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Infinite Blessings on the Great Path of Light

Chiu-Nan Lai, Ph.D.

Miracle is what we pray for when we come to a dead end. “Miracle” is the view of a multi-dimensional universe from a three dimensional perspective, and the small self’s view of the great self. When we reach an impasse, we have an opportunity to break out of the limits of our own reality. Venerable Xu-Yun, a great master of recent times, encountered many miracles in his lifetime. To repay the kindness of his mother, he made a pilgrimage prostrating from Mount Putuo to Mount Wutai. During these three years of pilgrimage, he almost froze to death twice, and coincidentally, the same beggar came to his rescue in both instances. The beggar claimed that he was called Wenji from Mount Wutai, and that he was known to the locals there. When Venerable Xu-Yun reached Mount Wutai, it turned out that nobody there knew this beggar. An old monk said that this beggar was a manifestation of Bodhisattva Manjushri, who appeared to save him. Similarly, the Peace Pilgrim also met many miracles in her life. She was penniless but to pray for human beings to learn the way of peace, she walked continuously from the west coast to the east coast of the United States, and from the south to the north. All she had with her was a thin layer of clothes and a pair of shoes. Nonetheless, there would be someone to take care of her food and accommodation. Sometimes, she had to sleep in the open, but she would ceaselessly go on with her prayers and blessings.

Miracles are experienced not only by a special few. Ordinary people who have been able to break through the limits of their consciousness and expand their horizons can also create miracles. Miracles are common when we live in the presence of the Great Self.  A business man lent a large sum of money to two friends who persistently did not repay the loan. For two years, he could not find them even though he hired a private investigator. When he was at his wits’ end, he decided to use light to bless them. Every morning and night, he would spend seven minutes to think about them and use light to dissolve all negative emotions and habitual tendencies. He then visualized that they were filled with and protected by light, and that only positive energy can permeate their circle of light. He also visualized that they were filled with gratitude for everything. Within five days, these friends appeared in his office to repay their loan. This businessman originally firmly held onto a three-dimensional materialistic view of the world. Once he was willing to let go of his restrictive views, miracles appeared.

An AIDS patient in Singapore followed his teacher’s instructions and spent a few minutes every day praying to take on the sufferings of all AIDS patients. Every time he prayed, he was moved to tears. Within a week, a hospital checkup indicated that he had fully recovered.  When we shift our attention from ourselves to praying for the well-being of others and the whole earth, our own health would invariably improve.

A patient sincerely prayed for the well-being of another seriously ill friend. When he did that, both of them recovered from their illnesses. The doctor was very surprised. In contrast, another lady had, for many years, prayed for her own recovery and had sent light to herself, but without much improvement. However, when she sent her blessings and light to the whole word, she fully recovered from her illness.

I have a good friend who, many years ago, followed her teacher and a group of fellow students to  pray and send blessings to different parts of the world that encountered disaster or hardship. They primarily used light to send blessings, and took turns to do so 24 hours a day. She went to many countries in Africa and South America. Once, she continuously sent light and love for eight hours to the area she was in and the entire earth. She felt that she herself had turned into light and energy. In fact, when she was in Ethiopia , she saw light coming from the earth.

In Jamaica, my friend’s teacher spoke to thousands of members in the audience: “If you wish for the political situation in your country to improve, you have to deeply love your country”. Two years later, the political situation in Jamaica changed for the better.

I asked this friend to share in detail the method of sending light blessings. She explained as follows. Fill ourselves with light, and then let light emanate from our solar plexus to the surroundings and the entire earth. Continue to send this light to the universe before letting the light return to ourselves. Repeatedly remind ourselves that we are light, and then send light to every life form. Light is love. See that every life form is loved by God.

Jesus Christ said: “You are the light of the world”, while Shakyamuni Buddha pointed out that every life has a clear luminous nature or Buddha nature. Every life possesses light. Our thoughts and emotions can influence the color of our light. Similarly, light can influence our thoughts and emotions, and light visualization can influence our body. Dr. Mitchell May is a living example of this. He used light visualization to repair his legs that had been broken in forty fragments.  Another American lady fortuitously found out that breathing light can have rejuvenation effects. In her forties, she was beginning to look aged with wrinkles on her face, and also put on weight. One night around midnight, she saw a very pretty pinkish-purplish circle of light outside her window, but didn’t know its significance. Two weeks later, she understood that she needed to breath in that light. After praying continuously, a method dawned upon her. Every morning, she first spent ten minutes breathing in that pink light. After that, during her out-breath, she visualized the light radiating to the part of her face where there were wrinkles, and imagined that there were no longer wrinkles on that part of her skin. She focused on a small part of her face each time, three rounds each time.  Her friends started to notice the improvement in her features, and asked her what kind of special nutrients she was taking. After nine months, her body and face had reverted back to what she looked like when she was younger. When she was in her fifties, she looked no more than thirty years old. Her modeling school students requested that she teach them this method. Those who practiced the method had the same effect. Whenever she completed her light breathing exercise, she would always express her gratitude to the heavens and all, and reflect that her purpose in asking for rejuvenation is to help others.

A co-author of this lady also tried this method with very good results. She elaborated that she visualized golden light being emitted from her solar plexus to her scalp, where new hair would grow. Within two weeks, new hair actually grew on her scalp. Whenever one is uncertain about the color to use for other parts of the body, it is safe to use the golden color. Sometimes while visualizing golden light, the color that our body needs will appear before us. For instance, light green is good for the eyes. Once we experienced the miracles with light visualization on our body, we will then have the confidence to extend healing to the entire earth.

Because of human beings, the earth has reached a point of no return. The weather has turned abnormal, and the Gulf of Mexico oil slick has cut the flow of warm ocean currents. Last year, England and Europe experienced an abnormally cold winter because the ocean currents could not reach these countries. Human-created pollution has led to the extinction of too many animal species, and “environmental” refugees are on the increase. In some places, residents are feeling that they have no place to escape to. When the water, air and soil are all polluted, where can we escape to?
Now is the time that every Lapis Lazuli reader can truly create a miracle together for the earth. In the past few years, we have published some books and articles such as “You have the Power to Change the Future”, “Drip Meditation”, “The Holographic Universe”. In my public lectures, I have on many occasions led the audience in light visualization for blessing the earth. Everyday, we need to ceaselessly bless the earth.  At least when we first start, we can spend a few minutes sending blessings in the form of light to every life on earth. We are the earth, the earth is us; we are one entity. Healing the earth is healing ourselves.

Research has increasingly shown that our thoughts can change matter and life. Emeritus Professor William Tiller from Stanford University studied how the human consciousness can influence the acid-base balance (pH) of water through a simple electronic device. Furthermore, after repeated attempts, the water pH fixed at a new level. In another U.S. experiment, researchers transmitted the photo of two leaves to England 6000 miles away. Over in England there was an audience of about 400 people who concentrated on one particular leaf to make its light emission stronger. As expected, the light emission of that selected leaf in the U.S. became noticeably brighter. The scientific interpretation of these phenomena is that a large portion of the universe contains vacuum, within which are photons, phi particles and energy from other dimensions.  Consciousness can influence the vast energy within this vacuum. In Buddhism, it is said that emptiness contains the potential to create. This is very similar to the idea of the vacuum in physics, which maintains that it is possible via the vacuum state to alter matter a distance away, or change the past or future. The rotations (clockwise or anticlockwise) of the pendulum also arise from the vacuum state. Although the effects of some of the anti-electromagnetic radiation methods cannot be assessed via traditional three-dimensional devices, their effects in shifting the vacuum state and life forces can be detected through changes in the molecular structure of water.

A year ago, I had an intuition to place the six-syllable mantra on a picture of a cell phone tower. Originally, whenever I climbed a nearby mountain, my neck would hurt because as the elevation got higher, my exposure to radiation from the cell phone tower increased. However, after I put the compassion mantra on the photo, my neck no longer hurt when I climbed the same mountain. My pendulum readings also changed from counterclockwise to clockwise. I recommend readers to try this method to alter the disharmonious energy in the city where one lives.

Ibrahim Karim from Egypt is an architect and founder of biogeometry. He has warned about the harm caused by man-made microwave and electromagnetic radiation. Two small towns in Switzerland were greatly affected by the radiation from cell phone towers. The telecommunication company SwissCom invited Karim to use biogeometric principles to design some remedial methods. After he had done so, the birds and wildlife returned to the towns, and the residents there their lives return to normal. This effect on animals was striking as animals are not susceptible to mental suggestions. Once again, this is proof that energy that cannot be detected can alter detectable energy forms.

The following are exercises that use our mental thoughts and light to protect ourselves, our living environment and the earth (our larger body). These are only suggestions and serve as a starting point. Everyone can make adaptions based on the guidance they receive from their inner light.

1.Sky-blue light – letting go, forgiveness, and unconditional love

Visualize blue light, representing the universe’s perfect unconditional love, entering through your head into the chest, abdomen and all the way to your toes. Your head, bone marrow, blood, lymphatic fluid, nervous system, organs, hormonal secretions and skin are filled with blue light. Accept the nourishment of the blue light, letting it heal all deficiencies, regret, guilt, hatred, and worries. Let the sky-blue light purify the etheric body, astral body, and mental body. From the solar plexus area, send the sky-blue light to the physical and mental memories needed most. Then spread the light to our workplace and home. Let the light shine on our home, workplace, city and all beings living in this environment.  Let them receive love, dissolving disharmonious energy. Send the light to the province, state, and country we live in, and extend it to the continent and entire earth, from the mountains to the bottom of the sea, and further to the core of the earth. The earth becomes the sky-blue sun, and every life receives love. From the earth, send the light to the entire universe, blessing every life with love and good fortune. Then, return the sky-blue light to ourselves, bring back the entire universe’s love. Quietly experience the light, thanking every living being, every life experience, everything.

2.Golden light – elevating, transforming and wisdom

Visualize that golden light, representing the universe’s perfect wisdom and energy, entering through your head, letting your entire body filled with golden light. Then from the solar plexus, send light into the etheric body, astral body and mental body, enabling fulfillment of all that needs to be elevated and transformed. The golden light allows our speech, emotions, and thoughts to be guided by wisdom. Send the golden light to the people around us and the environment, and visualize everyone shimmering in the golden light. Then send the golden light to the earth and the entire universe. The golden light brings the universe’s perfect wisdom to earth, our city, our home, and to ourselves. We are one with the golden light, and we quietly bask in the golden light.

Now, I wish to use Bodhisattva Shantideva’s prayers to bless the earth. Shantideva was a great compassionate enlightened monk from Nalanda Monastery, who lived in India during the 8th century. His fellow monks thought that he only knew how to eat, sleep and defecate.  His classmates had lost patience with him, and wanted him to leave. They figured that if they asked Shantideva to teach the dharma, he would be so embarrassed that he would leave. Shantideva asked them if they wanted to hear familiar sutras or something new. His classmates replied that they wanted the latter. To make fun of him, they made a very high throne for him to deliver his discourse. When the time came for the discourse, they found that he was already seating on that high throne. His discourse was later known as “A Guide to the Bodhisattva’s Way of Life”. When Shantideva came to the end of his discourse, he rose higher and higher, and his voice became more distant. It has been said that he was the manifestation of Bodhisattva Manjushri.

The following are excerpts from his dedication of merits:

May all beings everywhere, plagued by sufferings of body and mind,
Obtain an ocean of happiness and joy, by virtues of my merits.
May no creature suffer, commit evil or ever fall ill.
May no one be afraid or belittled,
And may their minds be free from worries and stress.
May the blind see form, the deaf hear sound.
May those whose bodies are worn with toil be restored on finding repose.
May the naked find clothing, the hungry find food,
And the thirsty find water and delicious drinks.
May the poor find wealth, those weak with sorrow find joy;
May the forlorn find hope, constant happiness and prosperity.
May there be timely rains, and bountiful harvests.
May all medicines be effective, may all wholesome prayers bear fruit.
May all who are sick and ill quickly be freed from their ailments,
Whatever diseases there are in the world, may they never occur again.
May the frightened cease to be afraid,
May those who are bound be freed.
May the powerless find power.
And may people think of benefitting each other.