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Leukemia Patients

Sun Qi Yuan, a medical practitioner, graduated from the “Shanghai Jiao Tong University” in 1938. In his early years, he studied and researched into the fundamentals of Chinese medicine to great depths under several prominent Chinese physicians. For more than thirty years, he has been frequently invited to various provincial hospitals in mainland China to diagnose peculiar and complicated illnesses. He also actively contributes his professional medical thesis for publication in local newspapers and magazines in Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, etc. Where he has been appointed as consultant. He has contributed substantially in his medical profession especially in the treatment of cancer, tumor and leukemia, saving countless patients and thus establishing his medical standing.

In the last thirty years, Dr. Sun has effectively treated leukemia with Chinese medicine that leads to complete cure for many of the patients. It is our pleasure to present some letters and photos from these grateful ex-patients as an appreciation of his work, and for the benefit of all in the medical profession.

Dr. Sun Qi Yuan has written two valuable books entitled “Hope For The Leukemia Patient” and “The Eight Chinese Medical Therapies For Cancer”. Both publications, which are available at the Lapis Lazuli Library, are the fruits of more than thirty years of his medical practice.

Recent Letter from Professor Zhou Yue Cheng (Leukemia Patient) of the University Hospital of Hua Xi

I am deeply touched by reading your continuous flow of letters. Professor Deng Chang An, the blood specialist of the University Hospital of Hua Xi, and your good self, as well as other blood disorder specialists in our country had saved my life. You are my saviors. Since having discovered and subsequently confirmed my leukemia condition during a routine physical check-up when I was about to visit Italy and Japan for international conferences in 1985, I had looked everywhere for a cure. Only two specialists, namely your good self and Prof. Deng, had strongly discouraged me from undergoing chemotherapy and radiation. Since then, for the last 13 years, I have heeded your advice to use a combination of Chinese herbs and immunity strengthening therapy.

Thinking back…, during the initial stages of my illness, I was about to attend an international conference in Italy and Japan in October 1988 and then to Beijing for the national inventors’ exhibition. In 1990 I attended the first international conference on laser therapy in Japan. I had suffered from blockage of the heart vessels in the winter of 1989 and had to be hospitalized for three months. For the sake of representing China in the Japan conference, I applied to the University for permission to go at my own risk. Both my wife and I had to endorse a letter indemnifying the University from any responsibilities should any mishaps happen on the trip. The English Cambridge registry of Who’s Who accepted my name to be included amongst their ranks of international celebrities and gave me a certificate. Currently, with encouragement from counterparts within and outside the country, I am writing a book under a contract with Si Chuan Science Publisher entitled “Modern Age Laser Therapy in Cosmetics and Treatment”. This small contribution on my part is a spin-off, made possible by your kind guidance during the treatment of my illness. Please accept my deepest gratitude.

Your faithful students
Zhou Yue Cheng, Gao De Hua
18th January 1998