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Clearing Away X-Ray Radiation and The Effect of Anesthetic

Dr. Lai Chiu-Nan, founder of Lapis Lazuli Light, came to Singapore last October and conducted two workshops. During the question-and-answer session, the audience was enthusiastic in asking questions. However, due to the limited time, Dr. Lai was not able to answer all questions. Since the questions raised are also of concern to many readers, we made a special arrangement so that Dr. Lai could answer these questions in writing. The questions-and-answers published in his periodical are the questions raised by the audience at the workshops after observing the live demonstration on clearing X-ray radiation and anesthetic residual. These answers were provided by Dr. Lai through facsimile.

Q: I have been working as a radiographer for 15 years. My body must have accumulated a lot of X-ray radiation. What should radiographers specially take for detoxification?

A: Consume more fresh organic green vegetables and take supplements such as spirulina, wheat grass and barley green.

Q: If the X-ray radiation was over ten years ago, must the person who helps clear energy do it from far distance above the body?

A: Yes, do it from a close distance to a far distance.

Q: Does one need to open one’s internal energy before helping others to clear the X-ray radiation. Also, does the one being cleansed need to open up his/her internal energy?

A: No, that is not necessary. But in clearing anesthetic residual, both parties need to first boost their energy.

Q: Which type of salt should be used? Is it sea salt?

A: Yes, it is.

Q: How much sea salt must be placed in the brown paper bag in order to remove the X-ray radiation?

A: About ½ kg.

Q: Can the salt you just used for demonstration be consumed or reused?

A: The salt should not be consumed, but after a day, you may use it to cleanse the energy field.

Q: When you clear the anesthetic residual, how does your hand feel? How long must one soak his/her hand in the salt water?

A: It feels numb. Soak for a while will do.

Q: In clearing anesthetic residual, if the hand is placed on the navel charka, will the negative energy enter the body?

A: Use only right hand and quickly soak it in salt water, otherwise negative energy will enter the body.

Q: How much salt should be used to prepare the salt water?

A: Add salt until the salt water is saturated*. Allow some salt crystals to remain in the water.

*Stir & dissolve salt into water until some left undissolved.

Q: Dr. Lai, does soaking the body in salt water or sea water help clear X-ray radiation and anesthetic residual?

A: Yes, it does help.

Q: Where do we dispose the salt water after it has been used for hand soaking?

A: Pour it into a sink or a toilet.