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Emotional Healing

Qiu Li Hui

A friend from Lapis Lazuli Light recently gave me a book “Emotional Balance: The Path to Inner Peace and Harmony” by Dr Roy Martina. I found it very beneficial and would like to share some of the book’s information with all of you.

Emotion is the strongest path to healing power, in the body-mind connection. Emotions are not only intrinsically connected to the central nervous and endocrine systems they are also deeply linked to our thought patterns and physical health. Emotions also represent the flow of energy along specific meridians in the body, focusing on seven energy or chakra centers. Exploring emotions as kinetic energy can cure physiological diseases and relieve stress.

The author analyses three levels of happiness. The first level is competitive happiness. When we win or are ahead of others, we feel happy. However, this competitive type of happiness is always temporary.

The following is an ancient story from India, depicting the limitations of this form of happiness:

One day, God sent an angel to a businessman and said: “From now on, any of your desires can be achieved but it is subject to a condition”. The businessman asked: “What condition?” The reply was: “No matter what you get, your opponent will get double.” Initially, the businessman was depressed and then he began to plan what he can do. After contemplating for a few minutes, he told the angel: “I know what I want. Please blind me in one eye!”

The second level is conditional happiness. We often link pleasure with specific external conditions. For example, when we were young, good-looking and our friends identified with us, we were very happy, but once the symptoms of old age set in, we felt depressed and defeated.

Conditional happiness never lasts because conditions always change. When that happens, we become unhappy.

The third level is unconditional happiness. Unconditional happiness is perfect bliss. We don’t need outside energy or stimulus to feel happy or at peace. We live unconditionally, gladly accepting both discomfort and pleasure and are not attached to the outcomes. We are grateful for all the blessings and experiences that we have along the way.

But ordinary people like us are influenced by past experiences. We are drawn by the stored habitual reactions, the so-called “bad habits”.

The author says: “Bad habits” are stored in the form of electromagnetic resonance in the body; they may be latent (inactive) but when stimulated by the same electromagnetic signals, they will be activated. All our experiences are stored in the unconscious or subconscious mind.

One of the reasons why we return to earth was to reexperience karma. For this reason, many of the conflicts happening in this life are the result of unfinished lessons in the past lives. Our life goal is to set aside old patterns that cause us to deviate from the ultimate goal to reach the realm of unconditional love and live in the present without prejudice and judgment.

Every moment of our experience gives us the opportunity to really live in the moment. It allows us to make our choices based on the highest values and not from past scars. This is the only reason why we want to experience inner trauma and turmoil. But once we let go of the old patterns, we will no longer be attracted to the same situation and our energy will no longer be consumed.

When we are still in the spirit world, the cellular memory is stored us. At that time, we decide on the purpose for coming to this material dimension, the earth. Also we decide what we need to learn in order to achieve the energy of pure love.

The purpose is to release the unnecessary pains and suffering created due to lack of understanding of our true selves and to discover our true potential. Our souls and hearts need to be nourished through love and compassion. This is the method for healing the soul and experiencing the ultimate existence.

If our inner beings are often consumed by fear, anger, jealousy, sadness and other emotions, it will hinder us from experiencing our feelings of love, happiness and peace.

The author says: “The inner part that you are not aware of can be observed outside the body. The outside world is a reflection of your inner world, like a mirror; everything in the outside world is caused by the generation of your inner thoughts. As a result, you become more alert and whatever you are alerted to, you can control. But whatever is concealed will control you.”

How can we harmonise energy and emotion?

The author says that there are two basic principles, integration and release. Integration means to accept feelings or sensations without emotions involved. In other words, we accept and recognize our own particular feelings and clearly (and deliberately) receive messages from the subconscious mind.

Then we can no longer be infected by others› emotional virus (or have resonance with the internal negative energy) such as anxiety, paranoia, fear, worry, low selfevaluation, sadness, frustration and doubt.

Release means a clear understanding of this message and let it go. Through letting go we are able to take responsibility.

In the book, the author mentions seven steps of emotional healing.

After you relax and go into inner reality, replace the negative emotions with positive emotions. Let these positive emotions go into every cell in the body. Visualise positive emotions flowing throughout the body, like a bright light illuminating every single cell.

    1. Firstly, please say: “I accept and deeply love myself.”
      Deeply inhale and exhale → Focus on the base chakra: tenacity 
    2. “I ask God* to please help me find the origin of this feeling (or way of thinking), however long ago it may have been and help me heal completely.”
      Deeply inhale and exhale → focus on the reproductive chakra: enjoy.
    3. “I allow myself to dwell in every part and aspect within me so as to help me heal the initial incident, however long ago it may have happened. I fully accept and love the intention of that incident.”
      Deeply inhale and exhale → focus on the solar plexus chakra: acceptance and letting go.
    4. “Through God’s* love, I forgive myself for excluding myself and others because of incorrect beliefs, thoughts, emotions and cognition. I forgive the people, matter and things associated with these past experiences and release all the sentiments behind all the reasoning or beliefs and thoroughly be healed of all that was related to past events.”
      Deeply inhale and exhale → focus on the heart chakra: peace and forgiveness.
    5. “Now, I use the unconditional love and blessings of God* to let go and release myself from feelings or views that are associated with the past. I choose_______ (positive emotion or belief) as a substitute. Every cell in my body accepts (insert the positive emotion) this feeling.
      Deeply inhale and exhale → focus on the throat chakra: true self-expression.
    6. “I now allow myself in a relaxed and peaceful manner to let go of the physiological, emotional, mental and spiritual discomfort or any of its associated attitude, behaviour or feelings. Continue to do so.”
      Deeply inhale and exhale → focus on the third-eye chakra: self-understanding.
    7. “I thank God* for all the help. I express my love and gratitude to Him. I accept and am worthy of God’s blessings and love.”
      Deeply inhale and exhale → focus on the crown chakra: universal love.

The author also introduces some other methods of releasing negative emotions, such as massaging specific acupoints. A lot of these acupoints are similar to those that Dr Lai taught. Dr Lai taught tapping acupoints, coupled with recognition and transformation of feelings and saying affirmations of self-acceptance and love. These not only release previously blocked energy but also generate reacceptance and love for oneself. I personally feel that it is very effective. For specific practices, please refer to the article “向恐懼、憎恨、悲傷的情感說再見” in the May 2005 Issue of Taiwan Lapis Magazine (in Chinese).

The author also mentions in the book about imprinting positive messages into the subconscious mind. Dr Lai had taught not only positive affirmations but also some actions that I find very useful. That is why, in January 2008, I shared this in the Taiwan workshop “You Can Change The Future”.

For those who are interested, please contact Lapis Lazuli Light.

*Editor’s note : “God” is used to replace “angels” or “spiritual guides” or “Creator” used in the original text.

The original Chinese article is published in the Feb 2012 issue of Lapis magazine and is accessible online at: http://www.lapislazuli.org/tw/index.php?p=20120207.html