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Interference by Electromagnetic Field Within The Home (Part II)

Rachel Tseng


It is generally not possible to detect changes in the electromagnetic fields (EMF) of light bulbs, because the filaments at both ends are next to each other and thus neutralizes the EMF. However, the EMF in fluorescence tubes is very high because their filaments run from one end to the other end of the tube and current passing through vibrates at high frequency. Thus, you should take precautions if the fluorescent tube is located near your head (e.g., where the ceiling is low, or where the table lamp uses the fluorescent tube). My neighbour’s bathroom has a fluorescent lamp located above the mirror. The head of the person standing in front of the mirror is about 1.5 feet away from the fluorescent lamp and is exposed to about 1.5mG of EMF.

Another type of lamp does not use the fluorescent tube, but it has a large, heavy base. The EMF detected for this type of lamp is also high, and it may be because there is an adapter inside. I have such a lamp in my home, and I detected EMF as high as 450mG behind the lamp base. In such a case, you should plan to remove the lamp unless you have a large table. I also have earlier discussed the halogen lamp – this lamp has high energy consumption, and also raises the EMF in the house.

I use spectrum light bulbs and tubes in my house. These are energy-efficient, lasting, and good for the eyes. My friend changed all her lighting within the house to those using spectrum light, and her electricity bill fell from US$50/US$60 to under US$20. She later installed an electrilizer (a device that reduces EMF interference; see previous issue of Lapis Lazuli Light magazine), and her electricity bill further fell to US$7! Remember that you can save electricity while making the home environment healthy.

EMF of anti-mosquito lamps can exceed 500mG. If you sit beside such a lamp, the EMF approximates 3mG.


Adaptors emit high EMF that can exceed 300mG at its source, but the EMF quickly decreases to 1mG one foot away. An interesting finding is that, once, after we had measured the EMF emission of the television set, we tried to determine the distance away from the television set before a safe EMF level was reached. We found that the EMF reading decreased as we moved away from the television set, but that it went up as we got near the sofa set. We later found out that an adaptor (used for the answering machine) was plugged into the power point behind the sofa set. If you sit on the sofa located right before the adaptor, your kidney would be exposed to over 6mG of EMF.

The adaptor used in electrical organs also emits high EMF. If you play the organ right in front of the adaptor, the EMF reading can reach 10mG. I have detected EMF readings as high as 200mG near the adaptors of fish tanks, and a reading of 2mG even when a fish tank is separated by a wall. Even adaptors for electronic dictionaries are no exception, so it is best to keep a safe distance from all adaptors.

Although it should be common sense to keep a safe distance away from television sets and computers, many parents still allow their children to play in front of such equipment, or to watch television programmes at close range. Remember that growing children are more susceptible to the harmful effects of such EMF emission. An effective method is to stick red tape approximately 3 feet away from the television set. This serves to remind children about the minimum safe distance they should sit when they watch television programmes.

If your computer table is too small and you are very close to the monitor, you can consider moving the table forward a little, and shift the monitor backwards. Some people place the CPU unit between their legs (so that it is easier for them to insert or take out their diskettes/CDs). The CPU of my computer emits over 4mG of EMF (and gets higher closer to the back of the CPU). Thus, it is safer to keep the CPU as far away as possible. There are generally a bunch of cables and adaptors below the computer table – these should be kept away from your feet.

Electrical power points in the house could be with some EMF even if no electrical appliance is connected to it. This is because EMF emission associated with electrical cables within the walls is susceptible to the usage of electricity elsewhere. For example, we detected EMF of over 1mG at bedtime for the unused electrical power point next to our bed, but the reading drops to 0.4mG when we turned off the electricity mains (Main Circuit Board). In fact, the electricity mains control meter emits EMF of over 50mG and can influence EMF of the surrounding areas (including the rooms behind the mains).

The telephone set does not emit high EMF, but some phone receivers emit EMF of over 3mG. Among all types of telephones, the mobile phone emits the highest EMF and harms oneself and others. In terms of EMF emission, cordless phones are worse than regular phone sets. Of course, it is best to use speaker phones because we do not need to hold the receiver-speaker against our ears.


During the day, the EMF in my house is about 0.4mG, but doubles by 7pm. We live in a two-storey apartment, and the residents’ electrical cables are connected and can influence EMF emission in each other’s apartments. Furthermore, electricity usage peaks at night when everyone returns home, and this can lead to higher EMF emission at night.

I also detected two areas of high EMF emission within the house. One area has EMF emission levels of 3 to 6mG. It lies on the center of the toilet floor and stretches to the walkway. Another area lies on the floor beneath the kitchen sink, where EMF readings are between 1.5 to 3.5mG. I believe that this is due to the underground cables on the ground floor. Even after the electricity mains are turned off (leaving only the ones connected to the refrigerator), EMF readings at midnight or early dawn still hover between 1 to 4mG. Yet another possible explanation for these relatively high EMF readings is that the earth wire sends excess current to the ground to avoid power surges or fires. However, it can also send the current to the metal water pipes, which causes the water pipes to be sources of EMF.

Underground cables cause problems not only for residents on the ground floor. People residing in high rise apartments could also be affected. In my husband’s office, the floor beneath his desk has EMF readings of up to 12mG (the office below is a classroom that does not have special equipment). Although his desk does not have a computer, the EMF in the area above his chair is about 3mG, which is due to the electrical cables below his office.

My friend stays in a second-floor apartment. His ceiling has EMF emissions of 40mG, which is due to the electrical cables, or the central air conditioner located above. On his bed, the EMF is 4mG, a direct influence of the high ceiling EMF emission.


A year ago, one of my friends found out that she had terminal cancer. When I visited her, I used a gauss meter to measure the EMF emission on the way to her house and the reading was around 1mG. My friend’s apartment was next to a road that had high power cables running along the roadside. When I reached her apartment’s parking lot, the EMF reading was over 1mG. Aside from some electrical appliances that had high EMF emission, the average EMF in her apartment was about 1.5mG (note that this was noon time, so the readings at night should be relatively higher).

We measured the EMF on the ceiling and floor, and even switched off the power mains. Still, the readings remained. Because she spent a large amount of time practicing qigong in the small neighbouring nature reserve, we also measured the EMF there. The reading was close to zero. When we got to the road, the reading was 1mG on the side without the cables and became increasingly higher as we approached the side with the cables. The reading directly below the cables was 4.5mG. We finally found the answer to our question.

The high-power cables beside her house are a source of high EMF radiation. She lives by the second apartment block next to the cables. The area by the first apartment block continually had EMF of 2mG, and I wondered about the health conditions of those staying in that block. Nowadays, an increasingly large number of people contract cancer, and there is a connection between EMF emission and the growth of cancer cells. Hence, I suggested that she moved to another apartment in the hope that she will recuperate once she moved away from the source of the EMF emission.


EMF has high penetrative power, so do not ignore its influence on adjacent rooms, or that from upstairs or downstairs. Many electrical appliances have their wirings at the back, so EMF emissions are highest there. Thus, be careful about areas directly behind sources of high EMF emissions (even if these are separated by walls). The bed of my neighbor’s child had an EMF reading of 1.6. We later found out that this was because the adjacent master bedroom had a television set which was turned on, and this television set was directly behind the child’s bed. A friend’s desk was situated directly behind the wall separating a refrigerator. The reading on the desk was between 2 to 7mG.

Another similar finding related to my neighbour living in the apartment directly above mine. I had two three-foot long fluorescent tubes turned on, and detected readings of over 50mG on the floor of my neighbour’s dining area (located right above the fluorescent tubes). This may also be due to the fact that the apartment complex is old, and the cable insulation is worn out.

Sources of EMF can mutually increase, decrease, or neutralize each other’s radiation. This complicates the measurement of EMF.


EMF emission can unobtrusively rob us of our creativity and intuition and can interfere with our biological functions. In a world that continually seeks improvement and convenience, it is clear that environmental protection, energy conservation, and a return to nature are the means to ensure the future of the earth, as well as our health.