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The Path

Barry Long

When one chooses to walk upon the Path of Life (the Path of Inner Obedience), then one takes control rather than being buffeted by the waves of life. Although the waves continue to hit our vessel through our actions and those of others, we are steadfast in our conviction.

The Path is a path of Love. It is a Love which is not flimsy and weak but powerful in its answering pursuit of its purpose. To become conscious of this Love, we need to listen to the voice of the God within. This is not the voice of knowledge or intellect but your personal voice guiding your daily existence here upon the earth. This voice of Love inspires us while shopping or readying, nurtures us when sleeping and lifts the Soul from its current situation to a new position in life, if the effort warrants it. We then form an inseparable bond between us and our Beloved. This bond is formed through inner obedience to the Lord within. If the voice says turn left but you go right out of habit, then separation rather than bonding takes place.

The Universe often presents us with two paths or two opportunities in life. It is not that one path is right, and the other is wrong, rather it is our free will that is enabling us to make a choice. In effect, both paths are correct. The important point is that the decision as to which one we choose must come from within, rather than influenced by friends and family. When you make the choice yourself, you are not making it alone because the Lord and our Lady, the Mother of God share every moment with us if we invite them into our lives. Even if you feel at times you have failed or are lost; they will be ever present if you ask for them.

We are chosen in as much as we choose. The purity of the Light demands a pure palace to live within and so purity of thoughts, words and actions are paramount to progress. We never fail, so if you stumble, pick yourself up and go back to basics. When you feel all around you have crumbled, think of a river flowing from the mountain to the sea. Sometimes, the river travels through beautiful countryside, perhaps within woods and at other times, it travels through towns and villages. Some rivers travel through cities, each giving off a different vibration. Focus on the sea, for as sure as night follows day, the sea, the light, is your destination.

Through prayer and constant dialogue between you and the Beloved, the bond tightens. Ask to be graced by the presence of the Light that you have chosen to adhere to. Make no judgement of others as we all have different paths to walk. Know the power of silence. Through silence and observation, much is learnt. Be concerned with your own thoughts, words and actions for we are the world, and the world is us. By changing ourselves, we change the world.

By listening within, we know when to act. If you are at a party and the voice tells you it is time to go, listen. If the voice tells you to buy when shopping, buy. When the voice tells you to be still, be still. Deviation from this disrupts the inner peace that it obtainable through inner obedience. God so loves humanity that he has created a path for each of us. We all have the opportunity to walk in the Light, the true Light of reason, the Path of Truth.

Perseverance is the key to success upon the Path. So many stops en route to the freedom that is within their grasp just before they reach the crest of a wave. No-one ever said that the Path was easy, but the rewards are great.


Trust always

“Know yourself – and you will know the Universe and the Gods. To yourself be true”