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Dr. May Talks About Nourishments for the Eyes

An Interview Conducted by Dr. Chiu-Nan Lai

Three to four years ago, I learnt from Lapis Lazuli Light that many people were having eye problems, especially those who work under fluorescent lights or stare at the computer screen for hours; their eyes may feel tired and painful and the vision blurred. Older people may face even more problems. This is why I was committed to research and develop products which can nourish the eyes. During that stage, I researched and developed a new non-toxic distillation technique. This technique uses only steam, food-grade alcohol and carbon dioxide for extraction and does not generate any toxic residues.

Why do we need to study new distillation method? This is because the common method of refining most products in the market today uses chemicals such as ethane and acetone, which are chemicals used for dry cleaning.

Eyes are very sensitive organs, so toxic agents must not be used in the production process of this health product. The eyes and brain are connected. Light, waves and magnetic waves are closely related to the health of the eyes. Eyes function like the canary in the mine. Once there are toxic gases in the air, the canary will react first. That way the miners have time to escape. The eyes have direct interface with the outside environment. The eyes react not only to external environment, but also to what is happening inside the body.

As human age, their eyes need special care. My parents are over 90 years old and live independently. Every day, my mother plays tennis, rides a bike, and does yoga handstand for twenty minutes. She has been practicing yoga for 60 years. My father is 94 years old. He operates a few computers daily, and has even founded a new career. They do not look like people in their 90’s. For years, they both have been taking the Synergy products.

A year ago, my father had problems with his vision due to macular degeneration in the eyes. We let him try the first batch of Eye Protector. Two weeks later, a checkup showed that his eyes’ condition did not worsen. In the medical world, there were no such cases of stopping this deterioration. One year later, his eyes fully recovered. This elderly couple does not need spectacles.

Eyes start to age when we are 20 to 30 years old. Zeaxanthin in the body are unable to convert to meso-zeaxanthin: this ability degrades as we get older. Thus we need to supplement this and other nutrition that our eyes need daily. This year (2014), something went wrong with the eyes of a supervisor in our company. Due to some genetic problems, he could not wear contact lenses to correct the problems. So his eyeballs became stiff and were wounded. After supplementing with our new product, the stiffness and wounds in the eyeballs disappeared. He can now wear speciallymade contact lenses.

My own eyes were injured once. The scars remained after my eyes recovered. Over the years, the part where the scars were, my vision was blurry, shadowy and had floaters. Two to three months after I started taking Eye Protector, these phenomena disappeared and the doctor could no longer find the scars.

A year ago, we let our employees try this new product. The employees found that their eyes are no longer tired and they can work longer. When the eyes relax, the neck is also relaxed. The eyes and skin are closely related; thus this product also nourishes the skin.

To repair and nourish the eyes, we need to detoxify as well as nourish and renew. This formula has enzymes that remove metabolic wastes daily.

Air pollution causes oxidative stress in the eyes. Under this pressure, the eyes produce some chemical ingredients which must be cleansed. It is like taking a shower every day. When our health deteriorates, this renewal and repair ability diminishes. Also excessive use of the eyes consumes the nutrition needed by the eyes.

Take one Eye Protector in the morning and one at night. The one in the morning is to help the eyes cope with work requirements and environmental pollution such as ultraviolet light and ozone in the air. The one consumed at dusk or at night is to repair the eyes during sleep.

Generally, vision is what people are most afraid of losing. Currently, there are 285 million people in the world with eye problems, sixty to seventy percent of which could be prevented and treated with proper nutrition. The nutrition we get from this supplement is equivalent to eating ten to twelve big bowls of salad and lots of fruit. Some of the ingredients used in our products are very special and are not available in food. For example, gardenia fruit (flowers are white and very fragrant), and saffron contain the special ingredient crocetin, which is very important in eye care. Out of 750 kilograms of gardenia fruit only 1 kilogram of crocetin can be extracted. The same applies to saffron. These ingredients contain colour pi gments: like pink in lycopene, red in anthocyanin, purple in proanthocyanins cyanine, yellow in zeaxanthin, and so on, these are plant antioxidants. When consumed, they can protect the eyes, the skin and vital organs. They can also prevent diseases.

Other ingredients that do not contain colours are also very important, for example, enzymes. Nutrients have to be broken down into very small components in order to reach the eyes and the eyes are nourished several hundred times every hour. We need oxygen, water, food and these nutrients from plants. These phytonutrients also prevent the mutation of cells. Cancer is the result of cell mutation.

Eye Protector also allows the body to recognise cell mutations and immediately stop the mutations.

Eyes are the most sensitive organs, and also have the greatest needs. Therefore, eyes must be specially nourished.

Generally, take 2 capsules of the Eye Protector every day, one in the morning and one in the night. For those who are older or have problems with their eyes, they can start by taking 4 capsules per day for a few months. Then they can revert to 2 capsules per day.

Eye Protector is not a substitute for glasses, but it is very important for the long-term maintenance of the eyes. It can prevent macular degeneration, glaucoma, cataracts and diabetes retinopathy. If the problem is not too severe, it is a great help for recovery. It is also very helpful for recovery after surgery.

Supplementing with these nutrients is like wearing an internal pair of sunglasses. It blocks off light and waves, such as those emitting from computers, televisions, and microscopes that are bad on the eyes. This internal pair of sunglasses protect the eyes, preventing inflammation which is the main reason for general diseases.

To ensure this health care product achieve its ultimate effect, the production cost is high. It takes many years for the company to recover its costs. I have also put in a lot of money.

There are products currently in the market. It is not that they are bad, it is just that most of the ingredients are extracted using chemicals, or the active ingredient is not strong enough. In our product, we use 10 milligrams of lutein. Other brands may have a label of 20 milligrams of lutein, but the ingredients we use can be fully utilised by the body. In most of other products, these ingredients are difficult be utilised by the body due to their different structures. Oxygen and water must have the right structure in order to be utilised. So the formula must take into account all of the ingredients that can be completely absorbed by the body, whether it is a child or a 90-year-old man.

The reason Eye Protector is available in the market within just a few years was mainly due to the request of Lapis Lazuli Light. Otherwise it would have taken a much longer time.

Taking this health product can result in the following improvements in our daily lives:

Visual Clarity: the ability to see details, including movements, contrast, colours and so on.
Darkness Adaptation: the eyes’ ability to adapt from light to dark places, and from sunlight to under the shade.
Retinal Transfer Speed: Accelerate the conveyance of information of the retina, quick responses and improved balance, and preventing falls.
Depth Perception: to be able to see 3 dimensions and moving objects accurately.
Adaptation After Photobleach: When exposed to strong sunlight or screen, the retinas temporarily photobleach in response. Dark adaptation speed refers to the speed in which vision is restored after photobleaching.
Reduced Refraction: Reflection, when shielded by the sun, causes the objects to reflect like a haze. Reflection reduces the eyes’ ability to adapt to the haze.
Energy of the Eyes: Long working hours and staring at the computer screen makes the eyes very tired. Eye Protector can reduce the tiredness and renew the eyes.
At The Synergy Company, I combine ancient wisdom with the latest scientific research. The production is based on an extended period of research and experiment. The product has to be safe, balanced and effective. Health care products should not be selected based on superstition, but by empirical research and trials.

An Interview conducted on 22 December 2014

Editor’s note:
Dr. Lai was very moved after the interview with Dr. May. She said that Dr. May has made a great commitment in his research effort. He has even personally invested a significant amount of his personal saving into this project. Using the most valuable ingredients, the product not only nourishes the eyes, but also prevents diseases. Apart from covering production costs, the company gets only a small profit margin. Dr May’s initial investment cost will take very many years to recover. I was very moved when I heard that. We are really lucky to be able to meet Dr. May and Dr. Lai.

The original Chinese article is published in the Feb 2015 issue of Lapis Lazuli Light magazine and is accessible online at: http://www.lapislazuli.org/tw/index.php?p=20150202.html