered that if we were to first visualize the persons or things that we loved, then wrote “love” and pasted it on the cups, the number of turns would be higher than the “love” written without visualization. When he compared the energy level of the word “love” with “compassion”, “compassion” was very much higher than that of love. Comparing “love” with “emptiness”, the energy level of emptiness was even much higher.

He pointed out another interesting phenomenon. He prepared three cups of similar water, one written with “acceptance”, the second with “rejection” while the third with nothing written on. If he poured some blessed water into the three cups, the cup written with “acceptance” would have the greatest increase in energy level. The next was the cup with nothing written on it. The cup written with “rejection” had no response because the blessed energy could not enter the cup. A person’s conscious mind can also be transmitted into the prayer books which one recites sincerely everyday. Separately, Professor Lai passed two cups of water by two prayer books, one new and one old. The old one had been recited morning and night daily while the new one had never been used before.

It was found that the old prayer book had much higher energy level than that of the new book. Also, if someone with an energy enhancing equipment were to do a simple visualization, then poured some water into a transparent plastic cup, and placed the cup on the positive side of the energy enhancing equipment, this would transform and blessed the water in the cup.

Since ancient time, regardless of religious baptization or spiritual cleansing, water has provided the function of healing, cleansing and rebirth. Water is not only a mirror of our spirits, it is also a source of life. The main component of body cells is water and water controls the flow of fluids within various systems. The rise and fall of man’s thoughts not only changes the structure of water in the body, it also affects the message field of the surrounding environment.

In July 1999, Mr. Masaru Emoto gathered 350 people to conduct a cleansing ceremony for the polluted Lake Pipa. In the early morning sunlight, everyone faced Lake Pipa and sang for accumulating the unlimited energy of the universe, creating world peace, sending sincere gratitude to Lake Pipa. The outcome was the water changed from being unbearably dirty to a six-sided golden yellow crystal. A month later, a news report in Kyoto described how the foul smell of Lake Pipa, caused by unusual growth of water plants, had reduced for the first time in may years.

Mr. Masaru Emoto had originally planned to mobilize 300 thousand people to bless the lake by surrounding it hand-in-hand. He realized that with the blessings of 350 people, Lake Pipa could only sustain for half a year. After half a year, judging from the water crystals and smell of the lake water, the water was polluted again. Hence, the larger the number of people giving the blessings, the greater the power of the mind, for it be sufficient to cleanse the entire Lake Pipa.

The power of mind is indeed unimaginable. Hence we should purify our mind and take care of every thought that arises in our mind. Not only will the water in our body become beautiful crystals, we can use our thoughts, words or actions to transmit the wonderful and precious messages shown to us by water.

May our bodies become sparkling crystals, pure and beautiful holy palace! May our mountains, rivers, mother earth, and the entire universe become a quiet, grand, and beautiful pure land!

The Message From Water Vol. 2 (by Masaru Emoto)
Good Water Talks (by Lui Feng Zhou, published by Yuan Qi Zhai)

Water Works

We have all the water there is, all there has ever been, and all there will ever be. No one is making any more of it.

Each day there are more people drinking, using, and polluting it. This is a trend that cannot continue indefinitely.

If our children and grandchildren are to have pure water, someone has to do something. We cannot depend upon the churches or government to correct this problem. They haven’t done it yet.

Regardless of how much technology we may have, our existence upon this earth depends upon six inches of dirt and water.

Now for the first time ever, we have reason to be optimistic. Based on our experiences with water since April of 2001, there is reason to believe that in our lifetime we can have better water than our grandparents had. But–you will have to do something.

I would like to share with you some things we have learned that will allow you to make a positive difference in the future of your descendants. The new expanded version of “The Future is Yours” has a chapter on water but we have learned some things since writing that chapter.

Water has a “Spirit” which responds to respect. Lack of respect and greed seem to be the main reason that water has been polluted. We might also add ignorance, because if people really understood the importance of water, then they would treat it with more respect.

I had believed that water had a spirit but learned some more in a recent class at ORI. In every class, I tell people they are being given a lifetime supply of energized water. All the people in the class bring a bottle of water and I energize it for them and teach them to do it.

ORI was selling drinking water with a red label on it and most of the people had this brand of water. As I was working at raising the energy of the water in all bottles in the room, it became obvious that something was wrong. One person had a blue tinted bottle with a blue label and the spirit of the water was not in this blue bottle, and would not go into it. We had to stop and find out why. When I mentioned the problem to the class, Mick Ames, who was a water technician sitting on the front row, was nodding his head and grinning. I then said, “The spirit of greed is in this bottle.” Mick again grinned and nodded his head. Then I announced, “The company who bottled this blue bottle has a lower integrity than the company who bottled the red labelled bottle.” Again, Mick nodded his head – he knew something I didn’t. [Mick’s email to me is included later in this article.]

Once the spirit of greed was removed along with several negative thought forms, the spirit of the water went into the water and we were able to continue energizing all the water in the room. Walt Woods was in one of the classes at ORI and when we measured his bottle of water, it was found to be about 800,000 on the Bovis scale, [which measures how positively or negatively charged a subtance is.]This puzzled me because at other times the water had measured over one million on the Bovis scale. Why didn’t Walt’s bottle go any higher? Walt determined that a higher energy was not beneficial for him and the energy of the water reached the ideal level for him, and stopped. This taught me to ask for the water to be raised to the most appropriate level for the use of the person, rather than asking to raise it to the highest possible level. At the recent Southwest Dowsing Conference in Flagstaff, the “Spirit of the water” came through and gave a message to Ellie Drew who then gave it to the class. It confirmed that the spirit of the water would not go where there was greed.

We have also found that the attitude of a landowner will affect the condition of the water on the land. In addition, curses on the land will also affect the water.

In my book, “Techniques That Work For Me”, I list a number of things one can do to clear various negative energies from people and property. It seems the same techniques can be used to clear bodies of water.

Ron Barone of South Dakota ordered a bottle of water from the Toronto Dowsers [ECH2O Water] and tried to test its energy. He called to say that he hadn’t been able to do it because his scale of measurement didn’t go high enough. He took three drops of the water and put them in a container, which he then filled with filtered water. In five minutes he couldn’t test that container of water either. The energy of the second container had apparently risen to match that of the ECH2O water. My reply was, “You have proved by your methods, what I suspected. I put a thought form in the water to energize all water that it touched to equal that of the original water.”

We have discovered that we can put a thought form into the water to cause it to energize all water that comes in contact with the energy field of the water. This was done by sitting a bottle of energized water on a table with a bottle of plain water. The next morning the plain water had an energy equal to the energized water. It has some surprising side effects – my friend Jeannie energized a part of the Atlantic Ocean where she was swimming and 20 dolphins showed up and stayed all day!
How do we purify the water? By using our dowsing system to scramble the frequency of the chemical, biological and radiological pollutants of the water and adjust them to the frequency of pure water. We then put a thought form into the water to cause it to energize all water that comes in contact with it’s energy field and that the process be repeated continually.

“What else?” you ask, “This is so simple.” There is nothing else. Simple is what you get when you work with me.[Simple means uncomplicated.]

However, we may put in a thought form for a specific correction to be made in our bodies or the bodies of animals. I suspect that this could be used to create a more positive mental attitude in folks. Maybe we could even energize the raindrops and invite in the spirits of respect and compassion so that these characteristics would affect anyone who was within the energy field of the raindrops.

“This is too far out,” you say. Well, consider the alternative.

You don’t want to appear strange to your friends, associates and minister. Well, if you’re in mainstream society, you probably wouldn’t be reading this. That means you are already different. OK, this is the wonderful thing about dowsing. You don’t have to tell anyone what you’re doing. You don’t need a permit or have to confess it to your priest. JUST DO IT!!!!!!!

Here is part of a recent letter from my friend Don Scott of Richmond Kentucky. Don is a retired minister who attended my class and started using the information to help people in his congregation. He has some wonderful successes and here is one of them.

“Hi Raymon, Just wanted you to know how well the energized water works.

I bought a 20 gallon fish tank in January. I have not been able to clear the water because my tap water is so full of rust and iron. I have stopped drinking or cooking with it. I used the recommended treatment and nothing worked. The fish were dying. The fish were attacking and chasing other fish and I was ready to start all over again with a new batch. Then I spied the bottle of water that we all purified when we dowsed for your water project. I gave each of them a small jar with tap water in it from the church to dowse after we dowsed to purify the water around the globe. I looked up all the pollutants on internet to name them specifically so we would not miss any. I gave them a dropper with the instructions to use this to purify the tap water they use at home. I put a dropper of water in the 20 gal. tank. I sat down and read my mail and in about an hour I happened to glance over at the tank. The water was crystal clear, the fish were swimming lazily around the tank and not attacking other fish. No more fish have died. It is still clear as a bell and I just sit and marvel over it. Your Friend, Don”

And from Mick Ames – “While attending the August 2003 Power of Thought school in Fayetteville, I had an opportunity to do a water test on two different samples of energized water. At that time I was a water technician for a company installing a line of whole-house water softeners and purifying systems for drinking water, and had the testing kit at my disposal. One of the samples had been altered by Raymon Grace at Sunday’s class. Originally this had 8 grains of hardness per gallon. Sunday night I tested the samples and found that the water energized by Raymon now shows no hardness present. No precipitation test was performed, as I saw no need for it.”

And from Cherly, his wife, I received this email ” In your class on Sunday (which so inspired me I came back Tuesday as Mick did) I vowed to not let this fall by the wayside. I have been washing my 14 yr old dog’s eyes and giving her and my other pets the energized water. Her hearing was shot and she could barely see dark and light, an unfortunate symptom of her age. Her attitude had not changed!

Besides getting around much more energetically, I notice the cataract cloud on her eye is thinning and the other eye looks less irritated (dry eye syndrome). I scrambled the frequencies of blindness and adjusted those to the frequency for her better good. It will come as no surprise to you, but she is a bit confused these days as her sight is returning and her hearing is improving daily.

Oh, I have introduced the energized water to the swimming pool and hot tub at the rec. center here in Bella Vista. It is a retirement area, and highly used by the older crowd. I am visiting daily to check chemical levels and over-all effect on swimmers.”

This one is from a cousin in California. Since this writing, we have talked by phone and her husband also has eliminated the arthritic pain from his body.

Thank you for telling me that I can program the water to help my body. Today I used this method and the results were out of this world. I have very painful joints they hurt all the time and when I use them, I suffer for a couple of days. I also have a trigger finger on my right hand and a small cyst in the palm of this hand. The finger curls inward toward my palm. I can’t make it straight. I programmed the water to help the joints and my finger. I don’t have any pain in my joints and my finger is almost straight without the terrible pain. I will keep using this method and see if I can get complete relief. You may use this in your book or where ever it is needed. Thank you so much. Love, Carlene

On November 26, 2002, Marilyn Gang, leader of the Toronto Dowsers asked me to energize five gallons of water to be distributed to those interesed in participating in the “Water Project.” My comment was that the bottles, packing and shipping would be paid for by those ordering the water, but the water was free. In one year, Marilyn has distributed over 600 bottles of the ECH2O water to several countries. There is a real and sincere interest in seeing what we can do to heal the world’s water. One fellow, Dev Khalsa, who manages naturopathic clinic in Toronto has been using the water in his local environment. His wife wrote to Marilyn, “What we have noticed is that not just some, but ALL of the noxious weeds, [amazing when I think of it] have disappeared from the river upstream from our dam where I have been throwing in my prayer-water. They have been replaced by water lilies.” For more of their work see www.TorontoDowsers.com

A common excuse used by many is that, “I’m only one person and my efforts wouldn’t amount to much.” Maybe so, but enough raindrops become a flood.

Raymond Grace has been studying various forms of healing and connections with the spirit world since 1973. He is a frequent speaker at Ozark Research Institute (ORI) and various dowsing conventions in U.S. & Canada. He teaches classes on dowsing, healing and working with energy. He has written two books: “The Future is Yours – Do Something About It” and “Techniques That Work For Me”.

Infinite Self Healing

An interview with Meir Schneider

Meir Schneider had congenital cataract and glaucoma, Shortly after being born, he was diagnosed with other eye problems such asnystagmus. He had had 5 operations before the age of 7 to remove a large part of his cataract. However, these operations left many thick scars on his cornea —his vision was severely impaired, and doctors declared him legally blind. He attended Braille school, but never gave up hope of seeing clearly again. At the age of 16, he met a ‘saviour’ and began his self-healing exercises. After 10 years of hard work and perseverance, he regained much of his vision and was even able to take his driving test in California without any visual aid.

Now a famous, world renowned medical healer, educator, as well as founder of a self-healing center and school (located in San Francisco), he is also the specialist column writer for a massage magazine. His own work includes Self Healing: My Life and Vision (Penguin, 1987); and The Handbook for Self-healing: Your Personal Program for Better Health and Increased Vitality with Maureen Larkin and Dror Schneider (Penguin, 1994).

When did you first experience the latent force of self-healing?

I first performed eye exercises at the age of 16 in the hope of improving my vision.  It did, gradually.  I began to understand that all ailments could be self healed; it is only that these self-healing power are latent and need to be awakened.  Subsequently, I designed some routine exercises for others and myself.  I felt my physical body awakening, and my self-healing power strengthening.

For over 20 years, I have shared my experience of awakening body self-healing power with thousands of people.  These people include sportsmen/women, musicians and stroke patients who, as a result of these exercises, improved their deteriorating physical conditions. Encouraged by what I’ve seen, I want to share the benefits with people all over the world with these publications.  While healing my eyesight, I found that every part of our body is closely connected.  During the time when my eyesight was gradually restored, I began to help those who were seriously ill.  From these experiences, I discovered that the self-healing power in us is much stronger than we think.  In the exercise routines that I’ve designed, I integrate refined movement exercises, encourage kinesthetic awareness exercises, as well as massage (self and for others), breathing  exercises, and visualization.  All these exercises complement and enhance one another.

My method is to motivate and provide guidance for patients, so that they know how to observe their bodily conditions very well, and are therefore able to proactively work with their physiotherapists to design suitable home exercises.  When the patients actively participate in designing their own therapy courses, they experience a great moral boost, which can help them overcome some of their fears and depressions associated with their ailments.

In your opinion, is the occurrence of degenerative diseases more widespread now than 50 years ago?
These degenerative diseases are a result of our passive lifestyles. Everyday, we move very little within confined spaces (around our offices, in the living room, in airplanes), and then, we lie down to sleep. After long hours of constrained movements, the person becomes too lethargic to move, and movement becomes unnatural. Gradually, our joints, muscles, vision, and all the other parts of the body begin to deteriorate. Of course, you could still be busy working to earn a living; however, you can also do deep breathing exercises while working. You can choose to work out attentively or inattentively in the gymnasium. It is your personal choice whether to move or not. You can also choose to sit in front of the computer monitor without using your lateral vision until your brain completely ignores its existence; or, you may choose to look at distant objects now and then to rejuvenate your eyes again. I have no intention of changing anybody’s lifestyle or work. But the way we work to earn a living is making us sluggish; we can be more active.

In your self-healing centre and school, you emphasis that students themselves shoulder the bulk of the responsibility to heal themselves. What is the basis of this philosophy?

This is so because the health of your body depends on what you think, and the choices you make. In the past, there have been erroneous thoughts that cause us great harm such as “as you grow older, your sight will deteriorate”, and “ it is normal to start having backaches at the age of 30, and arthritis at 45”. Most people take these to be general rules. As a self-healing teacher, I do not want my students to be restricted by these beliefs. I want them to break away from their old habits as they touch their own bodies and experience self-healing.

It takes time to change our old ways of looking after our bodies, and it involves more than just having enthusiastic positive thinking. You need to experience a different way of living. Thus, our job is to help people identify possible methods that can treat their conditions, and to gently train them to elicit their self-awareness and understanding of their own bodies

Can you please tell us which bodily condition is most easily rectified with your self-healing methods?
Amongst our students, there are professional sportsmen as well as very difficult cases that have been certified incurable by doctors. Up to the present moment, there are three nearly completed medical research that provides evidence that these self-healing methods can rejuvenate and strengthen slackened muscles, and allow them to be active once more. Amongst my patients, many are able to recover the functionality of muscles although their own doctors have written them off. In addition, we also have very encouraging results on degenerative cases. They include various hardening of tissues, spinal problems, respiratory disorders, circulation system disorders, digestive system disorders, diabetes, osteoporosis, arthritis rheumatoid, vision problems, as well as problems arising from bad postures.

Our current problems lie in that patients are passive and doctors have a fixed way of thinking. Doctors are only willing to do what they deem to be right, and are unwilling to do what they think may be wrong. Thus, patients receive treatments that appear in textbooks and standard operating procedures. As a result, creativity in healing is impaired. I believe that creativity is something everyone is endowed with. My teaching methods are built upon the principle of stimulating students’ creativity—they are given sufficient knowledge and information, and are then left to demonstrate their potential.

At the seaside in Virginia, I met with an accident victim. She had no feelings from the chest down. I asked her if her arms were normal, and whether her doctor allowed her to use a walking frame. She said that she had started to use a walking stick to support herself only the day before, even though her injury was already one year old. She added that her doctor was afraid that she might fall and tried his best to keep her from further mishaps. She was spared the falls, but she had not been on her feet for the past year, resulting in weaknesses in her leg muscles and bones. When we try to avoid making mistakes, we may also not have be doing the right thing.

We need a new system of therapy. The present relationship comprising know-all doctors and passive patients is no longer suitable. It will only make the situation worse by creating more cases of degenerative diseases. Being responsible for one’s own recovery is very important.

In your opinion, why are so many people feeling helpless and hopeless over the present therapies for degenerative diseases?

This is because present therapies are based on the principle of treating acute ailments. This principle may almost be considered to be a branch of engineering! Currently, about twenty-five percent of patients suffer from high blood pressure. Modern medical treatments can identify blockages in our hearts and kidneys, and then remove these blockages. However, many patients suffer from high blood pressure as a result of their lifestyles, such as too much sodiumin their diet, shallow breathing, and stress. Hypnosis, meditation, yoga, vegetarian diet and other self-healing techniques can help treat many coronary artery problems. Unfortunately, modern medical science considers these to be inferior solutions, and downplays them. Note that in cases of physical wounds arising from accidents, surgery is indispensable in the healing process. Therefore, modern medical science has its role to play. However, it is our lifestyles that lead to the gradually worsening of arthritis, hardening of the arteries, and impaired insulin secretion. These latent problems are normally not discussed, and frequently glossed over through the prescription of pills and sheer ignorance. As health educators, we help others to rebuild their confidence both in their self-healing abilities, and their conviction that they can start new, healthy lives all over again.

Synergy and The Dance of Energy

Leslie Kenton

Many years ago the brilliant Nobel laureate Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, who isolated vitamin C, was prone to asking a peculiar question at dinner parties: “What is the difference between a living rat and a dead one?” According to the laws of classical chemistry and Newtonian physics there should be no fundamental difference. Szent-Gyorgyi’s reply to his own question was simple yet revolutionary: “Some kind of electricity.” Living systems are first and foremost energy systems. And the ‘electricity’ of which Szent-Gyorgyi spoke is the mysterious life energy, which distinguishes us from inanimate things in the universe.
When it comes to an understanding of just how this life energy can enhance energy, improve health, bring greater clarity and focus to human beings, there is nobody who understands it so deeply as the American healer and teacher Dr. Mitchell May. There is also no nutritional formulation which so perfectly embodies an energetic approach to health and nutrition as the one he created, Pure SynergyÔ. To get a real handle on just how important an energetic approach to health is, you first have to dive into the whole world of energetic mysteries. And when it comes to 21st century healing, life energy is where it’s at. Let’s take a look at the magic of life energy in relation to human health, and then we will come back to May’s fascinating research and the Pure Synergy formulation.

The Order of Energy

Your body is not just a collection of physical and chemical events. Like all living systems it is a unified collection of energy fields. Take action to alter the quality of these fields and you can change the way your body functions – for ill or for good. You can change how you feel or even how you think. In a living organism it is energy, not chemistry or physical form, which is primary. Shift it and the organism will in turn alter itself chemically and physically. This is how acupuncture works and why practicing certain martial arts can affect health and personal power so profoundly. This is also what lies at the core of energy medicine.

A great deal of the most advanced diagnostic equipment used today in orthodox medicine – from ECGs (electrocardiograms) for looking at heart function and EEGs (electroencephalograms) for examining brain function to MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) and EMGs (electromyelograms) – already make use of the principles of energy medicine. Rather like Dr. McCoy’s approach to healing on Star Trek, the new energy medicine goes way beyond mere diagnostic techniques such as these. It promises to become the medicine of the 21st century.

Sometimes an energy approach to health and healing employs mind-shifting techniques such as meditation, and body movement like Tai Chi, to improve the way the body feels and functions. At other times it makes use of external energy carriers such as homeopathic remedies or space-age equipment which subject the body to external fields of some sort (magnetic, sonic, acoustic, electrical, light waves). Whatever its source, the aim of all forms of energy treatments, from the use of something as simple as the Bach Flower Remedies to the actions of advanced light beam generators, is to enhance life energy by restoring energetic order. Energetic order is the key to high-level well-being. It lifts vitality and intensifies mental clarity, enhances spiritual awareness, and triggers self-healing while at the same time improving
the specific function of the body’s various organs and systems. Reestablishing energetic order improves the function of all our organs and glands including the liver, adrenals, pituitary and hypothalamus (all of which are responsible for the vital health of the body and control our hormones), and improves the assimilation of nutrients and micro-nutrients from the foods we eat. To understand a little of how this energy dimension works, we need to move into the realm of high level physics – the interface between consciousness and material reality.

Negative Entropy

Two of the most important laws of physics are the laws of thermodynamics. Simply put, they are attempts to understand events in the universe by studying the kind of energy changes which accompany them. The First Law of Thermodynamics states that the quantity of energy in the world remains constant. Energy is neither created nor destroyed; it is simply transmuted from one form to another. The Second Law of Thermodynamics is central to an understanding of why energetic order lies at the core of physical and spiritual well-being, and how energy medicine can be used to enhance health. It is best formulated in terms of entropy, a measure of disorder. This Second Law is known as The Law of Entropy. It describes the way that, left to their own devices, all things in the world become disordered: iron rusts, buildings crumble, and dead flowers decay. In short, everything tends towards maximum entropy, a state of maximum disorder in which all useful energy has been decreased. What is remarkable about living organisms, including our own bodies, and something that continues to puzzles the world’s finest scientific minds, is that, despite the law of entropy, as long as we are alive, our bodies maintain themselves in a state which is fantastically improbable. In the words of Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, who spent most of his life trying to penetrate this mystery:

Life is a paradox . . . the most basic rule of inanimate nature is that it tends toward equilibrium which is at the maximum of entropy and the minimum of free energy. The main characteristic of life is that it tends to decrease its entropy. It also tends to increase its free energy. Maximum entropy means complete randomness, disorder. Life is made possible by order, structure, a pattern, which is the opposite of entropy. This pattern is our chief possession; it was developed over billions of years. The main aim of our existence is its conservation and transmission. Life is a revolt against the statistical rules of physics. Death means that the revolt subsided and statistical laws resumed their sway.

Of the Highest Order

In a way which no one has ever been able to explain, unlike things in the inorganic world, living organisms are superbly equipped to maintain energetic order. This in turn supports physical and biochemical well-being. It is something which makes virtually no sense within the paradigms of chemistry and Newtonian physics. By rights, there should be little difference in the chemical and physical processes taking place within a living body and those that occur in a corpse; in reality there is every difference in the world. Living systems create a high degree of negative entropy for themselves – despite the fact that events in the universe appear to be running wild to destroy it. Despite the innumerable destructive processes continually going on in and around us, we have the power to resist entropy and to maintain energetic order. Indeed, there is every indication that, so long as we live, we are continually involved in the process of creating even more order. We do this both individually in the repair functions of our cells and enzymatic systems, and also evolutionarily since living organisms continue to differentiate into ever more complex and highly structured organisms as time passes. The better the quality of order in our bodies, the healthier and more vital we remain, regardless of age.

Negative Entropy Means High Level Health

From an energetic point of view, aging is the process that transports our body from an internal state which is highly ordered to one of maximum entropy, i.e., death. There are two ways in which this can happen. Either the energetic order or the biochemical harmony which depends on it is steadily eroded so that the body and mind slowly but surely degenerate (as they do in most people these days). Alternatively,we can take informed action to support energetic order and maintain negative entropy to the highest degree.

By taking the second route, we are able to die young late in life. Such a goal can never be accomplished entirely by manipulating chemistry alone. One of the first scientists to recognize this was another Nobel laureate, the physicist Erwin Schrodinger. He took a close look at the scientific contradictions implicit in the living state and concluded that as long as the human body is alive, it resists entropy and avoids decay via the metabolism – by eating, drinking and assimilating various kinds of information from the environment. In 1944, Schrodinger wrote:

Every process, event, happening – call it what you will; in a word, everything that is going on in Nature means an increase of the entropy of the part of the world where it is going on. Thus a living organism continually increases its entropy – or as you may say, produces positive entropy – and thus tends to approach the dangerous state of maximum entropy, which is death. It can only keep aloof from it, i.e. alive, by continually drawing from its environment negative entropy . . . What an organism feeds upon is negative entropy . . . which is in itself a measure of order. Thus the device by which an organism maintains itself stationary at a fairly high level of orderliness really consists in continually sucking orderliness from its environment.

From an energetic point of view, our body is an open, living system. As such, it is constantly processing energetic and chemical information which comes not only through the kinds and combinations of foods we eat, the way we prepare and process them, but also from the air we breathe, the ideas on which we allow our minds to play, and the electromagnetic environment in which we live. As Schrodinger believed, and as long traditions of natural medicine in Europe and the Orient have taught, to ensure a high degree of vitality and to protect ourselves from degeneration, we need to “suck order” from our environment. To maintain the kind of energetic order that best fosters health and spiritual development, we need a constant supply of the living “information” from the outside world.

Biophotons and Quantum Magic

Long ago, quantum physicists established that wave particles such as electrons, atoms and molecules, behave in living systems as biophoton energies. These energies appear to help regulate and control enzyme activities, cell reproduction, and other activities in living systems. Experiments such as those reported in an article by Brumer and Shapiro (in Scientific American, March 1995) has established the existence of these particle/wave reactions in organisms. Like light bulbs, atoms give out radiant bio-energies which can either act constructively or destructively on the molecules in the body. Scientists are beginning to define how interference wave forms generated both by toxins manufactured internally and by environmental pollutants act destructively on the body interfering with the harmonious biophoton energies – another name for life energies – on which health, vitality, and protection from premature aging depend. Within the next decade, we are going to hear a lot more about these biophoton energies and their effects on our health. For now, we can still make practical use of the knowledge we already have to influence them for healing and regeneration.

Energy Consciousness

From the point of view of quantum physics, as human beings we are not only immersed in energy fields, our bodies, our minds, our selves, we are energy fields. These fields are constantly expanding, contracting and changing as our thoughts, diet, and lifestyle change. The aim of any form of natural treatment, be it dietary changes, detoxification, hydrotherapy, exercise or meditation, is first to enhance positive bio-energies in an organism and second, to help balance them and create order. Many researchers now work with bio-energies and the kind of transformations they can bring about.

Sheer Radiance

At the Parapsychology Research Laboratories at University of California Los Angeles, Dr. Thelma Moss experimented with Kirlian photography to examine, record and analyze the unique energetic patterns living things emanate. Kirlian photographs are extraordinarily beautiful and are just one of the ways non-visible force fields around and through living and non-living things can be recorded visually and studied. Researchers have found they get consistent results when working with the Kirlian method to photograph plants and foods in order to compare cooked foods with their raw counterparts, for instance, or the leaf of a healthy plant with the leaf of a damaged one. The luminescent energy corona recorded on film of a living thing such as a healthy plant, or one of the superfoods, such as organically grown herbs, wild-crafted algae, organic green juices, plant enzymes, is significantly stronger, more radiant, and more expansive than that of a processed food. The corona produced by well-harvested spirulina or an organic raw carrot or cauliflower is dramatically reduced when these foods are cooked or processed. Uncooked vegetables and fruits radiate brilliant spikes of light, harmoniously surrounded by geometric shapes whereas cooked and processed foods show only the dimmest evidence of corona discharge. Foods, plants, and herbs with a wide corona carry a lot of the life energy useful for rejuvenation.

Etheric Forces

Chromatography is another tool useful for studying energy. It is widely used in chemistry, biology, medicine and industry to analyze complex substances such as the amino acids in a protein or to detect impurities in a compound. The use of chromatography to measure energy differences between living things, and between natural and synthetic substances, was originally developed by European chemist Ehrenfreid Pfeiffer.

Early on in his career, Pfeiffer was asked by the German mystic Rudolph Steiner to find a chemical reagent that could be useful in charting the quality of life energy in living forces – what Steiner called the formative etheric forces in living matter. After experimenting with many different substances, Pfeiffer discovered that when he added extracts of living plants to a solution of copper chloride and let it evaporate slowly, it would produce a beautiful pattern of crystallization typical of the species of the plant used. Radiant form and shape consistently correlate with the life strength of the plant. Pfeiffer established that strong crystallization patterns indicated health and vitality, whereas weak ones indicated poor health.

Nowadays, scientists working with techniques like chromatography, Kirlian photography, photomicrography and polarized light field photography confirm that certain foods, herbs and plant products carry high levels of harmonious bio-energy (see photos). These tools can be used to enhance our perceptions of the beauty of a living organism’s energy patterns. So can techniques of breathing, meditation and deep relaxation as well as the laying on of hands or spiritual healing, hydrotherapy, body work and autogenics. All of these things can be helpful to the rejuvenation process.

Healing the Impossible

Some of the most interesting research in the area of life force are the energy treatments for healing and regeneration of the American healer Dr. Mitchell May. At the age of 22, May was in a car accident that rendered him profoundly damaged. He lost several inches of bone from his legs, and the tissue and nerve damage was extensive. He lay in extreme and unrelievable pain. His physicians told him he would never walk again and they insisted that it was necessary to have his right leg amputated (which he refused to do). They also informed him that his immune system would be permanently compromised and that his health would be severely restricted for the rest of his life. May was fortunate enough to have been hospitalized at one of the most important medical research centers in the world, the University of California Medical Center at Los Angeles. There he became part of a special study involving ongoing experiments into life force healing and extra-sensory perceptions using skilled spiritual healers working under strict scientific controls. He met and worked with a very gifted healer named Jack Gray. Gray had the ability to activate powerful and natural healing life force energies within a person. After only a week of Gray’s treatment, May discovered he was able to turn off and on his experience of excruciating pain using what Gray taught him.

Energy Healing

May became fascinated with the whole area of life force healing and became an apprentice to Gray. He developed an interest in states of consciousness, subtle energies, and in discovering ways to enhance life force through the use of spiritual healing, and plant foods and biological compounds which have a particularly high quality of energetic radiation. May’s own story is one of the most well-documented studies of impossible recovery in medical annals. Not only did his body heal, he was able to learn to walk again and now, almost 25 years later, he has full use of his body. In the process he has also become one of the most respected and acclaimed healers in the world.

During the period of his recovery, May worked intimately with Gray and with Dr. Thelma Moss in her Parapsychology Research Laboratory at UCLA, photographing energy patterns around foods and other nutritional substances. He also carried out wide searches in scientific literature and conferred with physicists, health professionals, doctors and practitioners of natural medicine, both those trained in Western science and in Oriental health traditions. He set out to discover, test, and record information about specific foods and plant compounds that could enhance human health – not only chemically by supplying an abundance of vitamins, minerals, phyto-antioxidants and immune enhancers, but also by providing an abundance of life force. May wanted to find ways to help people achieve their fullest energy, vitality, wholeness, and maximum health and well-being.

Entranced by Beauty

Before long, May became totally fascinated by the beauty of energy patterns certain foods and plants emitted. He also became convinced – as had many researchers before him and since – that the fundamental processes of healing and rejuvenation depend on intensifying the life force within an individual and then helping to bring about a harmonization and balance of its movements within the individual’s living system. He saw that there was great potential to help people by working with their energies. He also discovered (as have practitioners of natural medicine) that it is not just food and plants that can enhance the life force. He experimented with many forms of meditation and breathing, shifts in attitudes of mind, various healing modalities, and energy-shifting exercise which enable us to awaken the life force within.

Most of all, he loved working with plants. Slowly and painstakingly, he identified plants, algae, mushrooms, sprouted seeds and grains that carry an abundance of this life energy. He also found they could be used to intensify a person’s life energy and help to create coherent and harmonious patterns of energy within. As early researchers into the healing effects of living foods, such as Dr. Max Bircher-Benner and Dr. Max Gerson, had insisted, plants are holders and emitters of quantum sunlight – life force which we can use to our advantage. When we consume these plants either fresh and live or after proper harvesting and drying, the life force of these plants is actually transferred to us.

Perfect Balance

May’s highly practical experiments were carried out over 20 years ago. Having identified foods and plants with a particular abundance of life force, May furthered his research by looking for a synergistic balance that would heighten their powers for healing so that the energies of each balanced and enhanced the energies of the others. Out of his work came what I believe to be the most remarkable and potent nutritional supplement that I have ever come across. It contains 62 of nature’s most potent and nourishing components including organically grown freeze-dried herbs, organically grown immune-supporting mushrooms, plant enzymes, freeze-dried royal jelly, wild-crafted algae, organic green juices and many other natural ingredients. It is called Pure Synergy® because its ingredients are combined in such a way that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Because Pure Synergy® is so well-balanced, it can be safely taken each day. In order to ensure that Pure Synergy® is at its most lively energetic state, May flash-cold dries ingredients so that they are not robbed of nutrients during heat processes, and then packages them in hermetically-sealed glass bottles so that oxidation and degradation are prevented. To my mind, it is the finest superfood made (see resources).

Energetic Rejuvenation
Dr. May, and others like him, such as Dr. David Peat and Dr. Robert O Becker (nominated twice for the Nobel Prize), have delved deeply into the field of subtle energies. Their work is helping to build bridges between orthodox, chemically based, allopathic medicine (which, until recently, paid little attention to the energetic aspects of healing) and the ancient traditions of medicine which have always viewed healing as an energy art. Breathing, movement, thoughts and dreams, as well as the foods that we eat, all contribute to active energy “information” or life “intelligence” which is capable of bringing about a continuous circulation of harmonious energy to transform and heal the body. Energy medicine will undoubtedly become the medicine of the 21st century. Products such as Pure Synergy® may prove to be essential tools for all of us who want to live richer, more vital and aware lives.


For more information about Mitchell May’s products, pls visit www.thesynergycompany.com.