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The Unexpected

Chiu-Nan Lai, Ph.D.

In May this year, organic farmer Bob Cannard traveled down south from Northern California to join me in giving two public lectures at the University of California Los Angeles and Santa Barbara campuses. The theme is on water and soil renewal. This is the first time Bob and I gave talks at the same program. I was moved, and said: “It is rare for a medical professional and an organic farmer to be teaching together on the same stage. If medical professionals can interact with and communicate more with the farmers, there won’t be so many cases of cancer and other ailments”. Bob’s words always leave a deep impression on me every time I listen to him. This time he again mentioned that if the farmers continue to use an adversary farming approach towards nature and we feed our children with these farm products, our children will turn out to be people filled with adversity. Even if these farmers use an “organic” method to kill insects and worms, it is still an adversary approach. The products that they grow will not be food that is harmonious to our bodies.

If we can place our attention towards improving the soil quality, provide what the plants need, and reserve some space for mother earth, allow wild plants and green manure to have the space to grow, the soil will get richer and, in turn, we will have more to enjoy. This becomes a positive cycle. When our descendents eat food from this soil, within three to four generations, they will be able to repair the damage done over the years. People who feed on such food will then fully exhibit the special attributes of a human being. When asked about the “detestable” weeds and insects. He will give the following answer: Grass such as the Bermuda Grass that is difficult to get rid of grows on soil that lacks calcium. Once the soil’s calcium level is replenished, this type of grass will not grow anymore. Similarly, insects eat leaves that are old, and they therefore help the old leaves return to earth to become compost. Without these insects, agriculture and nature can not exist. Insects and plants are co-dependent. It is just that modern fertilizers create plants that have many ailments, and this leads to an increase in the insect population. The number of insects will immediately decrease once the soil is nourished by adding microorganisms, compost tea and rock powder (for details, see www.soilfoodweb.com)

These days there are conflicts between people and between nations. The unexpected reason is that this is the result of long-term consumption of food that is grown with an adversity attitude. Therefore, to have peace in the society and world at large, it is necessary to start with agriculture. We need to actively promote “Peaceful farming”. Issues that cannot be resolved by the military and diplomats can be resolved by agriculture. In my experience, unexpected insights and understanding are the most useful. These are not taught within the school, and not necessarily widely accepted by the society at large. Bob Cannard did not complete his university studies because he felt that the university professors’ views on farming were counter to the laws of nature. If humans were so intelligent, then the soil that has been farmed by humans should be even more fertile. In reality, such soil actually becomes less fertile. In contrast, the natural farming method that Bob learned from interacting with nature enables him to transform poisoned land to fertile farmland. When other farmer owners find their grapevines and almond trees dying, they would ask Bob for help, and he would offer a solution.

Professor Higa, Okinawan agricultural expert, also discovered the benefits of friendly bacteria (EM in short) under unexpected circumstances. In the last 16 years, EM techniques have been promoted in 150 countries, and are successfully used not only in agricultural, animal husbandry and construction industries, but in water purification and forest restoration as well. EM also has unexpectedly good results in the area of healthcare.

Many cancer patients have experienced miraculous recovery after drinking EMX (EM after filtering off live bacteria) or EM1 (EM with live bacteria). The EM distributor in Singapore shared some of the cases he counseled. One of them is a patient with colon cancer, who drank EM1 a few times per day, each time 100 cc. Three days later, when he passed motion, he discharged lots of black stuff (which are waste matter accumulated over time). When he went for his medical examination, his colon cancer was gone. According to EM research, only 1 to 3 spoonfuls of EMX or EM1 are necessary for health maintenance purposes, but for medical patients, the dosage could increase by as much as 10 times.

EM1 has good cleansing effects. Diluted EM1 can be used for bathing, washing face, brushing teeth, rinsing mouth, washing toilets, washing kitchen, and removing grease. It does not pollute the water supply, but purifies it instead.

One Hong Kong friend happily shared her recent insights from using EM1:

“My brother went through chemotherapy and developed a big open sore on his lower jaw. Western medicine didn’t help, and there was pus inside. She suddenly had an inspiration, and asked him to use cotton wool soaked with undiluted EM1 to apply on the wound. On day later, the sore dried up.

A friend had a mouth ulcer for several months. She sprayed diluted EM1 into the mouth, but it didn’t help. Recently, the ulcer turned black. I recommended the above method to her. Within a day, the ulcer had broken and discharged a black liquid.

EM1 is really incredible!

In addition, I have applied this method to my bruises, and they quickly clear after that!”

During my Asia trip this February, I accidentally discovered that words can change the energy in water, food, and electromagnetic waves. Inspired by Masuo Emoto’s “Messages from Water”, I wrote words like “Thank you”, “Love” “Om Mani Padme Hum”, and “Om Ah Hum Benza Gura Padma Siddhi Hum” on pieces of paper, and placed them below cups containing tap water. I found that the energy increased from negative 10 (counterclockwise direction) to positive 20, 10, 60 to 120. I then placed written pieces of paper and pasted them on the window. The negative energy in the room also turned positive. When I pasted the paper on the mobile phone of someone next to me, the person said that he no longer felt an ear ache when he used the mobile phone. When pasted on the water pipe, water that flowed out had higher energy levels; when pasted on the electrical meter, the energy of the room was different. I later found that the words “Om Mani Padme Hum”, when written in blue within a triangular piece of white paper (see Figure 1), gives higher energy. When put together with the words “Om Muni Muni Maha Munaye Soha” that are written in gold on a rectangular blue paper, the combined energy gets even higher.

After the public talks at the University of California, some students wanted to learn energy testing. We met in front of the health food cooperative store near the university, and gave a live demonstration of how to raise the energy level of the cooperative store. Initially, the store had only 3 positive rotations. After we pasted the heart mantra (Om Mani Padme Hum) on the window, the positive rotations increased to 60. It had blocked out the negative vibrations from the wireless antenna in front of the co-op!

The power of the mind is even more unexpected. When everyone generated appreciative thoughts towards the peaches and oranges, energy levels significantly increased—the positive rotations of organic fruits increased by three times, while the peaches that were grown with chemical fertilizers changed from negative 20 to positive 5. With training, the power of the mind can create medical miracles. Harold McCoy is a seventy-three year old retired army personnel. In the past 26 years, every night between 9 p.m. to 10.30 p.m., he would use his mind power to heal people remotely. Because he helped a doctor to get rid of his brain tumour, he was invited to participate in a research project involving healing with the mind. Together with a few others, Harold healed 7000 cases (there is supporting evidence on this), including cats and other animals. When he is performing healing with the mind, he is in Delta brain waves. Most people have Delta brain waves only when they are asleep. Among his cases are those where an injured knee cap grew new cartilage, an injured spine was healed, a terminal lung cancer patient was discharged after a week, and even one where a youth who was brain dead through drug overdose woke up the next day. The tools he uses are those that appear in his mind, or are visualized by him. For example, when Harold “looked” at the brain of the brain-dead youth, he found that the brain cells had died from lack of oxygen. At that time, an oxygen skull cap appeared in Harold’s mind, and he placed the cap on the youth’s head, letting oxygen permeate the brain cells and bring life to the rain.

Before Harold did this, he used a “brain cleaning solution” to remove fear, anger and unhappiness from the youth’s memory. He discovered that all drug addicts and alcoholics contain negative energy associated with anger and fear in their brains. Once this negative energy is eliminated, these people are able to kick their habits. In the case of the youth, Harold directed the resplendent perfect energy from the universe into a white nectar, and sent the light into the brain, infusing it with love, joy, and memories of a happy childhood. The next day, when the youth’s doctor, pastor and friends walked into the room to take off the life support and let him die, the youth suddenly opened his eyes. From then on, he never took drugs. He even personally came to thank Harold a few years later. We are living in a universe that is unimaginable, let us open our eyes and heart, and be always ready to learn the unexpected.

To learn more about McCoy’s research institute, see www.ozarkresesarch.org.
For research on EM, see www.emtechnologynetwork.org

To make this liquid fertilizer, add some compost, honey and seaweed to cold leftover soup. Leave in the open air for 24 hours, and then spray the leaves or directly water the plant.
Translated by Singapore Lapis Lazuli Light.
Article originally published in Chinese in Lapis Lazuli Light magazine (Aug 2005); available at