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Holistic Cancer Care

Chiu-Nan Lai, Ph.D.

Cancer is a common ailment plaguing people living towards the end of the 20th century. Every industrialized country is experiencing an increase in the incidence of cancer. This is particularly true of newly industrialized countries.

There are many causes of cancer, and cancer strikes when the body’s immune system is ineffective. Some of the causes include destruction of nature and soil, rapid destruction of forests (a source of oxygen), pollution of water, air and food due to chemical and radioactive release from industrial plants, disharmony in social and family relations, work stress, and irregular working and resting hours. To thoroughly cure cancer and reduce its incidence, it is necessary that mankind adopts a culture of environmental protection. A particular individual can only do so much, and it is sometimes necessary to completely avoid the contaminated environment to recover from cancer.

People with preliminary stages of cancer generally are not aware of its symptoms. There is little pain or ache, just some small problems such as hard lumps on the body, excretion of blood, constipation, fatigue, or weight reduction. However, once people have been diagnosed with cancer, they panic and despair. Their family and friends may also become anxious, and the cancer patients then undergo operations and chemotherapy. Under such circumstances, the cancer patients’ body and mind undergo dramatic shock and pain in short period of time. As a result, many people are terrified of cancer.

In recent years, many people have been exposed to the principles of holistic health care. Once they are diagnosed with cancer, they will seek a holistic cure, altering their diet and lifestyle, look into their emotion and perform animal liberation. Many people have regained their health and avoided a painful nightmare using this approach. On the other hand, some people do not have the confidence, and abandon this approach after facing pressure from friends and relatives, or when experiencing detoxification.

During one of my public lectures, a patient suffering from cancer of the lymph asked me for advice on its treatment. A year ago, she had adopted a natural vegetarian diet and her condition improved. However, her family members were worried about her loss in weight and inadequate nutrition. To please them, she took a lot of fatty meat and pork trotters. Her weight increased, but the lymphatic cancer also re-emerged on the other side of her neck. She asked me what she was to do now? People who initially change their diet will experience symptoms of detoxification – running nose, lots of phlegm discharge, fatigue, weight loss, lack of strength, giddiness, headaches, and loose bowels. If one’s diet is balanced (fruits, grains, seeds, eaten raw and cooked), these are detoxification symptom. During this time, one should frequently rest in order to let one’s energy focus on recovering and detoxification. The feeling of lack of strength may persist for three months, depending on the amount of toxins in the body. Visit places with fresh air, go for walks in forests and take deep breaths. Cancer is a disease arising from the lack of oxygen; hence, deep breathing is important. Engage in qigong, such as Waidangong and GuoLin qigong. Take walks among nature, and one’s mood will naturally improve. If one is stuck at home, there is a tendency to think too much.

There was a cancer patient from Los Angeles at a recent workshop in Santa Barbara. Her son had brought her here in a wheelchair. She had been lying in bed for three months and had no appetite. However, after experiencing a day of fresh air amidst natural surroundings, her appetite improved and she was able to interact merrily with other students at the workshop, and console other patients. During a break, I saw her climb up a large rock to sunbathe; she had no need for the wheelchair anymore. In such a conducive environment, she was able to recover her immune system within a week. When she returned to Los Angeles, her health continued to improve. Whenever I go to Los Angeles for talks, I see her happily waving to me.

The pollution in Los Angeles is well known. In actual fact, every city has serious air pollution; sometimes, there are other types of more horrifying pollution.

People living in heavily polluted cities should move. If they cannot, they should exercise and observe their diet and mood.

It is important to supplement our diet with friendly bacteria. The Bifidobacterium bifidum bacteria are beneficial to the large intestines and help to regulate our bowel movements and discharge toxins in our liver. The Bulgaricum bacteria aid the oesophagus and eliminate cancer cells. The Lactobacillus acidophilus bacteria benefit the small intestines, and help the body absorb nutrients, build blood, and halt the growth of harmful bacteria.

Sleep is particularly important in the recovery of cancer patients. Noise, pollution, unhappiness, lack of oxygen will interfere with sleep. Those with liver problems tend to wake up at 3 a.m. Avoid over-eating or greasy food at dinner time or having late dinners. It is best to go to bed on an empty stomach. An hour before sleep, engage in activities that are relaxed or happy, light exercise, slow walks, qigong, or meditation.

In the prevention and cure of cancer, it is particularly important to observe spiritual purification. Use various methods to cleanse our moods – use sea salt, do eye-rotation exercises, and visualize blue light. Employ spiritual methods (e.g., repentance, upholding the five or eight precepts) to generate loving kindness and strengthen our ability to self-reflect. These activities will raise our ability to recover our health. Reflect on our life, do something to benefit others every day, and let happiness to be our lives’ objectives. When we do things that make us unhappy, or that harm the lives of others (e.g., manufacturing weapons or poisons, slaughtering animals, operating a non-vegetarian restaurant, or cheating others), our lives will be adversely affected. If you harm others or engage in meaningless activities to maintain our lives, this is the time to make a choice. Whether we choose life and death lies in our momentary thoughts.

When we discover the mission of our lives, we will experience bountiful joy that cannot be bought by money. We should not ignore the power of visualization, which can help us recover our health. Visualization of golden light can help raise our immune system. Select and practice one or two methods among the many methods designed to heal our minds. Ask ourselves how we can make our lives more meaningful, and how we can harness our interests and abilities towards activities that will benefit more people. In the process of helping others, we will benefit ourselves. Cancer is not merely a localized hard lump in the body – only by balancing our body and mind will we thoroughly prevent and heal cancer.