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Millet Sweet Potatoes Porridge/Stir Fry Vegetable With Carrot

Millet Sweet Potatoes Porridge

Ingredients :
Millet: 1 cup
Quinoa: 1/4 cup (optional)
Sweet potatoes: 250g
Kombu: 1 pieces (about 1 inch)

1) Peel off the skin of the sweet potatoes, wash and cut into cubes.
2) Steam the sweet potatoes until soft and set it aside.
3) Wash the millet with water until clean.
4) Roast the washed millet lightly until fragrance.
5) Add water, add a piece of kombu and bring it to boil. Let it boil for ten minutes and simmer for another 20 minutes.
6) Add in the steamed sweet potatoes and serve with the vegetables or pickles.

Any naturally made commercial or home made pickles go along well with the millet porridge. Naturally made pickles aids in our digestion, increase our appetite and boast our immune system. e.g. sourkeurt from Germany and Pickles Olive.

Stir Fry Vegetable With Carrot

Ingredients :
Carrot: slice into stick
Vegetable: cut into slices
Cold press vegetable oil (Sesame or olives)

Soy Sauce or Nato Miso

1) Add in the carrot and one tablespoon of oil. Gently stir fry the carrot.
2) Add in the vegetable and let it simmer for ten minutes.
3) Add in the seasoning and serve.