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Dr. Lai’s Mailbox


Chiu-Nan Lai, Ph.D.

Q1: My friend was recently diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Her right hand is so weak that she cannot write or use chopsticks. Her ring finger is deformed and cannot straighten. The nerves atrophy and she cannot raise her hands. She gets shortness of breath from talking and walking. She chokes when drinking water and has difficulty swallowing. So, she has to chew small amount when eating.

Both of her legs are weak. Her right foot is like “dropped foot” and she walks very slowly. She often stumbles due to poor balance and is unable to stand for a long time. She also has difficulty climbing stairs.

She is unable to secrete saliva when sleeping. Thus, her throat is dry causing dry cough that wakes her up many times at night. She is unable to sleep soundly and dreams a lot. When lying on her back, she has problem sleeping and has shortness of breath. When lying on her side, she has pain in her chest. She also suffers from GERD (gastrooesophageal reflux disease) and cannot eat much due to the reflux. She has lost 10kg within two months and also suffers from constipation.

She has cracked skin on the corner of her mouth, pimples on the back, and pain in the buttock if she sits for too long. She is uncomfortable whether sitting or standing. When lying on the bed, the body gradually turns cold and that frightens her. Her mind is clear but the four limbs are weak. She cannot accept paralysis in bed and feels helpless and fearful. How could a person become like this?

A: The conditions you describe may be related to electrical injury. Please refer to the article “Electricity: Source of Trouble!” in the January 2014 issue of the Lapis News. Firstly, look at the residence and living environment of this friend. It would be even better to use Detector Test Meter to read the electromagnetic wave and microwavel evels.

The fastest way to recover is to send her to a good environment with no high-rise buildings where there is no mobile phone reception and see if her conditions improve. For example, sit in the forest or lie down at the beach.

For those who reside in high-rise buildings, all neighbours use cell phones and wireless Internet. Living in such high radiation environment, even a healthy person can get sick.

At home, definitely do not use any wireless facilities, including wireless phones, wireless internet connection, microwave oven and so on.

Use the chakra visualisation method to open the 7 chakras. Visualise sitting on the sun (this opens the base chakra) and the sun on the top of the head (this opens the crown chakra) then swing the coccyx back and forth to open base chakra.

As soon as possible, install all the anti-radiation protection that have been introduced all these years. For example, place the Flower of Life or a prayer in the home or on top of photos. The energy will be greatly enhanced. It wil also clear other non-human interference.

Due to excessive wireless facilities in today’s environment, our living environment is turning counter-clockwise. Negative energy would allow negative information to stay and interfere with our lives. Once the energy of the environment turns positive, the energy of people would change to positive, then negative phenomenon will disappear. In sicknesses, if you work on symptoms, it will be very hard to recuperate.

If the mattress has springs, change it to a mattress made with natural material sand without srpings. This will improve sleep and she might not have gastroesophageal reflux.

This came from my own experience. Switch off the power supply in the bedroom at night or for all 24 hours.

Do not be discouraged. Human has self-healing power. When there are ways, the body will recover very quickly.


Q2: Hello Dr Lai, my family does not want me to be a vegetarian. We always argue whenever I refuse to eat fish. They say that eating more fish during pregnancy increases DHA intake. This really bothers me. I do not have the information that without fish, I can still obtain DHA. Please Dr Lai, help me with the answer. Thank you!

A: It is commendable that you think independently and have the courage to stick to your principles. Many people have generally lost their ability to judge. They agree with what everyone else is saying. Nowadays, a lot of information on the websites seems credible. If we do not have discernment, we could be easily misinformed.

For example, the belief in necessity of eating fish to obtain DHA (Docohexaenoic acid) is now very popular. As a result, fish is almost extinct in many regions. This is a very critical situation.

But people still think only of themselves and act according to incomplete information, harming fish and themselves. Putting aside this unnecessary supplement, fish with higher level of DHA contains relatively higher mercury content. In the process of big fish eating small fish, the DHA level becomes higher and so is the contamination.

Even those proposing fish intake also warn that fish consumption must not exceed 340 grams per week. Avoid eating fish that has particularly high mercury content.

If we have the discernment, we will ask the following questions:

Ninety percent of the animals on the planet rely on plants for food, and they do not get to see or eat fish in their lifetime. Are we saying that Mother Nature made a mistake, allowing nutritional deficiencies in so many lives?

Where does the DHA of fish come from? It comes directly or indirectly from green algae. Green algae contains DHA. Seaweed such as Nori contains DHA. A baby food company added DHA from green algae to infant milk and found that in the first three years, the child’s intellectual growth was particularly good.

Many seeds such as linseeds, chia seeds, walnuts, beans, grains and green leafy vegetables are rich in Alpha-Linolenic Acid (ALA) which forms into DHA in the body.

Humans and animals that never eat fish obtain DHA ingredients from plants.

The modern diet is very unnatural, therefore people encounter problems in the intake of fatty acids. Thes most commonly eaten processed unsaturated oils, such as soybean oil, corn oil, mustard oil, cotton seed oil, sunflower oil and safflower oil, etc, belongs to the Omega-6 family. Over consumption of these oils prevent ALA from being converted into DHA. Linseed seed oil belongs to the Omega-3 family.

There is a natural proportion of Omega-9, Omega-6, and Omega-3 in food, but once the food is processed, the balance is lost. Unsaturated fats gets oxidised very easily. Generally, edible oil is already oxidised during processing. Consumption of this oil will harm the body and may even cause hardening of the arteries.

A reporter deliberately increased his consumption of processed oil for thirty days, and found his arteries hardening.

In giving counselling to heart disease patients, they should be advised not to consume processed oil.

Oil can be obtained from complete seeds and leafy greens. It would be best to consume sunflower seeds directly. Due to aging, our body may not be able to convert ALA into DHA. Some have turned to eating green algae and seaweed products such as nori. Bliss De Light contains blue-green algae and spirulina that contain DHA.


Q3:I live in Beijing. Two months ago, my father was diagnosed with upper cervical medullary tumours. He has numbness in his fingers and often feels tired. A friend introduced Lapis Lazuli Light to us. Please, what can we do?

A: If this is the first time you hear about holistic health, you need to read up on a lot of information: the books “Hui Gui Shen De Xi Ye”, “Hui Gui Xin De Xi Ye” and “Shēn Xīn Líng Zhěng Tǐ Jian Kang Q&A” (See Note 1) all have simplified Chinese versions. It is easy to find these books in China. The questions you wanted to ask have been asked before, especially inthe Q&A.

The principle behind restoring health is to stop harm. Poison in the body needs to be discharged and then look at strengthening the body’s restorative abilities.

In our current living environment, nature has already been bankrupted. Environmental factors necessary to maintain good health, for instance, clean air, water and food and natural living space (no electromagnetic waves, microwave interference) are almost non-existent. We can only try our best to take protective measures against pollution.

Improving our living environment, our inner environment and our food and drink intake can benefit the body. The body has self-healing instincts; we only need to provide the necessary conditions.

I would suggest the family making lifestyle changes together to make it easier for the father to change. At home, start by eating food grown by natural farming. Do not eat processed foods from unknown sources. Do not eat pork, chicken, or fish fed with unknown antibiotics and so on.

In the beginning, it is more difficult to look for ingredients but you have friends who have been practicing healthy lifestyle for a while, so ask them. Pay particular attention to the sources of oil. It is best to avoid processed oil. You can find detailed instructions in my article “A Difficult Topic: Comsuming Oil” (Lapis News July 2014 Issue).

Creating a low-radiation sleep environment is very important. Do not bring any wireless gadgets into the house. Do not use wireless internet. Do not use mobile phones around your father; all mobile phones around him must be switched off. A mobile phone that is merely switched on has a radiation of 1 microwatt, which exceeds the recommended safety level of 0.001 by a thousand times.

Air pollution also hurts the liver, so please do the liver and gallstone flush using apple juice. Cancer is not just skin-deep, it is visible. It is the unseen injured parts of the body that need repair.

It has been two decades since the founding of Lapis Lazuli Light. I have been relentless In my efforts to educate people about health for three to four decades. The cancer you mentioned has rarely been heard of in the past. This is the consequence of a bankrupted environment.

If you are able to get Lapis Lazuli Light’s products, they can help the body recover. Dr May’s Lightning Enzyme, Bliss De Light and Renewal of the Ancient (Bone Renewal) has the effect of detoxification and supplementing radiance (light).

Water and Food Magnetizing Energy Enhancer allows water to restore its energy structure, including the water in the body. The Enhancer can also be attached to the neck initially for half a day. Check for reaction before increasing the time. The impact of water on the body is critical. In an environment where microwave is high, the structure of the water is destroyed, thus losing its function. Water and Food Magnetizing Energy Enhancer can restore water to its natural condition and function.

The cost of health is escalating. Other than putting in more effort, there is no other alternative. Health is number one in our lives. Without this number ‘one’, anything else is zero.

Bless you and your family!


Note: Harmonise qi, open the chakras (See here.) and drink water from a lapis-colour glass bottle that has been exposed to the sun for at least an hour. Note I: The books Hui Gui Shen De Xi Ye (Return to the Bliss of the Body), Hui Gui Xin De Xi Ye (Return to the Bliss of the Mind) and Shēn Xīn Líng Zhěng Tǐ Jian Kang Q&A (Questions and Answers on Total Health of the Body Mind and Spirit) are only available in Chinese. 

The original Chinese article is published in the Nov 2013 issue of Lapis magazine