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The Message of Water

Melody Liu

Mr. Masaru Emoto is a Japanese Quantum Scientist who advocates “Wave Theory” in water. Ever since he explains in his book, “The Message from Water ” that water possesses memory, storage and ability to send messages, this has attracted strong response of interest from readers all over the world.

To Mr. Masaru Emoto, this is the first time man has stepped outside the boundary of consciousness, using the crystals of water to prove that man’s spiritual consciousness can change the structure of water. He discovered that by freezing water below 5 degrees Celsius and observing them under microscope, different sources of water would show different crystals formation. With clean spring water, its crystals would appear nicer than those of usual tap water. If the water were polluted, not only were the crystals unable to form, they exhibited dark and twisted patches. He carried out various experiments, one of which included playing music to water. He also pasted words of various languages on glass bottles of water. For example, one bottle sample was pasted with “Thank you”, another with “You are a fool”. He then froze the water and took photographs of their crystals formation. He discovered that regardless of the language used to write “Thank you”, the water crystals were all extremely beautiful, while the water sample pasted with “You are a fool” showed messy and broken shapes.

In November 2001, Mr. Masaru Emoto released “The Message From Water Vol. 2”, which contained more intriguing discoveries. One of them was quite touching where he tested the water’s reaction to the concept of family. On each bottle, he pasted “father”, “mother”, “mom’s cooking”, “mommy’s hand”, “happy family”, “family tour”, “back view of daddy”, “daddy’s teaching”, “ball game with daddy”, etc. The result showed all water crystals to be extremely grand and attractive, the sight of which was very heartwarming.

In our last issue, Professor Lai mentioned that the bonding between mother and child is the foundation on which a healthy body, mind and spirit are developed, especially important are the teachings conveyed to the baby by the mother during pregnancy. Mr. Masaru Emoto also feels that family and society form the basis of the universe. He has tried pasting the words “child birth”, “breast milk”, and “upbringing of children” on bottles for experiment with interesting results. The water crystals of “child birth” and “upbringing of children” are quite similar, showing two overlapping crystals, as if mimicking the delicate formation of life from its source. From the beautiful crystals of “breast milk”, he discovers that during feeding, the mother not only provides food, she also transmits feelings to the child.

Another important discovery relates to the suspicion of pollution by electromagnetic waves. Mr. Masaru Emoto humorously expresses that since 70% of the human body comprises of water, why not let water answer all the discomforts of the body, whether electromagnetic waves are harmful to the body, especially the brain?

He thought of conducting this experiment because in his scope of work, he is required to use an equipment, called total magnetic field analyzer, which measures wave energy on a long-term basis. This equipment is also a type of electromagnetic wave. Hence, he wanted to know for someone who loves his job and works happily, would electromagnetic wave still have negative effects on this person? On the other hand, if a person is unhappy with his work and feels that life is meaningless, would electromagnetic waves have negative effects on him?

Because of this, he conducted an experiment. First, he divided bottles of distilled water into two groups. On one group of bottles, he pasted “love” and “grateful” while pasted nothing on the other group. Separately, he placed the bottles in front of the television, computer and next to the handphone. The outcome showed that the group with nothing pasted on exhibited water crystals with messy shapes. With the words “love” and “grateful” pasted on, although the water crystals were slightly twisted, they were still somewhat beautiful. Hence if a person were healthy with good “qi”, and filled with feelings of love and gratitude, the effects of electromagnetic waves on him would be reduced. A person who is unable to maintain feelings of love and gratitude should then stay away from electromagnetic waves.

Mr. Masaru Emoto’s another experiment was to use the same TV set from the earlier experiment to play a program regarding the beginning of life four billion years ago. This time, he placed a bottle with nothing pasted on it in front of the TV set. This resulted in beautiful six-sided water crystals. Hence, he concluded that if we are unable to avoid using electrical equipment, besides the earlier mentioned method that we have to maintain a positive mind, we should utilize this equipment in manners that benefit the mind – for instance, using television to broadcast beneficial programs – that would reduce the harm electromagnetic waves has on us.

Mr. Masaru Emoto’s experiments have also stimulated much interest and curiosity of another soil specialist, Professor Lai Tong-Ming, who is well versed in the measuring of energy levels. Professor Lai discovered that tap water is very much less sensitive than that of filtered water or distilled water. He used two plastic cups to separately hold tap water and filtered water, and wrote the word “love” on each, and used an energy measuring chain to measure their differences. The result was that filtered water had an energy level of 50-60 turns while tap water merely turned a few times and stopped. Professor Lai also discovered that if we were to first visualize the persons or things that we loved, then wrote “love” and pasted it on the cups, the number of turns would be higher than the “love” written without visualization. When he compared the energy level of the word “love” with “compassion”, “compassion” was very much higher than that of love. Comparing “love” with “emptiness”, the energy level of emptiness was even much higher.

He pointed out another interesting phenomenon. He prepared three cups of similar water, one written with “acceptance”, the second with “rejection” while the third with nothing written on. If he poured some blessed water into the three cups, the cup written with “acceptance” would have the greatest increase in energy level. The next was the cup with nothing written on it. The cup written with “rejection” had no response because the blessed energy could not enter the cup. A person’s conscious mind can also be transmitted into the prayer books which one recites sincerely everyday. Separately, Professor Lai passed two cups of water by two prayer books, one new and one old. The old one had been recited morning and night daily while the new one had never been used before.

It was found that the old prayer book had much higher energy level than that of the new book. Also, if someone with an energy enhancing equipment were to do a simple visualization, then poured some water into a transparent plastic cup, and placed the cup on the positive side of the energy enhancing equipment, this would transform and blessed the water in the cup.

Since ancient time, regardless of religious baptization or spiritual cleansing, water has provided the function of healing, cleansing and rebirth. Water is not only a mirror of our spirits, it is also a source of life. The main component of body cells is water and water controls the flow of fluids within various systems. The rise and fall of man’s thoughts not only changes the structure of water in the body, it also affects the message field of the surrounding environment.

In July 1999, Mr. Masaru Emoto gathered 350 people to conduct a cleansing ceremony for the polluted Lake Pipa. In the early morning sunlight, everyone faced Lake Pipa and sang for accumulating the unlimited energy of the universe, creating world peace, sending sincere gratitude to Lake Pipa. The outcome was the water changed from being unbearably dirty to a six-sided golden yellow crystal. A month later, a news report in Kyoto described how the foul smell of Lake Pipa, caused by unusual growth of water plants, had reduced for the first time in may years.

Mr. Masaru Emoto had originally planned to mobilize 300 thousand people to bless the lake by surrounding it hand-in-hand. He realized that with the blessings of 350 people, Lake Pipa could only sustain for half a year. After half a year, judging from the water crystals and smell of the lake water, the water was polluted again. Hence, the larger the number of people giving the blessings, the greater the power of the mind, for it be sufficient to cleanse the entire Lake Pipa.

The power of mind is indeed unimaginable. Hence we should purify our mind and take care of every thought that arises in our mind. Not only will the water in our body become beautiful crystals, we can use our thoughts, words or actions to transmit the wonderful and precious messages shown to us by water.

May our bodies become sparkling crystals, pure and beautiful holy palace! May our mountains, rivers, mother earth, and the entire universe become a quiet, grand, and beautiful pure land!

The Message From Water Vol. 2 (by Masaru Emoto)
Good Water Talks (by Lui Feng Zhou, published by Yuan Qi Zhai)